Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If you live on the West Coast, you might want to store more than 3 days supplies. Even if the Big One doesn't hit , there's always North Korea.

Things are getting dicey:

As long as the North Koreans couldn't reach us with ballistic missiles, they were pretty much on the back burner. Sure, North Korea is a bandit state run by a lunatic, but it's been that way since the end of WW2 and we're doing ok.  Or that was the party line, anyway.

Bill Clinton told us he had it all solved in October of 1995, just like Blowjama told us he had everything under control with Iran.

But Bill was wrong.

Our "intelligence" services tell us it will be at least four years before North Korea can marry up a hydrogen warhead with their current ballistic missile delivery system.  Of course, our "intelligence services" are the same outfits who told the U.S. Navy that the Japanese fleet was still in Tokyo Bay on December 7th, 1941.  They haven't improved significantly since then.  Not that it's entirely their fault. Congress eviscerated the C.I.A. , when certain congressmen decided that "spying" was a bad thing and that "gentlemen don't read each other's mail."

Whatever North Korea needs in the way of help, they can buy from Pakistan. Look up A.Q.Khan network on Google. Khan is the father of the Pakistani bomb, and a national hero there. He also ran a business selling nuclear expertise and hardware to rogue states like North Korea and Iran.  When he got caught, he got house arrest in his palatial villa and was allowed to keep his profits. It's a tough life in Pakistan.


The news tells us that North Korea can't reach the West Coast yet.  Of course, that was the party line when Obama was running the show, and as he was completely ineffectual, the media sold Americans the story that it didn't matter, the Bogey Man couldn't hurt us even if we couldn't do anything about him.

CNN recently did a segment showing a map with North Korean missiles falling into the sea off the coast. This clip below is from the Wall Street Journal. It tells a different story than CNN's humbug.

Then there's the annoying fact that the North Korean's have now got sub launched missiles.

Their subs are not as good as ours. And we have an excellent hunter killer sub fleet. But, if you don't have to worry about losing all your submarines in an attack, and you have a lot of them, you can probably get a few of them in close enough to the continental U.S. to launch.

President Trump is the first American President with any moral courage in a long time. But the options are limited.  We don't want to set anything off with China, and North Korea (believe it or not, it's true) has the largest ground Army in the world. Their equipment is not bad and Korean soldiers on either side of the DMZ are very good soldiers. Enthusiasm for another ground war in Korea is at low ebb in just about all quarters.

Well, we could bomb the North Koreans into the stone age. Although, with the exception of the ruling elite, they are pretty much already there without our help. There's the awkward fact that their nuclear facilities and the "upper crust" hidey holes are way down deep underground. We might get them with our own nuclear weapons, but that's a political no go.

Personally, I have no idea how to fix this. But I hope somebody comes up with something pretty soon. At least before the North Koreans can reach further inland than the West Coast.  I could probably live with it if Los Angeles and San Francisco got the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment, but I'm downwind of Atlanta.

Thought for the Day:

If you bought one of these 1950's Civil Defense radiation detectors, as I did eons ago, it has to be calibrated. That wasn't a problem until the Congress passed laws that made it almost impossible for a  non government lab to keep the necessary radioactive elements on hand to re-calibrate the units.

The only outfit I know that still does is: K14U.


If anybody knows of anyone else who does it, I'd sure like to know about it. K14U is a good outfit but they are expensive.

But then again.....

By the way...

Here's a really old post apocalyptic movie that will really curl your hair. Made quite a stir back in November of 1983.  More than 100 million people watched it's premier on ABC.

The Day After


  1. the little blob doesn't scare me, but syria situation scares the crap out of me. that pipeline is critical to russia's future solvency. if they see a clear and present danger to it they will react. meanwhile our only interest is the saudi pipeline to keep the royal sheiks in power and the petrodollar as the reserve currency of the world. neither are worth millions of lives. the only problem with nk is that china will move in and have even more presence across from japan. oh well, i can't do anything but prep and pray so that's what i'll do. its summer, time to enjoy life again and forget all this intrigue.

