Friday, November 11, 2016

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

We had a nice Veterans Day.  The steakhouse we like had a big discount for veterans, and since M and I are both in that category (She was Navy, I was Marines) we enjoyed a great meal virtually free. The people working there were very pleasant and the food was excellent.

Then we did some shopping, and bought some groceries.  I went to the drug store to pick up some ammo and some medicine.  They had the pills but the shelves were about empty on ammo. The pharmacist told me the election had depleted their stock, since people were buying at the last minute in case Clinton won.  I did get a box of .45 ACP and a box of .40 S&W at a good price.

This is the lady who sells ammo at our local drug store!

The fires are still burning all around, and the smoke is awful.  Atlanta is downwind of us at this time of year and they are having problems with air quality now.  ABC tonight ran a  good segment on our area, and they confirmed rumors that we have been hearing to the effect that some of this is arson. If anybody gets caught doing that here, with all the stress people are under, I doubt they will make it to the Sheriff. It's not easy, trying to sleep at night with one ear on the scanner. We have had two close calls at my place now. The drought and the high winds are a bad combination.

All in all though, it was a nice, relaxing day.  M got worn out, and went to bed early tonight. We did a lot of shopping for this and that. She bought some nice winter clothes. I sat out in the Jeep and listened to conservative talk radio for an hour, then finally went in and steered her on out to the vehicle. Then we went to the grocery store and loaded up. They had spiral cut hams on half price, so we bought one to eat and several for the freezer. Bought a lot of canned vegetables, two smoked hams, six big containers of "pub mix" which is like trailmix without all the crummy fruit and bad tasting chocolate in it. It took me a long time to unload the jeep when we got home, but we are bulging with supplies now. Probably this house will burn down this week and it will all go up in smoke.

Below is an artist's rendition of my part of the mountains when a forest fire reaches my ammo and powder storage! ;-)

Rudyard Kipling;  verse from "Back to the Army again." 1894

I 'eard the feet on the gravel
the feet o' the men what drill.
An' I sez to my flutterin' 'eart strings,
I sez to 'em "Peace, be still!"

I hope everyone had a good Veteran's Day.


  1. Prayers sent, Harry.

    I spent the day on the Iowa doing radio stuff, escorting a few vets around, and doing a bit of tour guide stuff.

    We had two Pearl Harbor survivors, and half a dozen vets who had served on the Iowa in WWII, Korea, and her Cold War service.

    It's amazing to see the WWII vets come aboard. They're very old men now, but as soon as their feet hit the deck they start acting like teenagers again. Their smiles and eyes brighten, and they tell wonderful stories about their time aboard her.

    There was free eats for the vets, and since they ordered too much food, it also wound up being free eats for the volunteer crew, too!

    1. When I was a very young Lieutenant at Camp Lejeune, I used to see lots of old veterans coming back to Lejeune, and I always wondered why. Now I know that they were coming back for a look at being young, and the friends they made, experiences they had.

      All the way up into the mid 1930's there were big "encampments" of Civil War veterans at Gettysburg each year. Vets from both sides. I guess some things never change.

      I haven't been on a battle ship since I took my wife to see the North Carolina in Wilmington in 1986, when I was waiting for my resignation to be processed. But I did get to go aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey off Beirut. I spent a few nights aboard during staff meetings, it was a very unique experience.

      Sound like your work on the Iowa is both rewarding and fun at the same time.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day all around. I wish someone here would run a sale on spiral cut ham. That's one thing I need to stock up on - both for the freezer and to can. It was a quiet day here. Piddled around sewing and reading. Duane and Lori came over for a while and then ran a couple of errands for me.

    Maybe those who like to start fires will find something else to do - like protesting the election results. Seems like they can do whatever they want there without anyone stopping them. Am praying for enough rain for your area to keep the woods from burning.

