Friday, May 12, 2017

Survival Situations in the past. Once more into the breach. Frangible bullets.

This book is thicker than the bible.  It took me a lot of long hours at night to get through it.  Basically, it's the diary of an English infantry platoon commander in a Scottish Regiment.

The period this covers is not one you hear a lot about in America, particularly as regards the British. There's a tendency these days to think that after D-Day, we pretty much ran the show on the Western front, but in actuality the British were as involved as we were.

What I found most interesting was his description of Northern Germany as the German army was forced back and the British army moved in.

The Germans put up a very good fight. But they had the Russians coming in from the Eastern Front in vast numbers, and that's where most of their assets were deployed.

As the German army retreated, the German civilians were left unprotected. It wasn't the British they needed protection from.  Germany had imported thousands of civilians from defeated countries to work in the industrial plants. Thousands more were employed on farms. Then there were tens of thousands of prisoners from the Eastern Front in camps.  Suddenly, as the Germans withdrew, these vast numbers of people found themselves loose and on their own.

As the German army retreated, they abandoned vast quantities of weapons, from tanks to small arms. So the people living on isolated farms, rural farms , were able to obtain small arms to protect themselves from the legions of the walking dead roaming the countryside. Some of these former prisoners were interested only in getting home, but others were happy with the anarchy and became extremely dangerous to everybody concerned.

When the British moved in, they gave civilians a short time to turn in all weapons, after which anyone found with a weapon would be shot and their homes burned down. Most German civilians duly turned in firearms. But when the British moved forward, that left only specialist  troops like truck drivers in the area, and few of them.  Over and over again, Peter White mentions that the "DP's", or displaced persons, would attack isolated homesteads and farms, murder the occupants without discrimination regarding sex or age, and loot the place. Then they'd disappear to do it again.
In some urban places, the British fired on mobs of DP's who were basically sacking the town and killing everyone they could find.

I can't think of any circumstance where I would tamely hand over my weapons. I'm not pretending I could hold off a large group of armed attackers up here, but I'd like to be able to kill some of them instead of just being slaughtered like a sheep.

Virtually everyone here is armed. Even if it's just a pump shotgun that grandma and grandpa keep behind the kitchen door.

I should caveat that by saying I'm not including our snowbird population. I don't really know that segment of the county well enough to say.

I know most of the left wing letters to the editor in the paper tend to be from the half way back residents. They don't lean toward self sufficiency. They seem to be more in the "call 911" neck of the woods. I've heard calls on the scanner you would not believe.  Like "the subject says there is a bat in her kitchen and she would like an officer to come remove it." That from an address on the lake...

But for the average Joe and Jill here, protecting yourself and your family is not a responsibility you can delegate. As I've said before, this is not entirely a matter of principle. We have a small Sheriff's Department, and a big county. If you live in the less populated areas, you can't hope for help in a timely manner. As a previous county Sheriff told me when we were having some issues out this way, "you folks out there are on your own."  He wasn't being snide or high and mighty. He just meant they rarely patrol out there and it's a long drive from town.

This is my daughter, when she was a little girl.  I used to go out to the range and shoot, then I'd come home and clean weapons. My daughter would get her little toy wooden flint lock pistol and sit on the floor next to me, and clean it too.  I taught her and her mother how to shoot.  As things have deteriorated in the neighborhood she lives in, we've moved her from a can of pepper spray to a .357 snubby. Things are happening there that make it mandatory.  I sincerely hope she can get a transfer to a different city. The one she lives in now has declared itself a "sanctuary city" and lots of undesirable people are rushing there, making an already tense situation worse.

The Mayor of New Orleans can pull down our statues. The schools can teach a perverted curriculum that inculcates "progressive values" in the kids.  But as Hank Williams Jr. says in his "Country Boy" , the liberals can't stomp us out. The liberals run the cities but the rural areas still maintain the old values and beliefs. People like the Mayor of New Orleans can enforce their will in the cities, but not in the rural areas of America.

I think of this song as our answer to Biggy Smalls and his "Gimme the loot!"