  2. the Bible has a perfect description of nuclear war and aftermath.
    it will happen.
    did you ever know of mankind to not use a weapon it had developed?
    again, it will happen, we just don't know where nor do we know the extent.
    Jesus said that there would have been no flesh left living if He had not foreshortened the time.
    only thing i worry about is our child, moreso because she is a girl.

  3. As long as they can only hit California, Oregon, and Washington State I'm not too worried about it myself. But it won't be long before they can hit the whole country, and my concern factor then will be much higher.

    I'm not an expert on the pipeline thing, but my impression was that Russia doesn't want a natural gas pipeline going through Syria, because the gas it carried would go to Europe. Right now, Russia has Europe by the short hairs, because Europe is dependent on the Russians for natural gas. But if the pipeline from the middle east to Europe, which would pass through Syria , is completed Russian influence will be diminished. There's probably more to it than I know.

    Since I have no solution to the problem, I guess the only thing I can do is sit back and watch the show, as you say.

    1. actually, russia wants the pipeline thru syria to profit off the europeans global warming laws. they want/need the outside income to prop up their economy. the saudis want theirs thru iraq to diversify from oil production to gas transport. their oil is running out, to stay in power the royals need huge sums of cash to buy off their own people. when the cash flow goes, so does the royal line. both countries are desperate, and desperate men do desperate things.

    2. So they want the big green and they want a hammer to hold over Europe? Can't say as I blame them, it makes sense.

  4. MacArthur wanted to take out China, Patton wanted to take out Russia. Both said that if we didn't, the decision would come back to haunt us. Both were right. Nearly every international problem that we have comes back to the failure to listen to the two generals.

    1. The problem with fighting big countries is you can't occupy them. Then , when you've pounded them to dust, they won't quit and you get this running sore syndrome. I guess we might have been able to take on Russia and China while we were the only one's who had the bomb, but only by killing zillions of innocent people. No one can call me a pacifist, and I guess if I could see a happy ending for us in those plans I'd have gone along with the program. It's one of those easy to get into but hard as hell to get out of deals.

      I've always admired General Patton. Never much like Dug Out Doug, who hauled ass and left his troops in the Philippines.

  5. Yeah - apart from the chaos here, am watching the North Korea / USA developments nervously...

    1. Even if we have to set about them and light them up, you folks in South Africa should be ok. Unless, of course, it's like Neville Schute's book "On the Beach." and radiation got down there.

      Seems like nowhere is calm and sedate anymore. I've got Moslems moving into Chattanooga and other eastern Tennessee towns in droves. Not two hours from me. Not too sanguine about that....

    2. Yup - remember that book well...

    3. I'm telling you Dani, time to think about moving to Australia. The news in your part of the world is not good. Starting to sound like Rhodesia in some quarters.....

      When I was in Italy, I met some Rhodesian refugees and heard their stories. Then when I got out of the service, and went back to college here, I was at a lecture by a "freedom fighter" at the college and heard the same kind of B.S. from him I'm seeing on the net now in S.A. He and I had a frank and open exchange of views at this lecture and I got counseled about "respect for guests." I took the tack that this guy didn't reserve any respect and got off with an a** chewing. I have often thought that if North Georgia College had not been a military school, I would never have gotten my P.B. degree and would be working in a gas station somewhere right now.

  6. I've got a couple of those surplus Civil Defense meters. I bought them years ago, and my wife laughs at me.

    And yep, we're good for at least three days here....

    1. Get those babies calibrated. Living where you live now Dr. J, you may need them. I hope you get your move made before too long.

      If the big one hits California, I hope you and the wife can bug out. Things will get chaotic there in short order. Those who did nothing to get ready will welcome the opportunity to loot those who did.

    2. She retires the second week of June. Then it's get the house sold, and we're OUTTA here! We're not terribly concerned with immediately buying a place, as the "shop" on the same property as where the kids live now has an attached one bedroom "apartment" that we're free to stay in until we buy a place.

