Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Napoleon has humbugged me, by God!" Duke of Wellington, just before Waterloo.

The story down below about the sniper was, unfortunately, a hoax.  No fault of my friend that sent it, it's the responsibility of the blogger to verify things like that.  I tried to cross index some of the names in the story this evening, and lo! Turns out the whole story is a fake from a "fake news" web site that has caught on and been passed around the net by people who thought it was legitimate. I'm sorry it wasn't, because I found it very motivating. Also because it caused the Wing Nuts to go absolutely berserk. Even my Trollchin sent me a comment saying that the sniper was a murderer for shooting the home invaders, and that it should have been a matter for the courts to handle, but snipers can't resist firing their weapons. I s**t you not. I laughed until I almost choked, and even though the story turned out to be fake, I have that to cherish.

As I told CC, I should probably commit seppuku to apologize. I do have the two swords that are necessary, bought them in Japan when I was stationed there. You never know when you might have to save face by some nonchalant belly slitting. But, I don't have a second to finish the ceremony, and somebody has to feed the animals and take care of the place while my wife isn't here.

Since it's a day for pranks, here are some really funny ones. There's a whole series of these, but I think this one is the best.

I don't usually put music on the blog, but as I was working on this late tonight (it's almost midnight) I was listening to some songs I really like from the past.

Here's a favorite of mine. Annie Lennox was such a pretty woman in 1992, and this song struck a chord with me back then. Still like it.

And from the Post Apocalyptic series, Jericho, in 2006,  here's another one I liked.


  1. seems like a dangerous pastime for that guy.

  2. Yeah. I expect what usually saves him is that the natural instinct with a bomb is to run. But there's a whole series of these videos. I was watching them this evening, and in one of them, instead of running this giant guy grabs the "arab" and start thumping him good. That one didn't work out very well. But they are still really funny.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I was snookered too!

    heres the link to the fake news story

    I called a friend of mine to tell him about it and he said it sounded too good to be true. I checked the El Paso Times and there was no story about it.
    I'm glad I researched it before I told others. Lots of people are getting snookered by the internet. Nancy Pelosi and three other ranking democrats were duped by a fake twitter, tweet that was masquerading as Micheal Flynn, former NSA. They believed the fake 'tweet' and called a press conference thinking they had Trump's Watergate moment. It was hilarious. Nancy Pelosi is the second stupidest senator with Maxine Waters coming as first (stupidest senator) because of her 'uneducated ghetto background'

    Sometimes I wonder if it would be best if the Russians took over(sarcasm) Maybe if there was a law that stated that lawyers are forbidden to hold any political office. Maybe that would save us:)

  4. It's no big deal that the story was fake. It still felt like a really good chapter out of a Rawles novel.

    Not a big fan of Annie Lennox...too many masculine features for my liking. Just sayin'. --Troy

    1. Well, nobody likes to make a careless mistake, far less when it's got to then be owned up to publicly. But I expect I'll live, the Editor of the New York Times did and he's done this a lot more than I have.

      Man, Annie Lennox... she's got that classic Grecian beauty, like a statue of the finest marble. And those eyes...

      I think about the female singers I listened to in the 70's, 80's and 90's. They were so attractive and feminine. Now they have Madonna, Lady GaGa, Miley... ugh!

  5. "I'm glad I researched it before telling others." Well, the cruelest cut of all. I thought about committing seppuku to atone for being careless. I do have a katana and a wakizashi I bought when I was stationed in Japan. But I didn't have a second to cut off my head when I had completed the three cuts. And somebody has to feed the animals while my wife isn't here. ;-)

    I felt even better being lumped in with Nancy Pelosi. You remember the comforters of Job in the bible?

    I got careless. It was such a good story I was anxious to get it out there, but I should have checked it first. It wasn't until this evening that I started wondering why such a great story and great event wasn't on Fox. When I ran the names I came up with a number of pages saying it was fake, and then I knew I was in Deep Kimchi.

    But it wasn't a totally bad thing. I should start doing clips on the negative comments I get, and pasting them into emails to send to you. You wouldn't believe this stuff I get, and this particular story really incited the rage in the Snow Flakes. I even got nastygrams from Europe.

    So, it is what it is. It's not the first time this has happened. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but a couple of years ago I posted something that turned out to be a hoax and I had to retract it.

  6. Well, shoot, that's a bummer. But it was a good story. Maybe some day....