Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wire note for Andrew.

Found a comment from you in the spam folder.  It had been there awhile. I posted it, then couldn't find which post it went to.  Just wanted to let you know.


  1. Ah, carp, man. What did I do??? Man, I'm sweating bullets, literally bullets (poopy cheap Winchester .22lr bullets, but, hey, I can probably sell them at a swap meet somewhere...) over what I did (or didn't do.)

    Just my luck. Probably was a really pertinent, totally great topic that would have changed the world right then and right there, but...

    It's okay. Stuff happens. After all, I hate lawyers like Mugabe hates European-ancestry farmers, but in the last 4 years, 3 of the most granola-munching libtard lawsmucks have saved my bacon from a hate-crime conviction, fixing a disability issue, and keeping me under a roof so that I could get my life straight and skedaddle to someplace safe.

    If three obunger-voting lawyers could save me, I can handle one of my brilliant pieces of literature hitting the spam.

    Just don't do it again. Or... nothing.

    I am just glad you got over your funk and started reporting again. I had visions of you frozen on your trail, under a tree, while ferrets looked on you from the safety of the house.

    Thanks for giving us out here space to bloviate.

    Deus Volte, and happy GBU-43 day to you!!!!

  2. I don't think you did anything. There was no reason I could see for the comment to have been caught in the spam filter. I ordinarily wouldn't even have caught on to the fact that it was in there, I just hit the "delete" button now on the spam folder without reading the comments in there, because I get so many lame brained troll comments. But someone sent me a comment and it didn't post, they asked me if I got it ( I hadn't) and I looked in the spam filter to see if their comment had got in there. Their's wasn't but yours was. So I hit "publish", and I am sure it did, but I am not seeing it in "published comments." So I don't know what the hell happened. If you send a comment and don't see it, let me know at I'll look for it. I publish all your comments.

    I was pretty burned out after the ordeal of my mother in laws passing and the aftermath. My routine was totally disrupted, I had to do a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to do, and I worried my wife would get all embroiled in a big to do with her sisters, they are all pretty combative women. I just wore out.

    Good to talk to you again. Look forward to your comments, as always.

  3. Hey Harry,


    If its okay I want to mention to everyone on this blog that 'Alt Right (alternative, rightwing) Media is growing online on YouTube and Vidme. I am seeing Foxnews turn into a crap show and it looks like they are forcing Bill Orielly out.
    I am encouraging all to stop watching tv news (unless it is local) and go to 'alt right' sources for opinions and commentary.
    Check out Styxhexanhammer666 (I know some of titles are strange) Sargon of Akkad, Stephan Molyneux, Mark Dice, Tex Texan, Mike Cernovich, etc. There are many, all independent and no one taking money from political parties, etc.

    One of note is 'Mouthy Buddha' he did a video yesterday almost proving the 'Syrian Gas Attack' video was 'staged' and fake news set up by Isis in order to get us into Syria.

    Tex Texan ran with that and had an interesting theory that since Trump got suckered into attacking Syria with 59 Tomohawks and once the Trump and his team realized it was a fake video they dropped that 21,000 lbs. Moab bomb into an known Isis command and control cave.
    I agree with this theory because why would Trump spend all that money and that Moab bomb on a cave unless he had a pretty damn good reason and all I can think of is 'revenge' for being 'suckered'
    I am also convinced that these so called 'white hats' in Syria are all probably Isis.

    I encourage everyone to change where they get their news from. What is referred to as the 'legacy media' NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc, are all inherently corrupt and unredeemable.
    Seek out other online sources and differing opinions on YouTube and Vidme from independent sources.

    One last one I strongly recommend is 'ThuleanPerspective' This guy is an Norwegian 'Odinist' (yes, a pagan Odinist) living in rural France. He is a European survivalist type, writer and has a very 'interesting' viewpoints. As I understand it. He had to leave Norway because the liberal insane culture in Norway and muslem immigration was ruing Norway.

    1. CC, I think most people who want to really know what is going on in the world are looking for alternative news sources. The main stream media has been completely discredited. Fox News has felt compelled to give air time to Moon Bats like that son of a bitch Shepard Smith, and to the token black liberal, Juan Williams. I still watch some individuals on Fox who have proven themselves to be honest. I've been really impressed with One America News, but it's fairly obscure, and difficult to get.

  4. Yeah, my M-I-L's passing wiped my wife out for over a year. And too much drama from her worthless family (you know those stories about thieving, nasty hillfolk, well, there is a basis behind stereotypes...)

    I'll watch for my comments not to hit and send you a note.

    Keep up keeping up.

    1. I think there's some of that when ever "mom and dad" go. I know when my dad died my two brothers had some disagreements about what to do with my mom. It was amicable resolved to everyone's satisfaction, and my mom is happy in her own place close to the rest of our family. But it was stressful at the time, even for me on the other side of the country.