Monday, May 1, 2017

Rabies Clinic. Amazon Prime.

Friday we went to the rabies clinic.  Once a year, the county holds the clinic at our volunteer fire stations. Usually we go to the one that's about 6 miles or so from the house. This year, they only had the clinic at two stations, and the closest was 16 miles away.

Lack of demand, according to the county clerk. Years ago, everybody went to the farmer's depot, bought their rabies vaccine and one syringe, and then went home and vaccinated their own animals. Cost about $20.00 to do all your dogs and cats.

Then the state legislature, at the behest of the veterinarians, said "oh, no. We can't have that. We have to be able to PROVE you gave the shots. "

So then, instead of being $20.00 for all your animals, the vets charged $45.00 to walk in their office door, and another $20.00 per animal just for rabies shots.  When all this was done, the vets had big dollar signs in their eyes. But what really happened, was that people just stopped getting their animals vaccinated. There hadn't been a case of rabies in this county in years, then it became a problem again.

What to do?  The county decided to hold these rabies clinics once a year at the fire stations. They got to be gala events. The volunteer fire department would sell barbecue, cokes, hot dogs and people would visit while they waited for their dogs turn for shots.

But the demographics here began to change. Young people left because there wasn't any work, so there weren't many young families. On top of that, the county suddenly decided that luring "half way backs" from Florida would make the rich people here even richer. They were successful in that, especially after the Governor of Georgia finagled federal funds to build a four lane highway from Atlanta to the foot of the mountains.

The new residents were heavy on disposable income and even heavier on "high and mighty" attitude. They took their little poofta dogs to the vets, who suddenly quite treating horses, hogs, cattle and switched over to small dog breeds and cats.   The offices went from typical country vet to Miami chic.  Gone were the calendars from feed companies, now we had trendy prints and pastels to liven up the veterinary experience.  The old hound dogs and big "yard " dogs were replaced by Chihuahuas and Pomeranian's, who fit better into the condominium at the lake lifestyle.

Now , there aren't enough local people left to make rabies clinics at all four fire stations cost effective. The well off condo crowd goes to the vet at $160.00 a pop. Too many of the locals are so old now they can't stand in line in the sun for up to 45 minutes.

Where once there would be a hundred people at the fire station for these clinics, this Friday there were less than twenty.

So many things up here have changed. Before you know it, people forget it was ever that way at all.

Of all the changes, there isn't one convenience or luxury, like a movie house or a Chik Filet, that I wouldn't trade in a flat second to have it back like it was in August of 1986 when we came here.

Nice song from 1985.

Amazon Prime:

I have a friend in the Oregon desert who has Amazon Prime.  I'm no a fan of Amazon on a political basis, but I have never believed in "cutting off your nose to spite your face."  I buy books and other things from Amazon when there's a practical reason to buy there and not elsewhere.  Having spoken to her about it, I decided to give Amazon Prime a try.

As I understand it, I get free two day shipping on things I buy. That will enable me to buy something I want right away, while I have been waiting until I had saved up enough eligible items in my cart to get free shipping.

I also get free television and movies. I've tried it this morning.  The system worked on my computer, did not work on my Kindle Fire. I will have to call the Amazon techs to fix that , I guess.

I get to read a lot of books free in the Kindle store.  Since I buy a great many of their post apocalyptic novels which turn out to be really bad, this ought to save me some money.

I don't know of anything else Amazon Prime gives me for my $100.00 a year, but if I have missed something please enlighten me. I want to squeeze the maximum value out of my hundred dollars.

Thought for the Day:

A Little Levity: Lee Lee the Crack Head gets an advance on his pay check.


  1. A few years ago I talked with my brother about the possibility of moving 225 miles north where he lives. He told me then that there was no reasonably priced land any more because, in his words, Minneapolis has moved north and wrecked it. The lakes where we once fished in peace are now dotted with McMansions. Most everything that made that area a good place to live is no longer. I expect it is much like you described your county. Sad.

