Friday, April 7, 2017

Islamic Terrorist Attack in Sweden, Where are Uthred of Bebbanburg and the Sword Danes? Sweden needs the help.

It's almost hard to feel sorry for Sweden.  They've been living in a fantasy world, and now reality has interrupted the love fest.

Meanwhile, over in Norway:

Here's an interesting story from a European paper. I found it on the Breitbart page.
8 April 2017

Young Somalis in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania have “demolished” their kitchen and living quarters during a violent “rampage” in which they demanded PlayStations and more pocket money.

Four teenagers have been separated and sent to other residences for ‘unaccompanied minors’ after their violent rampage forced a staff member of the facility to flee to his office, where the 44-year-old locked himself in and called for police help.
The migrants had only been in Germany for two weeks when they became violent, threatening to beat the member of staff tasked with their care unless he fulfilled demands including giving the teens game consoles, more pocket money, and moving them to accommodation in a bigger city.
The Somalis, who are reportedly between the ages of 15 and 17, destroyed most of the furniture and “demolished” the kitchen in their taxpayer-funded living quarters.
According to Parchimer Zeitung, the youths were still rioting when police arrived, forcing police to put them in handcuffs while the situation could calm down.
The German newspaper stated that the four unaccompanied minors will be held responsible for the property damage caused, and attempted blackmail of officials.
Jan Buchholz, who runs the accommodation in Dargelütz, was reportedly taken aback by the violence as the Somalis had only been living there for two weeks, having been sent back to Germany from Scandinavian countries under the Dublin agreement.
The migrant housing operator said the outburst came as a surprise, noting the young men had been participating in a carpentry workshop in the region. “As long as they are busy, they don’t cause us much stress,” said Mr. Buchholz.
However, police had to intervene at the accommodation for so-called unaccompanied minors in Dargelütz just a few days prior to the Somalis’ rampage over what the migrants believed to be insufficient pocket money.
Officers in the operation seized more than 40 grammes of cannabis from a 17-year-old Syrian, who then proceeded to violently resist arrest.
Breitbart London reported on how migrants in Germany last year burned down a conference hall during Ramadan, causing £8.6 million in damages, because they feared Christians and other non-Muslims would eat all the gummy bears and Nutella chocolate spread during the daylight hours in which Muslims choose to fast.

Dark Moon Rising:

The West has been fighting Islam for well over a thousand years. We better get with the program pretty soon or it's no more bacon for anybody.


  1. That Dr. Unni Wikan blows my mind. But, just looking at her, I would bet she is pretty safe from Muslim men. She should be run out of Norway on a rail.

  2. She just goes to show that the liberal, multi-cultural mentality is pervasive everywhere. It's a mentality that's hard to understand, but there's no denying it exists.

    I expect even the Islamic goat fanciers would find the good Dr. unappealing.

  3. Sadly, perhaps now Sweden will wake up to the devil in their midst, just as France seems to be doing now. --Troy

    1. I think they're probably too far gone at this point. They took in hundreds of thousands of the sand fleas when all this started, and they're taking in more of them this year.
      Do you remember the old Sean Connery movie, Zardoz. Same scenario only this one is real.

  4. They thought multi-cutli was all about exotic foods and different sounding music. Now that they have it, and learn its about death cult lunatics mowing down unbelievers with 18 wheelers they refuse to see the truth. It is no longer Europe, it is Eurabia.

  5. Maybe the Europeans have the same problem we have here in the U.S. People have been told for so long that "everyone is alike inside", they believe it.

    Those who get out into the world and actually see Moslems in their own habitat don't cherish that illusion for very long.

    I would think that having seen what happens when you get thousands of people who worship a death cult and detest the indigenous culture in every respect, Europeans would be eradicating the problem while they can. But, especially in Sweden, the "intelligentsia" is still preaching multiculturalism. Too bad for the man and woman in the street, who are powerless and have to live with the consequences. Until President Trump was elected, we were following the same insane path, with the Kenyan doing all he could to get more of his beloved Moslems into the country. I think Europe may be too far gone now, the demographic projections are very grim. There may be hope for us here, if we can overcome the reactionaries and progressives in the government.

    Your assessment of the sheeple and multiculturalism seems accurate and succinct to me. It is what it is, and it just doesn't seem to be self correcting no matter what the Islamist's do.