More storms moving through tonight and tomorrow. Not supposed to be bad, but we can still use the rain.

Big fires still burning down in Florida, and in South Georgia. I sure hope they don't start up here. We had a terrible time last summer with fire.  North Georgia, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina had it really bad. Vast swaths of forest burned, a lot of homes lost, and some people , especially in East Tennessee, were burned up with their homes when they didn't get the word to evacuate.

The drought just hangs on.  My small stream (not the big one) is still barely sending any water down the mountain side.

Today's large fires map shows just one on the far southern border of our state, but Florida has big problems.

All in all, things are going ok here.  My wife is leaving to go back to my daughter's place. Seems like she just got home from up there.  But E is not feeling real well, and she needs her mom. I haven't made any secret of the fact that my daughter has Ehler's Danlos. I don't emphasize it, because I try to be upbeat, and because I get one particular person who sends me comments rejoicing that my daughter is ill. I don't publish those, but I also don't enjoy them so I don't bring it up much. I do want people to understand that my daughter is not weak or "needy." EDS makes it rough on a person.

Why you can't use a gun in a city without negative ramifications for yourself.

I will be going back to Chattanooga to the airport.  I swore I wouldn't go back to that town after the run in with the "bruddas fum de hood" but that's the way it goes. I'm better prepared now to deal with trash in a non-lethal manner. At the time, I had my pistol and I sure wanted to use it. The world would have been a better place without those four individuals. But I had no desire to go to jail for the rest of my life.

This is the sign on a Golden Corral Restaurant, on Gun Barrel Road.


Thought for the Day:

Cartoons, past and present:

Almost forgot!

Pondering the question of frangible ammo.  Not the best for me, but might be a good item for people in different environments.

There are times when I do carry a pistol as my only weapon. I have been keeping a rifle in my vehicle , but sometimes you have to leave the vehicle and you can't just sling it over your shoulder and walk down the street.

and there's nothing at all wrong with a good shotgun. But it will sure tear up a sheet rock and pine stud wall, even with no.8 shot.

Up on the mountain, I very much prefer a full powered rifle to anything else.

But there are  people who live in apartments, or in suburban homes, and a pistol is probably what they have. The problem is, if you have light construction in your residence, and close neighbors, you can get over penetration.   

Frangible bullets are a possible solution.  I don't know about all states, but in Georgia you can buy defense loads with frangible bullets at just about any gun store.

I am not the duty expert on frangible bullets.   This is what I know about them.

A quote from "Shooting Illustrated."
Frangible ammunition is no different than normal target ammo except the bullet. Instead of a lead core with a copper jacket, frangible bullets are made from compressed copper powder. Whenever the bullet strikes something harder than itself at full speed, it crumbles to pieces.Feb 24, 2014

Why would you want to use frangible bullets when there are all these super high tech bullets out there? Well, if you live in an apartment or in a subdivision where houses are close together, you need to worry about over penetration. That is, you take a shot at an intruder who has just broken into your apartment, and the bullet goes through the sheet rock wall and kills somebody in the next apartment.

Also, nobody can run a ballistics test on a bullet that disintegrates into a million pieces, I can think of a number of circumstances where  this might be a useful attribute for a defensive round.

Then there's the idea that you can't get a face full of fragments if you have to fire at a target close up, as I understand some folks do when they are shooting strings in defensive courses or in competitions.

I had a question on this from a friend, and I thought it might be of interest to others.  I also think there may be people out there with more knowledge on the subject than I have.  I don't use frangible ammo in my carry gun, but I got some for my daughter, as she lives in an apartment complex.

It does work, though.  Anybody with more expertise please feel free to chime in.


  1. Hello Harry, I hope your daughter feels better soon...I had to look up EDS as I had never heard of it before. That POS that is happy you daughter is suffering just shows their evil and disgusting mind. Of course a liberal, right. Anyway, great post today. Loved the Country Boys song; had not heard it in a long time. Yes, us Podunkers will survive and thrive. We are in a huge county, too, with only one sheriff and about 6 deputies. Hundreds of miles to cover to get anywhere. He told us to do what we had to if there is trouble. Yeah, we know how to take care of ourselves. It seems that the weather is totally turned around. We are still having rain with just a day here and there with sun. Our drought is over, in fact, I think the water table is so high now that some of our trees are drowning. Snow is predicted tomorrow. Take care in the city.