    1. There's been an uptick in the numbers of fires here in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia since the election and some of them were arson. Whether it's just the normal sick individual or some of these people acting out about the election, who knows. I do think the people I have been watching on the news at night, with their shrieking, throwing fire bombs, and general acting like idiots are capable of something like that. Doesn't help I guess that the Atlanta papers and news stations reported that the Northern Counties voted 87% for Trump. Since the urban counties were overwhelmingly pro Clinton, it's not much of a stretch to think that some of the Morlocks might be driving up here and throwing a match in the brittle, dry woods.

      We keep an eye out for sales on things we need and try to buy a good amount. I like Oscar Meyer "Little Smokies" and they had a sale where the usual price of $2.56 per pack was sixty four cents per pack. I bought about fifty of those! Then I burned out on Little Smokies in short order, so most of them are still in the freezer til I recover from my overdose. ;-)

  3. Happy Veteran's Day.

    I hope that smoke isn't too bad on your wife's asthma. That's awful.

    1. Thanks, Alissa. The smoke was mostly blown west by strong winds today. Yesterday was awful, like being in a London Fog. My wife has respiratory issues and we had a bad time with it.

      She's ok today. We stayed inside and it wasn't so bad outside.

  4. Thanks for your service, Harry. We all owe you and your fellow service members such a debt. Wish folks would think about it on other days too...

    1. I think a lot of them do, J. Up here, most of the men are old. And if you go to a grocery store or a building supply store, or whatever, you see lots of older men wearing ball caps with their ship on the cap, or "U.S. Army" or "Viet Nam Vet." We also have a lot of veterans license plates or service specific license plates. Southerners have always been admirers of things martial, probably because so many of us are of Scotch Irish ancestry.

    2. Sadly, it is not really like that in the "Nations Capitol". I was talking to my favorite tow truck guy, a Viet Nam vet, and we were wondering why Walter Reed was so good (for active duty), and the Va system was so bad. Seems to me we owe a debt to every service member every single day. I still see some WW2 guys wearing a hat, and they all seem surprised when I stop and talk to them about it. I read a lot of military history, and although I did not serve, I have a fairly good understanding for someone that didn't. My Moms side of the family is Southern to the core, in fact RE Lee would have been a great (many times) Uncle. Nope, not kidding. I think anyone that was so selfless to sign up to defend me and my country deserves my complete respect. And my thanks. (Plus you got to fly T 28s. How cool was that?)

    3. J, I had a lot of good experiences in the Marines, and met a lot of top flight people. I got to do things I had never dreamed of, and I sure got to see the world, all the way around.

      My wife and I went and applied for VA medical benefits, because there is a clinic in North Georgia. But the guy there told us we "made too much money" and didn't qualify. I am not sure what's going on, as I never heard it was based on means but on the period of service. He told us the rules would change shortly and we could try to apply again if we wanted to in 2017.

      I've written to my favorite Senator to try to see if we are being jerked around.

      Southerners have always been martial people because most of them are the descendants of the Scotch Irish. It runs in the blood.

      The same people that spit on the South and Southerners are glad to take advantage of that part of the culture when there's a war going on.

      The T-28 was an outstanding aircraft and I got a lot of time in it. They are mostly gone now, burned in crash training after the T-34B replaced them. But nothing can take that experience away from me.

  5. Hey Harry,


    The last part of the paragraph was funny about your ammo and powder storage and the artist rendering of it going up:)

    It rained here for several days and there is a big cold front coming on the west coast that should give you guys some rain in a few weeks, and hopefully you guys can hold out a little longer.

    As per the protestors protesting Trump's victory etc. All I gotta is I wish their parents would have practiced birth control.

    We delt with oboma for eight years, they can deal with Trump for at least four or eight years. The protestors are a bunch of 'special snowflakes' that should air dropped in East Africa with a bottle of water and a tin of Spam. Good luck, have a nice day:)

    When we pick you up (if any are left alive) they will be more appreciative of living in relatively peaceful society where the rights of the individual are respected.

