Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Snow Flakes are at the airports, bewailing the new regulations. Much good may it do them.....

President Trump is on the roll, implementing our new and more stringent regulations on unvetted Islamists flooding into the country.  There's still time for us to avoid becoming Europe II. The Canadian Prime Minister has indicated Canada will welcome the "refugees" the U.S. doesn't want. Excellent news. Glad they have the money to support them and all those jobs just waiting for them to fill.

We have enough problems with the one's already here.

Then there are these interesting people running around the streets of our cities now.  I watched a news clip from Oregon. Some of these wing nuts had blocked a road in a city. People were yelling at them, demanding they clear the road. Around a bus came about 10 riot police, who set about the idiots blocking the road . The crowd was cheering and urging the police to "thump them again."  But that didn't make the news. That's not what the news media want people to see.

I've been really taken aback by some of the things I see on television concerning the Moon Bats. Did you see Ashley Judd's "I'm a Nasty Girl" speech? It's worth listening to just to see how "White Trash" a lot of these people are, but I don't want to post it on my blog. It's embarrassing. 

There have been some other "celebrity" White Trashettes out there making fools of themselves. That's not surprising but it is very strange just how deranged some of these folks are. They must have good managers since they clearly are not competent to care for themselves.

But it's been a good week for us.  Did you catch Schumer crying on tv?  It was interesting. I remember him speaking about 9-11 and the events of that day on the evening news that night, and he shed no tears. But today, moved by the plight of the poor Molsem immigrants now being rejected, he wept salten tears.

I have always detested this disgusting wretch, but this surpasses even his past contemptible performances. No wonder his name is a synonym for "feces" in the Survivalist community.

Still, despite everything the Snow Flakes, Moon Bats, and just plain stupid people have done this week, it's been amazing. Can anyone remember a President who came into office like this and really did things? Made things happen? I can't and I've been around since Eisenhower.

It's not before time. 8 years of Hillary would have meant the end of us. I have no doubt of that.
In some places, like Michigan, it may already be too late. I saw a Senator from Michigan on Fox this morning, bragging about the fact that Michigan has the 2nd largest population of Moslems in the U.S. and has taken 37,000 of the "Syrian Refugees" Obama force fed the county.

It's good reading weather today.  Snow on and off, with heavier snow tonight. I have some good magazines I've been meaning to catch up on.

 Remember Mykel Hawke, the former special forces soldier?  He had a program on the Discovery Channel that ran for two seasons. He and his British wife would go out into difficult environments, and then film their survival techniques. It was a lot like Survivor Man, except that it was a couple instead of one individual.

I enjoyed the show. His wife was not only really pretty, she was stalwart and stuck it out. Some of the places they went into were really wretched, and like Les Stroud (unlike Bear Grylls) they played it straight. No Holiday Inn at night after telling the audience they slept in a tree.

This American Survival Guide article is the first I've heard of Hawke in a long time. I'm glad he's still around.

This new issue of  Recoil has a good article on training young shooters. I don't have any in my family anymore, but anyone out there with kids might enjoy it. Recoil is not a gun magazine, it's a "life style" magazine for people who are self sufficient, thinking, and enjoy shooting, camping, hiking, off roading and the like.  I don't buy the paper edition because much of what's in the magazine is not interesting to me, like the 6 pages of auto wheels in this one. But I get it on Kindle because I do find a good many worthwhile product reviews and survival related articles in it.

The new issue of Off Grid is largely concerned with self defense. With all the turmoil in the country, and the things people are seeing on the news, that issue is coming back as a "hot topic" for survival and self sufficiency magazines.  All you have to do to justify the level of concern is watch any of the Atlanta news affiliates for the six a.m. broadcasts.

This morning I saw this segment. A young woman from Michigan pulled off in John Lewis's district to get gas while she was passing through Atlanta.  No one from Georgia would have gotten off at that exit, but she didn't know.  As soon as she tried to get gas, this ape like creature emerged from the store and demanded her phone. The young woman tried to get in her car, and the black woman, who could have given Conan the Barbarian a good fight, grabbed her.  The out of towner dropped her keys, and three "bruddas" who were watching grabbed the keys and stole her car.  The Paki gas station owner followed Paki rule number one, and locked the door on her. So, she lost her car, her cell phone, and got beaten up. The police said the crazy wanting the phone and the three thugs were not working together, it was just "a target of opportunity." The whole thing was on the security tape.  Very sad. 

