Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It was a moonlit and tranquil night. (As opposed to the traditional dark and stormy.)

Yesterday, I moved the furniture in my bedroom around, I had a new cabinet I wanted to fit in there, and I had to rearrange to keep from blocking the closet door. I got everything just right, but I failed to take into account that Percy the Ferret sleeps in my bedroom.

At four a.m. there was a loud thump that woke me up.  I was trying to wake up, and figure out what was going on, when there was a lot louder crash just behind my head. So, I got up, turned on the light, and there was Percy, doing his absolute best to push a plastic jar full of shotgun shells off my desk.  He had crawled up on the bed, discovered he could now get on the new cabinet, and from there had leaped over to the desk. Ferrets love nothing better than pushing things off shelves, unless it's stealing shiny things like keys, or nice soft chewy things like your leather wallet.

I just left everything on the floor, and set any other items that looked tempting for a ferret on the floor. Percy and I have an understanding. He does what he wants, and I let him.  In return, if I'm tired, or feeling a bit run down, he cheers me up. It's a symbiotic relationship.  Spike is still with us, but he is not well and he is drugged up a lot. He spends most of his time sleeping in his snuggy bag, but I mix up his medicines and his paste for him and he comes out to eat those. He's not in any pain, and even healthy ferrets sleep 16 hours a day. Sometimes Spike will cuddle up with my wife on the couch and sleep. He likes to be held.

I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went out on the porch.  There was a big moon, if it wasn't full, it was close. The stars were all out, and rushing across the face of the moon were big fluffy clouds. They were moving so fast, it looked like time lapse photography.   The whole meadow was lit up by the moonlight, and the only sound was the creek flowing downslope.  No insects or any other noise.

Went back to bed, but still couldn't sleep so I wound up reading a new Edward Abbey book I got in the mail. It's as good as, or even better, than Desert Solitaire. I just finished the story about when he was a fire watch tower crewman way out in the woods for a summer.  You can't do that anymore, of course, they've replaced the people with web cameras.

You can still rent the old forest service fire towers in some places. They've been all fixed up to have all the amenities.  You don't have to hike in, they've cut roads to them. But it just wouldn't be the same.

I worked on the "tin can" line today.   It's slow going.  In some places, I'm having to use an ax and a machete to clear a straight line for the trip wire.  Then once that's set up, I have to painstakingly put the cans with the marbles in them along the wire. It doesn't help that I have arthritis in my hands, and tying the little knots is tough going. I'm also totting along a rifle, a hatchet, an ax, bags of cans, a jar of marbles, spools of different size line. Slow going.

But it does make it a little less likely that I'll go out some dark night to get something from the shop or the barn, and run into an unwelcome visitor.

CC:  Take a look at what the guy they flash to in this parody is armed with.

The AntiFa warriors.

Some more "El Gringo" parodies. I know they are vulgar, and there are some that cross the line so far I can't post them, but they're funny.


Thought for the Day:


  1. Hey Harry,


    I just watched that parody thing with the Antifa member sitting next to 'oh Lord, a 'Finned Mosin' I think an M-28 model. I think its the one with the bolt that can lock up if snow or dirt gets in back behind the bolt. I wonder if daddy knows that sonny boy has a bolt action rifle. I hope he 'fixes' the bayonet and accidently stabs himself.

    Theres another video out there of a knucklehead antifa member with an AK with a five round mag and he is having a hard trying to get the mag in the magwell. Its pretty funny:)

    The sad part is the idiots are getting guns:(

    1. Well, after the purge, think of all the good guns that will be available for the righteous. ;-)

      I thought you would like that. I should have bought a whole bunch of those things back when. Of course, if I could foresee the future, it wouldn't matter what guns cost because I could have made so much on the stock market I could pay any price....

  2. Is the title to that Abbey book BLACK SUN ? I have it, but haven't read it in some years.

    I did not know that the Forest Service fire tower human occupants have been greatly downsized. Sounds like a good way to get a peaceful vacation that really rests the mind.

    Thanks for the post sir.

    1. I think it's "The Road Home." But I'm sure the same story is in some of his other books, because all his books seem to be collections of magazine articles or essays. I think "Black Sun" is fiction, and right now I am expending my limited "book money" funds on his non-fiction. I intend to read his fiction as well as I acquire it though.

      My father always wanted to work in a forest service tower, he was a teacher and had summers off. But he always wound up working some other part time job because he had a wife and four kids to take care of.

      I wanted to work in one, but by the time I retired, they had all been converted to web cameras. While I was looking for that kind of job, I found out that a great many of the forest service towers all over the country had been converted to summer tourist cottages. If you good "forest service tower rentals" you'll be amazed at how luxurious some of them are . But I was looking for solitude, not luxury. Just waited too long.

  3. I have a lot to catch up in your blog, shall do it tonight, i hope every thing is ok with you and your family.

    1. Yael, you haven't missed a lot, most of it political. Don't watch the El Gringo parodies, they are pretty vulgar.

      My daughter called last night, she's not feeling well and her mom is going up there Monday. My daughter has Ehler's Danlos syndrome which means part of the time you can lead a normal life, and part of the time you are too sick to do that. The family has learned to work with it.

    2. I wish your daughter good days, she is lucky to have both of you as parents.

    3. Yael, thanks for the kind thoughts. We just do like everybody else, one day at a time. :-)

  4. I really love the ferret stories. My ideas for a older children's chapter book are starting to gel; do you mind if the ferret main character is named Ragnar? I can find a different name, if you'd prefer. Or, I can describe your beloved little ferret in the physical descriptions, if you'd like me to--just let me know coloring and marking.

    My cousin has EDS, too. She's been forced by dislocating knees and hips to move from a third-floor walk up apartment she loved (and fought through breast cancer living in) to a first floor apartment. Yeah, it's bigger, but lacks the memories of a battle hard fought and won, you know?

    Prayers for your daughter. That crap runs in my family, and it's only by the grace of God that it didn't hit me along with all of the other hereditary nasty that did.

  5. I'd be delighted for you to use Ragnar as a model, and his name for your character. I'll help in any way I can , pictures or whatever you need.

    EDS has been very hard on my daughter, but she takes it in stride and does the best she can to live a normal life. Her mom makes frequent trips to help out when my daughter has a bad spell.

    At the top of the blog under the header is a valid email address for me. Let me know how I can help. My mom wrote children's books, I still have some around here somewhere.

  6. Harry,

    When I can't sleep at night going outside and looking at the sky always relaxes me.....that is until you start hearing heavy movement next to the porch, out in the forest . Then you want to see what's making the noise which in turn gets your adrenaline going....then it's so much for relaxing and sleeping.

    I hope your daughter this bought of EDS real soon, so she can continue on with a normal week.
    Hugs to you and your family.

    1. Sandy, it's surprising how many people do have trouble getting a good nights sleep. General stress is my guess.

      M is up there with my daughter now. She'll take a lot of the load off her, help with cooking, cleaning, laundry etc and so E can rest some. My daughter still has to work although her company has been very good about times when she can't. It's a European owned company and they tend to be less merciless than American companies.

  7. Ok Harry, starting to worry about you -- pls post

    1. The trip to Chattanooga got out of kilter because I messed up the dates for my wife's trip.

      Then things here got out of whack because I hadn't planned on being there in Chattanooga overnight, but wound up staying monday night.

      I've been playing catch up here, and was pretty worn out. That's a long drive these days, much longer than it seemed when I was in my thirties. But all's well, thanks for the thought.