Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Opposition: Pretty much "Trash." Free catalogs for weapons, equipment, supplies.

If you missed the debacle at the Oscars, here's a clip.  What a bunch of buffoons.

Tonight President Trump gives a speech to Congress. The news is full of Democratic Senators and Representatives telling about the juvenile pranks they are planning. Several of them are bringing illegal aliens into the chamber to protest the  government's enforcement of laws that have been on the books for decades.

I swear, I'm beginning to have more sympathy for Pol Pot by the day. What a lot of these people like Maxine Waters, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer , Lindsey Graham and their minions need is a year or two in the countryside, planting corn and living under canvas.

Here are some current catalogs you can order off the web. There is no cost, just go to the web page and fill out the "request catalog" tab.  * I don't have any commercial links on my blog, or own any stock in any of these companies. I just use them for supplies and equipment.

Emergency Essentials catalog request

These people carry a lot of long term storage food and paraphernalia associated with it. Things that are not easy to find, in some cases, like new number 10 can lids.  The catalog comes out monthly.

Lehman's catalog request

Most people will already know Lehman's. They carry a lot of Amish products, and a  great many "pre electric" items that would be good to have in your storage or equipment supplies.

Cheaper than Dirt catalog request

Firearms accessories, ammunition, and field equipment. 

A good source of field gear and equipment.  If you join their "members club" they have a "four pay" plan. I didn't renew my membership in the club this year because they raised the price to $40.00, and that's not really cost effective.

Sportsman's Guide puts out six catalogs. I only want two.  To order a catalog, call 1-888-844-0667, choose menu option 4. They no longer let you ask for catalogs on line.

Firearms, ammunition, and accessories.  Some good prices with the four pay deal if you join their club.

Chkadels shooting and survival catalog request

All sorts of things that might be useful , or just fun to have.  Put out by the BudK company.

Bud K catalog request

Knives, swords, bows, edged weapons of all sorts, field gear and tools. Very reasonable prices.

 Crane radio company catalog request

C. Crane radio is a good source for short waves, antennas, anything you need for setting up a monitoring station in your home. 

Major Surplus and Survival catalog request

This outfit has some good prices, and lots of useful items.  

Thought for the Day:

Smith should go to CNN. He belongs there with the other liars.

Ceterum autem censeo Shepard Smith esse delendam!


  1. I swear, I'm beginning to have more sympathy for Pol Pot by the day. What a lot of these people like Maxine Waters, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer , Lindsey Graham and their minions need is a year or two in the countryside, planting corn and living under canvas.

    That's classic.

    - Charlie

    1. They're lucky Donald Trump is president and not me.:-)

  2. If illegals are in attendance then it would make my day if Trump had them arrested on the spot! :-)

    1. And the jack ass politicians who brought them in there. They think it's ok to ignore the law if it suits them but the peasantry is not accorded the same privileges.

  3. slow day at work....yeah i used to like shep but something happened to him. just like juan williams et al. one day him and john baener sic are allanti obama hell fire and brimstone. dinner at the white house, next day it's all obama is god, can do no wrong. body snatchers? stepford reps? alien reptiles? good drugs? idk, but it happened way too often for my liking.....i get all those catalogs, most of them yesterday, lol. i order from sg about once or twice a month and emergency essentials about once every other month. good folks. about to make another order of their mountain house sale items. never stop stacking.... isaw that vid of the hecklers going nuts at the mention prayer. i wanted to scream myself, at them idiots. its good though that this stuff gets out in public, so the regular people can see how they act and know their intentions better. these folks remind me of spoiled kids that need a trip out to the wood shed. they are likely going to get one, soon if they keep going like they are. i can't wait.

    1. Shepard Smith went off on the President in one of his tantrums yesterday. The internet petitions asking Fox to get rid of him are smoking today.

      The catalogs are fun to browse, and sometimes I see something I can't live without. Or a really good deal I can't pass up. Don't know what has gotten into Sportsman's Guide. Until recently you could get all the catalogs right off their web page like all the others.

      I'm not religious, but I know a lot of people who are, and in this country the Supreme Court ruled that you can start a public function with prayer. Those trashy bastards doing all that shouting need a serious attitude adjustment with a attitude alignment tool, also known as an ax handle. God wills it!

  4. I refuse to watch Fox when "Little Sheppie" is on. I just called the number you posted...."due to high call volume"....I laughed my ass off! I did leave a message with my thoughts on "Sheppie" though. It would be a site to see ICE arrest the illegals that show up tonight. Even better to see some of the Dems in cuffs too! Fuck these people...enough is enough!

