Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Atlanta Theme Song. Batteries. Food Storage.

This song pretty much sums up the attitude of certain individuals you are apt to run up on in parts of Atlanta.  The individual who sings it was a famous "rapper", idolized by young men in "de hood." Fortunately, he got gunned down years ago. But the thought processes you hear in this are alive, and well, and operative in most American cities.  Just a word of warning, every other word in this is obscene, but it's an eye opener.  Believe me, these guys are out there. You don't have to get off the freeway at the wrong exit to meet them , either. They can pop up anywhere.

It's a mistake to think "well, if they mess with me, I'll shoot them."  Do that in Atlanta, or any big American city, and you'll be starring in the sequel to "The Gentle Giant" or "Treyvon on his way to bible study." It's way better to just let them have the cities and stay out of there.


And yet, every day the news starts out with somebody getting whacked down in Atlanta because they drove a nice car into the wrong neighborhood, or needed some gas. It's like a broken record. Interesting to note that even back when this song was written, Luxury SUV's were a favored target.

Still, when it gets right down to it, remember the old saying. "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6."  I have no faith in "justice" in an American city when a white person shoots a black person. The circumstances don't matter one iota. You're still going to be an evil "Cracka" who gunned down Lafondu on his way to church.  Beats being dead, though.

Nothing lasts forever:

My security camera system finally gave up the ghost.  It was a wired system, and it worked for nearly fifteen years in some pretty bad weather. Freezing cold in winter, blistering hot and humid in summer. I'll have to replace it. Might not be so easy, since all the systems I've looked at on line feature "wireless" cameras and you have to have a smart phone instead of a monitor. I am not going to be getting a smart phone, they won't work here anyway.  I'm not all that keen on the "wireless" camera issue either. I already use so many battery powered devices here that it's a significant additional expense to keep them in batteries. I can't imagine that a wireless camera that was on 24 hours a day, seven days a week would not consume batteries at an alarming rate.

As it is, I wait til Christmas is over, and then buy the big packs of batteries at Home Depot.  Saves a lot of money and I always have batteries on hand.  But I'm not sure I can afford to run "wireless cameras."

Farmer's Market and the County Cannery

The county farmers market and the canning plant are opening back up.  Before much longer, we'll be able to buy fresh vegetables, honey, and cheese there , among other things.  The cannery has been completely renovated within the last year or so.  They used sales tax money to do it, which was a refreshing change from what they usually do with it.  This is more useful than a "fine arts center" or a "student's agricultural center."  Through the summer, when school it is out, the cannery is open most days. But during the school year it's only open two days a week because they have girls from the High School home economics classes working there.

If you don't have a cannery near you, or you don't grow your own food, you can buy number ten cans of basics from the Mormon canneries.  Here's a link to locations for them. As far as I know, there's only one now in Georgia, down in Tucker.  Too far to drive.

Locations of Mormon Canneries in U.S. and Canada

Speaking of the Mormons, here's one of their books that's outstanding. It has information on just about everything you could need to know for the bad times.  The last edition I know of was published in 2012, but maybe there's a new one out.  It's not cheap but it's good value.

And one final thing on this.  Here's a link to the Mormon home food storage calculator. When I ordered that 18 wheeler full of supplies in 1999, this is what I used to decide how much of what to buy. 

LDS food storage calculator

Well, I've got a doctors appointment in another county today, so I'd better start getting ready. At least it's an excuse to get off the mountain for awhile. And, there's a good buffet place up there.

Thought for the Day:

Crackhead interviews with Starbucks.


  1. On Easter I had a past student get shot in the back, and he died last Monday. My fear is a drug deal going bad. He left behind a 2 1/2 year old. At the funeral the little girl kept running up to the casket to say, "Daddy wake up, and play with me." :( I wish violence would stop. I'm not for banning anything. I'm not so sure I have an answer for making violence stop. If guns were banned, bad people would still have them, or other weapons. Mental illness and addiction are a huge problem. It doesn't help that we have so many single parents raising kids either.

    1. knew a guy up here who dealt drugs. He was a contractor, or at least, that's the business he used to launder his drug money. He had a nice Spanish mauser he was selling and that's how I met him. But he crossed the wrong people and wound up floating face down in a canal in Miami. He had a nice wife and two little kids. When I heard he got whacked I wasn't all that surprised, but I was surprised he would be dealing with Florida dope dealers when he had a wife and kids.

