Wednesday, February 22, 2017

They can't stamp us out. The Flying Squirrel. Louis Wain cat art.

Yale University is removing John C. Calhoun from it's list of distinguished associates.  In Virginia, they are pulling down statues of Robert E. Lee.  Out in Texas, some of the big cities are changing the names of streets named after Confederate soldiers, and schools named after Confederate officers are being renamed to be more "ethnically appropriate."

These things are infuriating, but they won't effect the rural South.  Family heritage is still passed down from generation to generation. As much as the left may want to rewrite history, they won't succeed.  National Geographic just put out a special edition on Nat Turner.  There's a movie about Nat Turner on pay per view, and he has his own special niche in the new Washington black history museum or whatever they are calling it.

Nat Turner is cast as a "freedom fighter", in the mold of Che Guerverra.  In reality he was a psychopathic murderer. His victims were primarily women, children and elderly people. He wasn't much on fighting his war of liberation against men and when he  finally had to, it was over. But that's not what is being pimped as "history."

Turner and his group killed about sixty people. They killed every man, woman and child they came across. They used hatchets, axes and butcher knives to do it. When the rebellion collapsed, Turner ran off and hid, was finally captured hiding in a hole in the ground on a farm. If people want to make a hero out of him, it says a lot about their mentality.

I suppose I should be used to it by now.  But the more of this that happens, the madder I get about it.

Rather than just do a post about something  that irks me no end, how about some light humor.

You've heard of flying squirrels.  Bet you haven't seen one like this before.

These two Louis Wain drawings are a pretty good representation of what my house looks like sometimes. My wife likes cats. I do too, especially outdoor cats.


  1. The left is trying to rewrite history by lying about the South and the War between the States. Shame on the stupid Southerners who think they are being PC by agreeing with the destruction of Confederate statues, or by changing the names of schools, streets, etc. The educational system has lied to students throughout the years concerning what led up to the war, the war itself, and "reconstruction." All of this angers me also. Jana

    1. I sometimes feel like the white Southerner is the only class of individual in the United States today who can be lied about, insulted, and subject to revisionist history with impunity. If anyone tried this with blacks, hispanics, moslems, or anyone else they'd be ravaged by the press. But if it has to do with Southern history, it's perfect ok and even laudable.

      The bottom line is that people like me don't care a tinker's damn about political correctness and I'm not going to lie about my family history to please some BLM activist or some Academic with a chip on his shoulder. I'm proud of my family,and of the South and Southerners by and large. I make no apologies for anything, and I regret nothing.

  2. we're fighting back in va., and i hear in other places as well. people have been pushed too far. with luck, and providence, the pendulum will swing back our way.

    1. You're right. The harder the revisionists and apologists try to obscure the truth, the more ordinary people who usually don't pay attention to this kind of thing will start getting involved.

      The left is so obtuse, they think that taking a prominent Southerners name off a list, or destroying a statue of a Confederate hero, will help them push their new version of history.

  3. There's certainly a lot to be annoyed with these days!

    It's good think about funny and positive things - otherwise you'll drive yourself mad!

    1. Yes, there is. But keeping a positive attitude is important. The little things that divert a persons attention from the mass stupidity and collective displaying of derrieres going on today help survive it.

    2. I've been laying low on news lately. Mainly just because it's so negative. I want to watch it to know what's going on, but as you've said they don't put everything on there anyhow.

      Mica likes reading fiction mainly (it's his age). He like Mythology. He does like history. Some fiction books have an element of history in it. Yes he's juggling a lot. A few grades back his teacher thought he may do better up a grade. He started school when he was 6 - Aug. b-day. He seemed happy in school, but he gets all A's. In fact he's usually a teacher's helper. I suggested he try new things this year. His grades aren't suffering + he's still happy. He did tell me, "No." when I mentioned a writing contest at the library. I'm like, "Ok."

    3. I don't watch the MSM at all anymore, except for a couple of shows on Fox. Instead, I look at videos people have made and posted on Youtube. Good primary sources, without anyone censoring and manipulating what I see. I also read newspapers on line. But it's pointless to watch the MSM, they aren't news, they are propaganda. I've never seen such liars in my 64 years.

      I liked Mythology when I was his age. My favorite was Greek and Roman mythology, but I liked the Norse mythology as well.

      I guess you are planning on sending him to college. I sent mine to tech schools in Canada, because other than getting a commission in the military, I never felt like my BA did me any good at all. I wanted mine to have skills to make good money. All my siblings sent their kids to college, most at Oregon State. They are more traditionalist than I am.

      I bet he would enjoy writing once he gave it a try. He seems to have a good imagination.

  4. OK I want o know how they got the squirrel to climb in the plane.

    1. I know the answer to that one. This same guy has another video where the squirrel comes and steals his drone, and flies to the White House in it.

      In that one, you can see that when the squirrel first climbs aboard, he starts picking up treats and stuffing them in his mouth. So the fellow has trained the squirrel to climb into these things, pretty clever.

      I really liked the flying in this video. I could just about feel the negative g's when the squirrel was doing his loops. Of course, I know it was a fake squirrel in the plane when it was in the air, but to really enjoy the video you have to engage in "the willing suspension of disbelief." The same thing the Sheeple do when they listen to Schumer and Pelosi.

    2. I'll have to go look at his other videos. Did you notice on that RC model the wings were totally flat, no airfoil shape at all.

    3. I did see that. Struck me as odd at the time. And I also wondered if he went to all the trouble of rigging those interior controls in the model just to give credence to his video? Seems like a lot of work but it was pretty funny.

