Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Outside of the town and the developments on the lake, there isn't any cable here. The only way you can get television is through the satellite services, Direct TV or Dish.  Most people in the rural parts of the county don't have either of those because of expense or terrain masking. But people do have scanners.

So, every Christmas, the Sheriff's Department puts on a little thing for the kids. First a Deputy calls in and reports an unidentified flying object over the county. Then they ring sleigh bells ,  then the dispatcher says it's Santa Claus.  It's a tradition here and for whatever reason I always listen to it. I'm sure kids all over the county do.

Nothing in town will be open today. Not even the gas stations or grocery stores.  It's the only holiday of the year when everything shuts down.

My kids should be on their way South now.  Depending on when they leave up there it will take about eight hours to get here if nothing goes wrong.

We got our tree finished up last night. We were waiting to decorate it until the last minute because the cats tear it up.  I sprayed it with cat repellent and they still got up and broke a few ornaments but it looks pretty good today. Wouldn't bother if my grown children weren't coming. They are big into Christmas.

At Christmas time, I like to look back over the year, at difficult situations that transpired, and reflect on how I could have handled certain instances better.  Like that run in with the four "black youths" in Chattanooga. I saw the movie "War Dogs", and the blacks in this scene remind me very much of those young men. I see now I should have been more sensitive to their culture and values. This would have been a much better way to resolve the issue, in retrospect.


Of course, if my ferrets had been with me, things might have gotten out of hand.  They are not as even tempered and tolerant as I am.  Oh, well. Water under the bridge.

It's not easy being Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Friday, December 23, 2016

We need to move the U.N. Headquarters to Tehran. It belongs there.

When the United Nations isn't busy setting up human rights commissions featuring the Syrians, Iranians, and other bad actors , it's looking for ways to harass Israel.  Today they put forward one of  their standard mark one mod five  little harassment packages, and instead of vetoing it, Barrack Hussein had our representative at the U.N. abstain.   Barrack Hussein is renowned for his love of Islam and his antipathy for Israel. Now that he's on the way out, he's doing as much damage as he can in a lot of different directions and this is one of them.

The people who put the little montage above together were right on the money.  What you see is what we got.  Hussein has done everything he possibly could to sour relations between our country and the Israelis. Besides the Egyptians and Jordanians, Israel is the only country in the middle east we don't have to count as outright enemies. Israel has been a good ally to us, and until the Kenyan came around we were good allies to them.

What have we ever gotten out of the United Nations, other than big bills to pay, and problems?
The organization is toothless, and I can't think of a single solitary thing they have ever done that worked out.  They certainly distinguished themselves in Rwanda, in Southern Lebanon, and in the Sinai where their "peacekeeping" forces proved totally ineffectual.

How many times can you remember when the U.N. set up some obnoxious "treaty" and then  demanded the United States comply with it?  Remember the "small arms proliferation treaty?" That's a sterling example of the one world mentality that typifies the United Nations. Who needs them?

What we need to do is get them out of New York, and quit paying millions of dollars into their treasury so they can issue non binding resolutions, break laws in New York and claim diplomatic immunity, and quit jerking us around on our money.

All these leftists who are saying that Israel has no right to build the settlements are the same intellectual midgets who say we should give the United States back to the Indians, or give California and the American Southwest back to Mexico.
The Arabs start wars with Israel, get their asses kicked, then whine and bitch when they lose territory. Clearly there are no historians among their "leaders" since this is how things have worked sing Og ran Gronk out of his nice warm cave and took over.
As for a "two state solution" with the "Palestinians" settling peacefully there and raising sunflowers under the rainbow, the belief in that fairy tale just shows how bad the opiate epidemic in the United States has gotten.  If the "Palestinians" are such good , peace loving people, how come the other Arab countries have kept them out since 1948?

I hope the Israelis don't take this thing at the U.N. to heart. It's just that clown in the White House, trying to be as big a problem as he possibly can be in his last few days before he gets moved out of the White House. Donald Trump is a realist, he's not a   "secret Moslem,"  and our treatment of our ally Israel will get back to what it's supposed to be when he's in office.