      There's no end to violence, and no stopping it. I just read in archaeology magazine that they've excavated a site in Africa where 20 plus people were killed in a massacre and cannibalized, long before civilization was even an idea. It's in the genes.

      Mental illness is a horrible problem here. Back in 2007, when the economy went down, our Governor had to cut the stte budget back big time. One of the things he did was close all the state mental institutions.

      That meant, that when somebody got brought in to a hospital, somebody crazy as hell, there was no place to send them. We do have two or three private, for profit,mental health facilities in most of our big cities, but if the patient doesn't have insurance, they won't touch them.

      So what happens is the crazy person is kept at the hospital, under observation, (usually some poor security guard sitting in a chair outside the room for 12 hours), then on the fourth day they are discharged and put out the back door. Just put out the door, no ride home, nothing.

      Nobody picks up people by the road anymore because the odds are, way out here, it's a psychiatric patient who has been cut loose.

  2. lds ships a case of number 10's for about 6 bucks. online selection is limited but cheap....check out eneloop batteries made by sanyo, rechargeable, won't leak in your equipment and ruin it like the others do now days....yeah the sheriff that said ms13 wasn't a problem just begged council to give him a bucket of cash to hire a designated gang officer. it always goes back to the money. he needs to pull some deputies off the highway, leave it to the state boys, and let them be anti-gang, and stay out of our pockets. i can only pray that there is a great day of reckoning one day soon that we may rid ourselves of these animals but i fear it is too late. too bad we are all so independent, or we could band together for a better society. our strength is our achilles heal, lol. take care brother.

    1. I knew somebody who bought tons of stuff from the LDS, and I can't remember who it was. Somebody who comments here pretty often but I just can't recall the name. Maybe he'll see the comments and chime in. He was always positive about it. I remember him telling me he used to can his own stuff, but the Mormons changed the rule and now he can only buy it. Something like that, anyway.

      I've heard of rechargeable batteries but not that brand. I'll check it out. It has often occurred to me that I should get some to augment my regular batteries. I could keep charging batteries as long as I had diesel for the generator , and I have A LOT of diesel.

      My brother was on an anti-Gang squad somewhere or other in California for a number of years. Pretty grim. I have no idea why he did it, the money wasn't that good. I think the Feds should try to do something besides sit on their collective asses and make pronouncements to the media. I did see a speech by Attorney General Sessions last week on the subject and he was hot on it. Maybe things will change. With Holder and Lynch as A.G. there was never going to be anything done in that quarter about gangs. Their sole reason for existing was to kiss Blowjama's behind and be good little... well, good sycophants.

      Maybe one of these days somebody will emerge from the faceless masses and start the ball rolling. It could happen.

  3. Sooner or later, some one is going to set off a violence chain reaction that will be too difficult to stop. Its inevitable I think.

    Enjoy your time out and your meal. And keep an eye out for hitchhikers, that sounds really scary.

    1. It wouldn't surprise me. There have been some real knock down drag out's in the streets between Schumers Legions of the Damned and Donald Trump supporters. Lots of things are happening that infuriate normally peaceful conservative people. Once it gets going everybody will leap on the band wagon. After eight years of Blowjama there's a lot of pent up anger out there.

      We're back now. Had a good lunch. The doctor visit was not fun, but it's over.

      I used to pick up hitch hikers as a matter of course. Lots of people come off the Appalachian Trail near my house, beat up, tired out, worn to a frazzle. I used to give them rides to town if I passed them. But since the state closed the psychiatric facilities, the mentally ill who don't have family are just out there wandering around. Some of them are not violent, but a lot of them are. You can't take chances anymore.

  4. What part of the video system died, Harry?

    Stuff like that is almost always repairable.

    1. The monitor just crapped out. I used to have a crisp black and white picture and audio. As time passed, the picture got fuzzier and fuzzier. Eventually the audio quit. Then the different cameras started going out. Now the last one has quit. The thing is more than 15 years old, and I didn't pay but about thirty dollars for it back then, so I got my money's worth out of it. Rather than trying to find someone to repair it, I just decided to replace it. Surely, in 15 years, there are better security camera systems out there. But they all seem to think you want to monitor the system only when you call in on your cell phone, and I want 24/7 coverage.

