Thursday, November 10, 2016

Maybe you should stay out of cities if you have a Trump bumper sticker. Or you're white.

This song is for Hillary Clinton, and all the whiny trash running around out in the streets,because Hillary didn't win.

Anti Trump Protests Not Spontaneous

the link above goes to a Fox News story that highlights the fact these "demonstrations" are being staged and someone is paying for "activists", "buses" and other logistics expenses. Some one is orchestrating a lot of this nonsense. I suspect who it is will come out before much longer.


  1. One of the reasons I never put any political stickers on my car!

    1. I have Confederate, NRA, and Second Amendment stickers on my vehicles, but I don't go to cities anymore. Gave up on Atlanta years ago and stopped going to Chattanooga not long ago. They are not a good idea, I have to admit.

  2. That happened in a Gun-Control state didn't it? I will tell you this, if and I say if I was that man, I would have killed every single one of them real quick, Dead right there (DRT) with my concealed carry. If more came, I would have pulled a rifle out.

    1. You're right. It happened in Chicago. The text that accompanied the news article where I saw this video said that the Morlocks beat the guy and stole his car and personal possessions.

      I agree completely with your solution. They asked for it. Here in Georgia you would be well within the law in killing them. This poor guy in Illinois was SOL.

  3. Hey Harry,


    That's too bad that guy was attacked by the pack of hominids. That would not have happened in Texas. There would have been a shooting (self defense) of course. Thank God of the stand your ground law and concealed carry.

    I read all the comments so far on everything except for the Marine Corps. birthday (Happy Birthday Harry)

    I gotta say that in regards to changes Trump wants to make, I think he will only get half of it through. They all make promises but how much actually makes it. Trump now has to dance with the idiots in congress, senate, and supreme court. I think legislation deporting illegals that commit serious crimes like violence, drugs and DUI's will go through but with some kind of limited amnesty deal. I think that the Trump wall with Mexico will be built only partway but an 'paper and electronic wall' will be more effective in many border communities and for the country.

    Trump will overturn some of the silly gun laws and hopefully take supressors of the NFA list.

    I think will get more conservative supreme court judges but there will be some back room deals to sneak in some judges that will be more liberal than they let on, but not far enough to the left to upset the 'Heller Decision' Maybe we will get another Anthony Scalia and one solid liberal to replace (that one old judge, the classic liberal, cant remember her name)

    Its not that I am being the harbinger of bad news but the reality of intricate politics is a given.

    We (as conservatives) will be getting a lot more than we would be under Hillary. We got lucky but the reality is, is that we don't rule the roost.

    One other thing too, Trump is now the 'Captain of a Sinking ship' Get a grip on things people. Things are still screwed up all to hell. We bought some time but believe me, we are in for a rough ride. We may have be backing away from a war with Russia but we still have Iran, North Korea and millions of pissed off muslims that will cut our throats the first chance they get.
    Don't be surprised if we have some really bad news in the future. That's the way life is.

    I will put it in a military metaphor.

    We took the high ground from the enemy with low casualties but we know they are regrouping and re-equipping. They will come in at 3:00 AM during the night where there is no moon for night vision and our men are used to being in REM mode in their bunks. We are on the defensive and they are on the offensive.
    Its now our job to defend this hill and its going to be hard.

    Expect high casualties and heavy damage.

    1. I don't think anyone expects one man to change 8 years of monolithic stupidity, or an entrenched bureaucracy. But I think he will try.

      He won't be hard core on a lot of conservative issues because he's a populist, not a conservative. But that's ok with me as long as he keeps the promises he made, or tries to. Kick out the illegals. Defend the border. Rebuild the armed forces, protect the Second Amendment. Appoint moderate judges. I can live with his compromising on social issues, etc as long as those things above happen.

      It won't be easy. The leftards are already trying to destroy his Presidency, if you had a chance to watch some of the news today you were probably as appalled as I was at the blatant deceit and lies.

  4. I smell Soros in these protests. I have 3 bumper stickers.
    1. better lost in the woods than found in the city.
    2. Southern by the grace of god (with flag)
    3. I don't know Jack but I know SHINE
    1 says I'm not from here 2 says what I believe in. 3 Makes me a lot of friends :).