As for the United Nations....

Less than a month left of this Jack Ass.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Frost. Bizarre Times We Live In.

J.O. Hoppner

We had a heavy frost here last night.  The trees, the meadow, the buildings are all covered with thick frost. Outside temperature at sunrise was 22 above, the humidity was below my equipment's ability to record.

Everything is shipshape in the buildings.  The outbuildings are heated primarily with electric radiators. Got my power bill and it was almost $300 for electricity.  Can't do much about it. We only have one provider here, and they just raised the rates again.  Beats busted pipes, split food cans, exploded water containers, and the other unfortunate aspects of not heating the buildings.

 The newest issue of American Survival Guide was pretty good.  They've been giving more space to long term issues, rather than camping out in the weeds in a wiki-up. Living in the bush articles are not much use to me, as I'm not going to do that.

I'm forted up here on the mountain top, and here is where I stay. The only thing I can see that would run me off is a forest fire. Nobody can guard against 100% of the scenarios that may come up. there's a chink in every suit of armor.

At long last, the publishers of American Survival Guide have given in to good sense and are now mailing the magazine in a plastic sleeve. Maybe they got tired of replacing magazines destroyed in the mail.

American Survival Guide and Off Grid are the two best survival magazines out there right now as far as I can see.

The newest Hodgdon annual is out.  I get it primarily for the news on new powders and reloading equipment. Their load data is pretty much useless as far as I'm concerned.

I've got my own pet loads now, and I'm not interested in trying any innovative new loads.  The annual doesn't even address most of the chamberings I reload for, so I guess I'm not getting my ten dollars worth when I buy it.

But, I've been buying them since they came out and I hate to miss an edition. This way , when I eventually expire, my son will have a complete set of the magazines to haul to the dump and throw away. It's the circle of life thing....

Did you catch this one?  It's a new MTV add chiding White Men for our "faults."  Gosh, I feel so guilty now!

There's an old song, which I won't post because it's so vulgar, but it fits the way I feel about people like these twits in this video.  The refrain of the song is "Up Against The Wall, ***** ******. David Peal did it in 1966, as I recall.  It's on youtube , and I started to post it but decided not to.

The numbers vary. I wrote them down from a CNN broadcast two day ago.

 1, 324 federal prisoners pardoned. He has until January 20 to keep cranking them out.

356 were doing life sentences.

Most of the pardons were for drug offenders.

Obama is also trying to push through an additional 110,000 "Syrian Immigrants" before he is out of office.  This is on top of the 410,000 he has already brought in.  The last number varies depending on who you read, and what their agenda is.

Thought for the Day:

Sunday, December 18, 2016


I have been watching the National Geographic Channel "Docudrama" about settling Mars. They make a big deal out of how harsh the environment is there.  Maybe they should practice for Mars by living in Appalachia.

From severe drought to flooding.  Temperatures that range from 110 above in summer to 15 below in winter.  Today we are getting snow and ice in the evening and night time.

Horrific forest fires.  Trees down across the roads and power lines.  Power outages that can last five minutes or five days.

Went out on the porch this morning and there's another tree down across the trail out of here. Right at the entrance to the meadow.  Naturally it's raining in torrents, so cutting the tree up will be even more fun than usual.

My wife has been over at her mom's for three days now. I am supposed to go pick her up tonight about seven, when her sister and brother in law get back.  Since she retired, M has become the duty fill in care giver every time her sister goes out of town. She spent Thanksgiving over there for that reason.  Since her sister keeps Ruby the rest of the time, we can't really decline an invitation for M to go watch her mom. There are three sisters in the family, but the youngest one lives in Mississippi so she can't just flit over for a week or so. Besides, she's a professor at a college there, so she doesn't have much flexibility about her work.

Well,  we owe her mom. She's a good old woman and was always kind to us over the years. When my father in law died some years back, Ruby just kind of folded up. She has a little granny house right next to my sister in law's Mac Mansion.  During the day when my sister in law is at her office, they have a lady who comes in and stays with Ruby.  But on these long trips somebody has to go stay with her, and since my wife is retired, she's the default "care giver."


