Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hot, Humid, and Dry. .22 LR showing up in small quantities. Entering the Twilight Zone.

It's getting hot here. Just a little after ten a.m. right now, and the humidity outside is 89%.  It will be low nineties in terms of temperature by late afternoon.  I am running four big dehumidifiers in my buildings, and three air conditioning units. The power bill will be stiff throughout the summer. But on the other hand, the propane bill will be low. It all evens out.

This time of year, you do your outside work in the early morning and the evening time. Otherwise, you just try to keep out of the rain forest climate out there.

Going out in the forest in the summer is a bad idea. The tree canopy is so thick, that the heat and humidity get trapped under it. Not so bad in a glade like the one above, but they are few and far between. This particular spot is on an old forest service fire break behind my land. They put berms across it decades ago, but you can still follow it like a trail. It goes back into the national forest, to an abandoned camp ground that was closed off in the sixties.  I don't go up there anymore, as it runs along the spine of two mountains and is a long way out.

No fires burning up here, just down on the Florida/Georgia border and in Southern Florida. But we are very dry.  There's a ban on outdoor burning here now that will probably run through the whole summer.

No rain until tomorrow. There's a storm system to the west of us, but by the time it reaches here (Sunday afternoon), it's expected to be thunderstorms only. That means some parts of the county will get up to 3 inches, and some will get virtually no rain at all.

This is the May 16th 2017 drought map for Georgia. We just can't seem to shake it.  My little artesian spring is still dry.  When the dogs and I get to the foot of the mountain, where they are accustomed to go lay down in the creek the spring feeds, there's just a dry creek bed.  I've started walking past the mailbox to a place on the big creek where there's still enough water for the dogs to swim.

I've been washing the dishes in a dish tub , in the sink. Then I pour the water from the dish tub into a bucket when I'm finished, and take it out to pour on the shrubs and plants that have survived the chickens, goats, and bugs. I used to just fire up the hose to water those, but now I'm trying not to use any more water than I have to. With a well, you just never know when you'll hit that magic moment when the pump sucks air.   My well was drilled back during a record breaking drought more than thirty years ago, so I should be safe. This drought is not as bad as that one.  But this one is lasting longer, so who knows?

On the ammunition front, I haven't been buying a lot. We've had other things that have had to be addressed the last month or so.  But I did find two 100 round boxes of Winchester copper jacketed, high velocity 22LR. for $9.87 plus 7% tax each.  

Also got three boxes of cheap Federal American Eagle  .22LR for $2.79 a box, plus tax.

Small little consignments of .22LR are starting to show up here now.  Walmart is the best place to buy it. You just have to hold your nose and accept that if you want the stuff at a decent price, they're it.
They are still limiting customers to 3 boxes per day, when they have it.

  I've never seen more than six boxes on the shelf at a time since the great .22LR crunch began several years ago. I've been watching A.I.M. Surplus and Sportsmans Guide so I can make a purchase of several hundred rounds in an ammo can, but I want the goods and free shipping, and so far that combination hasn't popped up. But it will.

Entering the Twilight Zone:

I read a lot of blogs. Probably too many, but I enjoy doing so.  I don't agree with everything everyone else says all the time, of course. And I know some of my oldest blog friends don't agree with me all the time. I have lost a few friends over it but not many.   Lately, some blogs I read make it evident that  a number of people are starting to get frustrated with President Trump.  Despite all he's done, and in the face of horrific opposition from the Dems, minorities, snowflakes, moonbats,  the Deep State, main stream media, and his own party, it's not enough.  I think the constant barrage of fake news and absolute lies is having an effect.  

He's put a huge dint in illegal immigration. I saw a segment on One America News this morning that said in San Francisco, probably the premier "Sanctuary City" in America, food stamp applications have dropped by a fifth. The illegals are afraid if they apply for food stamps, they'll get caught and deported.  But wait, you might say, illegals can't get food stamps. Not so. They just use the id of their "anchor baby" kids who are now adults to register. The State of California aids and abets this practice, turning a blind eye and refusing federal authorities access to their welfare records.

He fired that mealy mouthed Clinton puppet at the FBI, James Comey.  Up until that second, the Dems had been reviling Comey and calling for his resignation. Now, he's a hero of the people. Even for Democrats, and even for revolting politicians like "Little Chucky" that's a new low. 

After a year of investigations from all sorts of Democratic Party lackeys in D.C. and the Federal Government, there's not one single, solitary piece of evidence that anyone in the Trump camp "colluded" with the Russians on anything illegal or treasonous. But some of the blogs I read are starting to give credence to that libel. I can only assume it's Goebbel's theorem on "truth." He said if you tell a big enough lie, often enough, that people will start to believe it.

President Trump has done all he could to limit immigration into this country from Islamic countries which have strong associations with terrorism.  The courts, larded with Obama appointees, have stymied his efforts, but is that his fault?

The Republican party has failed to come up with a decent health care plan, largely because the Senators and Representatives are more concerned with posturing on television and getting face time on the talk shows than they are with health care. And why not? They voted themselves a Gold Plated health care program a long time ago, so they don't have  the worries normal mortals do in that regard.

But that's not President Trump's doing. That's the Republican "machine politicians."  The Republican Establishment hates Trump as much as the Democrats do. They want to see him fail, and they figure if he doesn't run in the next election, then even if a Democrat wins, they win, because it will be back to "business as usual." Bad for the country, but great for the elites in D.C., New York, L.A.