    1. Someone is organizing these shenanigans and paying for the buses, etc. Someone is paying for the Craigs List adds soliciting "activists" to be paid for participating in "demonstration."

      Stay out of the Chattanooga or Atlanta. Those are dangerous places now and your bumper stickers are enough to set the Morlocks on you. Then if you defend yourself, you have a city elite that is sympathetic to the BLM. Not a good situation.

  5. Places that deny one the right of self-defense are cesspools. Required-to-retreat, Anti-Gun, whatever. Cesspools.

    Hopefully the Chicago PD will use the phone video to get these morlocks.

    So much for peace and enlightenment amongst the Dems.

    1. They'll not even bother to try. And if they did, they'd get off because the jury would all be "bruddas and sistas."

      We have castle laws and stand your ground laws here. You can't go out and blow people away because they gave you the finger or called you a bad name, but that guy in the video would have had no legal problems in Georgia, since he would have clearly been defending himself against the Morlock horde.

      I wouldn't live in a state that denied me my right to self defense.

  6. Here is a group of pictures of the peaceful protest by the Trump haters.

    Among the ways they protested included beating and burning a Trump piñata that was covered in blood. Could you image what would have happened in 2008 if a group of republicans beat and burned a blood covered Obama piñata? They would have all been arrested and charged with hate crimes.
    Just days before the election, news outlets told us that Trump supporters were dangerous people who would riot and revolt and not accept the results of the election if Hillary won. The media was already crucifying the deplorables before they'd done a thing.
    Now days after the election, tens of thousands of Hillary supporters are rioting all over the country. They've been burning and hanging Trump in effigy, attacking police cars, calling for Trump to be killed, burning vehicles, smashing their way into businesses, saying Trump is not their president, and calling for open revolt. The media reaction? It's just the healthy exercise of freedom of speech.
    I thought liberalism was all about benevolence and being kind and gentle - not discriminating and certainly not supporting violence... (Are these not the same gentle hyper sensitive "snowflakes" who demanded safe havens because of fear of people wearing Trump Hats?) Strange that I don't remember rioting and beating Obama supporter's when he was elected. Nor do I recall any reports of such acts being on the news at the time.
    Looking at these rioting idiots I have to ask myself am I wrong in this assumption? Why are they protesting Trump when it was the Democrat National Committee and Hillary's campaign that colluded to rig the Democrat primaries and deny people their choice? As bad as I hate to say it but Bernie could have had a real chance at winning.
    This again confirms that liberalism is all about uniformity and strict conformity with no room or tolerance for those who may disagree or hold an opposing view. Their idea of compromise is "you give it all up and agree with them." They preach against hate but then they become the haters, they preach against violence but then they become the violent. They preach against denying others their rights but then they bully and force through threat of violence and intimidation the abdication of those rights.

    1. I've been watching this as well. I noted tonight that CBS and ABC both attacked Donald Trump. They are putting out the word that he will not repeal Obama Care, but I watched the interview they referenced and he clearly said he would, he just wouldn't do it on his first day of office since he needs to replace it with a viable system.

      Then there was the five second clip of the kids at the high school carrying a Trump sign and yelling "white power." Followed by the stale clip of the kids at the school chanting build that wall. Both networks covered these incidents, and waxed eloquent on how this is Trumps fault because he was "incindiary" in the campaign. Then on to the riots and attacks on Trump supporters. The CBS anchor man, after explaining that these were actually very peaceful protests, reading from his script, let slip the sotto voice comment "I wonder if any of these people bothered to vote?" I guess he won't be on anymore.

      The ABC segment was even worse. All about how people are rioting , destroying property, attacking Trump supporters because they are "scared."

      What a pathetic excuse for human beings. But it won't do them any good. All the good things that come from a Trump victory are going to happen. They can burn downtown Portland to the ground, for all I care. Let the sanctimonious Oregonian Democrats and Liberals get a dose of it first hand, while the decent, conservative Oregonians, who are primarily rural, sit back and enjoy the show.

      I share your anger, Michael, but I think how much worse it cold have been if all these insects had been able to celebrate the election of their Queen.