Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sweden. They asked for, and they got it. Suppose they gave a pro -trump rally and nobody came because they didn't know about it. You can't march to John Philip Sousa. Deutschland Erwache.

She's paying cash to get them to leave now.....

I remember when the tidal wave of refugees from the middle east began flooding into Europe. The female Prime Minister of Sweden gave an interview in which she lauded Sweden's generosity in taking in "refugees" and criticized the United States for not taking in "it's fair share."

Sweden has been undergoing serious rioting for the last three days, and it's spreading fast. The Swedish government denies that there is a problem with refugees, but acknowledges that their socialist system of medicine, housing, dental health, etc is overwhelmed by the huge numbers they've allowed into their country. Crime is off the charts. Moreover, rape, previously a rarity in Sweden, is now at monstrous levels. Women are being warned not to go to public saunas or baths, not to go out on the streets alone.  One video I watched highlighted a problem with Moslem men in their 20's being put in public schools to learn Swedish, with 12 and 13 year old Swedish  girls in the same classroom. Not working out too well. Maybe they will have to put out those posters showing a man's hand grabbing a woman's behind , with a line through it, like they are doing in Germany now.

None of this is getting coverage on our news. You have to use the internet to find out what's going on in Europe. Here's a clip from Pravda.

Fox News does look at Europe, usually on the tail end of a story about something else.

"There's always the ten percent who don't get the word." 
USMC saying.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta this past weekend there was a pro- Trump march.  They didn't get the word out very well, I didn't hear about it until I saw it on the local affiliate news Monday.  First, the pro-Trump people were well aware that they were apt to be attacked, because the left was bringing in large numbers of agitators for an "Impeach Trump" protest the next day.  Knowing the reputation of the Atlanta police for antipathy towards rural Georgians, the Pro-Trump people brought their own armed security. Strangely, I have seen no reports of attacks against them during the event, as opposed to what happens almost everywhere else when people try to show support for the new Administration.

Atlanta, Ga 18 Feb 2017

There wasn't any national coverage of the march I can find. Even in the local papers, the only thing that was mentioned was the fact that some of the people who attended were armed. Given the behavior of the left, maybe that's the wave of the future. I think the organizers of such events are going to have to do a lot better about getting out the word. We don't have the Democratic National Committee or George Soros paying for conservative functions, so the people themselves will have to do the organizing.

Here are some cartoons to lighten the mood.

Meanwhile, out in the boonies:

Where's the Beef?

For the last several months, we've had a progressively worsening problem with not being able to find everything you want on the grocery store shelves. I've mentioned this before.  Yesterday I took the truck in to replenish some of the pet supplies.  I usually buy 25 lb bags of cat litter for $3.75.  None to be had, so I picked up a few bags of the next cheapest stuff, at $6.98 for a 25 pound bag. I got cracked corn , 40 lbs for $7.98. No problem this time, but last week I couldn't get it for love or money. I needed 16 lb sacks of Kitn'Kaboodle dried cat food, usually cost $10.00 a bag. But there was none, so I had to buy a 16 lb sack of Meow Mix instead, which cost me $16.00.

It's my fault,  to some extent, because I used up supplies without replacing them, but I just haven't been going into town. I asked the manager at the store what was going on, and he said the warehouse in North Carolina hasn't been able to get the products in from the manufacturer. I can't think of a single reason that should be so.

Gasoline is still good, at $2.04 for regular.  Propane is still good, at $1.65 per gallon today.
I have no water bill.  Electricity is high, but I am not using nearly so much of it now that the nights are staying in the 50's. I'll be running air conditioning and dehumidifiers before long. Then the electric bill will go back up to around $200.00 a month.

Deutschland Erwache!

I got this interesting video of a German Army ceremony back in 2015 from a friend over there. She says things are continuing to deteriorate, but that more Germans are getting involved in trying to resist Merkle and her insane plans to make Germany a Moslem stronghold.

I like German military music.  American martial music like John Phillips Sousa sounds alright, but it's murder to march to. There's no strong pulse each time your right boot hits the ground, so it's harder to stay in step. German marching music is excellent for parades, retirement ceremonies, etc. I almost keeled over when I saw  those parade weapons. Mauser K98's.  Lord, throw me in that brier patch!

When I was a young officer in the early 70's and 80's, there was a common saying. It went "the best troops on either side of the Iron Curtain are German."  Of course, we disputed that, but no one denied the Germans were good.  In Afghanistan, although they were buried under a blizzard of constraints by their civilian government, and had both hands tied behind their backs, they did extremely well. Considering who they were fighting, who can blame them for a little head hunting? Not me.