      What I really need to do is get some understanding of battery life in one of these cameras. I haven't done my research yet.....

  5. Off topic but I don't think any one reading this blog will mind;
    From James Wesley, Rawles just added on https://survivalblog.com/notes-for-tuesday-april-25-2017/
    Breaking News: The BATFE has reversed part of its notorious Open Letter on mis-use of arm braces on pistols, now making it clear that “incidental, sporadic, or situational ‘use’” of an arm brace wherein it contacts the shooter’s shoulder does NOT constitute a redesign and hence it would not make the owner subject to prosecution. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. Hopefully President Trump will announce far more gun law reforms at the upcoming NRA meeting in Atlanta!

    1. I don't really like the arm braces, myself, but I know some people who do. I wasn't aware there was a problem with BATF, but then, there's ALWAYS a problem with BATF. Maybe without Holder and Obama around they'll use a little more common sense.

      No problem on off topic. Thread creep happens, nobody minds.

  6. Sorry to hear about your dead security camera issue. I have had the same trouble - finding a wired system in this day and age. I gave up after looking on EBay for a 'legacy' system

    I ended up with one of these, which I access using an Android tablet (WiFi enabled but no cell net) An iPad will work as well


    Warm regards from Idaho! Keep the faith.

    1. Hey, I appreciate the information. I have a Kindle, but it isn't 100 percent compatible with other Android units, as I have found to my cost.

      My old system just sat on a small table in the living room, and cycled through the cameras, or stayed on one, depending on what I told it to do with the control buttons on the monitor. I liked it fine but it just plain wore out.

      If you couldn't find a wired system on Ebay that bodes ill for my own efforts. If I do find something I'll post on it so you know it's out there.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. I ordered one of these wired cameras https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M8JL73U/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and have been happy with it. I also ordered two "dummy" cameras https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GHQD8D6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Good luck

    1. Joe Mama, sounds like what I am looking for, I'll go take a look. Does it have a monitor? Thanks for the link.

  8. I had never heard of a county cannery until I started reading your blog. I wonder if a lot of people use it. Sounds like a good idea for people who don't have the money to purchase the equipment to do their own canning at home. I had a friend who went to a Mormon cannery. He brought me back some dehydrated apples. I was terribly disappointed in them. Now, I dehydrate and can a lot of my own food. I have not tried any of the other food they sell. Jana

    1. Jana,everything up here centers around the county. We only have one town in our county, although there is one little settlement that has it's own school because it's so isolated and difficult to reach. The county tries to address all the needs of the residents, and the farmers market and the cannery are very popular. Not least, I think, because you can put up food in cans instead of jars. The local women here can vast amounts of food because they have big family gardens. Also because people are not all that happy with commercial canned food. Too many recalls and they don't like all the salt in it.
      It's good you have the equipment to do your own canning because then you can set your own schedule and do it your own way.

  9. The Mormons know their food storage! They have some good resources.
    We have the same issues with wireless camera systems. All of them rely on internet devices and such which just aren't feasible for us with the type of internet we have.

    1. They really do. I'm not a Mormon but I like them. They are good people. Religious scruples lay lightly enough on my shoulders, so it doesn't fuss me any about their religion, they don't hurt anyone.

      I really need a wired security camera system that is powered by ac line current. The wireless stuff isn't going to work for me here, like you I have marginal internet service.

  10. Your readers can get the LDS Prep online manual for free here: www.ldsavow.com/PrepManualGeneral.html

    This is not an official LDS publication, rather it was written by an LDS member who has a preparedness blog. In order to get the download, you do have to supply them an e-mail address that you can opt out of at any time. You can also buy the hardcopy from his site. To my knowledge, there hasn't been any updates to this book since 2012.

    The LDS canneries still sell food online or in person. Gone are the days that you could go there and can your own food or rent the canning tools to take home (it is my opinion that Obama's FDA cracked down on the canneries). However, of the 100 or so canneries there are a few locations in Utah and Idaho that still allow anyone to come in and can food today. --Troy

    1. Troy, that's really good to know. I don't remember exactly what I paid for my copy, but it was a lot. Then when the book came in the mail I was really impressed. It was excellent. To be able to get a copy free from the internet is quite a boon.