How about the Middle East?

President Trump has undone a lot of the damage the Barrack Hussein administration did while Obama and Kerry were trying to cause as much harm to Israel as they could.  Israel is THE key American ally in the Middle East.  Not the Saudis. Not the Egyptians.  But Barrack wanted to cozy up to the Arabs, and to do that, he had to throw the Israelis under the bus, which he was happy  to do.

People forget that in critical areas of the world, you need allies who won't turn craven when the fewmits hit the windmill.  Remember when we bombed Qaddafi's Libya when he was sponsoring terrorist attacks in Europe? Remember that our good allies the Europeans, with the exception of the English, refused to let our F111's fly over their airspace, so our bombers had to make a long detour that used up fuel and wore out the aircrews both going to the target and coming back?  You can't count on moral cowards that want to suck up  to the oil rich Arabs, and are afraid of terrorists. And after all, the Europeans don't like Israelis much as a rule. (Nor in this country, it seems.)

I remember during the fighting in Lebanon in 2006, long after we'd been blown out of there by Hezbollah at the behest of Iran. The Israelis had to go back in to clean up the terrorists again.  There was a big full page add in the Washington Post. It had the flags of the countries which condemned Israel at the UN on one page, and the flag (singular) of the one  county that supported Israel on the opposite. Just the U.S. flag on one page, and all the other flags on the other page. 

I've had people say to me that we don't need Israel. With apologies for my lack of tact, that's an unwise attitude. Think unsinkable aircraft carrier. Think staging areas, logistical support, a hundred and one things Israel can do for us if we get into a really sticky situation there. Israel already provides us with critical intelligence support on terrorism.  They have human intel assets, something our Congress got rid of years ago in a flight of pompous, idealistic stupidity.  

 I wouldn't count on our dear friends the Iraqis letting us use their bases. Their government has already said once we've whacked ISIS, they want us out of the country, period. How about the slimy, slick Saudis? They've got a great record of letting us use their facilities when it suits their purposes, otherwise we can "piss off."

And then there's this. Israel is a Democracy.  We've tried to force our system down the throats of the Arabs and they've rejected it. Israel developed it's own Democracy.  They share many of our ideals and beliefs.

So begrudging the pittance we give them in foreign aid, most of it in military credits to buy our own weapons at a profit to us, doesn't make sense.  We aren't "carrying water" for Israel, as one person once told me. We are maintaining good relations with a reliable ally who is worth a damn. I , for one, am sick of us always getting the "limp member" allies like the South Vietnamese, the Afghanistan regimes "federal forces", the Iraqis. Nice to have at least one ally who isn't a burden and drain, rather than a help.

 The gest of all this is , I have decided to stop leaving comments on other people's blog about these issues when I disagree with them. The last one of those I am going to make, I did yesterday.  I like the blogger, respect him, I just don't agree with him. And if I keep disagreeing with the people I like on their blogs, I'm going to wind up alienating some of  them. Since I can't change their minds, that's counterproductive. Everybody is going to make their own decisions based on their own nature. 

But I wanted to say what I  thought about these things, rather than just be silent. If anybody made it this far down the post, I appreciate your time and the effort it took to wade through my "blog tome"

Thought for the Day:

"But some  there were, who dared to resist." 


  1. Hope you and the wife enjoy Armed Forces Day! From me and my wife. Between us both we got the Army, Navy and the USMC covered.

    1. No Air Force, though!

      Alas, M is up with my daughter, and I expect I'll celebrate by watching old war movies on TCM, just me and the ferrets. But it'll still be a nice day.

    2. Since you're watching an old war movie, just think Army Air Corp. The Air force was late to the party anyway. Just split a beer with the ferrets!

    3. Yeah. The ferrets and I will celebrate. I'll have to mix them up a ferret paste/ ferret oil cocktails. They'll like that just fine.

  2. Great blog Harry.....keep it going!

    Locked, Loaded and Ready to Engage!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the kind words.

  3. When I was a kid, I always heard that politics and religion were never discussed in polite company. That was probably good advice. Trump has been in office 4 months...give the man a chance...he is being attacked from all sides. Obama's minions are all over and his own party stabs him in the back....can't lose all the lobby big money, eh? I have a subscription for 2 bricks of .22 ammo every month. Since it is 100 miles to a big store like Walmart, I figure we are saving a ton of money on gas alone. FedEx delivers it to my door like clockwork. I don't leave comments on some blogs anymore, either. In fact, I just don't read them anymore cause they are so far out in left field. Did you see where they are going to register all the evil black assault rifles in California? Heh...they even want four pictures of each weapon and serial number. Bunch of loons. Sorry you are still in drought condition, that humidity looks beastly. We are still freezing at night...there go the lilacs! Take care of yourself, Harry.

    1. This country really is the twilight zone.

      What bothers me more than anything else is hearing people quoting the outfits like CNN to justify their negative remarks. It's so mindless. One fellow on another blog was making pious comments about how worried he was about Trump being President, and he was parroting that segment on CNN where they found some third rank shrink in some obscure rat hole who was willing to go on television and say things to that effect. As Lenin said "There are always useful idiots."