Here's a Chilean parade, and you can see what I mean about the music matching the step. The uniforms, music, some of the parade arms, are all German. Chili had German advisers until the end of World War II, and many German military men and their families made Chili their home after the war ended. Maybe it's not a coincidence that Chile is known as "the Prussia of Latin America." Their army kicks ass and takes names when it works with the UN, one of the few national contingents that the local terrorists, thugs, dope dealers or whatever don't mess with.

Thought for the day.


  1. sadly germany's military has fallen on hard times. i read a pentagon paper saying their tanks are deadlined waiting parts that have not even been sourced yet, their jets are down for overhaul they can't pay for and their helos are down for technical difficulty they can't seem to fix. further their recruiting is in the toilet, as their society has lost interest in service at all. the report is six months old and i'm told the refugee/invaders and trump have had a positive effect on both funding and recruiting. we can only hope so....
    as to stock levels in stores, its traditional inventory time and many stores run low on purpose to ease counting. many are automated but they take a count to see how closely they are tracking. otherwise idk what's going on. i'm surprised how many times i read about something i'm missing in my preps, and i go to the store only to find them wiped out. too much so to be a coincidence. me thinks there are many more of us than we know.

    1. RR, the Germans are in the same boat we are. Decades of neglect of the military, and diversion of funds to care for illegal immigrants or in Germany's case, hundreds of thousands of "refugees". If Merkel could get away with it, she'd disband the German Armed Forces all together. In this country, Obama discharged thousands of military personnel abruptly just to get rid of them. The officer corps was particularly hard hit.

      This thing with sudden shortages is very strange. It is bad enough that I went and talked to the manager of our biggest grocery store, not someone I would normally associate with. The explanation he gave me, about the warehouse, just begs the question. Why can't the warehouse get the products the stores need? I'd like to know why this has been so pronounced in the last three months or so. At first, it was just an inconvenience, but now I've had to change my procedures. Once they get something in I want, I buy twice as much of it (at least) as I did previously. I need to be more careful about not running down my reserve at the house. When that happens, then I'm forced to pay much higher prices in the short term because the less expensive versions of an item are not available.

    2. Can you clarify, is this across all big box chains on your area.... ie grocery vs lowes vs drugstore chains vs Walmart? Or just the grocery store? And how long has this been going on?

      I saw or rather heard a headline on fox news business where amazon by itself had more sales than the top eight big box chains all combined including the almighty Walmart. This alone would force these companies to lower their inventory in the stores and their warehouses. They have to pay carrying costs on this inventory, so if they don't have it, they don't have to pay the carrying cost. This adds to the bottom line EVEN as inane as it sounds. If it's a lost leader, ( an item they will lose money on just to get the customer into the store).... at this level of desperation why sale any item if you will lose money on it so why stock it in the warehouse.

      In 2008, when the Schumer hit the fan, I watched the company I worked for go through some fairly fantastic gyrations trying to curb their overhead as sales plummeted and corporate was frantical about trying to justify its worthless existence to the stockholders. In a way, it was kinda cool as I saw store managers suddenly having to work weekends and a actually get out on the sales floor and work for once. But I digress....

      Certainly this alone wouldn't explain why certain items are MIA but it does come into play in retail in a general sense. Never underestimate the love of money to cause people and companies to do strange things even to fail to honor an ad item that was planned out 6 or more months in advance.


    3. Matt, the only three stores in my area that I buy from normally are the Ingles grocery store, the Walmart (only when I have no recourse) and the Home Depot. We don't really have any big box chain stores but Walmart and Home Depot.

      All three are suffering from empty space on the shelf syndrome. You go into to get product X, and there isn't any. Everybody else bought the product X and all that is left for you is the name brand thing that costs twice as much. That's the best way I know to describe it. Most of the things I buy are very heavy animal related products that would not be practical to ship, like 40 pound sacks of chicken feed, or 24 pound sacks of cat or dog food.

      It's like they know they could sell a lot more of product X, but they just don't put it on the truck.

      It's not only the big things, though. I like a particular kind of coffee, and half the time now when I go in to buy it, there isn't any. That's just one example.

      I have noticed that the periodic half price sales on items of food I buy have virtually disappeared from the grocery store flyer. I used to wait until something went on two for one sale, then go in and buy a whole lot of whatever it was. But I haven't seen a two for one sale on anything I use now in over a month.