    1. I can't imagine having snow in May. I watch the weather out there on the computer because my entire family is in Oregon now. It's a strange place, weather wise, to be sure.

      This particular individual is European. They say things like that in the hope I'll post their comment so I can share some of my thoughts with them. All they need is a foot in the door. But I learned the hard way, that the best way to deal with trolls is ignore them.

      Trolls will attack anyone, for anything, as I'm sure you know. I have a friend who is a lady with a family, and she just posts about food, and her family, totally innocuous things, but she gets trolled. One of my particularly despicable trolls found Leigh on my blog roll, and attacked her for having goats on her homestead....

      I am constantly amazed at some of the call 911 mindset here. If anything happens and there's no 911 to call, those people are dead. They seem to be incapable of doing anything for themselves, or even thinking that they should try to.

      I dread going over there, but the alternative is to drive my wife all the way up North, and then come back, and then go get her, and then come back.....

  2. I gotta say this, you have some great people who comment here, but apparently a very sick few who take pleasure in mocking your daughter. These few really need some old-fashioned electroshock therapy.

    So now New Orleans is going the direction of South Carolina. Because we all know that a whitewash of history is suddenly going to make everyone love each other and ride pink unicorns. Where is the outrage from rural LA? --Troy

    1. Troy, I get some sick people trying to make me mad enough to do something foolish, like stop blogging, or threatening them, or whatever. More than anything else, they want me to let them have a comment on the blog, but I learned with the old blog that was a big mistake. I know there are evil people out there, but then I tell myself that half the country voted for an evil person for President, so I shouldn't be shocked.

      Yeah, same thing. Pandering to the "progressives" and the "black lives matter" strata.

      That really does make me angry, but it's the times we live in. Maybe a total collapse wouldn't be so bad, because those kinds of people would not be able to hide behind government and the law, and could be help accountable for what they have done.

  3. I realize that the guy who delights in your daughter's illness will be burning in hell someday if he doesn't accept the Lord, but it's STILL kinda hard to feel sorry for the pervert.

    1. He/She/It is just trying to goad me into publishing their comment so I can reply to it. But it's pretty much a case of water off a ducks back. On the other hand, if I learned some devastating personal tragedy had befallen that individual, I would be very happy. I never forget and I never forgive.

  4. Hey there Harry, I thought your choice of words about "Delegating the Responsibility" for protecting your family were interesting. I live in a hell hole, er a place where by law that responsibility has been removed from me and delegated to others without my say so. Ain't that something? And best of all, the court case that once and for all established that the cops do not have any responsibility to protect any individual ever was in My city...
    Must be more of that "Social Compact" stuff they claim I am a part of, yet no one can produce the copy I signed...
    I am faced with the choice that if I am likely to NEED a firearm,and choose to carry one, I am in as much jeopardy from the PTB as I am from the goblins. I did not and will not delegate such an important responsibility to someone I do not know, have not vetted, and have no idea how well trained (or not) they actually are. They don't all graduate at the tops of their class you know...This nonsense makes my blood boil.
    Some daggone used car salesman in the state legislature has STOLEN my right to self defense. I cannot wait to get out of here and leave the stupid that vote for this crap to their just desserts. I am working on it too. Hopefully by the end of Summer...
    Thing is, it is not the "Law Abiding" folks like us that are causing all the "gun violence" that makes the news every day. I have owned guns, literally, for 48 years now. (My old man started me out early). I don't misuse them, I shoot enough to be proficient, and I flat do not trust anyone else to do the job as well as I will. Stupid scared modern humans.