And if you don't feel like reading, it's a good time to just sit by the fire and watch an old movie. I saw "The Quiet Man" last night. It's about old values, so probably wouldn't fly today as it's not PC. In fact, if those Brunhildes in the Million Moron March got a glimpse of it, they'd either stroke out or burn down the theater.

Thought for the Day:

No thanks.


  1. you know, Harry, i am just waiting for the moonbats to realize that this immigration freeze was put in place by Obama but never enforced. Lots of gnashing of teeth, lol. Trump is playing them.

    1. I got a kick out of all the lawyers, sitting on the floor of the air line terminals, clicking their little computer keys, trying to get the Moslems cut loose. Did you notice they were all young women? Can't figure that out. They should go live in Saudi Arabia for a year, and we'd see a change of attitude.

      I've surely been impressed with President Trump and how fast he's moving. The Democrats and Republican slugs aren't use to this and they are floundering.

  2. Harry I'm beginning to think Trump is doing something right, so many folks are up in arms its fun to watch. I guess America still has double standards..When we moved to Florida and back we drove through Alabama instead of Georgia, we had two cars down, two cars back everytime we stopped for gas/food/restrooms Myself and my oldest son stayed with the cars. Then and only then after everyone was in, did we pay for gas and take care of our needs. Someone was always with the cars.

    When I was younger I traveled with my grand parents, and grandpa never left the car alone, and no one under the hood, we are talking 1960's Same in 1970's moving to and from California, with my parents. Today when we go from our small town into the Metro Area, even for a day trip. I am the last to go in. No one with a ounce of scene is going to mess with a 300 lbs white boy. at first....

    1. America does have double standards, since the country has the Pacific Northwest, California, New England and New York which has one set of values (if I can call them that) and the rest of the country has a diametrically opposed belief system. I know there are Moon Bats living in all the Red States, and good people living in all the Blue States, but you see my point. Since the two world views are so radically different, and since there doesn't seem to be any viable compromise position between them, this will probably go on getting worse. Before the Revolutionary War the same thing happened, more people favored going with the crown than revolution, but the people who favored revolution were more motivated.

      Then before the War Between the States, the two sides grew further and further apart. Interestingly, the New England abolitionist states did more to bring on Fort Sumter than any other factor. The same thing seems to be happening today.

      Going into any city you are not familiar with is certainly dangerous. The rural South is safe enough, but getting off the freeway in any city where you don't know the lay of the land is taking your life in your hands. It's been that way a long time, at least since the 1960's.

  3. Holy Cow. I am nearly speechless after reading the Atlanta story. I hope her relatives burn the station down with the paki inside, and then go hunting in the surrounding neighborhood. What benefit do we get as Americans by importing these people? Ghad, it makes my blood boil.
    Hope you enjoy a nice quiet snowy evening...SMH....

    1. J, I can't see any advantage at all to importing Mexicans, Moslems, or anyone else. We don't have a vast reservoir of jobs for people, and we don't have enough welfare money to keep them in the style to which they would like to become accustomed. That video above about Michigan pretty much validates those concerns.

      Nothing will happen with the young woman who got attacked at the gas station. That's so old hat that the police will just file a report and forget it. The whole first 30 minutes of the morning news from Atlanta is about killings. Home invasions, car jackings, drive by shootings, robbery. It's just routine.

      Had snow showers the last few days, but the main problem is it is not warming up at all. I am just staying in the house, for the most part. It may get above freezing today. I hope so.

  4. The louder the Moonbats squeal the more I like Trump. Like I said before we need to take a cue from the IDF. A 22 to a kneecap takes the piss and vinegar out of rioters every time.

    1. Except that here, they would have to be supported by tax payer dollars for the rest of their lives. I remember a 60 minutes segment about a black guy in Detroit, in his twenties. He had a rap sheet longer than a train track. He got shot in a robbery attempt and was partially paralyzed. This clown was the subject of the report because the federal government fixed him up with a new car that had been modified for him to drive without using his legs. His medical expenses were all paid by the federal government. He received a monthly cash stipend from the federal government and on the show he bragged about how much better his life was after he got shot than before. So that solution, as tempting as it is and as satisfying as it would be, might put us in the poor house. Not that we are not already there.

      I've been amazed, truly, at the lies being told about these executive orders. It's pretty clear that many of the politicians doing all the crying (literally) on the television have not read the order they are bitching about. But that's par for the course now, it's all bread and circuses, no substance.

  5. Nah Harry, I have moonbat cousin in law who lived the the Kingdom for several years. She was beat up twice by the Sharia Police, once for not wearing a Hijab, and then once for being a non mooseslime and wearing one. She thinks it was just lovely there. The stupid runs very deep in these leftist ID10Ts

    1. You've put your finger on the problem. So many of these sheeple are just too stupid to change, so unintelligent that they can't see the writing on the wall. But they make great stooges for the manipulators who are pulling their strings.