      "A useful idiot is someone who supports one side of an ideological debate, but who is manipulated and held in contempt by the leaders of their faction or is unaware of the ultimate agenda driving the ideology to which they subscribe."

      I think you told me about buying bricks of .22LR but I can't remember who you get it from or what it costs. Is it a good deal?

      California is a very sick place, at least in terms of the rulers there. Jerry Brown was a complete fool even when I was out there, and he hasn't improved with age.

      I'm just staying inside most of the time during the heat of the day. It's so warm here I'm running the AC in the house at night as well as during the day.

  4. Hey Harry,


    Lots of .22 at Walmart here. Now Walmart demands to see drivers license proof that you are old enough to purchase ammo. I think grey hair and wrinkles are proof enough. What the hell!

    As per Trump and other peoples blogs etc. Trump is buying us a few years but this country is dying slowly. I give it another 20 to 50 years before the 'balkanization' happens. Its just the natural order of how civilizations rise and fall. I would like to see it last another 200 years but since LBJ and his 'New Society' deal. The seeds of our demise have been planted. The 1990's really speed things up and Obama put our demise into overdrive.
    The analogy is. What's the point about bickering over a leg with gangrene. The infections spreading throughout the body and soon enough it will be terminal.

    1. I have to show id there to purchase either wine or ammo. I think it's a CYA thing. Not all the people who work at Walmart are the brightest bulbs in the pack, so it probably frightens the corporate lawyers to leave it up to them who to card and who to not. That way, even if somebody does sell some booze or ammo to a minor, it will be because they did not comply with company protocols.

      Man, I think the balkanization process is here and just about complete now. Lyndon Johnson did start the cancer, and Obama was the pack a day habit.

      Well, I worry about it because I have kids, who hopefully will outlast me, and I don't want them slaving away to feed and raving horde of parasites, nor do I want them being oppressed by the Snow Flakes and BLM. I watched a news clip of the statue of Robert E. Lee being taken down in New Orleans, while a horde of moonbats, BLM, and other assorted scum bags cheered. That's just the start of the "pay back the White Devils" campaign. I may not live to see the worst of it but my kids will. So I worry about it.

    2. Hey Harry,


      the best long term advice I can give you on your kids and the future of this country (or lack there of) is leave them with the knowledge of what to look for and asset's to move to the balkanized area's where there are fewer problems, less crime etc. Being mobile is a good survival tactic. Staying one step (or two step's) ahead of the masses of unemployed, underfed people is a great long term survival tactic.

    3. As long as they keep working for the company they are with, my two kids are going to have to work in a city, and live within driving distance of it. I concur with your analysis, and I've been trying to get them to think about changing jobs, finding something perhaps less remunerative, but safer.

  5. I noticed Chinamart had CCI standard velocity at $3&something for boxes of 50, with a three box limit. They probably only had a couple dozen boxes, though.

    1. Wish I'd have been there, I'd have sure bought my limit on that. Haven't seen Stingers in ages, which is my favorite, but I'd have taken the Standard and been glad of it. Especially at that price.

  6. Harry - there is not a day that goes by that you don't offend my sensitive, snowflake, canadian, feminist liberal sensitivities!!!

    OH BAHAHAHAHAHAH! that's just got to be the best sentence i ever wrote!!!

    you be you buddy...and let everyone else be themselves. even the idiots. the world is just way too overpopulated for everyone to have a half a brain.

    loved your post! and sending love to you and yours, as always! give those ferrets a few big, mushy kymber kisses! and you can throw in one for yourself!

    your friend,

    1. Hey, Kymber. Just checked my blood pressure and it was 180/105. I'm sure it's gone down now though, because it always perks me up to hear from you. That was a good line, I liked it. Not the real you of course, which is why it was so funny. I always think of you in that picture from your blog of you in your mermaid suit. That cheers me up, too!

      I'll tell the ferrets you said hi. Percy was very active today, he even managed to unbolt the lower kitchen cabinent and get in there where he isn't supposed to be. I had to move anything like drainer cleaner out from under there because he can get in like that. Spikey isn't feeling too well, but I am going to watch "Father Brown Mysteries" here in a few minutes and he can sit with me on the couch and sleep. He likes to do that, but I have to stay there so the cats don't bug him.

  7. I haven't seen .22lr in Walmart in years. The big box stores like Bass Pro have it but near 10 cents a round. Thankfully I'm pretty happy with my little stash. I'll buy some if I'm going to shoot it but at these prices I'm not currently interested in buying extra.

    1. I have a good bit, but I adhere to the motto "you can never have too much ammo." Besides, three boxes of .22LR isn't much more than a burgher and a coke for the cheap stuff. The good stuff is pretty pricey, but I bought those two boxes of it just because I hadn't had a chance to do so for so long.

  8. Just saw on the news that when Trump met the Saudi king, all he did was shake the sheik's hand, no bowing. And Melania did not cover her hair.

    It is about time that the Presidency made other countries respect our traditions.

    Go Trump.

    1. I watched the video of him landing in Saudi Arabia, and he did it with dignity and class. I also admired his wife, and thought how nice it was to have a first lady who looks like a lady, and not a gorilla in a sweatsuit.