    1. J, It's the old saw about "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6." I thank God I live in a state where, as long as you stay out of cities, your right to defend yourself, your family and your property is recognized. The same laws are supposed to apply in our cities, but recent history makes it clear they don't. If you have to use a firearm to defend yourself in a city, from attack by "protected minorities" you are going to be overwhelmed by political expediency, and sacrificed in the name of placating the left wingers, the minority population, and the Justice Department. Maybe, with Donald Trump as President and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, that particular aspect of the "Reign of Terror" is over in this country.

      It has long struck me as bizarre that the federal courts, staffed by snowflakes and "progressives" as they are, would rule that the police have no obligation to protect the individual citizen. I know it's true, but the first time I heard that, I told the person who clued me in that it was "B.S." Thinking back over the last thirty years, I wonder how many times I've heard something that sounded ridiculous, mocked it as being "conspiracy theory" only to find out later that it was absolutely true.

      I just don't listen sometimes, and I've paid for it. Michael from Maine told me not to publish comments from Trolls, but I did it anyway, thinking I'd like to have a forum for honest conversation and different points of view. But what I got was a stream of obscenity, with no thought behind it. Some of those people are still trying to get me to publish their comments and it's been a couple of years now, I think, since I stopped doing it.

      CC told me about George Soros and his attempts to finance left wing thugs in America. But I had been hearing about George Soros and his one world philosophy for years and paid it no mind. Then it became absolutely clear that he WAS paying and organizing thugs to riot in the streets. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short on this kind of thing, though I try to stay up to date on the news.

      You're doing the same thing I used to do when I carried in states that did not have reciprocal agreements with Georgia. Now almost all states do, but under William the Bastard it was still a concept that was developing. I traveled more than and I carried, illegally if need be, because I'd rather have to hire a lawyer than be found dead. If you obey unjust laws, and you get killed as a result, the fat cats in the state capitol or in D.C. won't miss lunch over it. They wouldn't care if they did know about it.

      I was reading a blog I like, by a veteran who is a real gentlemen. He has some snowflakes, mostly old ladies, who get on there and say things like "why can't the world be free of violence. It's all the fault of these gun nuts running around in the street."

      I think to myself, if those people had ever seen what human beings can really be like, if they'd ever been in third world s*it hole countries where might is right and the strong victimize the weak as a matter of course, they wouldn't think that way. I honestly think the news should show the real events in places like Lebanon, Africa, Syria, et al. But instead, they say "we must warn you, these images are graphic" and then show somebody being carried away on a stretcher. If they showed what it's really like, there'd be less of that kind of ill advised fluff floating around the internet.

      I know where you are , the situation is much, much worse than I have it. Hope your can get out of there soon, I know you'd be happier where you are planning to go to.

  5. I think anyone with big enough cojones should send their hate mail with a SAE

    1. If only they would. But the people who use anonymity to spew invective when they know they can't be held to account are completely dead to any sense of right or wrong.

      Glad things are going well over there in Spain. When you first moved there from England I thought maybe the Spaniards would not accept you and your family, but that's been far from the truth. I enjoy reading about your projects and your family outings.

  6. problem is the cities will soon be lording it over us if they can get rid of the electoral college, which is a movement underway and going forward.
    san fran, l.a., and nyc will soon be calling all the shots.

    1. They can pass all the laws they want in those hideous places, but they will have to enforce them and it's a big country.

      I would dearly love to know who is going to come out here into the boondocks and pick up the indigenous populations firearms. Easier to pronounce from some cushy office in NY than to execute in the hot, humid, densely forested mountains of Appalachia, for instance. The feds couldn't even find Eric Rudolf up here, and there was just one of him.

      I take your meaning though. Right now, I am basking in the warm glow of President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, and the lack of fear that engenders. But if The Hag had been elected, I'd probably be up on the backside of my property digging like an SOB and burying weapons and ammo like a mad badger. I've done it before.

  7. I never forget and I never forgive.
    And never surrender.
    From personal experience I do know that 44 mag jackets will come off a plate at 25yds, with enough force to stick nice and deep into meat.