    1. Hey, CC. I hope that rain does get to us. I watched the Weather Channel tonight, and they said Southern Georgia would get rain, but they are not having a drought. North Georgia might get a shower. But the Weather Channel has said that repeatedly over the last few months and we have not gotten a drop. I sure hope it does rain, I know it won't do anything for the drought but it might get some of these fires to where they can get them under control. There is a massive fire out of control in Fannin County, and an even bigger one near Hayesville, N.C. which is where we go for groceries a lot of the time. We have had two right near my house, one that was a big one and one they got put out pretty quick. I sat here the other day and thought about how hard it would be to lose all my things I've gathered over a life time of traveling and collecting. I know people say it's just "things" but it's a lot of what orders your life. Nothing I can really do about it though, except hope for the best.

      I think all the Wing Nuts will settle down when they get hungry , or cold, or have to go back to class to get their degrees in underwater basket weaving.

  6. G day Harry,

    I salute you and your wife for your service to your country.

    Down here it is Armistice Day and we honour all those who served in WW1, which took such a terrible toll of the young men of our young country, Australia. I cannot imagine the courage of those men at Anzac Cove, Palestine and the Western Front.

    Hope the fires stay away, we are just entering Bush fire season here and have a k ready had 60 fires in NSW.

    1. I watch "Galipoli" about once a year. It's a habit. Good movie and I visited Soros Bay and the area where the landings were. I was over there on an Exercise in the late seventies. Strange to be doing an exercise right where all that took place.

      I've lived up here in 1986, and I have never seen anything like this. Brutal drought, high winds, and fires just breaking out way in the middle of the national forest and elsewhere. I saw a big one on the top of a mountain near Brass Town Bald, the highest mountain in Georgia. I saw it just after it got going. There is no way to get there except on foot. No idea how it got started but they had to fight it with helicopters. Part of the reason they can't contain these things is that they are in wildlife areas, which have no roads at all. No way to get in there but by air.

      Hope the fires don't get around you. I remember watching the bush fires on the news last year.

  7. On my local news late last night (Portland, OR), a reporter out in the streets with the protesters asked a man carrying a "Trump not my president" sign, if he had voted. He said yes, I voted for Trump. Reporter asked why he was out there carrying that sign, "I don't know" was the protesters reply.
    Mayor Hales had been on the news at 5pm telling everyone to come down and enjoy the city. At 9pm the police were shooting off tear gas, loud bangs, etc. I refuse to go into Portland, even on good days. Just to iffy.

    1. That's the kind of brainless, idiotic response I am seeing on the news as well. Some of them are being paid to act like horses asses, and some of them are just taking advantage of the opportunity to do so.

      I have pretty much made up my mind not to go into cities anymore, period. I may have to on occasion, because some of the medical specialists can only be found at big medical facilities, but I won't be going to the bookstores anymore. It's really a shame, because we used to really enjoy staying overnight in Chattanooga, going to the malls, the aquarium, the park, but it was a different place then. Now, it's just outright dangerous.

  8. With all the rain we had here in MN, things are dry and its just a matter of time before some idiot starts a fire that will get out of control, or worse arson.

    1. There have been rumors of arson here previously. We had fires where there was virtually no way they could have started naturally. But now the state has video of people setting fires up here. I am not sure what their motivation is, unless it is animosity against rural people. Maybe , though, it's not so sinister and these are just sick individuals who need to be killed.

  9. Harry,

    I'm behind on responding to posts. Hopefully you had a wonderful Veteran's Day? We went out to breakfast, to camping world to pick up a few parts we needed, and went to watch "Hacksaw Ridge". The theater was full, so we selected a different movie, "Inferno". We were totally disappointed in this movie, left in the middle of the movie.

    1. Sandy,
      I just asked my wife today if she wanted to go to the movie and the only one showing that sounded worth driving to was "Inferno." But we will give it a miss based on your recommendation. There are several coming up at the end of the month that might be better. We watched "Captain America Civil War" on pay per view instead. I did not understand it at all, but my wife watches all those comic book hero movies and she really enjoyed it. In fact, she's watching it again upstairs while I am down here in the computer room.

      We had a good veterans day. Sounds like yours was fun too. I wish we had something like a Bass Pro Shop or a Camping World within driving distance, but we don't.