      I have some radioactive "test samples" that I've used to check the survey meters, and they're plenty accurate enough to use.

      Given our proximity to Warren AFB in Cheyenne, and all the missile silos around that part of Northern Colorado/Southeastern Wyoming, it we ever get hit with a major nuclear exchange, we'll be gone in a flash......

    3. It's going to be a big change, Dr. J. I retired a year or so before my wife did. Then when she did, we had more time together and I started getting out a lot more. Also, you have to get used to being around each other a lot more than you are accustomed too. But retirement is really good, it's so much better than working. I had some penny antee jobs like working at the State Park after I first retired, because I didn't like being home so much, but that wears off and you get used to it. Plus, you can do the same things you were doing before she retired in your case.

      That's good to know about the meters. I sent mine off and got it calibrated back when I bought it, and I noticed then that it didn't seem to have changed much. I used to keep a log, and take a reading every week, but I don't do that anymore.

      If it's little Porky Pig from Korea popping off nucs, he won't aim for silos. I doubt they could hit something relatively small anyway. He would go for maximum casualties, so he'd hit cities. You might be safe out there.

      If we sell this place here, we aren't going to buy anymore. Just rent something. I don't want to have to be out there doing maintenance anymore. I spent a lot of this week working on a retaining wall, and although it's not a bad way to pass the time it's not fun, either.

  7. Bite your tongue, Harry. Your mom and I live in Oregon. I don't worry too much about the fat kid because of the new Sheriff in America. I don't think China will risk their economic strength defending North Korea. But no matter...this has all been foretold in Scripture. Interesting times, indeed.

    1. Well, you and my mom have lived good lives..... :-)

      I think you would be ok, although I guess the prevailing winds are probably from the NW and that would not be good for you if the cities on the coast got vaporized.

      This little piggy thinks he's a God, and nobody has ever told him "no" in his life. I'm a bit concerned that he may cut loose if he can reach us. How much influence the Chinese have with fatty now, I am not sure. They don't seem to cut much ice with him. Not so long ago, they moved 150,000 troops to the NK/Chinese border , to give him a little tap on the shoulder and calm him down. Doesn't seem to have had any effect.

      Unless they can reach Atlanta or Chattanooga I don't have to worry. We could lose the whole west coast and still function, as long as the hinterland and the east coast was untouched. Gosh, now that I think of it, might not be a bad thing..... You and my mom should move to Idaho.

    2. Actually, our prevailing winds are from the South or if they nuke Frisco, it would blow the radiation here. Maybe your mom and I should start a convoy and head your way, (heh). The fat kid and China have always dealt with wussies in the White House. Dems and Repubs alike, especially that total girly Obama. Trump will not be bullied or ride a girls bike.

    3. There's a scene in the old movie at the bottom of the post, where fallout is coming down on a farm , pretty chilling.

      I wish I could think of a way to handle North Korea. I know President Trump has the courage, but what's the plan? I can't think of one. The problem is that the North Koreans could swarm into South Korea, and do a lot of damage. We had 23,000 troops there as "trip wire"forces last time I checked. That's a problem. The North Koreans can't nail us yet, but they can obliterate our ally, Japan. What a rat's nest.

  8. I think our Air Force would quickly overwhelm North Korea. What is troublesome are the 50 submarines that they have. With a ground invasion from the north, and a flanking attack from South Korean waters, it could get really nasty.

    Last time I read, the South had a really hard time tracking those subs. And they already took out a ship a few years ago. Our navy better be on their guard.

    Sounds like China is telling the North that we aren't bluffing. Let's see if China does anything to help this situation. --Troy

    1. North Korea is a tougher air environment than most. They have invested heavily in anti-air missiles and radar controlled flak guns. Their Air Force is a joke but flying over heavy anti-air belts is not funny. The "golden BB" principle applies.