    1. Ouch. I think the only injury I have ever sustained from shooting a weapon was when two "friends" told me to shoot their Contender .270 Winchester pistol and I didn't keep my arms straight. It came back and hit me between the eyes, cut my nose and broke my glasses. They both howled, it was the funniest thing....

      I never did any of those competitions where you are firing at plates from close range. Was always more of a target shooter with rifles out to the 300 yard line, at least after I left the service.

  8. Regarding frangible ammo, this article suggests only 4" of penetration in ballistic gelatin. You might get a great hit on a fat man and not penetrate a lung. You might hit an arm on the way in and sprinkle the bad guy with fragments. Not my cup of tea.

    Regarding your nasty commenter, good for you maintaining your privacy and deleting his comments. Smelly trash is best disposed of quickly. You only have to deal with him for a few seconds. He has to live within his skin 24/7.

    Agree on Country Boy will Survive. It is almost a theme song. Sure, there are people out here collecting government checks. One man I know got burned at work and then the company started writing him up for BS issues to get rid of him. He took an early retirement rather than lose that too. His family took food stamps until he hit sixty five. He worked "salvage" to make a few extra dollars. In other words, he took the absolute minimum amount of help and he kept on working as best he could.

    1. I guess there is quite a discussion going on about frangible ammo on some bulletin board somewhere, and that's what prompted my friends question. I don't really have any need of it, but I got my daughter some. I figured if someone is close enough to use a snub nose on, you're going to hit them. I don't want her getting in trouble with the cops when they come to write the report and haul off the stiff, so having frangible ammo might help her out there. She has a CC permit from that state now, so they can't hassle her about the pistol.

      Most of the time, the negative comments don't bother me. I'm really glad there is comment moderation though, because they are usually nothing but obscenity, and I wouldn't want people seeing that on my blog before I had time to delete it.

      I have always believed that in a rich country like ours, nobody should go hungry or lose their home if they have been doing all they can do to support themselves.

      There's a fellow whose blog I read when he was still writing, and he had to use food stamps. But he had worked all his life, fell on hard times through no fault of his own, and he had paid taxes for ages. I don't look at that as wrong, I look at it as getting something back for all the taxes that have been bludgeoned out of you by force and against your will over the years.

      It's the perfectly healthy SOB's who sit home having babies for the money, or just leading the easy street life, who have never worked, don't want to, and who just batten off the working man, those are the ones I detest.

    2. Back when I was attending college in the 'Big City', I lived in an apartment complex. I bought Glaser .380 ammunition for the single magazine I had for the little auto. Never fired a round of it - frightfully expensive. I think if I killed someone with it, I would rifle through his pockets to get my money back, lol. If I remember correctly, light bullet jacket with pellets in some type of polymer, capped with a blue synthetic tip. I don't know if they are still made.

      That person that makes fun of your daughter's condition is scum. I have an autistic son and know of some of the challenges that parents go through to make their lives better. Nobody asked for those challenges and anyone making them worse is just plain trash. I hope your daughter feels relief soon.

    3. Yeah, I always keep a pair of pliers in my car, no sense letting gold teeth go to waste. ;-)

      I remember the Glaser brand name but I don't think I ever bought any. Back when I was in college, the entire 2nd floor of Alvarado Hall was USMC reservists, with a few navy guys mixed in. In those days, it was perfectly permissible for people to keep weapons in the dorm, and everybody had at least one. My two were a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 and a Universal produced copy of the M-1 Carbine. I just used surplus for the carbine, it was plentiful and cheap at the gun shops on Central Avenue then. I put whatever was cheapest in the Ruger.

      You would be surprised at some of the "comments" I get. Or, maybe not given the acting out across the country by the snowflakes. I just ignore most of it and delete all of it.

  9. Harry-that was a very interesting account of what happened to Germany. I have never heard that before. Hope your daughter feels better soon and you be safe going to Chattanooga. Jana

    1. Jana, I thought it was interesting. In a way, what happened to the German civilians in 1945 could be replicated here if some Black Swan comes along and breaks down central authority.

      In the old History Channel Documentary "After Armageddon" the family the story revolved around were eventually forced to flee their suburban home by hordes of wandering marauders.

