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"One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that 'violence begets violence.' I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure — and in some cases I have — that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy."

Colonel Jeff Cooper

Monday, April 24, 2017

AR-15. Not a collectible to cherish. Just a tool.

The AR-15.  It's not as attractive as the old bolt guns, but sometimes you need volume instead of panache.

I'm not a big fan of the AR-15.  By the time I got in the FMF, the M16A1 was being issued. It was reliable, and it was accurate, but I liked the M-14 better.

At OCS, we were issued the M14. (1974)

Then at The Basic School, it was the M16 that was in the armory.



During flight school, I was out of the loop on rifle qualification, but the minute you got back into the FMF, you went back to qualifying annually. In the Marines, everybody had to be able to use a rifle. Didn't matter if you were a cook, a baker or a candlestick maker, Didn't matter if you flew , drove a tank, or were a supply officer, everybody had to qualify.

But I do own two AR-15 rifles.  One, a long gun, I bought out of pure rage when Clinton's "gun ban" passed in 1994.  I went to bed being told the Dimmies didn't have enough votes to pass it, and woke up to be told that a number of Republicans had turned their coats, voted with Feinstein, and we had ten years of BS as a result. Because I trusted the Republicans, I had to go into panic mode, buying up magazines at exorbitant prices. My AR-15 from Olympic Arms came with a muzzle brake instead of a bird cage flash suppressor, but that didn't bother me any.

The other is an SP-1 that looks something like today's M4, I bought at the general store, where I worked at the gun counter on weekends sometimes. A fellow traded it in, and I picked it up for peanuts. I used to use it when I was working out on the edges of my property, because it was light and would gin out 30 rounds if I needed them. Back in those days, it was wild hogs I was worried about. Today, I'd have to worry more about narcotraficantes.

I really like One America News.  Much better than Fox. I also like Liz Wheeler, who does a show each evening. The leftards hate her, so you know she's got it right.

Given the way things are going in the cities, I'd recommend that everyone who lives in suburbia or in a city consider getting a Trunk Monkey security system. They seem to be excellent.

If I'd had a Trunk Monkey system that time I got in a similar situation on Gun Barrel Road in Chattanooga, it would have had a much better resolution.

Here's another El Gringo song, just for fun.  Some of his videos are so vulgar I can't put them on the blog, even with a "language warning."  It's a shame because the one on Little Marco is great, but it's just not on for general viewing.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Raining, but at least the woods are not on fire.

Florida is having a serious fire problem.  It started out with fires started in relatively remote areas, probably by lightning. But now they are having arson fires popping up all over  the state. These are impacting residential areas, and homes are burning. This morning the National Guard started evacuating people from areas where the fires are out of control and moving towards populated areas.

It's raining here today, a long soaking rain punctuated with intermittent thunder and lightning. Started last night and is supposed to continue through tomorrow afternoon. I have no complaints, we are still below our average rainfall, and everybody here remembers the catastrophic fires that ravaged North Georgia, Western North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee last year.

I just recently learned of a movie that came out in Japan a few years ago. It's about a modern day Japanese family that learns the man they thought was their grandfather actually wasn't. Without going into details that kind of spoil the development of the plot, the actual grandfather was a Japanese naval aviator in WW2.   The brother and sister of the family start trying to find out about him by contacting his old squadron mates, and his story gets told from the beginning of the war  through the end.

The flying scenes are excellent.  I enjoy movies where every detail of the equipment, uniforms, weapons, etc is correct and I love movies about military aviation.

The movie was a box office hit in Japan, but it made some of Japan's old enemies angry. The Chinese and Koreans didn't appreciate it, because it portrayed the Japanese as human beings and not "poisonous dwarfs."  Most of the movies turned out in China today are still about WW2. You can watch them on the internet.

Countries that lost the war tend to try to forget it.  For years, I had a Japanese "pen pal." She lived in an apartment in Tokyo. Her husband was a "salary man" who was never home, and it was just her and her pet black rabbit most of the time. I remember asking her once if she had ever heard of Saburo Sakai, who was Japans leading ace to survive the war. She said she hadn't, that her family never talked about the war at all. They didn't learn anything about it in school.

