Thursday, April 6, 2017

Home Invaders pick the wrong house to roust.

This story is from Fox News, so it's not "fake news."  You ever notice it's people from mainly rural states that defend themselves?

I'm a firm believer in having a rifle within reach.  In this case, it's an SVT-40.  I own two AR-15 rifles, but generally they stay in the safe. I like older rifles.  I have two AK-47 rifles stashed in easy to reach places in the house, though.

Last night was rough.  Really bad thunder and lightning, and it just wouldn't go away.  About eleven o'clock, my wife went out on the porch to let one of her cats in, and she saw that one of her two white chickens was not roosting in their spot. ( Only two chickens can roost on the porch, fortunate favorites of the Queen.)  Pandemonium.  I got my flood light and lit up the pasture. Alas, in the pouring rain, with lightning flashing overhead,  there was the chicken.  I got an umbrella and went out there to get her. I figured I'd surely get struck by lightning, and it would be a fitting end to an anything but ordinary life. Made it back to the house OK though.  The chicken was dried off with a towel and then warmed up with a blow dryer.  She spent the night in the house in a box, wrapped in a towel. You ever smelled wet chicken features when they are heated? 

She's  out in the plant room tonight.  I think that chicken had a stroke. She can eat and walk around but it's definitely taken a hit. This is one of the two chickens my daughter rescued from a pet store just before they became snake food. They are really big white chickens, and she told us they wouldn't live long because they were genetically bred for meat, and that messed them up.  So, instead of being eaten by a snake, they came down here, and have lived the good life. Even if the chicken croaks, she grabbed the brass ring. We all gotta go some time.

When a chicken dies here, I always tell my wife I buried it but I really throw it into the woods. To paraphrase Jose Wales , "possums got to eat, same as  raccoons!."

This has been a bad day weather wise.  Sleet and cold rain on and off all day. I had to drag all the heaters for the outbuildings back out because I've got to heat the buildings again tonight. Supposed to get down to the high twenties and snow.  My wife reminded me that if often snows here in April, but I figured we were finished with that this year.

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  1. Here in W MI it was miserable all day. Winds 30-40 mph, rain, snow, and combination of both...snain, my favorite...NOT. Definitely a bad hair day, even hairspray couldn't make me look professional today :). And my locks are stick straight, except when being blown all over. My GPS took me down every gravel road known to mankind, all of which are badly rutted due to all the heavy rain we have had over the past couple of weeks. Every creek/stream/river/pond/lake/mud puddle are well over their banks. Noah could float his ark in our front yard.
    On the other hand, we didn't get the 6-12" of snow that was forecast as the temp stayed right around 33-35.
    I have little grounds to whine too much...this winter really has been pretty easy to be a visiting nurse driving around in. But, boy, was I glad to get home and dry off tonight!!

    I hope the chicken revives after a day of being inside and getting extra love. :) Silly chickens should roost in the chicken house...tho' I suppose foxes need to eat too.

    And if April showers bring May flowers, we are going to have a bumper crop this year!

    1. Suz, I saw it was pretty nasty up that way. It's a good thing you didn't get all that snow, since even for experienced drivers with four wheel drive vehicles, it can get traumatic quickly in that environment.

      I have free range chickens, so I do lose some of them to wildcats and other predators, but they go up into the pine trees so they are pretty safe at night. These two big white one's were raised from chicks by my daughter, so they like being around people. My wife is fond of them because they follow her around, so they have a little perch on the porch so they can stay out of the weather. I get all kinds of animals here my daughter rescues and brings down from the city. That's how I got into ferrets ten years ago and I've never stopped having them, I really love the little wretches.

  2. Harry,

    The young man in Oklahoma who killed the 3 intruders did the correct thing defending himself. The District Attorney has decided it was self defense and is not prosecuting him.

    Sometimes you just have to do what you have to when it comes to dead birds.

    Hope your weather starts warming up and getting better. The weather sure has been bad this spring across this country.

    1. He sure made the news. The Sheeple are offended, decent people rejoice.

      Two and a half gainer into the woods, that's the way to handle chicken corpses. All the little woodland creatures sing "Thank you very much! Thank you very much! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!"

      I've had it to the gills with storms and with cold nights. It's got to end sometime.

  3. In the city they have 911. In the country we have guns.

    1. Indeed. And we have the will to use them.

  4. i had a big long comment...but then i just went back and looked at the pic of you and your dog...and then the big long comment fell out of my head. i love that pic of "Harry" and the dog.

    sending so much love your way. as always. and always will. your friend,

    1. Hey, Kymber. Blogger has been in and out all day. Most of the morning I couldn't even get on. Glad you were able to. That's Bell, she's one of my hounds. Good dog.

      Hope all is well up there.

  5. my most fav quote of all time, along with " dieing ain't much of a livin boy". i always asked a new private why he joined up. no matter the answer i gave him the clint squint and in by best eastwood voice said that and watched them turn green, lol....we got wind. snow on the ridge tops but we got wind. did i mention the wind. sheesh, i thought march was over. looks like winters last gasp tho...oklahoma intruder's dad was saying his kid was unarmed bc he only had brass knuckles. i say he should have taught his son not to break into peoples houses. hope he got shot before he bred...just paid 750 bucks to replace the pressure tank on the well, there goes my gun money for a while, pout pout....own several "modern sporting rifles" but i've grown fond of an m1carbine i built from parts. just bought a blackhawk that uses the same round to go with it, that will soon be my constant companion. stay warm harry.

  6. We're the same here. I am just high enough up on the mountain to have gotten snow dusting last night. Most of the county just got sleet. We have had a lot of wind today, one big branch came down out of an oak tree right where my Jeep is parked, but didn't hit it.

    I got a big bill from the well company too. If is isn't one thing, it's another. At least I have water, though, so I guess I should be happy.

    I like the Black Hawk. It was the first gun I ever bought myself, way back in the seventies.

  7. I had a similar chicken experience. Had a red roo that was the backup breeder for the daughter's chicken project. We had one of those rolling thunder storms come in and then the rain came down. All the chickens ran in except the roo. He went running down the lane out towards the mountains. Stupid roo would have ended up being coyote bait. Needless to say, I ended up rounding up the racing roo and we were both soaked to the skin. And, yes, wet chicken is not a nice smell. Oh, and plant those expired chickens under a fruit tree sapling or berry bush. Wonderful fertilizer.

    Hope the weather system that is blowing through here bypasses you. Not a nice one. Very high winds with squalls of heavy rain and hail. Be safe out there!

    1. Chickens are a mixed blessing. My wife loves to sit out on the porch and watch them pecking and scratching in the woods. She likes the biddies. I have to feed them, and clean up the poop off the porch and walkways. But I guess I do like them. It's not fun chasing chickens in the rain, but somebody has to do it!

      I spent most of this morning replacing shakes off the barn. Didn't lose any on the other buildings, but a whole section came off on the barn. Don't know why. I have the materials and tools to repair that though, so it's more a matter of time than anything else, not hard.