      I'm going straight to the airport, and straight home. I'm not going to the mall or to the bookstores. That was what got me in trouble last time. Just because it's daylight and you are in the commercial district of the city doesn't mean the Goblins are not out. I didn't think about that before.

    2. It is a shame that we do not feel safe in down town cities anymore. In that sense, the goblins have won along with the BLM garbage. Just about 20 or 30 years ago I never thought of stuff like was good then. Now with Civil Asset Forfeit we are getting harassed from all sides. Never used to think twice about heading out cross country or going to a big city to shop. Heck, I grew up 60 miles from New York City and it was great to go to Central Park and the Zoo. Now I read where Long Island is infested with gangs like MS13 and they couldn't pay me enough to go into the city again, Sad, Harry. Ever notice how liberals can't present a real argument? Then they resort to name calling and cursing...they must think it is a sign of intelligence or something. Loons. DH took a course at Clint Smith's place a few years back and they all had to use frangible ammo. They had exercises with bad guys in buildings, and regular ammo will shoot thru all the walls and hit a bystander. Not too good for business :).

    3. On an abstract level, I knew things could happen to you that were unpleasant. I'd had some issues on the road from time to time, in my own stomping grounds, and those I felt competent to handle.

      But when I ran into those four black characters, that made it real for me. Aggressive, offensive, foul mouthed, banging on the side of my vehicle and cursing me. All for the heinous offense of having rolled my car window so I wouldn't have to listen to the noise pollution they were pumping out of their vehicle at max level. They made all kinds of threats, shouted and cursed, called me every name in the book. And the whole time, my Sig P226 was sitting under a Subway napkin, cocked and ready to go, in the passengers seat. I wanted to roll the window down and just shoot every one of them in the stomach. But the light changed, they got back in their car, and drove off, trash music blaring, and high fiving each other. Sure showed that old Cracker who was boss.

      And in the city, they were the bosses. They controlled the situation. None of them appeared to be armed, and none of them tried to get inside my car or drag me out. None of the people in the adjacent vehicles were watching this, they all stared directly ahead and pretended nothing was going on. That's why the BLM and their cohorts from de hood get away with that kind of thing. If I had shot them, it would have been another case of The Evil KKK Cracker with his NRA bumper sticker and Confederate Flag bumper sticker, gunning down four young black men who were on their way to choir practice.

      People are not safe in cities. Particularly, dare I say it aloud, white people. Not safe from the Goblins, and not safe from the powers that be if you have to take corrective action. It isn't worth it.

      Now I carry a big canister of bear spray. It's non-lethal and it's not illegal in Georgia, North Carolina or Tennessee.

      There's an El Gringo parody called "Everybody I don't like is Hitler" that augments your point . I need to find it and post it.

      I guess frangible ammo is like everything else, it's got it's good points and it's bad points. It's like what kind of shirt you wear, some people like one type and others another. I think it is a good choice for my daughter, living in an apartment as she does, but for me, I will stick to Ball ammo. I know people say it's not as good as hollow points and all that, but it works for me.

  10. Harry - thank you for sharing information about your daughter...i had never heard of the syndrome before and now i have spent some time researching. it cannot be easy on her. but i am glad that M will be with her...although i don't like you being up there alone!

    as for your trolls attacking your just gives me the creeps, makes me wish for a pig farm, find and hunt those trolls and feed the pigs. although from the way you describe these trolls not even pigs would eat them!

    i thought your review of this book was very interesting and am now going to see if i can find it scribd.

    and i love seeing all of the different pics of you and your place...and of course, i love pics of the ferrets.

    sending much love to you and all of yours, as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber,
      We don't talk about it much, but I wanted people to understand that when M goes up there to help out, it's not because my daughter is weak or lazy.

      I'd be delighted to meet some of these people in person, but it won't happen. I just have to accept that there are people out there who won't attack you to your face , but who are perfectly happy to attack your family if they think it will get under your skin. They're wasting their time with me. I just hit "delete" and they are gone.