This is the cover of the DVD released in England. They changed the name to "The Fighter Pilot" from "The Eternal Zero." I had a hard time finding a copy of this movie for sale that will work in the U.S. The world is divided up into different "zones" and most DVD players will only play movies formatted for that zone. I did find one  though, and even if it cost a bundle, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Then there's "The Red Baron."  It's a German 2008 movie loosely based on the exploits of Manfred von Richtofen. There's been a lot of poetic license taken with the character of the Red Baron in this movie, and great liberties with actual historical events. Still, the flying scenes are excellent, the aircraft restorations are magnificent, and the dvd only cost ten dollars. You can watch the whole movie on line for free, but I wanted the DVD anyway. Never can tell when something will disappear off the internet.

I notice lately that I've lost some friends since the election.  Mostly, but not all, from Europe. I have always known I'm a bit to the right for some of  them, but we still enjoyed visiting each other's blogs. I tried not to talk about politics on their blogs, and even if some not very pleasant  things got said about Trump and Trump Supporters, I tried to be tactful. I think what did them in was coming to my blog. I am not tactful here.

I am sorry that all this has forced some of us apart, but I suppose in tumultuous times, it happens. It reminds me of what I've read about the English Civil War, where essentially decent people wound up on opposite sides. Most anti-Trump types are not people I would cross the street to pull out of a burning building. But some of them aren't bad.

Most of them are, though.

I'm watching events in France with an eagle eye. I have high hopes that Le Pen will come into power. She's a female version of Donald Trump. France needs someone who will kick ass and take names, just as we needed such a person here. Maybe the tide is finally turning.

Save your bacon!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Updated 22 Apr 17 10:00 a.m. X files season 11. Shooting up the "Bouncy House" down in ATL. A little Pink Floyd.

  In 1999, a friend at my wife's school gave us two roosters and three hens. These were English Fighting Chickens.  She didn't "fight" them. She raised them for food and eggs.

Cock Fights are still a big deal up here, though they are illegal. It was pretty much stamped out in  North Georgia in the late eighties, until the Hispanics starting flooding in to work in Hall county in the chicken plants. Cock fighting was big in Mexico, and the Mexicans would pile 10 people into a beat up old car and drive across the state line to  North Carolina  to go to these things. That brought it back to North Georgia.  You'd drive down a road, and see a big open space next to a house, with lots of little wire enclosures, and little tin sun shades, and you'd know you were looking at someone in that business.

The upshot was that you could always get that breed called "English Fighting Chickens." What the real breed name might be I don't know. That's just the Appalachian name for them.

Our  two hens raised several clutches of  chicks.  Over the years, chickens would just come wandering into our place and join the flock. I never figured out where they were coming from.  Once even a peacock came in and stayed for awhile.  Eventually, a black bantee hen showed up, and she had lots of batches of chicks.  So now, instead of English Fighting Chickens, we have smallish chickens that are brown, black, white and every mix you can imagine.

Enter the Hay Hay's into this serene picture.  My daughter went into a pet shop where she lives. Two chicks were in there in the "snake food" tank.  My daughter bought them, and started raising them in her apartment. Not an ideal situation. She brought them down here.  They started out small but now they are almost twice the size of our other chickens. That wasn't a problem until recently, when the Hay Hay's have started beating up the smaller chickens.  My wife wants me to build a chicken pen just for them. I guess I'll have to put something up.   Why my daughter named these gargantuan white chickens "Hay Hay's" I don't know. Must be a good story behind it.

Back in the Day:

Spring is when there used to be "Blogfests" up here.  People who read each other's blogs would all get together at Helen, Georgia. People came long distances to attend.  Some camped out, some stayed in motels. It was really interesting to meet the people you had been communicating with. But for some reason, it just died out and I haven't been to one in at least 8 years now. I think with Skype and being able to embed videos in your blog, the motivation just isn't there now.  Too bad, it was a lot of fun. It was all older people, but even so there were some interesting get togethers. Most of these folks were survivalists, and there was a lot of bartering, gun trading, that kind of thing. You could learn a whole lot from a few days at one of these meetings.

Gunned down in the bouncy house. Atlanta is a bad place .

My wife and I watch the Atlanta news on local affiliates each morning, just around dawn. The first five minutes of the news is who got murdered last night, who got car jacked, etc. I don't know why they always put that stuff first.

Today the lead story was about a 3 year old , a 5 year old and a young  mother all being gunned down yesterday. There was a children's party, and the parents had one of those little "blow up" houses the kids get in and bounce around in.  The local gang, apparently acting in the belief that one of the neighbors had "snitched" on them, drove up and riddled the bouncy house. They also riddled the young mother and the two kids.

Here's the sad thing though. This happened in front of a goodly crowd of grandparents, mom's, and older siblings. Everybody saw the vehicle and the shooters. But , "nobody saw nothing."  The police are pleading for witnesses to step forward.

 But those people know if they do, they'll have to testify in open court. And then, they will get a visit from people like those in the picture above. So who is going to bell the cat?

On a less depressing subject:

The new issue of American Survival Guide has an article on protecting yourself from carjacking. Carjacking is the national sport in Atlanta. It happens every day. If the driver of the vehicle is lucky, they just get jerked out of the car. But more and more often, the carjackers are just shooting the drivers in the head. A lot of them do this professionally, have long records, and they aren't anxious to go back to jail. They don't leave witnesses. They prefer to attack women who are driving expensive cars. The worst thing you could possibly do is get into the wrong part of Atlanta in a luxury car or SUV, and stop for gas. You do  that, you're gone.  The Paki's running the gas stations will have erased the security tapes by the time the cops come to clean up the mess. They know what happens to gas stations that give the police security tapes.

There's a big article on knives. I don't understand the fascination with field knives. You can go to blogs written by younger guys and there will be a discussion of what kind of fighting knife or field knife to carry that has 43 comments. All the magazines like Recoil, Off Grid, American Survival Guide carry "shopping lists" of knives, reviews of knives, articles about knives. What am I missing here. I have a sheath buck knife I carried in the Marines. I have a U.S. Navy survival knife of the type they issued to aviators in the seventies, and then I have a bunch of cheap sheath knives I bought for trading. These are all good knives, they get the job done. Why would I need a two hundred dollar , hand forged, blessed by a wizard knife?

Bug out check lists are back in vogue, as are articles on bug out vehicles. I'm "bugging in" come the day, but I still read the articles to see if  there's anything my two adult kids are missing. They'll have to bug out when the hot summer comes and the inner city crowd decides to burn that Northern city down.

Walking with Cats.

I walked down the mountain a little while ago. Had a letter I wanted to get out.  I made the trip down ok, but nearly didn't make it back. It's way more humid than it has been, and warmer. It didn't help that I had to carry two cats half way back. I can't stop the cats from coming down the trail, and two of the "dwarf" cats decided to go. But they are very short legged, and pooped out. Couldn't leave them, so I had to haul them back up the mountain. Nearly finished me off.

If you want a classic weapon and have lots of disposable income:

If anybody wants to spend a lot of money, Classic Arms in North Carolina just got in some M1903 Springfields. They are going to start offering them today. Nice rifles, and they chamber 30-06 so you should always be able to find ammo.

These guns are the 1903A3 variants. Classic Arms apparently bought out the collection from an estate sale. They say the guns are all in excellent condition, and that they all came from the CMP. (Civilian Marksmanship Program.) If you aren't familiar with CMP, you can buy surplus weapons from the  government  through them if you go through all the hoops and wickets. It's easy for veterans, harder for civilians.

I have two of the Springfields, but mine are the more desirable M1903 variants. I bought them thirty years ago when they were affordable.

Just so everybody knows,  there was a heat  treating problem with some of the low serial number guns. There are all sorts of wild stories about how big a problem this is. Below is a link to the best researched article on the topic I know of.  I bought guns that were not in the low serial number range, as I like my face as it is and don't want it modified by a receiver explosion. But who knows? Everybody will have to decide that one for themselves.

A paper on the heat treatment problem for low serial number M1903 rifles.

Thought for the Day:

Does this video clip of Germany in 1919 remind you of anything?

For X Files Fans: Update on Season 11

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – April 17, 2017:

 Mulder and Scully’s search for the truth will continue in a new series of Fox’s hit sci-fi show “The X-Files,” the network said Thursday, a year after the show was revived.

“The X-Files” will return in the fall with 10 new episodes that will see fictional FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigating cases involving unexplained and often extraterrestrial cases.

The series, which ran between 1993 and 2002, was rebooted with a six-episode run last year, reuniting Mulder and Scully as they found themselves once again chasing government cover-ups, monsters, mysterious objects in the sky and their son, William.

The revival drew nearly 16 million viewers, said 20th Century Fox Television, a unit of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc .

The show drew a devoted cult fan base with its questioning of government secrets and the constant search for the truth.

Show creator Chris Carter told Reuters last year that “The X-Files” has become even more relevant in the present age where conspiracy theories still run rife on the internet and UFOs still perplex people.

A little Pink Floyd

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stay at Home day. (updated 20 April 0845 a.m.)