  6. saw an interview on the street ref the muzzie ban. two women saying welcome the muzzies, more the better. wonder if they will think the same when one of them ,or more, is gang raped(london) or worse their daughter(sweden) or their son molested at the pool(germany)....the media hasn't learned their lesson yet, still sticking to the "attendance" lie, and the "no voter fraud" lie. here in va. they caught one idiot college student registered 19 dead people to vote. how many more are there? how can the media say "no voter fraud"? its a lie, along with the "unconstitutional" immigration ban. they never even read it, but they are happy to report on it like an expert. irks me to no end. the media reports resignations, but trump fired their butts. they report rift with cia, but they we cheering when he entered the room and had standing ovations several times during his remarks. i thought we needed to tar n feather the politicians but i was wrong, we should tar and feather the media. the history books don't tell you, but the patriots set them on fire after the tar and feathers. tar burns a long time, and the feathers was to make sure it stays lit. ouch. carry on mr. bowditch, carry on.

    1. I'm getting fed up with the media acting as a propaganda organ for the George Soros crowd myself. Half the country knows they are lying through their teeth, but the other half wants to believe all the BS and so worships the MSN. I watched a fellow on Fox (which is getting a little lefty these days itself) who went through some of the same things you mentioned in your comment.

      I don't know what the solution is. I'd like to arrest the Talking Heads and the MSM Executives for inciting treason, and put them in Bill Clinton's old FEMA camps. Then we could find some of Pol Pot's old cadres and bring them over to run the camps. But I don't guess that will happen, (sigh.) >:-(

  7. I used to like Madonna in the 80s and 90s. I liked that she spoke her mind - even if she pushed the envelope. I was young when I listened to her. BUT to say that you're going to blow up something, or would like to is going too far.

    I didn't like what the Saturday Nt. Live person said about Trump's son. Leave kids out of this!

    I understood the march, but disliked that many left trash/signs all over. Here they were marching for women's rights and more. They trashed our land, which seemed counter productive in that regard.

    I'm bothered by how Trump's handling things so far. I'm worried that he's going to piss too many people off, and other countries are going to retaliate. I could be wrong though. I hope I'm wrong.

    I know one person here that went overseas for a funeral, and couldn't get back into the US. The woman has a green card, and work as a lawyer. The really sad part of it is that her child was left in the US with some friends to care for her. She doesn't know what to do. I get that things needed to be done with immigration. So much of me thinks it went too fast. People should have had more warning, so they could have planned. This woman in particular probably wouldn't have gone to a funeral at all had she known that she was going to get separated from her child.

    I also don't care for the fact that the funds for the National Endowment for the Arts is more than likely going bye bye. I get that cuts need to be made. Art and music are one of the first things to go lately. They do get a lot of donors, but government money as well. That money helps all other art organizations all over the US. Friends of mine will loose their jobs because of it. I think about other things that are being paid for that could go to this. The first lady isn't staying in the White House - security for her alone would pay for the funds that would go towards the NEA. It rubs me the wrong way. I keep going back to the lecture I give to my students where the government actually paid artists during the Great Depression to stimulate the economy. During that time it worked. Artists worked for the government, or for trade. It's not that I think Trump should do that. I just think about it.

    Trump wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Ok it had its downfalls. I still don't have any idea what's going down with that. It seems like he makes decisions too fast with a limited plan to follow through with it. He says health insurance will be great. I hope so.

    1. Alissa, I know you are dealing with a lot right now. Just wanted to say that you are very stalwart and I admire how you stay in control and keep the extended family on track.

      The trouble with people like Madonna, is that they have no clue what they are talking about. They are not going to take the trouble to educate themselves. But they have no problem with espousing wild ideas, and weak minded people who worship them because of their singing or acting or whatever, become adherents of those views. Once the FBI got involved in looking at the threats Madonna was making, she quickly retracted her statements. But people had already heard her urging acts of violence against Trump and the people (like me) who support him. She can't put the bullet back into the gun, and any acts that occur as a result of her tirades will be on her head. Not that she will get arrested or that there will be any practical consequences to her, but people like her can't evade responsibility for dastardly acts they inspired.

      I was not very impressed with the quality of the people in the "million moron march." They looked like a bunch of hoydens and bull dykes to me, for the most part. Like gutter trash that was taking this opportunity to act out and be "important" for a few minutes.

