Saturday, February 25, 2017

MSNBC "It's our job to control what people think."

We've got a cold front coming through. Windy and a lot of rain last night. It's getting colder outside and is supposed to be in the low twenties tonight. That's going to be tough on my trees that are already leafing out.

No plans for today. I don't do a whole lot on the weekends. Went to town yesterday, so that's out. It's a good day for reading.

Do you remember the college professor in California who gave her "we are in a civil war" tirade to her class? One of them taped her and put it on the internet. As a result, a lot of people expressed their distaste for the professor, and she fled the state in terror.

The student was suspended.  This morning,  Fox had a segment saying that the college had been forced to let the student return to class by the public outcry, but the professor is coming back and will not be disciplined.  I'm familiar with this kind of thing from the "Vietnam era" when this kind of liberal  campus bias was focused on veterans and active duty military personnel. It's one of the reasons I sent my two kids to technical schools in Vancouver, Canada rather than wasting my money on a "college education" here in the states.

Be sure to keep a garbage can with a liner nearby as you watch this. You might need it.

Amazon Kindle: Just another tool.

  I don't have a smart phone. It wouldn't do me any good, really, since the cell phone signal coming in here is weak and sporadic.

So, a long time ago, I started buying Amazon Kindles. I wish I hadn't.

You get locked into Amazon. Some Android operating system based applications will work on the Kindle, some won't.

You can save your books and magazines on their "cloud." You can download the books onto your computer, but not the magazines.

If you subscribe to a magazine, sometimes  it shows up on your Kindle. A lot of the time, it doesn't. About every third month, I miss an issue of Firearms News. Every time I do, they act like this has never happened before, and I am the only one calling in to address the issue. I find it hard to believe I am  the only one on the planet who subscribes to this magazine and who calls when it doesn't show. I paid for it, I'd like to get the magazine. It takes up to a month to get them to fix it.

The 7" screens on the Fires are just about worthless. They hook you into the system with the lower priced 7" units, then sting you really good in the wallet when you figure out you are going to have to buy the 10" version to get anything out of Amazon you can use.

On the plus side, Kindle's are tied into the Amazon system so if you do a lot of purchasing from Amazon, the "proprietary" aspect of the equipment probably won't bother you.

Here's a link to a good article on how to use the Amazon Kindles, Fires, et al to get survivalist related literature:

How to get Survival Literature on Kindle.

Link above:

During a segment of the MSNBC "news" program, Morning Joe, the co host made an interesting comment about "the job of the media." See what you think.

On the discussion in the last post about "what do you do now?"

 There was a fairly comprehensive discussion on the last post, concerning what you should do if you find yourself in the position of the white guy at the gas station. The video was self explanatory.

It breaks down like this.  Some people said that if threatened as the "truck man" was, they'd have blown the black guy waving the rifle around away.

Some people favored a low profile, walk away approach.

I don't have an answer. Letting them show their asses, and walk right over you, isn't pleasant. Neither is being crucified by liberal city  government officials and the press as a racist who attacked this poor black man as he made his rounds handing out bibles.

My own choice has been a compromise. I won't take my bumper stickers off my vehicle. That's like striking your flag. I realize that might draw the ire of Morlocks, so I'm not going to cities where the Morlocks reign.  I'm carrying a pistol and a rifle in the car, but I'm trying to stay where I won't need them. That's my approach.  I'm trying to avoid trouble.  That means I can't go to the bookstores I enjoy, or the craft shops my wife likes, anymore.  But that's how life is today.

I know some of the people who said they'd blow the bad guy away, well enough to know they mean it. I admire that. It takes courage to defend yourself and your self respect when you know the ramifications are going to be so draconian.  If I was 32 and single, I'd feel exactly that same way. But mid sixties and finally living the good life, I don't want to give it up.  If I get trapped and have to shoot I will. But I'm really trying not to get into that position.

Some Cartoons :

Thought for Today:

I lived on Okinawa for 13 months. You could do worse.

Some Smooth Jazz for a quiet Saturday.  A little Southern Comfort might not come amiss.


  1. I love my Amazon Fire HD8. When my computer died, I was forced to find out what it could do and used it all the time. I am also an Amazon Prime member so got to watch all the good flicks, too. Great free music, too....especially with a little blue tooth speaker. I do think Alexa is a spy and put her out of earshot when I go on a rant, lol. I am not sure about the cloud thing, though. Where exactly is that? Will look into the Survival Reading link.

    1. I have pondered Amazon prime. I have a blue tooth speaker, and it does work really well with my Kindle. I buy a lot of smooth jazz albums and I have a Pandora subscription. I like the Paul Hardcastle channel best.

      The cloud is where you store the books, magazines, music and videos you buy from Amazon. It's your personal storage space on their system.

      I guess Kindle is ok. One word of caution, they just changed their software so it's a lot easier to accidentally buy something. I called them to fuss about it, and they said that was happening to people a lot right now but you can cancel any digital order within three days for a refund.
      Did you get those two email addresses for contacting me ?

    2. Yes, all you have to do is tell Alexa what you want to buy or reorder something. That is waaaaay to easy. I do get my cat food and vitamins on subscription and save 15% with free ship on Prime every month. I did get your email addys and this time wrote them down on paper, lol, so I won't accidentally delete them again.