      I knew there had been some shake up with the cannery situation, but wasn't sure exactly what it was. As far as I know, there are no Mormons in my county and the nearest Mormon cannery is a good ways off. So I don't have much interaction with the current set up.

      I know they didn't use to mind other people using their facilities and I will bet you are right, and Obama and his Deep State outfits pressured them some how.

  11. Hey Harry,


    I will read through the comments later when I have enough time.

    I have a friend who is a business owner and he just had 'wired' camera's installed.

    Look into some security firms that are 'discreet' reliable and good reputation (and also have been in business for many years)
    A very fancy system may cost you about $2000. Considering its an investment for the property. It may be worthwhile pursing.

    At least do more research and contact a few firms. You have nothing to lose except time.

    I have heard that the Mormons are no longer selling No.10 cans of food to non-Mormons. I don't know if that's true or not?

    I am torn between West Texas and where I live now. I found a nice cabin on 150 acres (with electicity) in Terrell County West Texas (just East of Brewster County) Here, I have water everywhere. There, I can shoot off my front porch. Here, I have warm subtropical weather, breezes coming off the Gulf of Mexico. There, sandstorms and rattlesnakes the size of South American, Giant Boa Constrictors. The Rattlers down here are so big the fangs of dead Rattlers are used like hoe's to break ground on farms. Just get a pair of fangs, good rope and a mule and man can plow all day.

    I've been starting to get more batteries etc. I need some with long storage life so I am trying the 'Duracell, Guarenteed Ten Year Storage. I figure on five years in all reality, but if we are all still alive in ten years. I will let you know how they work out:)

    1. CC, my last system cost me new a hundred and lasted fifteen years. It may be that they just aren't affordable anymore, like so many other things that once were not outrageously expensive but now seem to be. I'd get a couple more good dogs and go without the cameras before I spent two grand on a system.
      I'm looking into it. I got a heads up on a wireless system that looks promising.

      Are there really boa constrictor snakes in Texas now or are you pulling my leg?

      I buy Duracell and Energizer batteries. I haven't had any that long, but it seems perfectly plausible to me that if kept in a cool, dry place a ten year shelf life should be plausible. I hope so because I bought a hell of a lot of those batteries based on that assurance.

    2. We gave up on cameras and now have battery operated system that has different chimes at different approaches to the house. Batteries last a couple of years. These little units broadcast to the receiver in the house, which is plugged into a wall outlet. I may not know who is coming, but I am alerted that someone is there and act accordingly.

    3. I have some of those, and they are outstanding. I used them to get me up out of bed or whatever, and over to the monitor to see what was setting them off.

      My problem is that the main approach to the buildings, the Jeep trail, has several of these on it. So at night, coyotes, cats, dogs, deer, possums, racoons, bears and whatever parade up and down the mountain on that trail. I need to be able to see what's setting off the alarm.

      You can see a long way from your place at night, so you don't really need cameras. If you hear your chimes, you just go out and hit the flood. But here, the woods come right up to the buildings. Even the meadow is only about 40 yards wide where the Jeep trail comes in. I need to be able to see down the trail and cameras are the only way I know to do it.

    4. Ha ha...with us it is bunnies and deer at night.

    5. Don't you have mountain lions out there? Bunnies and Deer are welcome. Coming home today from a trip to town, we saw a giant wild hog in the field next to the river a ways from home. Don't want them visiting but putting a garden in just about guarantees nocturnal visits from the hogs.

  12. Security is a big item that a lot of people take for granted. That's a mistake. Good areas become bad over time and people don't notice until something really bad happens.

    There are places that are always bad. Atlanta is one city I hope to never have to go into ever again.

    1. I have no intention of going in there, either. Atlanta has changed beyond recognition since 1986. Neighborhoods that used to be nice big lots with nice houses have been plowed over and they built Stalin era looking block low income apartments. The places that used to be bad are now absolutely deadly.

      It's easy to be complacent and not think about it, then something happens and wakes you up in a hurry. I got an attitude adjustment in Chattanooga. Thought it was safe in the commercial district. Found out I was wrong.