    1. Pretty much the same thing, and I believe for the same reason. Florida is beautiful but overcrowded. The hurricanes down there have caused a lot of problems over the years, and the water table is getting to be an issue. People don't want those problems so they are moving back North. A lot of them stop in the North Georgia and North Carolina mountains.

      There are just too many people. They are like termites, spreading out and destroying everything. When I built here, I went to great lengths to minimize my impact on the property. But now, people bulldoze off the entire top of mountains to make it flat then built these ghastly chrome and glass things up there. Ruins the whole skyline. There isn't anywhere you can get to the lake now and let your dogs swim, it's all either government or private land.

      Guess I need to find somewhere way out in the desert.

  2. Hey Harry,


    As the owner of three 'poofy dogs' One Chihuahua, a wild haired, Terrible Terrier and a 'Bastard in Basket' Yorkie mix, mutt. I am offended:)
    My three rescue's are an array of 'six ears' that bark at any noise and are very territorial. That gives me a tactical advantage to get a firearm ready when I am alerted by the 'MEWS' or 'Mutt Early Warning System'

    I do agree with you Harry on the fact that the 'half way backs' have ruined the rural community you live in. The old ways are the best way. 'Even if I was rich. I would rather live in a 'working class' rural community than a wealthy community because I have found that most wealthy people have (pardon my French) corncob's up their asses.
    Everyone's trying to out do everyone else. Its all about ego and image and no substance. The guy that's worth 100 million dollars looks down upon the guy that has 20 million dollars. The that has 20 million, looks down upon the guy that has 5 million. 'So what's the Point!

    All in all I just try to stay away from people. I don't have any problems or drama in my life because I stay away from most people. The only problems occur when I have a nail in a truck tire or I need to fix something around the house. Maybe I have to take a dog in for an allergy shot or something.

    That's the extent of my problems. I keep it that way.

    'Harry, I do agree with you. I really, really see the appeal in moving to someplace that time forgot. 'Places like Valentine, Texas or Terlingua, Texas where the only excitement for the day is a rolling tumbleweed getting stuck under the truck during a sandstorm.

    1. You have a poofy dog? I think you told me that once, and I forgot about it. I understand why you would want little dogs, in case you have to flee in a hurry in case of Tsunami or Mexican attacks..

      The biggest problem I have with the halfway backs is the idea they have that their way is the best way, and that's how we are going to do things here. They drive the prices on everything up, and they cause property taxes to go up. I'm trying to think of something good about them, but I can't.

      That old hag that was the neighborhood snitch and busy body must have died off, she gave you some problems once upon a time as I recall.

      I'm reading some books by a fellow named Edward Abbey, and he was active in West Texas back in the seventies and eighties. Terlingua is one of the places he wrote about. I know you are not into reading but I bet you would like his book "Desert Solitaire."

      Unless there's a place with no people that a fellow and his dogs could survive in, we'll probably just both have to tough it out where we are.

      Maybe a great catastrophe will occur and thin out the surplus population.

    2. Michael Savage calls poofy dogs ankle biters. Easy to shoot a big dog, but ankle biters come at you from all directions and are hard to hit. His words, not mine.

    3. CC says his little dogs will wake him up if the low lifes try to break in, and he'll take care of the rest. My kids just got a Pomeranian who is about 12 years old and decrepit. He belonged to an old lady who had to go into a nursing home. Her church friend told her she would give him a good home, but as as soon as his owner was in the home she scheduled a vet appointment to have Rufus put to sleep. Her Grandson told my daughter at work, and they took him. But he isn't working out very well with the German shepard, so I told my daughter Rufus could come live with us. From what I can tell, he would be pretty hard to hit, especially in the dark! ;-)

  3. As luck would have it, I'm taking the dog to the vet tomorrow. It's a 20 mile drive,but this is a working class vet. The waiting room looks a bit run down. There are bags of feed there. However, they are very good, have all the same drugs and treatments as the fancy places, and charge a whole less less.