    3. In the '50's I worked for an Aerospace company near Sacramento (before direct deposit) and the paymaster would come and give us our checks. This company had a Company remember Tennessee Earnie Ford and how you "owe your soul to the company store"? It was like that. That is what Amazon reminds me of...way too easy to buy stuff. Have you shopped with

    4. I don't have Alexa but I have seen it on tv. I understand there was some kind of flail-ex with it during the Superbowl, when an advertisement activated some of the units in people's houses.

      Prime gives you free shipping on all your orders? It costs around a hundred a year, doesn't it? Do you think it's worth it?

    5. That wasn't Aerojet was it? They were a big employer when I lived out there. I had an Uncle and an Aunt who worked for them.

      I remember Tennessee Ernie Ford Well. I expect you and I are about the only people who do.

      "You load sixteen tons, what do you get
      Another day older and deeper in debt
      Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
      I owe my soul to the company store."

      I have never heard of Jet Com. I buy a lot of stuff from sporting goods stores on line, and I do buy from Walmart and Amazon when I have to. I don't like them but I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face.

    6. Yes, it was Aerojet! you think we might have passed each other? They hired my dad when they were in New York looking for engineers. We moved 'out west' then and haven't been back since. That was in '55. After I graduated High School I went to work for them, too. Small world, Harry.

      The Prime fee is worth it to us. We buy lots from Amazon and groceries, too. Also, Netflix charged 8 bucks a month whereas I can watch prime video with my membership. So that saves about 90 bucks a year right there. Plus all the kindle books and music for free. So, it is worth the membership fee for me. And, I love the 2 day shipping!!!

    7. It's possible. I was over there with my Uncle Buck ever so often. It's odd how frequently I meet people and find out we have a connection. Here's a true story. When I was about ten, we lived in a big frame house in Donaldsonville, Ga. Then my parents moved us to California. About six years ago, my youngest brother went back to Donaldsonville on his way to Florida. He found the house and knocked on the door to see if the person who lived there would let him look inside. It was a nice young couple there and they invited him in. Their name was Rasmussen. My brother said he knew a Mrs. Rasmussen out in California who had taught in the classroom next to my mom's. Turns out that was the homeowners mother.

      I might get Prime for the free shipping and the video. I wish there was a way to deduct it!

  2. Enjoy your weekend, Harry!

    We've got a 50% chance of some more liquid sunshine tonight, and then 20% through Monday.

    I was going to take my "Old Toyota" out for a drive today, but I have some chores stacked up from when I was sick, so I'll knock those out today.

    1. Things do tend to pile up when you are out of the picture for a few days. I'm just taking it easy. Not very motivated to do anything challenging. I hope you don't get inundated again.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I don't recall hearing any 'left wing college professors' when I went to school. I had a few with left wing tendencies but I would have remembered any tirades like the lesbian professor had in California a few months back.
    I think in my time the 'uber liberal's kept their opinions bottled up.
    Now I think its become a national trend for the nuts to come out and say whatever garbage is on their minds in classrooms.

    As per the inner city 'Homo Eructus' inner city throwbacks (one step behind Neanderthal's which I actually admire) its best just to avoid them. If a confrontation is happens its also best to be on the defensive (and left with no other choice) but to open fire to save your life or the lives of your families. Once the case is dragged through the legal system it will most likely deemed 'self defense' and justified.
    If one of the many illegitimate children of the bad guy sue for civil damages. You defensive shooting will most likely will stand up in court.
    Its best to live in red states, western states with fewer people and a more conservative culture where self defense is almost mandated because the nearest law enforcement may be an hour away.

    1. Yeah, I tend to agree. That's why I live way the hell out in the woods , in Georgia.

      My first semester of my freshman year at UNM, I got kicked out of a class called "Science Fiction in Literature" because the 50 year old hippy who taught it didn't want military people in it. My college counselor just told me to take some other course.

      On the other hand, I had a hippie teacher who taught Roman History. I knew it pat and didn't worry about his final. I didn't worry about it to the extent that I drank too much the night before and missed it.

      When I went to see him about making it up, he was not annoyed and told me I didn't have to take it, and he gave me an "A".

      Always liked that guy...

  4. Hello Harry. My wife and I went to Ga yesterday. She has been anxious to go somewhere other than the usual haunts and had been talking about going to Helen Ga. I didn't want to go there so she decided that a trip to the Pendergrass flea market, south of Commerce on I85, was just the thing. I now wish we'd gone to Helen.
    Holy guacamole! That place was easily 95% or more Mexicans. Where do y'all keep all the white and black folks at down there in Ga?

    1. SCE, you wouldn't like Helen. It's all Pakistanis now. Used to be mostly older people who went there for the scenic beauty, the nice shops. Now it's younger people who go there to raise hell and buy T-shirt that say "*** You" across the front. Not many of the nice shops or nice people there now.

      Yeah, that flea market is where the Mexicans sell all the stuff they steal out of people's houses in this county and other counties around Hall. I went there a couple of times but wasn't much interested in the things they had to sell. Pendergrass is right next to Gainesville, and thats Mexican Central for this state. Did you see any 20's something Mexicans in strong man t-shirts with red bandannas. That's the Latin Kings coming in there to pick up their "cut" from the sellers. White and Black people were pretty much pushed out of Hall county by the early nineties.

  5. " I'm not going to cities where the Morlocks reign."

    If walking through the barnyard is guaranteed to cover your boots with sh!t, then the only rational response is to not walk through the barnyard.

    1. Makes sense to me. I can get books off the internet, and not have to make a two hundred mile round trip. But I miss the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel and the Golden Corral steak house.