"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Head of the Democratic National Committee fired by CNN

First Debbie, Now Donna!

The latest batch of wikileaks emails proved that Donna Brazile,  Chair of the DNC and a paid CNN political consultant, passed on questions that would be asked at the Presidential Debates to Hillary Clinton. When called on it during a Fox News interview, she denied this vociferously, but now the emails have nailed her to the cross.

CNN , which had bemoaned the "character assassination" of the Trump Camp when these assertions were first made, has now announced it has terminated all connection to Ms. Brazile.

Note: I took the link out (it wasn't letting people connect) and found the video instead. This video below works.

Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary

Even if you are tired of the news, this video is worth watching. It's short, but it shows just how bad this is. CNN is saying it's not their fault, and they will make no investigation into how the questions reached Brazile in the first place.


  1. I clicked on the FOX link, but it told me that I didn't have permission to go there! - lol

  2. Hey Harry,


    'First, I saw what you wrote at the end of the other post. You did the right thing by not challenging that Mexican idiot. 'Harry, you truly are a 'Second Hand Lion' and one I would not want to tangle with. If you had a Huey Gunship, or 7.62 mm mini gun in the back of Jeep you could have pulled out instantly, then you would have had superior firepower. As it stands, you were out manned and outgunned. Age and ability had nothing to do with it.

    I'm waiting on other democrats to fall. This is great. Never thought I would thank a wiener.

    Anthony Wiener reminds me of 'Needlemeyer' in 1980's National Lampoons Animal House with John Belushi. If Anythony Wiener was young military officer. He would have been in danger of friendly fire:)

    1. Life is what it is. If you can't control yourself when you're stressed, it's usually short and brutal. That was me at 33, but not at 64.

      The Dems are really showing up as the curs they are. My wife and I went and voted today at the court house. We had a bad time getting in, as she has a metal plate in her head , and it sets off the metal detectors at the entrance. I didn't know the deputy there so he had to be convinced, but he let us in finally. It was all old people voting early, but we got it out of the way.

      I remember that show. Pretty funny.

  3. I love it. Did you see her when she was asked pointed questions about giving Hitlery the questions? She puffed herself up and said she would not be persecuted because she was a Christian woman. Totally sidestepped the question and got indignant. Lying witch....I never liked her. Karma's a bitch, eh Donna?

    1. She's a liar and a hypocrite, which doubtless explains why she rose so far in that particular party.

  4. CNN Clinton News Network..The left will do anything to get Her in office....

    1. I watched CBS the other night. They gave 14 seconds or so to the new FBI investigation of Clinton, and about two minutes to a big gold statue Trump had made of himself years ago. They're all the same, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC et al. Just a bunch of propagandists for the left.