  6. thing i notice about 'liberals' is that human nature seems to them to be alterable by propaganda.
    keep saying over and over again that we are all the same, that all cultures are equal. then it must be so.
    it may have worked in scandinavia where the brainwashed deny the evidence of their eyes.
    how do you brainwash the most basic survival instinct out of people?
    how do you do it?
    liberal idealists seem to believe that they will be untouched by rapery, other torture and murder, possibly because
    'their hearts are pure'.
    they are in a dream and it is a nightmare.
    the other 'liberals' are running the show with their own demonic intentions.
    but they are also blind though their eyes are open to their own gain.
    the devil never lets go of what he has paid for and that is their filthy souls.
    this is just the evidence of the ongoing good versus evil humans have been engaged in since cain slew abel.
    and thus it shall be until the end.
    God, help us!

    1. I think a lot of this happens because the people making decisions are doing so on the basis of their own philosophy, not on personal experience. Particularly with academics, you often get the individual who goes to college for a BA, stays in college for a masters, works as a professors assistant while they stay in college for a doctorate, then they teach. What do people like that know of anything. Yet they are disproportionately represented in the decision making process.

      I have seen some videos done by Swedes who are outraged and appalled at what is happening in their country,but since the ruling strata of society is dead set on taking these fatal actions, the people in the streets are largely powerless.

      The main reason I don't feel sorry for Sweden is that their rulers have been very vocal in criticizing us for not "taking our fair share", and now I have a hard time not taking satisfaction in their difficulties. I know this is unfair, because the people at the top aren't suffering as a result of their actions. Can't help it though.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I read a lot science fiction as well as you know. Some books came out on 'Alternate History' some years ago on the premise that something happened to change history in another direction and so the our present is different. I did not read the book but I seem to recall a much lesser know writer wrote a book about someone delivering cases of AK-47's and Ammo to the Alamo before it was surrounded and defeated. Imagine the Texans on the walls 'mowing down' Mexicans. 'Hell Gen. Santa Anna would be in range of the 'most novice' sharp shooter.

    I had an idea. Go back in time and convince 'several thousand' hardened "Vikings' to board a ship and rescue their lands in the far future (now) The Vikings would need shots against modern ailments, etc. It would take a hell of gold and convincing to get the barbarians to agree to this. Then get them to the future and tell them who the enemy is and 'cute loose the dogs of war'
    The video footage on CNN, FOXNEWS etc, would be epic. Imagine the bloodbath. 'Harry, you know how I feel about 'Starbucks' Imagine actual real (950 A.D) Vikings 'raiding' a Starbucks with all the metro sexual modern men urinating their pants.

    In essence European men forgot to be real men. Where are the hero's of the past.

    1. I enjoyed the science fiction novel about people in the future supplying the Confederate States of America with modern weapons. It was well written .

      There's one video I've seen of about 50 Swedish men attacking "refugee"camps after a young woman was murdered in their town by a "refugee." None of that ever gets on the news there, you have to really dig to find the information. But overall, France seems to be where there are serious efforts by militia to get rid of the Moslems. Germany has had a few incidents of Germans fighting back, but it seems to be individuals.

      There have to be some men left in Europe with a full set, but maybe they are disorganized and news of them is being suppressed. There had better be, as I doubt we will be so fortunate as to find some Vikings frozen in an iceberg so we can revive them. I wish, though.

  8. sent a comment. either moderated or didn't get through.
    my basic question is; how is it possible to so thoroughly suppress or kill the natural survival instinct?
    vladimir lenin said the way to power was to brainwash the children.
    that may be so. we see the results all around us, but surely the survival impulse is an instinct and must turn on at some point in at least some people?
    how has scandinavia , or france or germany, become so overrun with vermin and the orkin man is not called in?
    did they kill the orkin man? what is the reason that the people allow the ugly shrivelled woman to say they are responsible for the rapine and murderous behavior of the moslem, and not the responsibility of the moslem criminals?
    how can you not see with your eyes open?
    they must all be hypnotized, perhaps literally.

    1. I think it got through, Deb. There were lots of intermittent problems with blogger all day long yesterday.

      I think it's a problem of leadership. Someone has to have the moral courage to say "let's take this to the streets." Then they have to have the leadership to orchestrate resistance. There are lots of people who would take up arms to rid their countries of the Moslems if they had a leader to tell them what to do.

      I have been watching the news in Europe looking for signs of someone like that. There are politicians who are willing to do the right thing as regards the Moslems, but they need fighters, not talkers.