      That book is really, really long. It's huge. Most of it is just about how miserable the troops were in the winter , and how people got killed every day. The story was interesting, but the situation of the German civilians after the collapse of resistance in the west was the only thing that really had practical implications for me.

      There's lots about the Canadians in that book though, since they operated in conjunction with the British. That might be interesting for you. The Scots liked the Canadians, and thought they fought well and held up their end. Since the Scottish troops tended to be prejudiced against anybody who wasn't Scottish, that was quite a compliment.

      I need to take more pictures of the ferrets. I only have Percy and Spike now, and Spike is sick, but that shouldn't stop me. I don't take nearly as many photos as I used to.

      Thanks, Kymber.

  11. Regarding frangible ammo:
    Don't be so quick to shoot steel up close. When I was an instructor at a major academy, we were training a class on M4s. One of the trainees let his climb too much and the bullet hit the target hanger and disintegrated, just like it's designed to do. But one bullet fragment came straight back and nailed him in the forehead, right between the eyes. We had to take him to the dispensary and shut down the range, since these days a drop of blood on the concrete has to be treated like a hazmat spill, due to all the blood-borne pathogens around. I don't think frangible bullets would be a good choice for a self-defense round, since they could easily disintegrate on a button, a wallet, or a cell phone. The old Glaser Safety Slugs had a good reputation, but I don't know if they're made anymore.
    Regarding the British in WWII: I just finished Rick Atkinson's book The Guns at Last Light, the third book of his Liberation Trilogy. He has more about the British in North Germany than any other book I've read, but he doesn't mention the depredations by freed DPs. (I highly recommend all three books: An Army at Dawn (about North Africa), The Day of Battle (Italy), and The Guns at Last Light (France and Germany).)
    Regarding your daughter: My thoughts are with her and I hope she gets better. Any person who celebrates the illness of another person is, well, the kind of person whose illness I would celebrate. (I can't use the proper nomenclature here; I'd be banned for life.)

  12. I myself used to shoot at paper targets out on the 200 and 300 yard line when I belonged to a gun club here. But one of the reasons I stopped going was the wildly popular "get togethers" where people would have competitions shooting defensive fires and timed runs down a simulated "threat" environment. I don't know what they officially called it . But between them and the cowboy action shooters, it got to the point where I couldn't just go out there when I felt like it and get a station on the range. I finally gave up, and just shoot on my own land. Never shot steel targets, but then, I am sure the people doing it enjoyed it. I don't know what they used in terms of ammo.

    I saw "An Army at Dawn" in our library, on the same shelf as Peter White's book. I can probably get the three through our library system. Peter White just published his diary, and it's filled with things that concerned him. For instance, he hated seeing farms burned with all the animals chained inside, and tried to save them when he could which wasn't often. He expected to find all Germans were ardent Nazi's, and didn't know how to deal with finding out they weren't. I don't think he realized it, but he was clearly a victim of our own wartime propaganda, because he regarded the German soldiers he came across largely as automatons, even after he met some and saw they were pretty much like everybody else. His book isn't a history, it's actually disjointed and I had a hard time trying to follow it in the greater scheme of things. He usually knew what the situation was as far as the village he was in, and that was it.

    E has a pretty good life and just handles the bumps in the road like we all do. I could wish she would give up the "career" thing and just come home to live, but it isn't what she wants.

    Trolls are part of blogging, I guess. My blog reflects my own views, which are not in accordance with about half the population of the country and who knows how many people from foreign countries. So I attract some very unpleasant people. But they don't bother me with their comments, I just delete them. The strange thing is, I know some of my friends, who just write about common, ordinary daily life, get trolled too.

  13. Hey Harry,


    I was reading some of the comments above and the trolling thing done by the lefty Bolshevik's is much, much worse than you realize Harry.

    Sometime visit 4Chan/Pol/ for politically incorrect. There you find counter trolls and shills and much more info on them the trolling underbelly of the net.

    Shill, A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing (from Wikipedia)

    Read This on paid shills,

    Check out the above article too. Paid shills 'troll and discredit' others peoples stuff on the web. They work for the left or the right.