      I'm not sure how much it matters if some of the actions President Trump takes makes people mad. They are already mad. They are mad they lost the election, and that they are not getting their way. That doesn't change anything. Let them be mad. The best thing would be if they got mad enough to go to Canada. People did that after the Revolutionary War and after the War of 1812, so there's a precedent.

      As for other countries retaliating, I don't think it will hurt us much if Yemen, Iran, Syria et al ban travel into their countries from the U.S.

      "At the end of FY 2017 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $20.1 trillion, according to the FY17 Federal Budget."

      I understand that you are closely connected with the arts, both at work and within your family. On a personal level, I know what it means to have politics impact the jobs of friends and family. Way back when, my wife taught French at the elementary school. Her salary was paid for by a special grant from the state to encourage multi-lingual ability in the students. French was chosen because nobody wanted Spanish. So she taught that for 4 years. Then a new Governor came in, and he cut the program, because he said we needed money for teaching the kids basic skills like reading, and we couldn't afford to pay for French. She lost her job. So she had to transfer to another district to teach special ed, and it was so far away that she couldn't come home and had to spend weeknights at her mom's in that town. I was madder than hell at the governor, I admit it, but I never once said or thought that he wasn't right about it being absurd to put kids in a mandatory French class when most of them could not read or make change for a dollar.....

    2. Most people are not that interested in fine arts, and don't like having to pay for them. I know artists don't feel that way. You remember I told you about my school cutting art and music, and how I went and said we should cut the high school sports programs instead. That didn't end well. To me, sports are a waste of time. But in the rural South, they broadcast the High School games on the radio in every county, and the local jocks are Gods. It's just the way it is, but I understand how you feel about it. I can't see paying for the NEA when we are so broke, but I absolutely understand , with your strong connections to the art world, why you would.

      Obama Care ruined the medical insurance my family had. It's nice that lots of people got medical insurance, but it's not nice that in order to do so, my own insurance was so badly mauled as a result, that I have to forgo routine testing I should have at my age. My doctor wanted me to have some tests done that would have been paid in full by my insurance prior to Obama Care. But now, my share would have been $1400. I told my doctor I would not keep spending thousands of dollars on tests that came back negative just so she could say, if I died, that she left nothing untried. She was covering her derriere with my wallet. And that thanks to Barrack Obama and his coterie of closet socialists.

      I appreciate you taking the time to make your comment, and to address all those points. It's nice to talk to someone who can discuss politics calmly. I know you are not one of "Les Despicables." I have other friends who voted for Hillary, and we are still friends. They are not the people I detest.

    3. Yes I love that you can discuss too!

      My husband's family is so divided. He has a mom & uncle that love Trump, & an aunt and uncle that dislike his every move. I'd like to say that I try and look at each side. It is hard at times to get all views. I wish life was like that though - take all views in like a Picasso painting - Cubistic like.

      I was hoping that Trump would bring work to the US with his business background. I know in some ways he is. He's hurting the arts, he'd be one that would take away foreign language - already Spanish option is gone off their website, parks & Nasa have a wage and hiring freeze + less freedom of speech online, journalism is not accurate much of the time + they have their hands tied + it's biased to one side or the other, being a scientist for anything environmental wouldn't work well right now, being a teacher would be a challenge because kids in general are just asshats right now, being a freelancer of any kind would be hard w/ how much insurance is tied into the work place, being a health insurance seller or provider would suck & is done for, & I read a few articles about how the medical industry is going to be hurting when insurance changes once again. I see it more as jobs being harder to come by, since he has been in office. Again he hasn't been in that long, so I hope I'm wrong! If you're involved in the military, or oil digging you're good. Ha!

    4. My husband was always told by his parents that he argues too much. Really he's just trying to discuss things. Mica's a lot like him. He questions everything. I already told my kids this weekend,
      "If you ever don't agree with us when you're older that's ok. We live in American. You are free to think the way you do. Just look up sources, and try and back up your thoughts. We'll always love you!"