  9. Like I wrote before, I also have been resisting commenting in many blogs. Even if it seems a trivial thing, more often than not it only brings on a pile of hate and discontent from the usual barking moonbats. I just refuse to play their game and don't really have the patience for that kind of infantile BS anyhow.
    As for 22s they seem to be in stock most everywhere I go. Walmart usually sells out pretty quick but about a week ago I grabbed a couple boxes of that Winchester Super-X that was listed for 7$. Then when I got home I thought about how much change the cashier gave me back and when I checked the slip I realized she only charged me for one box. Go figure... I just got back from The Kittery Trading Post, a big sporting goods store on the NH border an hour south of me, and they had two palates full of the Remington bucket-o-22s, and the shelves were loaded with every other flavor you could think of, not just 22s but every other caliber too. Same thing at my local Cabelas.
    I think production is actually keeping up with demand. I hope all those creeps that paid 75$ a box and bough a bunch of them to re-sell choke on what they now have and can't move.

    1. I wish I had access to those big box stores like that. There's a Bass Pro Show in Commerce, Georgia but that's such a long trip I'd wind up staying overnight, and paying $100 for a room and half that to go to dinner would cut into the savings pretty heavily.

      Most of the blogs I'm going to just skip commenting on, it's not trolls , it's the writer himself, who is running down the President. Everybody has a right to say what they think on their own blog, and everybody has a right to decide who can say what on their own blog. But I just don't want to get into a contretemps with somebody I basically like.

      We are just now seeing a trickle of .22LR into the county at decent prices. There has been some for awhile at egregious prices but I haven't plunked down the filthy lucre for that.

  10. I had to change my oil this morning at Wal-Mart and checked out the ammunition counter while I waited. $2.76 / 50 of Reminton Golden Bullet and Federal 100 round pack for $8.97. But a box of 9mm Para. Federal cost $1.00 more. So is 9mm underpriced or rimfire overpriced ?

    Keep on keeping on sir, I hope daughter is feeling better now that Mom is around to help out. Funny how that works out, my Mom has helped me out immensely.

    1. I honestly don't know how all this is going to shake out with the ammo. 9 mm has come down a good bit in my area, at least for ball ammo. I'm glad to see things look to be settling down in that regard.

      M is up there with E now, and they are having a good visit. My wife is taking a lot of the daily grind off my daughter, so she isn't just slap worn out every day. I'm sure that will help get her back on her feet.

    2. Shucks - that was supposed to be $3.76, not $2.76. Should have checked better.

  11. We are paying $4.00 a box of 50 delivered byFedEx. Federal American Eagle, 40 grain solid. We get 2 bricks of 500 cause that is what we can afford each month. We have a real infestation of ground squirrels (sage rats}and we all shoot them by the thousands. The True Value in town sells these for 8 bucks a box. For us it is a good deal to subscribe. Of course we don't have sales tax like you do, either, but the powers that be are working on that.

    1. That does sound like a good deal, half price compared to buying on the local economy. Two bricks is a lot of ammo. It's nice you don't have sales tax. I keep a careful account of how much I pay in sales tax per month, using Quicken, and I think most people would be absolutely appalled if they saw how much they were shelling out in return for nothing, by paying sales tax.

    2. Can you still take sales tax off your income taxes? When I lived in Kalifornia we could, but that was a long time ago.

    3. No, alas not. You can take deductions for property tax, for car tag fees, but not sales tax. Back in the 1970's, you could deduct interest on credit cards.....

  12. Turkish troops have fought beside Americans, the Turks have been an ally. Syrian troops have fought beside Americans. Syria has been an ally. Israel has never fought beside us. Israel is not an ally.

    Sure they give us intel, on threats that they themselves drum up.

    "Pittance" in foreign aid? They get more than any other nation. We need to end all aid to every other nation and spend that money here at home. Nothing in the Middle East is worth one drop of American blood or one ounce of American gold. We should bring our troops home and let Israel sleep in the bed of thorns it has created. Every president since JFK has been an Israeli puppet, including Obama.

  13. Part one of two parts:
    Chris, Turkish troops did well in Korea, which is what I assume you mean. If you are referring to Syrian Troops in the Gulf War, those were a "fig leaf" so it wouldn't be an “American” invasion, just like all the other Arab contingents. Militarily, we needed them like a hole in the head. They had a political use only. But I don't necessarily define the worth of an ally in how many troops they put out in the field. That's the "visible" part of the equation but not the most important, especially allies in a critical part of the world where we have no other friends.

    I would have to disagree with you on your implying the Israelis make up threats. They don't have to make up threats, as history pretty clearly shows. If you want me to loan you some books so you can research it, I'll gladly do so, I just need to get them back when you are through as they are not easy to get. Israel is the premier source of humint we rely on from that part of the world. Israel is an important collaborator with us on black ops like the virus that took out the Iranian centrifuges a few years back. During the Lebanon War of 1982-1983, the IDF cooperated with the multinational force in Lebanon to the extent that the idiots in the State Department and in Reagan’s inner circle allowed. After the bombing, Israel offered to let us use their medical facilities 20 minutes away by air, but the state department under Reagan preferred that we lose people on evac planes going to Cyprus and Germany rather than appear to be “colluding” with Israel. Reagan was no fan of the Israelis and certainly no friend of theirs.