      I would think, with a more business friendly political environment, and the stock market going wild, we should not be having these issues right now. But at least in my small part of North Georgia, we are.

    4. just a thought, a while back the shipping industry virtually crashed and ships were sold off for scrap. perhaps since most our crap is coming from china, there isn't enough shipping capacity to keep up with renewed demand?

    5. I guess that could be part of it. It has to be more than just a warehouse problem, because while that would effect Ingles, it wouldn't also effect Home Depot and Walmart, I wouldn't think.

      I am going to load up on everything I use the next time a shipment comes in, and then keep my levels at that point. I should have been doing that anyway, but I just didn't want to go all the way to town and back, so I ate into the reserve on a lot of things. Can't keep doing that.

    6. i am guilty of same, but its going to bite us in the butt if we keep it up. with everything so interconnected the whole thing could go belly up tonight with little or no provocation, wake up to a new reality.

    7. That's true. The supreme irony in that for me is that I worked so hard to get ready for things like Y2K, which I truly believed was going to be a disaster, and nothing happened. Now, The Great Debacle could just come out of the blue with all the turmoil in our society, and we might never be entirely sure what the exact cause was.

  2. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' Sweden is coming apart. Maybe the swedes 'warrior' DNA will emerge after its long hibernation. I would really like to see the Vikings come back too.
    I'm thinking that all this will backfire on 'Merkel' and other the Western European countries. A new wave of nationalism will rise out of the ashes of extreme liberalism.

    1. That's happening, CC. You can see news articles every night from Europe on the net. They show fighting and strong resistance to the migrant hordes, especially in France. But it's like Mexicans in Georgia. No matter what happens, they are here to stay , we'll never get rid of them.

  3. We have never been good at covering what's going on in the rest of the world.

    1. Alissa, you are so right. When I was overseas (which was about ten years, all told) I listened to the Voice of America on the shortwave for news. Then I came home, and everything on the evening news was about the U.S. for the most part. And that was back before the news shows became propaganda orders for left wing haters.

      Now I use the internet. I read local papers around the country and in Europe, and I look at videos on You Tube that people are using to record their first hand observations. But as far as the MSM, with the partial exception of Fox, it's just a joke.

  4. In reference to the Germany Army. They are professional and quite good. Just not much mass. Example they have awesome tanks but not very many. I don't discount what RR said and am uninformed in that area.

    As to inventory at stores our JIT system could be a factor. Companies look to manipulate/ shape their numbers by staying lean on inventory throughout the supply chain. Maybe a local chain is trying to boost their stats so somebody can get a raise/ bonus?

    1. Hey, TOR. My first real experience with the German Army was in Bold Guard/ Northern Wedding, in 1977 I think it was. We went into Kiel, off loaded, and worked with them and the Danes. The Germans were reliable. If they said they would be somewhere at XXX time, they were there. We also had Danish units, and there was a Danish communications center near the field. We had to put barbed wire around it, and put military police at the entrances. The comm center was almost all women, and they were very liberal with their favors, in return for the "wooley pulley" sweater the Marines had recently adopted. It's always good to work with allies and learn their "foibles" I guess.

      Later, when I was stationed at AFSOUTH down in Naples, in the early 80's, I got to go up to Oberamagau to the NATO officers school. I signed up for every course I could get, as Germany was so pleasant.I saw a lot more of their different branches on exercises, etc on those courses and was really impressed.

      I think you are right, especially since the Soviet Union went under, most of the funds for keeping their armed forces up to snuff have been weaseled away and used to pay for social programs or to feed the cockroaches flooding into their county.

      I'm not sure what is going on with the shortages. Do all the big store chains use the same Just in Time programs? I know the Japanese invented that and brought it here, so it's possible.

      If they are creating intentional shortages for some obscure and selfish reason, it's very unwise. People here are fairly set in their routines, but they'll drive to the next county if they have to start doing that to get what they need. I'm considering doing that, and just buying more of each item to offset the additional fuel cost.

  5. I, too, have noticed some empty shelf situations. I usually just add it to the list for the next week and it isn't a big deal. But when we were at the beach in January one of the stores we went to there was really empty shelved. I thought it was strange.

    1. It seems to be more common across the country than it used to be, from what I am hearing. Not so long ago, if you wanted brand X and it wasn't there, it was annoying. Now, it's just part of the cost of doing business.

      Maybe those people were doing inventory. That's the only thing I can think of. I know when I lived on Emerald Isle, there only grocery store was a Food Lion, down on the far end of the island. In winter, it reduced hours and cut back on fresh produce.