      My Mother-in-law probably thinks we're evil abortion loving freaks that would be in a march for it. I'm actually not for abortion, nor did I go to any march. I think the, "I'm a nasty woman" speech is weird. Abortion is a touchy subject because here my mom and sister carry a rare chromosome issue. They'd never have an abortion. I think if you have a kid that has problems, so be it. Let nature take it's course. I do believe in taking good care of our resources, but I'm not a crazy person about it. I have my mixed feeling about immigration. I do think we need to monitor things much more closely, but give people warning to know what's going on. I'm talking a few months warning. Not a wk. People that travel from one country to another isn't usually a fast speedy thing. I'm not so sure that building a freaking wall will solve the word's problems. If anything it will put us more in debt. I don't think that Mexico will pay us back. It could put us at war with them. On the flip side, I don't want crazy illnesses to travel to the US, and infect our people. In CO there are the most anti vaxers there in the US. I disagree with it. Their freedom with that effects everyone else's kid's freedom. People that go from place to place should have some check point to look for different things. The gun issue isn't an issue to me. If someone wants to kill a lot of people they'll find a way - sadly. Even if guns were taken away. They'd make their own bombs. Feminist - I do believe that women in the workplace should get paid the same as a man that does the same thing. I'd love to go back to only 1 person in the house working though. I think the Feminist movement took that away. Have only 1 person working, the other person could be home with the kids making meals and spending time with them. How wonderful that would be! It wouldn't have to be me, it could be Dad that stays home. A lot of depression and attitude problems would go away in school if one person was always there for their kids. People that don't have kids could be productive with a hobby, or trade.

      Really my husband and I didn't care for Hillary Clinton either. I was strongly annoyed with our voting options this time around! They all seemed corrupt in some way or another.

    5. Alissa,
      It's hard for me to scroll back and forth so I will probably not be "in order", just as things you wrote about come into my mind.

      There were two primary reasons for not giving advance notice of the implementation of the travel ban. First, if you told the terrorists that we were implementing the ban in two months, they would use those two months to get their operatives into the county before the ban. The whole purpose is to keep out potential terrorist from countries with proven track records as danger spots.

      Second, if the Democrats had two months to run around and find federal judges to issue injunctions, there would have been no ban at all. As it is, they have found activist judges to halt the proceedings at several east coast airports in less than two days.

      All this screaming and hollering because on a day when 354,000 people entered the United States, 110 of them were inconvenienced. Most of those have been released now.

      To me, the most important thing about the entry ban was that it was a strong political statement that the "good old days" of just flying in here and then getting all set up before attacking Americans are over.

      As for the wall, there are lots of places in the world where there are effective borders. We could have one too. Our problem has been that the Democrats don't want an effective border .They want more illegal aliens because that increases their power base. Even the ones that don't vote add to a minority power block that the Democrats want to claim for their own. That's why Obama wanted to grant blanket amnesty to 11 million of them here now.

      As for paying for it, Mexico doesn't have to send us a check. We can put a tax on goods coming in from Mexico to pay for it. If that makes the Mexicans mad, so what? What are they going to do about it? It's not like they produce anything we can't get somewhere else. And there's nothing we send down there that we can't sell elsewhere. We don't need Mexico. My mom might have to mow her own lawn and clean her own house, but she can make the sacrifice for the good of the country! ;-)

      I'm one of those people who fly into a rage when I dial a number and get "for english press one." I always make it known that there's no reason for me to have to press one to speak English when this happens to me. I can see no reason at all to have Spanish in use as a "second language" here. That doesn't work. There's a town some distance from here that is now virtually all Mexicans and Central Americans. You can't get a job there unless you speak Spanish, the store signs are in Spanish, etc. Who needs that?

      There will certainly be some changes as you noted, but most of them will be for the better. I know you are concerned about insurance, but that situation can only get better, it sure couldn't get any worse.


    6. I'm not really big into the abortion issue either way, though after I saw those horrific videos of Planned Parenthood people bragging about aborting fetus's so they could sell the parts, I did write both my Senators and my Representative and urge them not to fund Planned Parenthood. Those people are truly evil. They are monsters.

      I think one reason every family has two adults working now is that taxes are so high. I keep track of sales tax, property tax, gas tax, state and federal incomes tax, et al each year. If we had been able to keep even half of what I paid in taxes when I was working, my wife would not have had to work. When my kids were little, I worked two full time jobs for a while, going to college again full time during the day and working an 8 hour shift as a computer main frame operator in a plant at night. That was because of taxes. I think the mom should be home, and the dad should work. Women are care givers and nurturers. That's the God's truth. And men need to get out and work, and provide, and set an example for their kids. I wasn't kidding when I told you about that book "Honor and Violence in the Old South." Women raised the children, but at age 10 males became the responsibility of the fathers to raise. No one has ever questioned the masculinity of Southern males. I looked at the cover of a National Geographic magazine in the store the other day and nearly fell over. It was about "the new gender identity" and it would make you sick. No wonder children are turning out so badly in so many instances that way.

      I never thought of you as a feminist. You're a great mom and a great wife. I hope your family appreciates you, and I'm sure they do.