If they put her in a nursing home, the Southern Baptist Convention would pay all the costs, since Ruby is a retired missionary.  But who wants to do that to a family member?  At least she has her own things around her, and isn't subject to any indignity while she stays in her own home.  My mom has her own place in Oregon, but my brother and my sister both live right by her, and my mom is not "crippled up" or "senile" , not yet anyway. 

Having said that, I should mention my dad died in a nursing home. He had a stroke, went crazy, and was so violent it took two grown men to restrain him. He lived for seven days after the stroke. Sometimes, no matter how you feel, your options are limited to that one. 

So,  I try not to grouse about hauling my wife over there and then going and getting her and bringing her back. I am sure as hell not letting her drive the vehicle in the mountains.  I'm not thrilled about being here by myself so that if something happens like me plummeting down the stairs, it's just too bad, so sad. Now that M has been retired and I'm used to having her around, I miss her more when she isn't here.

I even put up with all her cats.  Most of them are outside but she has brought some of them in the house and they are destructive little wretches. I have to clean their "potty boxes" , that's one of my chores. I assume all husbands clean potty boxes. Something about there is a virus in cat poop that can make women sick.  Sounds made up to me.....

Still, the cats contribute to the common weal too. Everybody works here. The indoor cats help me catch bats in a towel when the bats get in the house.  I put the bats out and I suspect they fly right back into the attic, but I like bats.

The kids will be arriving Christmas Day, and spending two weeks with us. They are bringing "Willa" the German Shepard and Conkers the Squirrel.  Last time they were here Conkers got loose in one of the store rooms and chewed through a bunch of number ten can lids. Fortunately I keep a box of spares since those lids split over time anyway.

This time around, no matter what else doesn't get done, we are going to get the kids expired concealed carry permits renewed.  The state they live in has a reciprocal agreement with Georgia. My daughter ha a .357 S&W Snub Nose I gave her last time she came home, but she keeps it in the apartment. I'd rather she had it on her when she's out of the house.

Thought for the Day:

I hope everyone has a good week. It's the holidays and surely this one time of year we can enjoy a little quiet time, without worrying about things we can't really do anything about.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red Wolves, Sources in High Places.

 Had a serenade from our wolves last night.  The state began reestablishing a population of Red Wolves up here some years back. The animals are coming  back and doing well. The "seed" wolves came from the Florida panhandle. Red Wolves were natives here until the 1920's when they were finally wiped out by hunters.

My dogs don't like them at all. I went out on the porch, and both dogs were all bristled up and growling. I wonder why that is?  Wolves and dogs had the same common ancestor, eons ago.

Maybe it's because dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and identify more with humans than with the wolves now. Who knows.

 The ferrets sure don't like the wolves, or coyotes either. When those howls start up, both ferrets come boiling out of the snuggy bag, run around behind the bureau in my bed room, and climb into a drawer from behind.

It's the equivalent of a ferret bunker, and they stay in there a good long while after the wolf or coyote singing lets up.

Just as with black bears, we have a problem here with poachers killing the animals. If I hear shooting up in the national forest at night, I give DNR a call.  Most poachers work at night because DNR has gotten to be pretty good at catching these worthless individuals in daylight. The DNR uses four wheel drive vehicles and a helicopter to run them down.

Yesterday,  NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN all carried "Russian Hackers invaded DNC computers to influence election" as their lead story.  The Talking Heads said "A source high in the intelligence community " indicated that "the intelligence community" had proof of this heinous behavior. Of course, "a high source " could be the janitor on the top floor, but hey, it sounds good. All this BS was presented as absolute fact.

But this morning, both the Director of the FBI and the "National Intelligence  Chairman" (whoever the hell that is) said that there is no proof whatsoever of these allegations. MSM is still using "the Big Lie" theory. Anything to disrupt the transition to the Trump presidency, especially if it can be used as an excuse for the devastating losses suffered by the "Dims" and their Moon Bat legions in the election.

I caught a segment on CBS with John McCain calling the President of Russia a "thug, a murderer, and a butcher."