We've been having some nice nights lately.  Light rain, some lightning in the sky and thunder off in the distance. It's very cool, low sixties and not too humid even with the rain.  When the moons out, my place looks very similar to this painting.

We didn't do a lot today,  yesterday was very busy and tiring, and we are catching up today. The dogs barked last night, on and off, all night. I have no idea what was wrong but I didn't see anything in the flood light, and I didn't get much sleep. So  I took a very long nap this afternoon, the prerogative of those with leisure time. I'm still not used to being able to do what I want to, when I want to.

The dogs and I ventured forth today looking for "Jack in the Pulpit" plants. My wife says she thinks she has seen some on our property. So I walked one side of the property , along the property line. Didn't see any, but it was good exercise and I like to walk the lines periodically to see if anyone is stealing my trees. It's happened before.

Having spent four years in New Mexico while I was at UNM, I really like things "Southwestern."  We have had the same living room curtains for years, so we bought some fabric and my wife made new curtains. When the sun comes through the window, the curtains glow like stained glass. It surprised us how nice they look.  My wife is really good at sewing, and at making our house look comfortable and cozy.

There's a person who likes to leave ugly comments, and they especially like to disparage the things my wife and I do around the house like making new curtains.  I honestly feel sorry for them. They clearly don't have a spouse themselves, and they must be lonely.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  When my wife goes up to spend time with my daughter, when E is not feeling well and needs a little help, I miss M .  And I'm always really glad when she gets back.  Who would ever have thought that would be something to ridicule and make snide remarks about?  It doesn't bother me, it's just sad.

There's a new CDNN catalog out.  You can either download it, get a paper copy, or both.

The new one is issue 2017-1.   These guys are a good source for magazines, ammo, parts, and guns. They aren't real friendly but when I call them I'm not looking for friends.

CDNN Sports

Cartoons to brighten the day:

Well, one last chore to do .  I have a security light burned out, and I need to go replace the bulb before it gets dark. Then I'll sit out on the porch for awhile and watch the evening come on.

A video from my Nephew

I have a nephew who lives in California. By day, he drives a UPS truck. By night, he plays in a heavy metal band. He's a good kid, but he is a little different by my standards. He has tattoos, really long hair, and wears all black clothes.  He thought Uncle Harry would like this video. Strange music but I like the lyrics.

Early morning, day after the District 6 election for the House of Representatives.

Ossoff will be going to a run off. With 16 "Republican" candidates running in the District right up to the final days,and 11 in the voting, he was surely going to be in the next leg if there was one. There were five Democrats running, but four of them were nonentities who actually funneled support to Ossoff.

 Note that he takes money from Al Jazerra, so it's no surprise  they are pimping for him.

There's nothing "extremist" about this add .Everything it says is true. But this was the only copy of the add I could find on YouTube.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Updated Tuesday night. Election, comic books, the USS Pueblo incident.

10:22 PM

Only 51 percent of the vote is in down in the sixth district, with Ossoff having polled 51 percent, exactly enough to win the election. But the precincts  that have reported are heavily democrat, i.e. black.  The precincts still to be reported are in the more affluent, white and conservative parts of the sixth district. The Democrats gerrymandered the district long ago to insure a large black presence  , but the result has been that the votes tend to go on ethnic lines. I doubt Ossoff will have fifty one percent when the last results are tallied.

What is very strange is that all three Atlanta affiliates are reporting the polls were inundated today by Democrats who did not have the right to vote in the Sixth District. There were other minor issues to be settled in the state today, including one State Senator (i.e. for the State Assembly in Atlanta). But many, many moonbats, snowflakes, and the sweeping of the Democratic party gutters showed up demanding to vote. When they were told they could not vote in the Sixth District because they were registered in other districts, they pitched fits.  Never heard of that happening before.

Today is voting day.  The big , burning issue in Georgia is whether or not a raving Democrat named Jon Ossoff will win in the Sixth District.  It's a national issue, since the previous seat holder stepped down to become President Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services. When Tom Price accepted that position, his seat became vacant and today the issue will either be decided, if Ossoff wins a majority of votes, or punted to June 1 in a run off.

Ossoff is a nightmare.  He's a Nancy Pelosi blessed, John Lewis wanna be. He has raised more money for his run at the seat than any one in history, almost all of it out of state and from the Democratic Party.

The Dems are saying that this is a referendum on the President's policies, which is complete B.S. It's about buying the black vote.

Can you pick "Jon" out in this photo!

Ossoff  is vehemently anti Second Amendment. He has accepted support from the "Pride Fund " which exists solely to take guns away from Georgians.