      You're concerned about things that impact you and your friends, and who wouldn't be? I honestly believe that we will all be safer, happier, and more prosperous with President Trump. He's smart, he's tough, and he doesn't owe anyone anything except the people who voted him into office. He is working like no one ever has to keep his promises. He could have lived a life of indolence and luxury, and had his every wish fulfilled. Instead, he is putting up with the stress and anger of having to deal with all these special interests and outright evil people on our behalf.

      It will all work out. Your kids and mine will have better lives because we go through all this now.

    7. You did bring up good points about the timing of the immigration. I guess I mainly think of sickness being brought back and forth more than terrorism - which is what the ban was primarily about. I also thought about families traveling that were given no warning. I tend to be a softy for little kids, and can't imagine traveling to a far away place only to not be welcomed back to my house. Many of them have the language barrier. I worked with a guy from Iran when I lived in Atlanta. He didn't speak English. I road the subway with him. I drew to communicate. He was there for medical treatment for his daughter that had something wrong with her where she couldn't walk. Someone like him would be so confused if he wasn't let back home with his family. He must have thought of me as a friend and not a foe. He printed off a mini portfolio of his furniture to show me.

      I did see a map that only had some far off places banned, but not others. I heard it was because Trump has business interests in those places that were let off the hook. I didn't know what to think of that.

    8. Alissa, there are so many outright lies and slanders being put out by people who know they are lying but they want to damage President Trump and the new administration in any way they can.

      He didn't leave any places off because of his business interests. The countries the ban applies to are the same countries that the Obama administration identified as potential immigration problems in terms of terrorism. The EXACT same countries, unmodified in any way.

      Here's an example of what I am talking about. The main stream media reported that President Trump had the bust of Martin Luther King removed from the White House. It was a blatant lie, originated with a Time reporter who later apologized and said he was "mistaken." What really happened was not that the MLK bust had been moved, but that President Trump had the bust of Winston Churchill, which Obama had removed, put back in it's place. But ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC et al did not report the part about it being a mistake. They just left the lie out there to offend people and turn them against the new administration.

      Disease is more a factor with South America, Central America, and Mexico. Thanks to the absence of a Southern Border, we have tuberculosis as an active threat again in the U.S., as well as "Kissing Bug disease" and some other nasty things we did not have before. But the new vetting procedures are about terrorism.

      It's sad some people were inconvenienced by the implementation of the new rules, but not as sad as some Syrian ISIS worshiper going amok in an elementary school with a fully automatic weapon. Most of this squawking is just the Democrats making political capital without thought to any consequences of their actions, joined by some bitter old school Republicans who have outlived their time and are angry about losing control.

  8. I liked their show Man, Woman, Wild. It was pretty good. I am so sick of these snowflakes. They want all these refugees here in the US until they start beheading our citizens. This is what has bothered me with my fellow Americans, they have no concern for policies until it affects them, then they are in a uproar.

    1. When I look at the left, they are comprised of upper class people with no interface with reality. There's also a large proportion of adherents to the left who are, plain and simply, the dregs of our society. BLM comes to mind. Whatever stripe leftist they are, they all share a single minded compulsion to force everyone to live by their rules.

      There are people in the middle who try to find some way to make it all work, but they are few and growing fewer by the year seems to me.

      I think the whole reeking mob of Schumerites and their ilk should all go to Canada. They'd be happy up there. Although the Canadians might not be.

      Man, Woman, Wild really was a good show, wasn't it. I don't know why it only went two seasons, unless his wife felt like enough was enough. I was glad to see Hawke in that magazines article, since I was beginning to wonder if he was still alive.

  9. Harry,

    Tewshooz is correct on the immigration freeze, it was started by Obama and never enforced.

    I remember Mykel Hawke, from Man, Woman, and Wild. Always watched his show, I can't remember his wife's name but she was one tough little cookie.....she held her own when she had to.

    Schumer's crocodile tears are's time he retires or moves on from political office.

    1. Yes, she is. And the countries on the list were chosen by Obama, not President Trump. But alas, that isn't getting much coverage on the tv or in the papers. It's as if the media is trying to suppress the truth in favor of "Agit Prop" which shouldn't surprise me at all.

      One of the things I liked about that his wife, Ruth. She was a real trooper. I personally would never have hauled my wife into those situations, and she had a good job as a television personality in England already.

      Schumer is disgusting. So are the dotards John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They are all hold overs from a world that just doesn't exist anymore. They should retire and let younger people take over. People who have some idea of what's going on in the world. You are exactly right, all those individuals of that nature clogging up our political arteries should go.