    I use the heck out of Amazon Prime. I figure it more than saves the the cost. Most of what I buy from them would be a 50 to 150 mile drive to pick up in a store. Even buy things like shoes now as their return policy is good. If it doesn't fit it goes in the UPS box the next day. No problems. I read an awful lot of e-books so that's nice too.

    1. My friend in Eastern Oregon swore by it. It's hard for me to pay $100 up front for a "service" but I was buying stuff I didn't need, just to get to the $50.00 order level so I could get free shipping. Seemed worth a try.

      Nothing wrong at all with a good country vet. I would much prefer that to one where the waiting room has "Sunset" and "Private Island" but no gun magazines.

  4. I wish they'd hold allergy shots like that for humans. My goodness I'm getting 3 shots. :( They don't hurt, well maybe they will this week - not the shot, but the reaction. I just wish insurance would see them as preventative care. They kind of are.

    Dogs always have liked the garbage for sure.

    I don't know what's happening with you clicking on my blog. When I clicked on the side - it went to my google+ page. I'm not sure why it's taking you someplace different. I did change the name and link to my blog, but that's been months ago now.

    1. Alissa, a couple of days ago, I started having this problem. When I click on your blog in my blog roll, it pulls up this url : but when it loads, it loads this page:

      I also notice that where before your blog didn't update by post because of the program you used, so it was always at the bottom of my list, now it is updating and right now it is fourth from the top. I don't know what's going on. The only way I can find your blog now is to click on your name next to one of your comments, and then go to your google home page that way, and choose "recent posts."

      Shots hurt. And allergy shots are even worse because if they work, they cause a rash or sores. I wish you didn't have to go through that. My wife went through it several times with different doctors and then they decided her respiratory problems were not caused by allergies, but we had to pay for all the visits and tests, and it was a great deal of money, as you say.

      My dogs especially like dead chickens. All the more so if they have been out in the sun for a few days. :-(

  5. Things are about the same here, Harry; farmers have to buy online and be their own vets while the guys with the sheepskins make pet ownership unaffordable.

    1. I never thought about trying to get rabies vaccine on line. Once the farmer's depot couldn't sell it anymore, I just paid up at the vets until the county started running these annual clinics, which are about a fifth of what a vet office visit costs.

      I know it was just a scam to make people go to the vet anyway.

  6. I have Amazon Prime. I really only got it because with reviewing products companies wanted me to have it. On my TV it shorts out at times. I have to either be patient, or unplug the TV from the router, and replug it again. It hasn't done it lately. We just started watching a show on their called, "Thirteen" and another one called, "Humans". It seems like we rarely watch regular TV now. I just don't strongly like any shows on ABC, CBS, or NBC. My kids used to watch PBS all the time when they were younger.

    I don't know what's up with you typing in my blog's address. I have it so that it will work with and Of course it works on my end, so it's hard to trouble shoot. I'll have to see if anyone else says anything.

    1. Alissa, you watch Amazon television shows on your television? How do you do that. I have a router for my hotspot, but my tv doesn't have any way to get the signal into it. Do you have one of those new flat screen tv sets? I have an ancient Sanyo but it works ok.

      Don't worry. If I am the only one who is having trouble, I know how to work around it. I was just concerned that people trying to access your blog might get that weird page and lose contact.

  7. Amazon Prime is cost effective if you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon that doesn't already have free shipping. 5 years ago it was a great deal for saving on shipping costs. Now, a lot of companies have factored in the shipping already so in someways Prime doesn't help.

    It depends on what and how often you buy from the Amazon.

    Kinda like Sam's or Cosco memberships. They are worth it for some things (I more than make up the cost of membership just on over the counter meds) but just being a member may not be the best thing.

    As to all the other services they offer on Prime? Dunno. Never used them for that.

    I used to raise animals for profit with my wife. We would buy all our shots from mail-order supplies. Then the vets got those damned laws passed and suddenly the minimal profit margin we were making went away. There went that source of income. Thanks, Big Government!

    1. I buy a lot of books, mostly used one's. Some of those are eligible for the shipping deal, and some apparently are still not even with amazon prime.

      I watched several episodes of a tv series that is only on amazon, about a town way above the artic circle. There were several movies that looked good too. Quite a choice really, and I do have time on my hands. Direct TV isn't worth a damn for entertainment.

      Where are you looking for medicines on Amazon. I didn't know they carried them.

      That's something I could really use.

      No new law is good news for Joe Everyman. We didn't used to have to pay sales tax on a used car if we bought it from a private individual, but a guy who owned six of the largest used car dealerships in Georgia got his cronies in Atlanta to change that. Then he went on the news with his white suit and big stogie, and told everybody it was good for them. He said "it's good for my business, too!"

    2. If a medicine needs a prescription, you can't get it from Amazon, but they have everything else. Just type in what you want and see what they have. I told you where to go for cheap prescriptions, right?

    3. Yes, but so far all the medicine my wife and I take we can get for $5.00 or less at the drug store. So I really haven't had much of a chance to explore new ways of getting it. I have a new doctor now, and he may change my medicines so I may get a chance to order on line before long.

    4. The animal farm days were pre-Amazon/pre-useful internet. Late '80s. Wife and I used to make some reasonable dough from raising and showing animals, and bought our meds (from basic shots to antibiotics) from pet suppliers (mail-order catalogs) but then the veterinarians revolted and got those laws passed. Certified health certificates, shots from the vets only, must visit the vet (with parent animal and all offspring (up to 10) and get charged per animal. No Bueno.

      Gosh, I wish there was Amazon when I was growing up. Kids today have no idea what it was like to be on the far end of a supply chain and have to develop networks of actual people to work with and split costs with (yeah, getting 15 people together to pay for a pallet load (of pet stuff) off a semi in order to really save money totally blew, but it got me connected with other animal fanciers in the area.)

      Now you have to have an agricultural license or something from the government in order to order from the catalogs, which means spot checks, inspections, being on discoverable lists that PETA and other jerks can get ahold of... Not worth it.

      All this garbage makes it so that only the idle well-off can afford to get involved in that type of culture without it financially draining them.

  8. Well, sir, I didn't see anyone mention this. I've used Amazon Prime for several years and one of the 'perks/benefits' is that you can have a 'family' which I think consists of your spouse and up to two adult children...who, when you designate them also get the benefits of free shipping on 'Prime' items. I didn't see you mention it but not all items or all shippers offer the prime service so beware when you order and be sure that it the shipper offers the prime 2 day shipping for free. Been caught once or twice by that 'little' detail. Hope this info helps.

    1. I'm glad to hear I can set my wife and kids up on this account. My wife doesn't use computers or kindles, etc, but I gave my kids a nice kindle, thinking we could do video (skype) but they've never had time to make it work.

      I noticed that some of the books I bought last night still had postage tacked on, while others didn't. So I figured it must be that some of them don't do Prime.

      Both points were good to know and I appreciate your passing the word on them.

    2. You have to look at the items to see if they qualify for Prime.

      And sometimes, Prime isn't the cheapest way to order. You definitely have to be a comparison shopper to get the best value out of your membership.

  9. Harry-we started Amazon Prime last year and I really like it. I get a lot of free books for my Kindle, and as you say, I don't have to have a minimum amount in my cart to get items shipped for free. We also use Subscribe and Save on quite a few items.
    Having pets is such an expense. I am willing to pay the price because I love my animals. We also have to have our dogs on heartworm pills. Those require an Rx, so all the dogs have to see the vet at least once a year. I know that Tractor Supply sometimes hold vaccination clinics at some of their stores, but I have never used them. Years ago, you could buy the rabies vaccination through your feed store and give your own shots, but now days, the vet is required to give them. Jana

    1. Jana, I have seen the subscribe and save feature, but don't really know what it means or how it works. I'll have to try to run that down. I subscribe to a bunch of magazines on Kindle, but I know it doesn't refer to that, because when I click on "subscriptions" it says I don't have any.