    Isolationist tendencies haven't worked out very well for us in the past. Not in WWI, not in WW2. We can fight the bad guys there, or fight them here. I prefer there. If we sit back and do nothing in the middle east, we’ll have a much worse situation here in our own country with Islamic terrorism than we do now. Do you think the Iraqis can get rid of ISIS on their own? Do you think it would be a good idea to let ISIS grow and spread?
    On foreign aid, Israel gets about 3 billion dollars a year from us, mostly in the form of “credits.” That is, we don’t send them cash, we send them weapons manufactured in the U.S. The more of any particular weapons system that is produced, the lower the unit cost. So we lower the cost of product X to our own government, keep our production lines open and production workers employed, and we strengthen about the only ally we have in that region of the world that we can trust not to turn those weapons on us. You’ve heard, no doubt, of the Saudi M-16’s turning up in ISIS hands.
    Before you get to upset about three billion, consider that illegal immigrants in the U.S. cost us 113 billion per annum.
    “FAIR’s report says $113 billion represents the total cost at the federal, state and local levels for undocumented immigrants. The vast majority -- $84 billion -- is paid by state and local governments.”
    According to the International Business Times, Americans spend 655.8 billion on Christmas.

  14. part two of two parts

    “This flurry of spending is expected to add up to retail sales in November and December of $655.8 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. In all, Americans spend more on holiday shopping than nearly any other country, the Economist found.”

    Now, as to Presidents being Israel’s puppets.
    Harry Truman ordered the state department to vote against partition in 1948. He told the state department not to recognize Israel. He was only persuaded, with great reluctance, to change those positions at the very last moment due to the intervention of an old family friend.
    Dwight Eisenhower forced the British, French and Israelis to withdraw from the Suez Canal in 1956 during the crisis. That was hardly the act of a puppet and the only time I know of that he took any interest in the middle east at all.
    John F. Kennedy refused to sell first line U.S. arms to Israel, even after the Soviet Union began equipping the Arabs with the best Soviet Industry could produce. When France, Israel’s sole supplier of top of the line aircraft broke off the relationship, Kennedy declined to supply the deficiency and left Israel with no source of replacement fighters. Doesn’t sound like a very good puppet to me.
    Lyndon Johnson carped continually about the political influence of “the jews” , especially New York jews, and some of his statements were outright racist. During the Six Day War, the U.S. provided no aid whatsoever to Israel.
    Richard Nixon was a good, honest friend to the Israelis. When the Arabs attacked Israel on it’s holiest day of the Year, Nixon faced off Soviet threats with a higher alert condition of our own forces, and he provides Israel with replacement aircraft, munitions and weapons. That was in our best interest, unless someone considered a solid block of Soviet proxies in the Middle East to be a good thing for us.
    Gerald Ford was President for less than 3 years and didn’t make much of a mark on anything, in any fashion.
    Jimmy “the Peanut” Carter has sure been a good friend to Israel, hasn’t he? Been following his little charades with the “Palestinians” over the past few years? When he was President, he curtailed training of Israeli officers in American military schools, scaled back the deliveries of first line weapons and equipment, and tried to cultivate the Saudi Arabians and Egyptians as our new buddies. His “Camp David Accords” are his main contribution to Israel, in that at least it got one Arab state to acknowledge the existence of Israel. Did he do it for Israel, or to try to get some cover for his tattered presidency?
    Ronald Reagan doesn’t bear thinking about. I know from personal experience what a screw up he made of his meddling in the middle east, and who paid the bill for it. Take it from me, what he said on tv and what orders he and his staff gave in the real world told two different stories.

    1. Had to finish this up with a third part.

      George Bush I didn’t do much for Israel. He used them as a market for our weapons, and he used them to curry the Jewish vote in the states.
      Bill Clinton focused on pressuring Israel to make a “deal” with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas. He got aggravated at a speech he was giving after the left the Presidency and famously declared “ I killed myself to give the Palestinians a State.” He put immense pressure on the Israelis to constrain settlement on the West bank. If that’s being a puppet it’s a strange manifestation of it.
      George Bush II was inclined to favor the Israelis, but I can’t think of any big favors he did for them. At least he wasn’t a total enemy of Israel, as Barrack Hussein clearly was.

      So that's what I think about the issue. I meant it about the books, I'll mail them to you if you want to read them.

    2. Excellent summation, Mr. Flashman.

      Truman reluctantly acknowledged their right to exist, and since then the good people of the USA (as represented by the NYC intellectuals and all the idiots in Foggy Bottom (that's the State Department for all y'all that didn't know) have been busy shitting on them since.

      Hell, half the time it seems that our people and politicians have supported Irish terrorists over our British allies. Supported communist/socialist murdering jerkfaces and arseholes over an attempt at peaceful rule.

      Me, I am glad we finally have a president that supports Israel. Israel is the only democratic republic in the middle east, and pretty much east of Maine overall.

      Israel has survived in spite of all the great 'support' by our people. May it continue to thrive in the future.

    3. Part of Israel's problem is that people identify it with a religion, rather than with a political entity. I don't think as much about the religious aspect of Israel, although my Southern Baptist friends and family sure do. So people who have a chip on their shoulders for Jews in general, automatically dislike the Israelis. Some Israelis hold joint US/ Israeli citizenship. But the indigenous Israelis, the Sabras, are a unique people in my experience. I like them. I don't necessarily feel a connection to everyone, just like I don't feel a connection to every person of Scotch Irish descent I meet, but overall I've felt comfortable with the Israelis.