    Oh, the 3 Texas gals...the one in the red better learn how to carry a weapon properly too. That is a real good way to have someone walk up behind you and grab your weapon!

    Locked, Loaded and Ready to Engage!

    1. It's like that twerp just wants to get fired. Megan Kelly is gone, her new show on CNN has terrible ratings so she'll be "disappeared" before long. If we could get rip of Shepard Smith and Juan Williams, Fox might be back to the good outfit it used to be. If I want to watch a bunch of whiny little metrosexuals I can watch CNN, I don't need to see them on Fox.

      I watched the speech last night, and at least Schumer didn't run out on the floor of the chamber and drop trousers to moon the crowd. I was expecting some event of that nature. Maybe old John Lewis wandering off in a daze, or wetting himself. But overall it went pretty well, only a little bit of "ass showing" in the Democratic seats. It wouldn't have surprised me if John McCain had run out and set himself on fire to get a little face time, but even he managed to keep from doing anything stupid during the speech.

      If I was walking behind those three women, I'd be focused on that area of their persons but I wouldn't be thinking about the guns. As they said of the old geezer in "Flower Drum Song" , "he old, but he not dead!"

      You're right though, there are a lot of crazies out there and snatching at a pistol being open carried is not beyond the realm of possibility.

  5. What happened at the Oscars was just pure karma. Serves them right for all of the whiny, arrogant, leftist BS coming out of their pie holes.

    I only get three magazines...Sportsman's Guide, Smoky Mountain Knife Works, and the Elk Foundation mag. Any more than that and the Mrs. gets after me. But I just might have to order that Crane magazine anyway.

    The women in Texas sure are beautiful :) --Troy

    1. Troy, I like all those catalogs and they are free. You could get all of them and hide them in your sock drawer. That's the traditional cubby hole for things you don't want the wife to see.

      They really are. Two states that seem to have more than their fair share of beautiful woman are Texas and Virginia.

      I loved seeing all those anal orifi running around on the stage screeching. I knew damn good and well that "Moonlight" show was going to win best picture becasuse it was on pay per view on Direct TV. I punched the info button, because I had never heard of it, and was rewarded with the information that it was about a "young black man and his formative experiences in life." I sure as hell didn't buy it, but it was a forgone conclusion that Hollywood would laud it, no matter how it went over in theaters. It was never even shown up here.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Hey I have been hearing some stuff on youtube about the national debt popping 20 trillion on March 15th and it causing a possible federal shutdown. I also heard talk of military members being 'furloughed'

    I think a storm's coming and at the very least. Trump will have to raise the debt limit to 23 or 25 trillion and everything will get back on track towards the end of the cliff one day.

    I don't watch sheppard smith anymore. its pointless. Most of foxnews is pointless as well as any mainstream legacy online media.
    Styxhexemhammer on youtube suggested that every attempt to get their news only from online sources other than the big American legacy outlets like CNN, NBC, Fox, etc.

    On a similar note, more and more independent news sources are creeping up on youtube. Some are getting their sources from more legit overseas and reliable sources so as not to be labled 'fake news'

    One thing of interest. The Wall Street journal went after a big youtuber named PewDiePie (53 million subs) more subs than readers of the Wall Street Journal.
    PewDiePie made a video making fun of media taking things out of context and Wall Street Journal took his 'out of context' video 'out of context' (no, I am not making this up) and went after PewDiePie saying he was a Nazi etc.

    You have to see the video's to fully understand. Basically it was a hit piece journalism to attempt to discredit large youtube channels because they are a threat to the diminishing revenues of legacy media. Nobody in younger generations are watching cable tv nor are they believing the 'tainted journalism' of the legacy media.

    Study the drops in revenue every year since the 1990's on cable news during their biggest years. Its all been a long downward trend thanks to online news outlets like 'Drudge Report' etc.

    The 'Fourth State' is on the attack on online news and independent online news citing 'Fake News' I'm not talking about 'Alex Jones' but others like 'Styxhexemhammer, Mark Dice, Sargon of Akkad, Tex Texan, etc.
    Some are a little over the top but that's the entertaining rant part that many are looking for. News with an edge.

    I have been study this for awhile now and that's why I have a clear picture of what the new online news media has to offer.

    All it takes is a youtuber and a camera to catch events wherever and whenever they happen. No filters, no news editors and no advertisers to answer too.

    1. I am getting a lot of my news from watching videos on youtube where the person who posted the video was the one who took it, and was at the actual event. I am a little cautious about videos that someone got from somewhere else, and wasn't there, then posted them. The reasons are obvious. If Fox posts a video, and it turns out to be fake or inaccurate, they post a retraction. But if a fake news outfit posts a fake video, or news article, you can get burned.