They kicked in some of the twelve million bucks being spent by the Democrats to try to get him elected.

Ossoff isn't above taking money from the Islamic propagandists, either. Al Jazeera loves him.

Ordinarily, even in the sixth district, he wouldn't have a prayer. The problem is that the Republican "machine" has collapsed, and they can't control what goes on in the party since the "Never Trumpers" caused so much anger in Georgia.  So we have 16 nominally Republican candidates running for the seat.  You have to get 51 percent of the vote to win.  What I hope will happen is the Pelosi puppet won't make 51 percent, and will have to face a single "Republican" candidate in June.

We'll see what happens.

Tewshooz and I were talking about comic books.  I used to buy them for a dime, and finance my purchases by walking along the roads with my bothers, picking up soda bottles. We took our Red Flyer wagon, covered both sides, and turned in the bottles for a three cent deposit. Then we'd buy candy bars for a nickle, or a soda for a dime, or a comic book for a dime.

My favorites were:

Enemy Ace was about a German fighter pilot named Hans von Hammer. He always had great adventures flying on the Western Front. Modeled on Baron Manfred von Richthofen,  he was aloof and an honorable adversary. The art in these comic books was marvelous, and the equipment and aircraft were accurately depicted.

Johnny Cloud the Navajo Ace was a great  comic book about an American Indian P-51 pilot. He was always under pressure to prove himself since he came from a warrior tribe,  so he had to put on a front of being tough and fearless when he was actually a rather sensitive individual. I am sure that resonated with a lot of young boys in those days.

Sgt. Rock comics usually dealt with problems of leadership.  Rock's platoon always got desperate missions and there was always some member of the platoon who didn't want to get with the program. Rock always showed the recalcitrant individual the error of his ways by the end of the comic book. These weren't just for entertainment back then. They taught young boys and young men a set of values. Probably why comic books like these don't exist anymore.

Sgt. Fury was the antitheses of Sgt. Rock.  His troops were not green recruits and draftees, but professional soldiers. In the Sgt. Rock comic books, the characters other than Rock often changed. But in Sgt. Fury, the individual characters remained the same. Sgt. Fury always slaughtered the enemy with great abandon and a remarkable sang froid.

Fightin' Marines told different stories about the Marine Corps, with different characters. The stories were largely based on the citations for Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Medal of Honor winners. I am sure the comic was worth a dozen recruiting stations for the Marine Corps back in those days.

Two more Marine oriented comics were "Semper Fi" and "U.S. Marines in Action"

Again, these didn't follow individual characters, but were based on actual exploits from Marine Corps History. This cover shows the Boxer Rebellion.

The Navy and the Air Force were never as well represented in the comic books of the day as the Army and Marines, but they did have their own titles.

One thing about the comics you'll notice if you ever browse through a few of them. The Germans were always represented as professional warriors. Ruthless, but fearsome and respected.

The Japanese, on the other hand, were cut no slack. They were always brutal savages. My Uncle and my father, both of whom served in the Pacific, felt that was exactly right. My dad hated the Japanese until the day he died. My wife's father, who fought in the Pacific as a Marine infantryman, seconded the opinion.  Two different wars, going on at the same time.  I liked the Japanese a lot when I lived in Japan, but that was the late 70's. Times change.

I've saved one of my favorites for last.  This comic book followed a Stuart tank and it's crew through WW2. The catch was, the tank was haunted by the ghosts of previous crew members.  The Stuart was a light reconnaissance tank, but in each episode the dauntless crew, aided by spectral well wishers, defeated monstrous German Panthers and Tigers . It was a real life impossibility in more ways than one, but it was a great comic.

When I went off to college, I had hundreds of these comics and two big orange net sacks of baseball cards from the 1950's and 1960's stored in trunks.  My dad threw them all away.  Too bad, it would be fun to to look at them today.

The U.S.S. Pueblo incident:

Above is a link to the best description of the U.S.S. Pueblo incident I am aware of. Ironically, it's Australian. We did absolutely nothing about it.

Here's the song that was inspired by the Pueblo being seized by the North Koreans.

Then there was the EC-121 Shoot Down, in international waters, by the dwarfs from hell.

April 5, 1969
Flight Deep Sea 129 is shot down over international waters by North Korean migs.
31 sailors and 1 Marine killed.
The U.S. did nothing.

I'm really not all that enamored of the world we live in today. Out of curiosity, if you could go to any time, and live your life over again, when and where would you go?

I know what I'd do.