  10. I love that the (un)sainted Barry'O's own rules and regs are just being enforced. Why would you have regulations unless you're going to use them, right? HAhahahahahahahaha.

    As to the young lady, I feel sorry for her, and for all those who get trapped by crap like that. Had one experience like that, on the way from a costume party, me dressed as a Norman from the 11th century, had to go to a convenience store for some tummy meds, and ended up with three hulks following me around and getting ready to trap me in far corner. Some uber-bubba done came in and rescued my lily-white ass, and I hoofed out of there, lickety split. That was in the days when I still expected people to act like they do on and around the good military bases. Needless to say, went from semi-liberal to screaming conservative real damned quick after a year of this stuff happening.

    The mayor of Atlanta ought to get sued out of his skull for allowing that attack to happen, by the way. It is his job to promote public safety, not to sell it off.

    What can be said about the Quiet Man other than best movie ever. Really. Fighting, Love, Heartbreak, Politics, Religion (with no-one losing their head,) Steam trains, The Duke, Maureen O'Hara and so much more. My wife and I still crack each other up with "Here's a stick to beat the lovely lady with."

    Miss the Hawkes, and Stroud, but that level of realism really beat the snot out of all of them. Stroud still suffers from after-effects from his time in Florida. Got sick everywhere, but Florida left a lasting impression on his system. Good gracious!

    Hope you've got your shooting/outdoor glasses coming. Don't forget!

    1. All the recent Mayors of Atlanta have been black, and they have all gone to prison for racketeering. Kasim Reed, the current mayor, is a screaming liberal who will doubtless go the same way as his predecessors in time.

      I've been impressed with President Trump and his inner circle. They are doing what they promised. The fact that they can't lift a finger without being assailed by shrill shrieks from the left doesn't seem to dissuade them one iota. We have needed someone like that for a long, long time.

      What you said about "The Quiet Man" is true. But today those basic values are derided by half the country. Particularly the gender roles in the movie would have Madonna out pouring gasoline on herself in the streets and lighting it off to protest. Now that I think about it, maybe I should send her a copy.

      The Hawkes and Les Stroud were the real deal. Most of the follow on copies were ridiculous, reaching the pinnacle of asininity with "Naked and Afraid." I can understand why people would get burned out doing those shows. Unless they were like "Bear" roughing it in the Holiday Inn. When I first heard of that, I defended him tooth and nail, because I did not believe a word of it. But Discovery Channel wrote me a response to my inquiry, and said that yes, he had been "relocating" to more comfortable surroundings when not actually filming. I never watched another one of his shows again.

  11. harry,
    read 'bayou renaissance man'.
    good explication of how to undo wicked edicts.

    1. Is that a blog? I think you mentioned it to me once before and I couldn't find the reference.

  12. Hi Harry
    The British media is in meltdown today with condemnation of Trump's immigration order. The BBC has led with a continuous stream of policians, celebrities etc telling us what a monster Trump is and that his state visit here should be cancelled. They constantly show the number of signatures, currently 1.2 m, for a petition to cancel visit. However I think the true feelings of the British people was shown on a local BBC radio talk show when the presenter was speechless after the vast majority of caller's supported Trump. The galling thing is we have to pay a TV license fee which all goes to the BBC and we never watch it as every programme has left liberal undertones.
    Anyway can we swap our Theresa May for your Trump.
    All the best to you and your family and stay safe

    1. Hey, Duncan. All the left wing insects are certainly creeping out of the baseboards here today. I just got off the phone with Fox News, the only conservative news channel in America. They have a newscaster named Shepard Smith who is a real little Snow Flake, and he did a segment today much like what you are describing there in England. I called their comment line and couldn't even get through, so many other people were calling in, so I left a message. Maybe , in fact, almost certainly it won't help but if enough people let Rupert Murdoch know they've had enough of supercilious whining from Smith he will rein him in or get rid of him, like they did with Meghan Kelly.

      But the thing is, all those people prancing around at the airport, and Schumer's crowd "protesting" in front of the Supreme Court, means nothing. Nothing at all. The only way they can stop President Trumps reforms is if enough Republican members of the House and Senate defect to the Democrats. Some of the old guard, like Graham and McCain, might do that out of sheer spite, but those with careers to make will think twice about it.

      As for getting the Supreme Court involved, the hideous Medusa Ruth Bader Ginsberg is already senile and not long for this world. Once the President fills the vacancy that exists now, and the vacancy that will exist when the odious Ms. Ginsberg checks out, the Democrats will have to take over the House and Senate to have any power. That's not going to happen.