I respect Senator McCain for his military service, but he's clearly getting senile. He's also very bitter about how his career has gone lately, and the man has long been known for being obstreperous. Lately he's been a real loose cannon. I hope he retires soon before he does something really embarrassing.

I wonder who Putin is supposed to be murdering?  The Chechens?   The Al Qaeda groups in Syria?
If so , I say "roll on, Putin" as the Brits put it.

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel, came out on television yesterday to give a news conference damning Russia.   "Russia is not our friend" he said, looking into the cameras with that myopic, deer in the headlights appearance he's famous for.  Until this last year, I was a die hard Republican, always voted Republican since I was old enough to vote. But now, I'm not a Republican, and seeing old Mitch out there made me so glad of it. 

As long as the "old guard" are running the show, Russia won't be our friend and who can blame them.  The Russians must get tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong here. 

I know almost nobody follows any of this stuff anymore. But I seem to have a death wish in this regard. I watch the MSM, and one day, I'll stroke out or have a heart attack and  that will be it.

If I do have a stroke, my insurance won't be much help.

My son had two root canals this month.  You can't get a price from a dentist before the work is done, so you write a blank check, in effect.

The endodontist submitted a bill for $2,500.00 for the two root canals.  My son's insurance has a maximum benefit of $1200.  But there are "deductions" and "copayments" and "coinsurance." And, there were no "in network" dentists in his area.  So, the insurance paid for $600 of the bill, and I am paying the rest.

But it gets better. As my son came out of the endodontists office, they gave him his "follow up care" plan. Among other things, it said both teeth had to be crowned "immediately."

Ok.  Rush over to another dentist who does crowns.  Two crowns cost $2,800. Unless you use the super cheap materials and do it all over again in ten years. If you do that you can save about $600 bucks. So, we went the higher price.  The insurance tells us they will pay "about $600" on that bill, since his $1200 worth of benefits will be used up then.

The dentist who did the crowns said he could put temporary fillings on the teeth at the cost of about $300, then take the fillings out in January when the insurance rolls over. We opted not to do that, as my wife and I feel my son is taking enough of a beating having  two root canals and two crowns in one week.

Paying for all of this would wipe my son out, and I have been working with him to make sure he stays away from credit cards, and saves a little every month.  My wife and I are picking up the tab. We can afford it without it being a big disruption, and I want him to keep saving and seeing his balance grow.

But I sure hope Mr. Trump can fix all these things when he scraps Obama Care. If you read this blog you will remember that in October I got royally worked over by the insurance company over a minor procedure I had done at the hospital. The doctors office, the insurance company, and the hospital all told me it was covered, then when the insurance company got the bill they wormed out of paying most of it and I had to.  

I'm more concerned about Gun Rights, Moslem immigration, Illegal Aliens, et al but this health/medical insurance sure needs a thorough revamping too.

Moving Right Along:

Does anybody know what this is?  I bought two of them in 1994, I think it was, from a gun shop down toward Dalton, Georgia.  The guy who owned it called me at work, told me he had two in, and I roared down there and bought them. I took the weird looking "thumb hole" Clinton stocks off them, and put the Choate stock on as displayed in the photo.

 At the same time, he had two of these in stock and I bought those too.

Right about that time,  I got four cases of this from a shop going out of business.

Remember the words to the Vikings theme music on History Channel?

"This will never end 'cause I want more! More, give me more, give me more!"

That's how I am with guns and ammo.

Thought for the Day:

Now that's what I call Allies.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter is here. A good deal on 30-06 loaded for the M1 Garand

I just put in an order for a can of this ammo.  I have two M-1 Garands, one is a Korean import, good shooter but has been around. One is a pristine gun I got from DCM after shooting in an NRA high power match back in the early 90's.  I  have a lot of U.S. surplus ammo for them, but as Kipling said, you can never have too much ammo. 

He's right about the books, too.  This weekend I finished off three I'd been reading. Not hard to do when it's dark by five in the evening.