      Then there's the fact that people who have never had anything to do with Arabs have this romanticized vision of them as the poor, suffering underdogs. If people would just read a little history, and take the BBC and SKY News with a grain of salt (or a whole shaker full) they wouldn't feel so kindly towards the Mexicans of the Middle East. The trouble is, people just don't know anything about them. The name "Leon Klinghoffer" doesn't ring a bell and unless people have seen the film "Munich" most of them don't know anything about "Black September" and their ilk. The 2017 population of Isreal is 8,323,248.

      There are 342 million Moslems living in the "confrontation states" of the Middle East.

      So I often wonder how the hell the Israelis have held out. Even if the Arabs are not good soldiers (and with the exception of the Jordanians and some Egyptians, and some Syrians, they aren't) just the sheer numbers are overwhelming.

      Black Liberals in the U.S. detest Jews in general, which is strange since a lot of American Jews are "progressives." White Liberals are so smitten with Moslems in general and Arabs in particular they want to demonize the Israelis. The British don't particularly like Israelis because of the activities of the Irgun and the Stern Gang back during the mandate. I think Europeans in general have not been overly fond of Jews going back to early Christianity and the Dark and Middle Ages. Think "Isaac the Jew" in Ivanhoe.

      Here in the states, evangelicals are strong supporters of Israel for religious reasons. Over in Tennessee, on Highway 64 (which runs through the middle of nowhere along a river valley), there are little tiny churches along the road. This last trip I took there and back, I saw several signs that said "Pray for America and Israel" in front of some of these.

      I support Israel. I would even if I didn't know any Israelis, because their enemies and our enemies are the same. But I know some individuals who "made aliyah," and I know some people who were born there. So it's not just a cold blooded political calculation on my part.

    4. My wife is Jewish, and I keep asking her why the New York City Jews hate Jews and Israel so much. She thinks that it is something in the water...

      The first time I met a holocaust denier was in an 8th grade math class. Some kid was mouthing off and the teacher started shaking and left the room. Next day we got a slide show, and found out the teacher was a combat photographer with the US Army and we got to see his private collection of concentration camp photos. He was a good teacher, but he sat in the back, working the projector and crying. He took a month off after that.

      Overall, Israel has... Treated its muslim citizens as equals, and some of the Israeli Army's best trackers are muslim tribesmen. Israel has developed cheap water desalination systems, made the desert green, cleaned up centuries of waste, brought modern medicine to a blighted section of the world, brought first-world education to a third world state. Israel has given the bad muslims land, money, and so forth and keeps getting shit upon every time, yet they still try to be good neighbors to the 'palestinians' (who get huge monetary and material support from Americans, kinda like the IRA used to get.)

      Sure, there are some warts on the face of Israel, such as their attack on a US spy ship... But, overall, they are more 'the good guys' than we are.

      I remember when we as a nation 'took no crap' from foreign jerks. Hope we get back to really doing that (Mexican border, cough cough.)

    5. I have a friend in Texas who is Jewish, and we got along because we liked each other and had the same political views.

      A couple of times down in Florida, my wife and I were staying at the family condo at Palm Coast (extended family, not mine personally). Down at the pool a Jewish lady from NY freaked out because I was talking to a friend and she didn't like what I said. She came over and butted into our conversation, and started running her mouth. I tried to be polite, and when that didn't work I told her she needed to butt out. She said she was going to go get her husband and took off. I waited with great interest for his arrival but I guess he was busy because he didn't show. Four months later, we were back down there, and damned if she didn't recognize me at the pool and come right back over and get in my face. I can't say I like people who behave that way too much. She needed an attitude adjustment in the worst way, but I don't hit women.

      One of her favorite expressions was "we would not tolerate that in New York." The guy I was talking to the first time she showed up suggested she might be happier in New York and she ought to go back there, which I thought was good advice.

      It's like any other group. Some of them people you meet are nice, some are peckerwoods.

      When people start going on about the poor Palestinians, and how mistreated they are, I always ask them why none of the Arab states will take them in? Why did the Jordanians kick them out and kill several thousand of them? I also suggest they watch the videos on the internet of the Palestinians and their reaction to 9/11. People dancing in the street, old hags giving out candy, little kids running around singing and dancing. Those people are not our friends. I wouldn't give them a bent nickle, and if they all starved to death it wouldn't phase me one iota. In that case, I'd go along with Chris on his feelings about foreign aid.

      I know the Israelis use the Druze in their border units, and that the Druze have done good service. I'm not real fond of the Druze, having been on the receiving end of some of their artillery fire in Lebanon. I will say this, of all the different factions there, the AMAL, the Phalange, the PLO, and the dogs and pony splinter groups of those outfits, only the Druze had their act together. Waalid Jumblat was their headman, and he was a piece of work. I was glad to hear he died of cancer some years back, but he was a good Honcho for his people.

      Nothing is ever black and white, but it seems pretty clear to me who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are, from an American and Western Civilization perspective.

  15. I just got back from the range, and ironically I went through a few boxes of IMI 5.56. Good stuff those guys make. I will continue to buy it so I can do my small part in supporting free enterprise in Israel.

    So the anti-semites are out in force...more so now that Trump's son in law and daughter are Jewish.