      I remember when the North sank the South Korea corvette. That was a bad omen. The NK subs are based on old Russian designs, but as you point out, there are a lot of them and it's a big ocean. Most of our ocean floor detection systems are in the Atlantic, we don't have a hell of a lot in the Pacific. 50 subs on a one way trip, even with our excellent Navy, I think some would get through. If they can get close to the U.S. people like me would be laughing out of the other sides of our mouths, since they could then reach the whole country and not just the Left Coast.

      I think China will do what it can to tamp this down. They can't be thrilled about psychopathic North Korean God Kings with nucs on their border. The Koreans hate the Japanese but they aren't particularly fond of the Chinese either.

      At least things are not boring

  9. Hey Harry,


    I have been monitoring the NK crisis.

    The latest chatter from Pravda is that Pyongyang evacuated 600,000 people today.
    Another report is that China is sick of NK's crap and working with Trump. China has turned away five ships laden with NK coal that China could have purchased.
    The other report was on The Chinese army released an editorial basically threatening NK with attack for destabilizing the region.
    check out the article on

    I think NK has run out of friends and options. This could be it and the next few days can get real interesting. I hope the U.S. Army has a large supply of Flamethrowers like the ones used in Iwo Jima by the Marines because I think a great many North Korean military will have to be 'cooked out of their spider holes or bunkers'

    Those older subs are easy to track. Flush a toilet and it makes noise. The screw turning makes noise, the shaft turning makes noise. All auxillary systems make noise. Everything makes noise on a sub.
    Navy ASW will have their hands full tracking all the old diesel boats even the ones under water with batteries. I think in a full scale war with NK. The U.S. stands a chance at getting hit with something from North Korea I fear. There are just too many variables in the equation that can lead to disaster.

    1. I haven't had a chance this morning to watch any news. I have to go into town on a supply run, then go by the library and drop off some books, but I'll check out those two sites this afternoon.

      I don't know where all this is going. North Korea has always been one of those things that blows up for a day or so and then just fades out. But this time seems a little more serious.

      Do we have 50 hunter killer subs? My concern is that if the North Koreans send out fifty plus subs, we won't get them all before they can launch. I know we have destroyers and such, but I always heard the best way to kill a sub is with a sub.

      Well, there's a silver lining to every cloud. If the North Koreans blow up California, Oregon and Washington State the Democrats will lose a lot of their base.... It would be poetic justice, since it's always the Democrats who have screwed this up. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, The Kenyan, stupid people who think if you feed a rabid wolf it won't bite you.

    2. Eastern California, Oregon and Washington are conservative, Harry. You really have to stop lumping us together with the coastal liberal nutjobs. The Dems will head east if there is trouble, right into the waiting armed patriot deplorables. First thing Trump needs to do is get rid of the 'rules of engagement', if he has not already done so.

    3. Well, yeah. There are some good folks in CA, like Dr. J (although he's moving out.) "Will the last native born, English speaking,patriotic person who works for a living to leave California please turn out the lights?"

      Then there's you and my own family in Oregon.

      But here's the thing. Washington State has 12 electoral votes. Oregon has 7, and California has 56. Those are all absolute rock solid Democratic Moonbat Snowflake votes.

      There are 538 electors, total.

      So, if Kim Jung Porky blows away the West Coast, 75 less electoral votes for the Schumerites! So the next election, President Trump can start his own party, tell the Republicans to kiss his dierriere, and take a second term without the political machine.

      Then, he can arrest all the Senators and Representatives and send them to concentration camps, ah, I mean, "reeducation camps", go through the Shadow State and send the Democratic moles all to Area 51 from whence they will never return.

      We can shut down the federal courts, and instead the President can make all those decisions.

      We can deport all the Hispanics and Moslems and other undesirables like Hollywood Stars and Pop Tarts. Of course, the really obnoxious "celebrities" will be used for organ donors, they can't just be deported. I'm already making up a list....

      Life will be so sweet.

      See, I have it all planned out, Tewshooz! ;-)

    4. Well, here's the thing. The big cities are all liberals, while the rest are conservative. Since the cities have more people, they get to make the rules for the rest of us. Same thing happening in southern Idaho. The Jefferson state movement is gaining strength here. We are waiting for the big earthquake to take out California, lol.

    5. There's been a lot of stories out there on the news lately about "The Big One" being overdue. I just read a long article about the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and how it's overdue for one of those big quakes that causes massive tsunamis along the coast. Could happen any day.

  10. There is a lot of conjecture in that video. NK is the nation state equivalent of the retarded kid who talks a lot of shit and beats up its younger brother, who is also retarded.

    Have they ever shot a missile past that last 640mi launch? Honesty I'm not totally sure they could bomb Japan.

    Yes they have some nukes and that is a problem. Mostly a problem for their neighbors.

    Subs are troubling and not an area of my expertise. If we are looking for it I can't imagine finding their 60s tech subs is that hard. 50 is a lot but can they put nukes in each one? I thought their bomb numbers were pretty limited. Not an area of my expertise though.

    The odds they could burst some EMPs in hydrogen balloons seems higher.

    Need more potassium iodine and a bunker.

    1. Right now, they're working like hell to arm the subs with nucs. Nobody really knows how many they have. We don't have human intelligence resources in North Korea that I ever heard of, and anyway the Senate and House of Representatives have done all they could do to prevent us from being involved in such a dirty business

      It's a big ocean. Maybe there's some Navy guy out there than can address that issue. I don't know if we could tag 50 subs before they could get close enough to launch. I think someone (i.e. the President) would have to have the courage to take them out long before they got within range. I have no doubt an Obama would wait until they launched and then sit there with a stupid look on his face, but what President Trump would do I don't know.

      They could just get themselves a few clapped out old freighters with flags of convenience, sail into a few American harbors on both coasts, and then set off nucs in the ships. One way trips are no problems for the fanatics, be they goat ropers or North Koreans.

      When you're talking about a guy who uses anti-aircraft cannons for public executions, and who off's his own wife and other family members, who knows?

    2. Subs cruising on the surface can be picked up pretty easily by satellites. Since these are diesel boats, they have to come up for air at regular intervals. Even running submerged "On The Snorkel", they'll leave traces, and since the snorkel isn't very long, they can't run very deep. It's amazing how deep you can see into the open ocean from an aircraft or satellite. I'm sure we have a recon satellite parked over them these days. Anything leaves port, it'll get tracked, and if need be, hunted down and killed.

    3. i thought the diesel subs were easy to track too unil i read a report that said one day last year all of them disappeared and were lost for about a month. butt holes puckered all around the pentagon. how did they do it? no idea. now, i don't see 50 of them armed but it only takes one.

    4. The Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish (I forget which) Diesel subs are extraordinarily quite, but I don't see the Norks having anything like that.

      I'd take the Nork 'disappearance' with a grain of salt. I know too many Navy people, and consultants, to believe it....

    5. The Russians captured some of the Ultra quiet German U boat MKXX1 types at the end of WW2. I know they then built their own subs using that German technology, and they gave some of the subs to the North Koreans in the sixties. But it does seem unlikely that these older subs could sneak up on the American mainland. I suppose they could stay under water all the way using the snorkel. I know we have satellites now that can read the name on a golf ball, so the snorkels should be detectable.

    6. RR, you've got a good point. Suppose the North Koreans could only arm , say, five subs but flushed all fifty to sixty to sea at once. That's a problem I hadn't considered.

  11. All this makes me really nervous. I hope we're not n for a World War III.

    1. I doubt a flash war between the U.S. and North Korea would cause a world war. It's possible South Korea and Japan could get drawn in, but I doubt it. China wouldn't be all that sorry to see the end of the Hermit Kingdom under nut jobs.

      It could be unfortunate for the Korean people, and for us too if the North Koreans figured out some way to set off a couple of big bombs in the U.S.

      Just driving them across the Southern Border in a truck full of vegetables is always an option, at least until we can undo 8 years of an open border.