Monday, November 14, 2016

Strange Times.

There have been some pretty ugly incidents in Atlanta since the election. It's hard for me to believe people are getting away with some of this stuff.  How can you be video taped beating people up, and then "escape." The morning news from Atlanta ( I get CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC over the satellite) has always been bad, lots of crime. But now it's getting political.

I saw a FOX NEWS story that linked several well known rabble rousers like Jesse Jackson and George Soros to the organization and funding of these riots taking place across the country. Things like paying for buses to haul them into a city, and advertising in Craigs List for "activists." I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, because they did the same thing to disrupt Trump rallies before the election.

I've noticed too that the media is attacking Trump and the people who voted for him without respite. They're telling outright lies. I sat there and watched ABC and CBS both tell viewers that Trump has "retreated" from his promise to get rid of Obama Care after having met with Obama. He did no such thing, but it's clear they are trying to disrupt the populist movement. 

Have you watched some of the interviews with these "protestors"?  If you haven't kept up with all this, you may not realize how bizarre it is.  I saw one guy who was out raising hell with his little mask on.  The news reporter asked him if he had voted, and he said yes, he had. He voted for Trump. When the man asked this idiot what he was doing out there disrupting traffic and breaking windows, he said " I don't know.' 

Then there are the twits who think it's 1967 again. Face paint, little signs that say "we are doing this for love" and that kind of thing.  I'm sure George Soros finds them to be "useful idiots." The dictionary definition says it all.

"In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause."

If you aren't old enough to remember the Viet Nam war vividly, you might not get this cartoon. But for us oldsters, it's poignant. 

I sincerely wish all those worthless individuals who said they would leave if Trump won keep their word. But if they did, it would be the only time in their lives they did so. 

Still, despite all the disruptions, all the lies being spewed by the MSM, and everything else, the main thing is that Hillary Clinton will not be free to try to force us to live by her convoluted standards. She won't be appointing Supreme Court Judges.  She won't be flooding the country with immigrants who are at best useless and a burden, and at worst murderous. That's the bottom line.

And we won't have a Commander in Chief like the person who showed her true colors during the Benghazi debacle.

Here's today's fire map.  Now people are being evacuated in Rabun county. That's virtually in our back yard as the crow flies.  Some of these fires are definitely arson.  One was set up in Kentucky by a guy who set the fire, then took video of it, and posted it on his web site, warning people to beware of the smoke. He told police he wanted to be a weather man.

I went out yesterday and the smoke was so bad, that the mountain range I can usually see off to the North was just not there. The smoke completely obscured it.  Tried to do some work outside, but finally had to give it up and still wound up with a sore throat today.  No rain in sight. The rain that came in off the coast never made it to North Georgia.

I have embedded this segment from Sunday mornings Fox News. It addresses who is orchestrating and paying for these riots. That is not the first part of it but you can skip ahead using the bar at the bottom of the video. I know a lot of people don't have television at home and this is interesting.


  1. This has to be one of the best responses to all the weenies yet.

  2. Trump scared my Kurdish son-in-law so much that he got his butt in gear and got his US citizenship. He came to this country to escape persecution in Turkey, opened up a restaurant and hired a bunch of people. He's terrified of being persecuted again.

    Trump said things about women that would get him punched in the nose if he wasn't rich and famous. In some places a woman's honor is taken seriously.

    Yes, Hillary was a horrible person, but I'm afraid that the things Trump said makes it Okay to persecute people who are different. I've friends and family across the whole political spectrum. We are going to get together for Thanksgiving and everyone is going to get along because that civilized people do.

    Of course, I'm also ticked off that the "elite" are using that fear to stir up trouble. Don't know what they hope to accomplish with that. Race war maybe?

    Putting all that aside, I'm concerned about the fires near you. I've fought my share of forest fires in the past and it's a tough job. People don't realize how fast they can move sometimes. The smoke can get you long before the fire gets there too. Be ready to move at a moment's notice.

    1. Persecute people that are different? Really? You mean like illegals and unvetted muslims? The word is prosecute. Illegals are criminals for sneaking into our country. Muslims are on record saying they want to kill Christians and western civilization. Stop getting your news reports from CNN. Scheeze

    2. He's a good guy, Tewshooz. Known him a long time. ;-)

  3. Having spent months at sea packed onto a ship with hundreds of other men and no women to be seen , I don't get too worked up about something like that. Trump's private comments were pretty mild in comparison.

    Can't say I have heard much of anyone being persecuted except people who voted for Trump and then were unlucky enough to be beaten up by Hillary worshippers.

    I've gotten my personal papers together and prepared to load the animals. Now I just have to hope the fires don't reach this mountain.

  4. When Trump gets in, I hope he tells the mayors to crack down on the rioters or HE WILL!

    1. We need Ragnar Lothbrok to settle those peoples hash. His tactics would work well in this situation.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I just found an interesting youtube channel by some guy called 'campervan kevin' and he was driving through the smoke of Northern Georgia. It horrible looking. He did take some video of a 'Tullaha Gorge' in another video that was 900 feet deep. That was interesting.
    Maybe after the fires subside and things return to normal. Maybe you can get video of some of the lake and favorite spots in the mountains and put it up on youtube for everyone to watch.

    1. I don't have a video camera. I wish I did. I don't have a smart phone, either. I've looked at video cameras but the decent one's all seem to be around $300.00 and I don't want one that bad.

      Tullaha Gorge is an interesting place. We have lots of places like that, where tourists come up and go over the safety lines, get swept over the falls, or plummet to their deaths. Some lady tv anchor person from Atlanta did that this summer, went over one of the water falls, kersplat!

  6. Harry, just a theory here but suppose a few disgruntled Klinton voters are setting these fires in the south? Retribution for the south voting Trump maybe? Seems odd that they are happening in greater numbers now. Then again, maybe it's coincidental.

    And this brand of protesting is right out of the Alisnki playbook.

    Alinski rule #8: "Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose".

    It's going to be a long four years my friend. The honeymoon was short-lived. --Troy

    1. I'd thought about that. I still think it's possible. So far, the only people they have arrested have been your typical arsonists, whacked in the head but not political.

      Not much of a honeymoon, as you say. Still, no matter what the leftards do they can't reverse the election, so I am breathing a lot easier.

      You remember when Obama first got elected and he called for a "citizen corps" to enforce the will of the Obamites? Trump should do the same thing. We could call it the Sturmabteilung! ;-)

  7. Yeah, I guess those newscasters don't know how "earthy" we guys can get, especially when we think we won't be filmed saying it. :)
    About 99.9% of it is only in our dreams anyway.

    2015 was Washington's year for fires. We must have had 50 big ones that summer.

    And in other news, ISIS recently bulldozed some 3000-year-old ancient wonders. I mean, flattened them to where you'd never know they ever existed. Nimrud, which was once the capital of Assyria.

    - Charlie

    1. Those people don't live in the real world. So it's not surprising they don't understand anything about it.

      We've not had a fire season like this before, at least since I have been up here, which is thirty some odd years. I went out this morning and the smoke was so thick I called the county dispatch office to be sure I hadn't missed one burning near us. My wife and I were going to the lake to walk but now we are staying inside again.

      Part of the Islamic mind set is to destroy anything that predates their own mythology. The Taliban did the same thing in Afghanistan. They are barbarians in more ways than one.

  8. Talk about sore looser. Get a job, get a life and get over it.

    1. Rob, you lost them at "get a job." Not their thing.