    I won't even watch CNN even for a moment. If you look at what they have become, every second is devoted to "the Russian connection". There is no other news in the world I guess. They have become mentally deranged. The U.S. media has become the British tabloid media. --Troy

    1. I didn't know his son in law and daughter were Jewish. Did his daughter convert? Religious considerations weigh lightly enough upon my shoulders. As long as somebody isn't trying to kill me or forcibly convert me or take over the world, it's all good.

      CNN makes me sick. I used to watch Wolf Blitzer and The Situation Room but I quit tuning in CNN before the election when they crossed the line. I hardly watch Fox News anymore now, because of Shepard Smith and Juan Williams.

      Midway sells a lot of IMI ammo in the can. It's pretty expensive ammo, but you're right, I never thought of it as supporting Israel. Wish I could get a Galil.....

      Anybody that gets their news from the Main Stream Media is doing themselves a grave disservice. But I think the low information voter is the target demographic for the MSM, and God knows there are enough of those out there.

    2. Harry, you can get a Galil. IWI is now selling Americanized Galils in both 7.62x39 and 7.62x54. Not too expensive, either, from what I hear. And all new components, nice and shiny.

    3. Yes, but alas, now that I am retired I can't just prance out and buy an expensive item on a whim. That's the only thing I miss about work. But, once my other want list has been filled, within the framework of my budget, I just might get a Galil. Right now though, I have to keep my gun money pigeon holed to a large extent so I can pay for the MP-40 I have decided to buy. After having found out from Commander Zero that it can take up to 2 years to get a tax stamp from BATF for a short barreled rifle, I have decided to forgo the folding stock so I don't need the stamp for the gun.

      My wife said if I wanted the MP-40 I should sell one of my L1A1's , or my Springfield M1 (M14). I was so appalled I had to go lay down til my blood pressure went down! ;-)

  16. geesh Harry - i think you just set off my sensitivities again - bahahahah! please don't be offended chris mallory...i'm canadian so i am allowed to add a bit of humour to any conversation.

    1. Uh Oh! Did I come across as pompous and self aggrandizing in that response? :-( I tried really hard not to. It's just that we are talking about a subject I have some expertise in. If we were talking about trout fishing, or some sports thing, I wouldn't know anything about it at all.

      Kymber, help me restrain my exuberance if I need to be dialed back. I don't want to seem the personification of hubris. ;-)

    2. Harry - no worries - i'll dial you back when you need it! but on a more serious note - i have ex-military friends who are about your age, been to several places that you have been to and have your same opinion about several of the subjects mentioned here in this post and on your blog. i think that their, and your, experiences are worth ten thousand times more than any bs that the media has been spouting on certain subjects since the early 80's.

      plus i was just trying to be cute - bahahaha! sending love as always and hope everything is going well with E since M is with her!

    3. You are cute. And so are you comments! ;-)

      In Heinlein's book "Starship Troopers" the premise was that only veterans could vote. I wouldn't go that far, but I take his point. A lot of times I see people spouting off about things they don't know anything about, and I think "If they could just go there and spend a week, they'd be singing a different tune when they came back. If they came back."

      But you are prejudiced in our favor, Kymber, because you are a veteran too. I bet most people don't know that about you.

      I wasn't trying to be high and mighty with Chris. It's just I wanted to address his comment and it deserved a good response. The damn internet is hard to use because people can't see your body language, can't hear your voice, so they really have a hard time getting your meaning just from words.

      I know I got all infuriated at a fellow who comes by here, just because he said something I thought was smart ass, but he didn't mean it that way at all and then I was embarrassed, I had been kind of a jerk about it. So now I am always a bit nervous somebody will take me wrong.

    4. oh Harry - your response was precious...and i mean that! because a response from someone who has been there and done that is worth it's weight in gold!!!

      this is gonna p*ss off a few of the survivalists/preppers/armchair guys who work as mall cops and think they know what is going on in afghanistan/iraq/saudi arabia and all of the rest of the middle east...but hell - don't tell me what it's like in the arctic if you have never been there! myself - been there twice in the early 90's and it's a lot sexier and cozier now then it was then! so my 1.25 cents canadian (exchange rate and all) is if you haven't been there, seen it, lived it then shut the h*ll up. if i am offending any of your readers who live on gunblogs and the like - then i don't care. remember - i'm freakin canadian. you can't get more liberal than that.

      sending love always! send my best to E and M eh? xoxo

    5. I don't think that offends anybody. At least, not anybody who comes by here. Most people who live in the real world know that there's no substitute for experience. It's only the people who have never worked for a living and feel they were born with innate superiority to everyone else that has the brass to believe they know better no matter what. Most of them either teach on college campuses or are politicians. The only college professors who come by here are Alissa and Huxley, and they are both of the right persuasion politically.

      I'll tell them you said hello. I talked to them on the phone every evening.

  17. Target Sports has CCI 22LR plated hollow points 5000 rds for $399 including shipping. Check it out.

    1. Alex, that's about 8 cents a round if I divided correctly. Not bad for CCI, which is one of my favorites. Even if it isn't Stingers, that good ammo you are buying. A case of 5000 rounds in the store room would be good barter material come the day.

      In just about all the best post apocalyptic fiction, .22 ammo is a medium of exchange. Makes sense to me.