When I finished the book on the air war in Korea, I thought it was kind of sad that all those guys were pretty much gone now. But at the store today, this old guy was wearing a ball cap that said "Korean War Veteran" and he looked a lot better than I do.  Guess they are not all decrepit yet.

 I have been kind of hard on the Dim, Moon Bat crowd , and to show there are no hard feelings on my part against people who are of that mindset, I have put this little video of a gathering of individuals with that mentality, below.   Open the borders, import the Moslems, and let's all have a flower drum circle!  Yeah, it's the new Kinder, Gentler Harry.......

See how tolerant a person I really am..... As that savant and servant of the people, LBJ, said "there's a place in the Great Society for everybody."  

It's been cold here.  Especially at night when the temperature has been dropping to the low teens. No humidity though, so the stars are out there by the millions. I am always amazed at how many stars you can see on a winters night up here. No light pollution.

No noise either. The creek down slope is still about dry, first time I can remember it ever getting that low. More rain due in tomorrow, and some light snow possible at our elevation.  Went into town today, more just to get out than anything else. We'd been up here since Friday and the time was starting to hang heavy on our hands. I spent a lot of yesterday clearing the Jeep trail so we could get out if we needed to. Some big trees down, and even worse, one of them was across the road, on the bank on one side and caught on a cliff on the other.  Try cutting a big tree out with a chain saw when it's lifted on both ends and not touching the ground!  Took ten years off my life, I'm sure. Especially since I had to do it on my own. Wasn't so bad when my son was home but now the things like that are a one man job.

You can tell winter is here.  The roads are empty.  You can get almost into town before you start seeing other cars. At the grocery store, you can park right in front of the entrance.  Once winter comes, three quarters of the county population pulls up stakes and heads back to Florida. I can understand why, when we have one of those nights where the pine tree limbs are cracking in the cold. But I like it best this way.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Yes We Can.

The MSM is saying it's impossible to deport illegal aliens. They try to present the issue in a way calculated to make viewers believe identifying illegals and moving them out of the country is not physically possible.

But we've done it before.

In 1954, the federal government implemented "Operation Wet Back."  It was a program to move illegals out of the country, either voluntarily or through "enforced removal."  If you run Operation Wet Back on Google, you are going to get a lot of left wing hand wringing . It takes most articles four or five paragraphs to get past the name of the endeavor.

The numbers deported are all over the board, because different federal agencies came up with different statistics, and the articles tend to use facts to support the agenda of the writer. But as near as I can tell, the U.S. moved more than 10 million illegals back to Mexico. Again, you can read articles that say it was only a few thousand (written by people who want illegals to be legalized) and the higher numbers come from people who want them out. Take your pick.

During the Great Depression, the federal government deported around 2 million illegal aliens of Mexican nationality. "The Mexican Repatriation Act" provided for the forcible removal of illegal aliens, primarily in the West and Southwest. The logic was that if there were no jobs for Americans, then we didn't need thousands of illegal aliens competing for the few jobs there were.  The best source of information on these deportations is NPR, which ran a series of articles not long ago on the subject. Being NPR, the articles try to make the case that deporting illegal aliens is fascist, mean, not nice, etc, etc.  If you filter out a lot of the propaganda from NPR, the facts are clear.

  • The U.S. didn't have enough jobs for citizens.
  • The social services funding consumed by illegals was cutting into the little help available for citizens.
  • Crime rates were rising as the economic situation got worse. Illegal immigrants were involved in this phenomenon , particularly in cities like Los Angeles.  For a look at one of the more bizarre aspects of that, take a look at the "Zoot Suit " Riots.

Not everything that we have to do to take our country back is "nice." Much of what we have to do to survive is not "warm and fuzzy."   But that shouldn't stop us from doing it.  Illegal immigration and illegal aliens are a big problem in this country, and have been for a long time.

I've written enough on this blog about the effects of illegal immigration on the North Georgia Mountains. It's been dramatic and negative.  All across the country, in places where you would not expect to find illegals, they're firmly rooted.  As hard as things are in the U.S.,and as many problems as we have, this is something we can take corrective action on.  Donald Trump said he would, and this is one of the reasons I voted for him.

Thought for the Day: