Sunday, November 13, 2016

Honestly, it's not safe to go into a city right now with a Trump sticker on your vehicle.

Portland rioters chase Trump supporter’s truck for 8 blocks

I couldn't embed this video but the link will take you to it.  I notice, as Senior Chief remarked on another post, that this is happening in places where the mob knows the people they are attacking are not likely to be armed.

Below is a cut and paste on which states have stand your ground laws, which have castle laws, and which have "duty to retreat" laws. Remember Monty Pythons "The Holy Grail" ....Run Away! Run Away!

Each state's laws are written differently so I would read the actual law for the state you live in. I know the gun laws for Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee pretty well and I am learning South Carolina. That's because those are states I go into, that honor my Georgia concealed carry permit.

Many states have enacted so-called stand your ground laws that remove the duty to retreat before using force inself-defense. Florida passed the first such law in 2005, generally allowing people to stand their ground instead of retreating if they reasonably believe doing so will "prevent death or great bodily harm."
Other states followed with laws specifically affirming one's right to defend themselves, even outside of their homes and with deadly force if necessary. The wording of each state's laws will vary, but typically require you to have the right to be at a location. State self-defense laws may also overlap, but generally fall into three general categories:
  1. Stand Your GroundNo duty to retreat from the situation before resorting to deadly force; not limited to your property (home, office, etc.).
  2. Castle Doctrine: Limited to real property, such as your home, yard, or private office; no duty to retreat (use of deadly force against intruders is legal in most situations); some states, like Missouri and Ohio, even include personal vehicles.
  3. Duty to RetreatMust retreat from the situation if you feel threatened (use of deadly force is considered a last resort); may not use deadly force if you are safely inside your home. 
Here are the states that have passed stand your ground laws:
Note: Some states have adopted stand your ground-like doctrines through judicial interpretation of their self-defense laws -- but they are not included on this list.
Some states have self-defense laws on the books that are similar to stand your ground laws, often with at least one key difference. These laws generally apply only to the home or other real property (such as an office) and are often referred to as "castle doctrine" or "defense of habitation" laws. Most U.S. states have castle doctrine laws, including California, Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, and Washington.
Duty to Retreat States
On the other end of the legal spectrum, some states have laws imposing a duty to retreat. A duty to retreat generally means that you can't resort to deadly force in self-defense if you can safely avoid the risk of harm or death (by running away, for example). If that is not an option, say if you were cornered or pinned down and facing serious harm or death, then you would be authorized to use deadly force in self defense. The following states impose some form of duty to retreat before using deadly self defense:
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming


  1. Hey Harry,


    Its common to find people carrying AR-15s in this cars in Texas. Usually everyone has a pistol but many carry AR's as backup and its all legal with a few rules.

    We don't have the problems that unarmed individuals have in places like California. If crowd of special snowflake college students attempt to break into a house during a riot in Texas it will turn into bloodbath and they know it.

    I'm going say some stuff here that will raise a few eyebrow's here. Looters and Rioters after being arrested should be offered jail time or sterilization in lew of jail time. Get their tubes tide, vasectomies, whatever. We got five billion two many people on the planet and the wrong people in this country are reproducing like rabbits and making it harder on us and the rest in this country and planet in the long run.

    The root of all wars is money and territory. 'Counties with an overabundance of idle youth can start a war and enact a draft. Now that we all have super weapons of destruction, world wars are discouraged. In the good old days also, plagues and famine kept the human population in check. We now reproduce with reckless abandon because the government will pay for your babies and without fear of ever demising resources.

    This is a self defeating prophecy.

    I don't mean to sound like a Nazi or a Communist China birth control ad, but that's the real reason we have so many idle youth in the streets because their are too many of them, not enough jobs and resources in a ever increasing population pool that's also filled with immigrants that breed like rabbits and ghetto rats that breed like ghetto rats.

    I don't understand the logic.

    I fear sooner or later some knucklehead will chow down on a bushmeat burger in the Congo and some kind of virus that will cook up in his system, spread to everyone including a 'doctors without borders's doctor that will spread it on a plane and wipe out half the planet in six months. That's what happens in nature and I fear that it will happen again to put our population in check.

    The future is not bright but wrought with peril. (I just made that one up)

    In the end run nature will take control. It always has and always will.

    1. You and Thomas Malthus think alike. I remember being taught about the Malthusian Theory back in High School.

      Still seems viable. One thing I'd say, that caucasian birth rates are falling in Russia, Europe, Canada and the United States. The birth rates of "people of color" in those same areas is sky rocketing, particularly among blacks, Hispanics, and Moslems.

      In Asia Japanese and Chinese birthrates are falling, largely for the same reason they are here with whites. Young people don't want the problems and expense of being white, and the world situation is so negative and obscure that young people don't feel comfortable with having children.

      So the facts back up what you say. I saw a news segment a few days ago that said what you say about the surplus of people, with no real jobs or responsibilities, who can act like idiots because there are no consequences.

      Nature is taking control, which is why developed countries are being overwhelmed by third world individuals with no skills, who consume but don't produce. People with no ties or connection to the cultures they are submerging, people with values so different from Western culture that they may as well have come from Mars. But that's how it is.

  2. Its a sad day for our country when people can't freely display their beliefs without getting assaulted for it.
    I think that is why Trump won , those who opposed him publicly actually voted for him quietly.

    1. What typifies this kind of behavior to me is the riots by the BLM crowd, where they assaulted anybody who was white, regardless of any other factors. I remember the video from Baltimore of the white couple being beaten up on the street by black thugs.

      The problem is that it's ok now to attack people if they wear a t shirt you don't like, or have a bumper sticker you don't like, or say something you don't like. Ok, that is, if you are one of the left wing protected minorities. Not ok if you are a conservative , because then you are a racist, or a fascist, or some combination there of.

  3. If someone threatens me with bodily harm, he will get shot. Period. Old ladies don't retreat and run away....

    1. Just remember the lines from the rap song :

      "A fight! A fight!
      A nigger and a white!
      If the nigger don't win
      Then we all jump in!

      Their words, not mine. They don't have any ethic about who they attack or "fair". Carry extra mags if you go to the city! ;-)

    2. Fortunately, there are no actual cities near us. Always carry extra mags anyway....and usually a backup firearm. And an armed husband, lol.

  4. I consider it "barely safe" to go into big cities....PERIOD!

    1. I quit going to Atlanta years ago, after some horrific incidents that occurred down there. Every morning I watch the local networks out of Atlanta. The first half hour is home invasions, drive by shootings, gun battles between black gangs, robberies, carjackings, and on down the line.

      Used to go to Chattanooga but after my run in with those scumbags over their disgusting music being played loud enough to break glass, I don't go there anymore either.