Thursday, February 2, 2017

House Keeping.

Midway has .30 carbine fmj, brass cased, reloadable in the can for a decent price.

This hasn't been that easy to find over the last few years. I have one World War II era M-1 Carbine, and one Israeli made M-1 Carbine that has a tiger striped stock and is a real beauty.  They both shoot well, and this is a good gun for a teenager or a small woman because the kick is negligible.  Sometimes people say the M-1 isn't "gun enough." But it was a favorite with our troops and a lot of other peoples in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and all the mixed up little wars like those in Africa and the far east during that period.

When a department store down south of here went out of business, I bought two full cases of .30 carbine Winchester hollow point. I did not know, at the time, that .30 carbine was a popular pistol round, so I don't really know if that ammo will feed in my M-1's. I hate to open a case to test it and I've never come across a single box I could pick up.  Anybody have any thoughts on that? Most of my semi-automatic rifles need fmj to feed properly.  If it won't, I guess I have to buy a revolver that chambers it.

Midway is also selling a spam can of Russian 7.62X39 at a good price.  You can find all the details if you just go to their web page and check the special ammo deals. I will put the link below.

Midway Shooting Supply ammo special deals.

One thing I have to say about Midway though. They very rarely have free shipping on ammo, and you have to pay twenty to thirty dollars in shipping fees for a case of ammo.  So I only buy from them when what I want is on "free shipping."  Another thing about Midway. Just because you see "free shipping" on their home page, doesn't mean everything they sell is being offered with free shipping. You have to check your particular items, don't assume anything.

You have to feed your babies.

I have to keep enough ammo on hand for rifles and carbines that chamber these rounds.

  1. 7.62 X 39
  2. 7.62 X 54
  3. 7.62 X 51
  4. 6.5 Swedish
  5. 8 MM Mauser
  6. 30-06
  7. 8X56R Hungarian
  8. .22Lr
  9. 7.54 French
  10. 7.7 Japanese
  11. 7.5 Swiss
  12. .308 Winchester
  13. 5.56
  14. .223
  15. .30 carbine
  16. .303 British
  17. 30-30
  18. .45 Long Colt
  19. .45 ACP
  20. .270 Winchester
And I have no doubt I've forgotten some as I sit here tonight.  That's just the rifles. I have the same issue with hand guns, and to a lesser extent with shotguns. But variety is the spice of life.

Unless I have missed something, and I might have, this is my eighth day up on the mountain. Haven't seen or talked to anyone since the last time I went into town.  Maybe I will go in tomorrow, although I don't need to. That's the problem. I don't need to go so it's hard to get up and put on "go to town" clothes and trim my beard. Then I have to deal with the security devices , going and coming. Difficult to do all that just to drive in for no reason.

This is not the easiest place in the world to get in and out of.  Once I get to the county hard surface road, it's a 32 mile round trip into town and back.  When I get there, there's the library, three grocery stores, Walmart, two hardware stores, and a bunch of fast food joints. Not just a whole lot to do. There is a nice park there, but I haven't really enjoyed walking without my wife. There's also the embarrassing fact that if my knee gives out, I am stuck where I am until it decides to work again.

But, getting older has benefits.  I have no boss.  There's nobody on this planet that can call me on the phone on Friday night and tell me to come in  tomorrow even though it's Saturday.  Nobody can jerk me around "at the office" and I don't have to be embroiled in office politics. I don't have to  travel unless I want to. I don't have to get out of bed til I am ready,and I don't have to go to bed because "I have to get up early tomorrow."  I have all day long to do everything I want to do, or nothing at all.  I don't have to call anybody "sir."  I don't have to associate with people at work whom I detest and try not to show I feel that way. I do not even own a suit or a tie. My knee may not work and I may have other age related things to deal with, but life is damn good up here.

On a lighter note, here are some good cartoons. 

Thoughts for the day:

The Patriotic Europeans Against Islamization of the West is a pan European nationalist movement that is growing by leaps and bounds. In  Germany, the government under Merkel has done everything it can to suppress them, even turning off street lights at places they rally. The Press has pilloried  them, just as the press attacks conservatives here. But the organization is gaining adherents as the situation in Europe grows worse. The more outrages and hardships the Islamists cause, the more people are motivated to join and to take action. As the occupation security chief said in the original "Red Dawn", " Every time they shoot (referring to  a firing squad executing resisters) the revolution grows!"



  1. I'm not sure I would have posted the list, just in case your dark skinned "woods wanderers" can read English and stumble onto your blog.

  2. They'd have to find me. Then, if they did, they'd have to get up here undetected and surprise me. Good luck with that. Besides, the narcotraficantes have money coming out the wazoo. So unless one of them is a gun collector there's nothing up here they'd want. The truth is, I'm not nearly so nervous about them here on my home ground, as I am coming around a corner in the middle of the national forest on a barely passable trail and running right into them doing business. I appreciate the thought though, Gorges

  3. Try Palmetto State Armory for ammo....

    1. I think someone else recommended them to me once, and they did have some good prices. I'm working off memory here, which in my case isn't all that great, but it seems to me most of their good deals were bulk packed. I tend to stay away from metal on metal packing because I store ammo for a long time. I have cases of Turkish 8mm Mauser stored that I bought in 1988. I'm glad you reminded me of them, as I need to swing by and take another look. I get too locked into the people I have bought from for decades and I'm sure I lose some money because of it.

  4. I recall awhile back you mentioned tossing a G-3 in the jeep in case of that eventuality. Hope you've kept that up and have some sort of LBE/ bail out bag with it. You get behind a tree with a rifle that will punch through cars and a few mags and they will probably pull a runner.

    1. TOR, I do have a G-3 in the vehicle, a can of loaded mags, and extra pistol mags. Worries me a little since most guns stolen here now are stolen from locked vehicles. But the whole purpose would be defeated by locking the gun down, since if I need it, I will not have time to fiddle with a combination or a key.

      I hope I can avoid any situation like that, since I wouldn't like the odds of me vrs two or more 20 somethings with automatic weapons and no compunction about using them. But you do what you can. I have been staying off the forest service roads, even though my wife is out of state for a bit. It just isn't as pleasant to drive through the deep woods as it was, when you know you may run into very unpleasant people around every bend in the road.

  5. Replies
    1. Alas, though you say that in jest, I bitterly regret not having bought any Italian rifles when they were readily available and at bargain basement prices. That's one of the few times in gun collecting that I really missed the boat.


  6. Inger, got your comment but lost it when I tried to post it. I recognized the name when you sent it.

  7. have 3 grocery stores? We have one and everybody hates it. That's the trade off for living in the middle of nowhere, right? The political climate is getting downright scary....seems like the rule of law doesn't apply to the libs. We buy our ammo in bulk to train ourselves.....old eye hand coordination needs lots of practice to stay sharp.

    1. Yes, we are really uptown in that respect. One is for the Out of state retired folks, too expensive for normal mortals. One is Wal-Mart,and one is 40 years old and the size of a postage stamp. Between the three we can get most of what we need. I'd trade the Wal-Mart and the hoity toity stores to get back to a county population of 15, 000.

      It really is getting to be like a bad movie. I wonder if things are really going to break loose. If they do those of us out in the boonies will be fine but it will be bad for urban and suburban dwellers.

      I have a ton of brass I need to reload. I need to slacking off.