      I spend the most on my ferrets, next on the cats, then the dogs. Seems like that's the order they get sick or hurt in. I can "doctor" most wounds and injuries, and we have antibiotics for the pets, but sometimes I have to go to the vet to make sure of what's wrong. I don't mess about with the ferrets, they are fragile and if anything looks wrong we cut to the chase and go right to the exotic pet specialist. It's a long drive but my vet here did not know anything about ferrets and i had to buy a copy of "ferrets for dummies" for her.

  10. We have amazon prime, at least the past two years. I tracked shipping costs for the first year to make sure we broke even, we did. Amazon prime videos are so-so, also the kindle options. At least for us, depends on what you watch and read. We have found great deals on amazon, most items offer prime shipping, and we get the stuff really quickly. So for us,the $100 pays for itself. In our city, Phoenix, some items offer free same day delivery, my husband got spark plugs at a great price and delivered a few hours after ordering. Surreal really.

    1. I don't see how I can go wrong. Pay per views on Direct TV are now 6 to 13 dollars each. They used to be $3.00 for each one.
      I buy a lot of books, and they all cost $3.95 for shipping, so at least some of them I won't have to pay shipping on.

      I've already found a tv series I like, and several movies I want to see. So it does seem like a good deal.

  11. Harry, we use the Amazon Prime subscription service. If you get 5 different items every month, or more, you get 15% off the price, plus free shipping, of course. This is how I buy my Instinct (no grain) cat food, vitamins, herbs, etc every month. You can skip a month or whatever. You can also edit what you want long as it is 5 things, you're good to go. There is a subscribe and save button to click on the sidebar of the item and you go from there. Also Prime Pantry has lots of great pantry items....toilet paper, towels, canned goods, laundry items, food, etc...the list is endless. If you work the coupons, you get free shipping on your 65lb box. You can beam movies to your TV...they tell you how. Just look around their website. Remember to look for the check mark and the word Prime when you buy stuff. I always go to Amazon first...heck, we get ammo boxes, holsters, accessories, you name it, they probably have it. We watched that movie about the artic town, too, Fortitude. I found that if you click on closed caption (CC) we can read and listen...sometimes the sound is not great on some films. I like the fact that I can just buy one thing and I get free UPS in 2 days....can't beat that with a stick. The fire will stream thru their Silk have that app on your device. You can do whatever you do on your computer. Just bookmark your favorite websites...almost too easy.

  12. Thanks, Tewshooz. It's a lot to absorb, but I am beginning to understand why people will pay $100 up front for it. When you put all the bits and pieces together, it really adds up to a lot of advantages.

    I will get on the Kindle tomorrow and go to the techs, and see how to get the movies to my TV. It's pretty old so maybe I will finally have to break down and go buy a flat screen. I will if I have to, because my wife would love to watch the movies on Prime, but she will never in a million years try it on a Kindle.

    Fortitude is right! I have watched the first three episodes of season one and although I have no idea what's going on I have enjoyed having the option. There's hardly ever anything worth watching on Direct TV anymore.

    I got the Kimber working with the prime video. I think I just needed to turn it off and turn it on again after I started the subscription. I have a blue tooth speaker I use with it so I can hear the dialogue. You're right, the sound on the kindle itself won't turn up high enough.

    I'm glad I finally took the plunge and signed up.

    1. I got a little blue tooth speaker from Amazon and use it on my lap top where I watch all the Prime movies. Right now I am watching The White Queen. I saw a couple episodes a few years back when we got Starz from Dish. BTW, you can subscribe to all those premium channels thru Prime for just a couple bucks a month each. HBO, STARZ, Showtime, etc. Just look around.

    2. I was amazed at the quality of sound those put out. I have a big stereo system I bought at Kadena Air Force Base in 1980. It has two giant speakers. But the little tiny "can" speaker I bought for Blue Tooth puts out just as good a quality of sound. That's progress. But I still like my big old stereo with all the blue and green lights on it. ;-)