Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Early morning, day after the District 6 election for the House of Representatives.

Ossoff will be going to a run off. With 16 "Republican" candidates running in the District right up to the final days,and 11 in the voting, he was surely going to be in the next leg if there was one. There were five Democrats running, but four of them were nonentities who actually funneled support to Ossoff.

 Note that he takes money from Al Jazerra, so it's no surprise  they are pimping for him.

There's nothing "extremist" about this add .Everything it says is true. But this was the only copy of the add I could find on YouTube.


  1. Glad he didn't get it this go-round. He doesn't even live in the district.

  2. Me too. He's just a typical slimy liar, they seem to gravitate to the Democratic Party.