      Thanks for the tip. I will take a look. I don't have $400.00 per month in my budget for guns/ammo, but I usually can accumulate and carry over a little surplus each month, so it's doable.

  18. We are still flooded here from all the rain. Temps were pushing 90 a couple days ago. Tonight there is a frost warning.

    I pick up a box of stingers every time I come across one. It's my favorite pest round.

  19. Rain started here last night and is just wrapping up. Sometimes it was a little heavy for my tastes but overall we can use all we can get. Lots of trees down this morning, some of big they are just pushing them off the road with a dozer and waiting to cut them up until tomorrow.

    Stingers are good ammo. Hard to find here though.

  20. Ugh! I hope you all get a break from the drought, Harry. And that humidity actually turns to some decent rain. We were somewhat affected by CA's drought but this year (along with Idaho Power's cloud seeding) we're ahead of the game. Now the grasses are going crazy so it will be a bad fire year. When it burns on federal land, they like to see it burn, pollute the air and ruin the ecology of the land. They are such good stewards.

    The stuff going on with Trump is only exposing the true character of these entrenched politicians. And they will NEVER get rid of Obama/RyanCare. Too many government pensions have healthcare companies in their funds. Can't let the healthcare-insurance companies take a hit, that would hurt the government/education pensions. There has been an explosion of buildings for hospital/clinics/care centers down in Boise and the other metro areas surrounding it. Bluecross went on a hiring binge for down there last year, too, so you know they are raking in the dough. Oh, and another thing is that there is NOTHING in those plans for care. It is INSURANCE! It would cost us over $27000 (premium + deductible) before any health insurance would pay their measly pittance. Obama/RyanCare needs to just go away and let people decide their insurance, if they want it. We can't afford it and can't afford medicaid... we own property so they put a lien on your property if you use it (that is in the fine print!). Insurance is what drives the cost of healthcare up. Sorry.... got my dander up! hahaha

    On another topic, I have noticed in the sanctuary county across the border has a lot less mexican 'patrons', so Trump is having some effect. But then again, it may be the 'help wanted' advertising the CA farm companies are putting in the local rag there. What better way to say you can't get any local workers (CA) when you advertise out of state (east OR/west ID).

    Hope your daughter starts to feel better soon.

    1. Hobo, your assessment of the health care situation seems accurate to me. The government is so big, with tendrils creeping into every corner of life, that it's almost impossible to fix a bad program.

      I've had problems with our health insurance. I can't always get things done my doctors want me to do, because the insurance evokes "the co-insurance/deductible annual individual minimum out of pocket costs" clause. So my doctor will decide I need "test a". But "test a" is not screening, it's considered "treatment" for reasons only the insurance company understands. So my "share" of the cost would be $1400.00 up front. The insurance company won't pay any of it because I haven't meet my annual out of pocket minimum. So I ask the doctor if this is really necessary, and he says it would be "useful." Well, I'm not shelling out that kind of money for something "useful." But my doctor never really expected me to. Now, if I croak, he can say "well, I tried to order this and that to treat him, but he declined." That's his real concern.

      I know he's having an effect in Georgia. The morning news from Atlanta usually features a high pitched, squealing reporter alleging that Jose Madras Mapoco Manual Garcia De Los Angeles de Sinaloa was arrested by ICE, ostensibly for jaywalking but in reality because he was an illegal alien who had been deported six times this year. How tragic, what an abuse of power, blah, blah , blah. I'm always glad to hear it. Arrest them and deport them, and if they come back, put them on the chain gang and let them cut weeds and pick up trash by the road like we do here in Georgia. No laying out in the rec room watching tv.

      My daughter is hoping to go back to work Monday, but M will be staying up there with her for awhile to make sure things have settled down and to see that E doesn't overdo it.

  21. Ditto and Amen to Kymber :-)

    1. Kymber is one of my oldest "blog friends." She's a hoot, and she is also imminently realistic. Don't know if you have seen her blog but it's a really good one. Framboise Manor, it's linked on the blog roll.

    2. thank you anonymous...and Harry - that was very sweet!

  22. At most of the gunshows I have been to this year there has been plenty of OK priced 22. I am looking for a brick or two of CCI Standard velocity. I have a High Standard that pretty much only likes that. I have seen every possible flavor that CCI makes ... except Standard Velocity. During the "drought" I bought a couple bricks of higher end ammo, just because I could. In reality, I have plenty of 22, but like you said, you can never have enough. Funny how some 22s are such finicky beasts. I have a Ruger MkII bull barrel, and the High Standard Trophy citation. Both meant for target shooting, both shoot far better than I can. The Ruger will shoot anything, I think it would shoot shorts if I found a way to feed them. The High Standard shoots CCI standard velocity.... Pretty much exclusively.

  23. You're right about .22 chambered guns being finicky. I have a North American Arms P-38 clone in .22LR. It will only fire reliably if I used "waxed" cartridges for it. I have two Polish Mosin Nagant M44 clones ( I think they are called WP-46 trainers) that will have gas blow back if you use American brass cased .22LR, but work just fine with Russian waxed cartridges.

    I have two Stoeger Lugers in .22LR, one works great with the American brass cased ammo, one will only cycle with Russian .22LR with the waxed case.

    That's one reason I keep a log book of every shooting session, so I know what works with what gun, and not just with .22 weapons but all of them.