      We have the same performance here with our major media outlets as you do there with the BBC, but the elitists running their mouths 90 miles an hour can't change the way the real people feel. Sentiment here is strong for President Trumps reforms, and I'm glad to hear he has support there as well.

      I never expected things to be so chaotic after the election, but I'd rather have chaos, or even fighting in our streets, than have a "peaceful" government run by a hivist like Hillary Clinton.

      Hang in there, we are all in for a bumpy ride. Best regards to you and your family.

  13. Harry, you and I think a lot a like.

    1. Randy, there are still half the people in the country who are on our side. They have the wimps, the languid wealthy, the Tammany Hall political hacks, the Moslems, illegal aliens, lefty college students, and the media. We have people who work for a living, veterans , the military, gun owners, patriots, and thinking people.

  14. Hey Harry,


    I have been laughing since Friday in a 'delightful glee' as Trump is hammering down on immigration. I know some of it got blocked (kinda) but the cat is out of the bag. Trump's forging ahead like a Viking with a vengeance.

    I really want to read all of previous comments above but I don't have time at the moment.

    As of today the press secretary for Trump basically told (in a press conference) the media that if the State Department cant follow Trump's orders. They should quit.

    I personally think Trump should fire the bastards. A good ole' fashioned purge of the upper ranks into premature retirement.

    The idiots in this country don't like to be told 'No' so they will rob, steal, rape, riot, loot, etc, etc. Let them come! I invite them to move into and attempt to riot and loot in a rural, conservative country area that is heavily populated by (Red State) voters. See how that works out for them.

    'Starbucks Soylent Green Special'

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket. There are about 100 million special snowflakes in this country that are 'triggered' and having 'Trump Meltdowns' I hope they all starve and freeze to death in the dark. Maybe a few of them will eat their friends and coworkers at Starbucks once the muffins and cookies run out.

    1. Strangely enough, I just read a news article pointing out that many of the State Department twerps who made noises about "quitting" because they could not support the new administration had in actuality been fired. Just like the Obama appointed feminist lawyer who was keeping the chair warm for Jeff Sessions. She got fired and thrown out on her well polished derriere when she gave a photo op and dramatically announced she would order the Department of Justice not to defend the new Executive Order on immigration.

      I tell you the truth, I wish the snowflakes and moon bats would come out into rural areas and try their nonsense, just as you do. They can get away with it in the cities but here, violence would be met with the superior application of violence. And that's the only thing that will stop BLM, OWS, and the other anarchists. They don't give a tinkers damn about a ride down town when they are out in an hour.

      Things really are destabilizing. I am starting to wonder if the election of President Trump is going to be the long predicted Black Swan event that will set in motion a remolding of society. It's overdue.

      You know how I feel about Amazon and Starbucks. Can't say it in public, might get put in jail.

  15. It took two minutes to read the executive order. I didn't see anywhere in it that it mentioned banning muslims.

    But the MSM can't seem to read, and critical thinking skills are no longer needed in journalism school.

    More fake news and paid manufactured hysteria; all compliments of Mr. Soros. --Troy

    1. You are spot on. The disinformation being put out is amazing, and no less amazing is that so many people are buying it. I just turn Fox off when Shepard Smith comes on now, for that reason.

  16. It seems that Trump never sleeps. He has already accomplished more in 1 week than Obummer did in 8 years. Amazing what can be done when a president actually works for his people instead of vacationing or playing golf. I have been phoning & writing congress critters to stop obstructing Trump.....they know we are watching them and it is driving them nuts. I loves that he talks to us directly and will have weekly updates. Finally a man with balls. As far as the arts go....a statue of a pile of shit is not my idea of art, and I resent havng tax dollars pay for it.

    1. I could not agree with your assessment more. I've been doing some phone calling, emailing, and letter writing myself. I don't know if it does one iota of good, but I feel as long as I can't take up my rifle and slay the snowflakes, the "pen" is all that's left to me.

      I don't think government should be involved in funding art related projects either. But in my own county, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a "fine arts center" and our library spent thousands for a weird metal sculpture that twists in the wind. I thought art and music were important subjects when I taught in an elementary school, but they got cut when the budget was cut and the art and music teachers got laid off. I thought it was a shame because the kids enjoyed those subjects. (And, if the truth be told, because I got a free period for lesson planning when they were in those classes once a week.)

      I'm beginning to wonder if all this turmoil is going to leave the doors open for some towel head with a death wish to haul in a weaponized flu virus or a suitcase nuke. If that happens, I will be interested in seeing if Schumer cries about it.