      I don't trust any of the major media outfits, except Fox , and even then I don't trust Smith or Williams.

      Newspapers went down the toilet to a large extent when the internet came along, and I'm not surprised, given the poisonous behavior of the media on television, that they are seeing declining viewing. People who want to find out what is really going on have to work for it, as you clearly are doing.

      I don't believe those rumors about the debt or furloughing military. Of course, I didn't believe there was really a George Soros effect for a long time, and I was pretty sure Shrillery was going to win the election. So I have learned the hard way not to be too adamant when I say "I don't think so."

  7. I watched the Oscar mess up. That sucks to be Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Warren Beatty looked so confused when he saw Emma Stone's name on award.

    1. I gloried in it. They set themselves up to be so lofty and omnipotent, and then shoot themselves in the foot. It was so funny, all the high and mighty up there on the stage running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

      You're right. It was hard on Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, and I feel some sympathy for them on a personal level.

  8. Agree 100% with comments of Democrats. Pelosi recently said that Trump has not accomplished much in the five WEEKS he has been in office. Like she and the other Democrats have accomplished much in the past five YEARS, all while collecting a pretty hefty monthly paycheck on our dime. I mean besides alienating your constituents - good job there Nancy girl !

    I like the HQ Sportsmans Guide catalog. Bargains are fewer and far between, but you can find at least one great deal in them. CTD ticked me off - claimed I could not order a Swiss bayonet because I lived in Texas or some clap trap. Bought one off of Sportsmans Guide and never looked back. CTD for me already had a strike against them because I live in Texas and I had to pay the 8.25% sales tax. Maybe I was just prejudiced.

    Major Surplus and I go way back, back in Bill Pier ownership days (very late '80's - early 90's). Still remember the street address off the top of my head for some reason, we 'done some bidness'. Back when surplus was military issue, not mil-spec.

    1. Did you catch the interview a couple of days ago when Pelosi was ranting and raving about how she couldn't find anything to cooperate on with President Bush! All of her minions were standing around whispering to each other and looking embarrassed. Pelosi couldn't even remember who the current President was. It was really funny. I think I posted it on the blog. She's a basket case. The Dimmi's need to just quietly disappear her.

      CTD has some good deals but they don't have the frequent "free shipping" that SG has. I am surprised CTD wouldn't sell you the Swiss bayonet. Maybe there's some state ordinance that caused that? Sure seems unlikely, though, as Texas is like Georgia, they don't make any effort to keep weapons out of citizens hands that way that I know of.

      I have bought some Swiss rain suits from Major Surplus, and they were good quality. I like their catalog. Like all of them, though, you have to buy something ever so often or they drop you off the distribution list.

      In the 1960's there were two big military surplus stores right near where I was in High School. They were in Roseville, California. Big hanger like buildings out by the scrapyard. You went in there and there were huge stacks of everything your heart could desire. 782 gear, sleeping bags, uniforms, EVERYTHING! It was great. I haven't seen a surplus store like that in about 40 years now.

  9. Thanks for the links. Some of the vendors I was aware of, some not, such as Lehman's.

    1. I try to do that subject ever so often, because even if people don't buy anything, they still usually enjoy just looking at the catalogs, and they don't cost anything.

  10. I like browsing the catalogs too....

    okay Shepard Smith...I quit watching him after Hurrican Katrina because it was evident then to me that he was a liberal in conservative clothing. They got rid of Meghan, He needs to be next.

    1. My thoughts exactly. And after Smith, Juan Williams need to hit the high road. I never watch any program with Smith or Williams in it.

      The catalogs are free and full of interesting things. There's not much you can say that about these days.

  11. I have never watched the Oscars. Celebrities aren't really my thing. A couple of those catalogs look interesting. Thanks for the links.

    1. I did when people like John Wayne were receiving them. But for many years now, it's just been left wing morons, so I don't. But when I saw this big train wreck on Fox, I was ecstatic.

      I'm sure you would like Lehman's, but I also bet that was one you already knew about. They're all free, maybe you will find a new one you like too.

  12. Thank you for the catalog tips, Harry. I've requested a few. The only one I knew about was Lehmans. They have lots of cool stuff.... I'd go broke spending much time there.

    I cannot stand Smith. He belongs with CNN or the like. Actually, he needs to be unemployed along with the rest of the storytellers.

    1. Hobo, glad you found some you liked. They don't hit a fellow's pocket book , and they're fun to look at even if you don't buy anything.

      I'd like to beat Shepard Smith severely about the head and shoulders. The whiny little bitch needs an attitude adjustment in the worst way!