    It is widely believed the the Russians had paid shills in Russia going after Hillary during the election along with hacking her server.

    I'm sure a fair number of the haters on your site Harry are paid. The spend all day messing with people. How do you make a living doing that? Its impossible to have a normal life and pay for coffee and wifi and spending all day on the web messing with people. There has to be a financial reason why someone spends all day doing this stuff.

    If a youtuber or someone on the web gets big. They are attacked by 'paid shills' Most people have to earn a living and many get bored screwing with the same person and go away. The paid shills keep at it eight hours a day. As long as they get paid. They are motivated.
    If it gets really brutal. Rumors, lies and false narratives are started to discredit the individuals blog, youtube channel. Political figures are of course 'shilled' fake news, fake twitter accounts are started, fake youtube channels are started and fake Facebook pages are started and pictures are manipulated using photoshopped to discredit whoever the shills are after.

    George Soros and several of his organizations have allegedly been tied to 'paid shlling' as well as other ops. including funding BLM, BAMN and Antifa.

    Check out 'Uncle Chan' and many other counter trolls, shitposters (pardon my French) I will call it crap posting. I leave snarky, sarcastic comments blogs, vlogs and news articles all over the web. That's one way to fight back is with 'satirical crap posting'
    I don't use threatening or bad stuff. I just am a first rate 'crap poster' its fun watching people get all bent outta shape in their replies to my 'snarky comments'

    There are a great number of couter trolls and counter shill's that hang out on 4Chan/Pol/ I think that 22 year old computer security guy out of Southern England that temporarily stopped the 'Ransomware' virus over the last couple of days hangs out on 4Chan. He lives with his parents. I think he may get picked up by some big firm and make lots of 'reverse engineering' computer virus's and malware.

    Remember the 'Weaponized Austism' of 4Chan/Pol/ is as good or better than the CIA/NSA geek squad. 4Chan is the biggest asset to the conservative, freedom loving community on the net.

    1. The concept of shilling goes back as least as far as the Dark Ages, when monasteries paid people to travel around the countryside pretending to be pilgrims who had witnessed "miracles" at the monastery. The object was to drum up pilgrim traffic, since pilgrims left gifts at the monastery. I guess in the electronic age it still works.

  14. I took a chunk of lead about the size of a pencil eraser in the arm shooting steel at about 7 yards with 9mm FMJ. I had to pull pretty hard to get it out but no significant damage was done.

    Penetration in ammunition is a double edged sword. A round has to penetrate a person sufficiently to do serious damage to be useful. A round that will penetrate meat and bone will do the same to walls, car doors, etc.

    To manage this we need to do our best to hit what we aim at, understand what is near us and how bullets perform. Shooting strait down the hall into the neighbors apartment is bad. Shooting the same direction but from a knee aimed up at the bad guys head would be a much safer situation.

  15. Harry, so sorry for you daughters EDS. I didn't know what it was and had to look it up. There seems to be so many new health issues in the last 30 years that were not around before that. Is it the processed food we've been eating the last 30 or so years?

    1. Mike, EDS is the result of a dad and a mom both of whom have an incredibly rare recessive gene.

      I'm sure all the processed food hasn't helped people any. I eat a lot of canned food, more than I should, but it's quick and it keeps a long time.

  16. The sheriff takes a while to make it to our place, too.
    It always feels good to finish a massive book like that.
    Interesting you are in a drought. We have had too much rain, and it's a mess. Makes it hard to get out in the garden, when an underground stream is running through it.
    I hope your daughter starts feeling better. I'm sure having her mom there will offer much comfort!

    1. Lisa, I always think of that experience you had with the freak running around your house after dark when I think of frightening things that can happen to rural people. I've always admired your ability to deal with it and not be intimidated.

      We've been in a drought for over a year now. Still way below our normal levels.

      M is up there now. I think my daughter will have an easier time of it with M to help with the things like cooking and cleaning, and laundry. Takes a load off my daughter, who still has to work, sick or not.

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