      I had three flying models, and despite being able to fly a fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft, I could not fly them worth a damn. I had a JU-87D that was actually supposed to drop a plastic bomb. I had a P-40E Warhawk, and a BF-109G. They were not RC, they were the ones you fly in a circle with a control handle. I kept crashing the models and breaking the wings. It got so expensive I had to give it up.

  5. My family heritage goes back to Kentucky, and then shortly after the civil war they became Sooners. From there, westward. I'm proud of my history and make no apologies either.

    I understand your frustration with the systematic erasing of southern culture. I don't know how this will all play out, but one thing is certain... the "center cannot hold" forever.

    Did you see the video of the brudda threatening a Trump supporter with an assault rifle? I guess that is what it has come down to now. I used to laugh at their antics, but now the left has raised the stakes.

    These people have gone bat%!*$ crazy and are to the point of trying to kill us. The red states better wake up. --Troy

    1. the people you see on the streets showing themselves are not the core, they are the outliers, many of them paid to do damage. some are true believers [useful idiots] and many are opportunists hoping that looting will start so they can take advantage of the chaos.
      the core is dangerous. they may think they are independent but they have overlords about whom they know nothing.
      this mess started long ago, before i was born [i am almost 70].
      the education establishment was slowly and purposely undermined and you can see where that has led us.
      careful manipulation of words and situations, many of which are planned situations, are used to redirect, distract and confuse in order to get in a few chops of the axe at the root of the tree.
      that tree is about ready to topple over.
      once the usa is down there won't be far to go to world government.
      then pol pot and josef stalin will seem like angels in comparison.
      many are laughing at the behavior of the rioters, attributing it to being sore losers anent the presidential election.
      however, these street rioters are the tip of the insurrection and treason iceberg.
      some of us are sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief that the nation has at least a temporary reprieve, but we are not reprieved. the evil doers are ready for their next steps and many have infiltrated the government long ago.
      now is time to pray at least as much as we did before the election, the results of which make me hope that God's hand has not been entirely removed from our nation.
      only God can defeat the evil one and his hordes, so keep praying.
      the danger has only just begun.
      even if the evil retreats for a time, to fool us into thinking it is accepting defeat, the praying for what is just and good and pure in the sight of God must go on.
      the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
      i am tired but God is not and He will keep vigil for us if we ask Him.

    2. Troy, I didn't see that but I can well believe it. I keep scanning youtube for videos people post, and there's a lot of that kind of thing. During the riots at Berkely, this left wing guy, probably a professor, was there and he was talking to (and filming) a young woman who was wearing a Trump hat. Some hulking moron wearing a mask came up and shot pepper spray into her face from about 5 inches away. Everybody laughed.

      The violence has all been on the side of the Dimmi's as far as I can tell, but these guys in Atlanta this past weekend weren't having it. I haven't been able to find out much about what happened, even the Journal just gave the event a short pass, although they covered the Anti-Trump stuff the next day. But I know nobody attacked the pro-Trump people, and I am pretty sure it's because of the armed security.

    3. Deborah, that's a very eloquent synopsis of where we all are today. You know I tend to be more secular than religious, but I can't quibble about your cut and dried analysis of what's happening in the country. You are right.

    4. Here it is:

      There's a bit of language in it, beware.

      Deborah is right. I think there is a shadow government at the core of this (Obama?) directing all of these wonderful, peaceful people. --Troy

    5. Troy, thanks for sending the video. I posted it so others could see it. Forewarned is better than blundering into something like that unthinkingly.

  6. But Turner was a PREACHER, don't you know! Guess he didn't go for that turn the other cheek stuff.

    1. His brand of Christianity was pretty well mixed in with African paganism (like a lot of them are today.) He waited to launch his "rebellion" until he got a sign from God, which arrived in the form of some sort of weather phenomenon that made the sun appear to be blue. Today he'd be known as a mass murderer and serial killer. At least, outside of the media and their little museum up in D.C.

  7. Harry,

    I like your light humor :-)
    The squirrel is adorable. I'm so over all the B.S....(excuse my English).

    1. I try to keep a sense of humor. It helps weather the storm.

      My daughter has a pet squirrel and it's a mean little monster. Cute, but it can jump across the room and get on you if it gets annoyed!

      The B.S. seems to just keep on going. I keep thinking all these twerps will go back to the college campus, or back to laying on the couch smoking pot , waiting for the welfare check to come. But it just seems to drag on, and on.....

  8. Hey Harry,


    'Yeah, Nat Turner and his group were real cowards that could not stand up and fight against real men in a real uprising.

    Southern Culture will never be 'stamped out' This surge of attempted 'erasure' of a culture that's been around hundreds years will pass in time.

    I read some of the comments above. Some of the best news and commentary I see on youtube. I found this guy 'Styxhexenhammer's youtube channel while checking out some of his sub's. He said some funny stuff about 'John Boehner' that's not fit to repeat on this blog, but he's funny anyway. here's the link
    There's a lot of people on youtube with weird names like 'styxhexenhammer that want to protect their identities and this guy above who's link I left. Lots of funny satire too. Mark Dice referred to Nancy Pelosi as 'Skeletor' from the old 1980's 'He Man' cartoon, a comment that was hilarious.

    1. I'll have to check that out. I am no fan of Boehner. Just heard on the Rush show today that's Boehner is still creeping around making trouble.

      I'd never put my real name on the internet, not on a video or a blog or anything like that. There are way the hell too many crazies out there. And I'm getting too old to be digging holes in this flinty, clay soil or dragging heavy , cumbersome burdens to the gully behind the house.....