Friday, June 30, 2017

Rain. Anti-Fa. Gettysburg. Part Three of the OAN series on CNN fraudulent news. Sweden resettling ISIS fighters. (ISYN)

It started raining last night, and is still raining at five this afternoon.  It's been coming down hard enough that I decided not to take my daily walk.  The last time I went for a walk in the rain, I spent more time sitting under picnic pavilion shelters than I did walking.

Still, I like the rain , especially in summer. It means the drought isn't coming back anytime soon, and it means I don't have to worry about forest fires in the near future.

After last summer, with the huge wildfires all over Northern Georgia, Western North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee, our county finally decided to do something about a system for letting people know if there's an emergency.

We paid $65,000 for a system that will send you a text, or an email, if something is going on that you need to know about.  The problem with that is a lot of people don't have internet here, and other than right around town, cell phone is hit or miss.  I don't know why they didn't add a "robo call" function to this system, but they didn't.

I have gotten several emails from friends about Anti-Fa planning to destroy Confederate monuments at Gettysburg, and desecrate the graves of Confederate Soldiers.  I find it difficult to believe that even those despicable white trash bullies could sink so low, but Fox is carrying an article on it today.  This video is from that article.

Gettysburg was the battle that ended Southern hopes of winning the war and becoming independent of the U.S. federal government. It was fought July 1 -3, 1863 in the farm lands surrounding Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The war went on until May 9, 1865 but from Gettysburg on, it was just a desperate attempt to keep Federal Armies out of the South. There was never any chance of winning the war after the defeat at  Gettysburg.   Pickett's Charge was the climax of the battle, and in the South is still called "the high water mark of the Confederacy."

Pickett had elements of three Confederate Divisions, consisting of 12 Brigades , primarily from Virginia and North Carolina. About 12,000 men made the assault with another 3,000 infantry in support.  Because the Confederate artillery was not adequate to suppress the Federal Artillery, the troops were under heavy artillery fire from the moment they came out of the  tree line. When they got closer (and it was a long, long distance over open fields) the Federals fired shrapnel shells and grapeshot. When they came within rifle range, they were subjected to sheets of infantry fire from Federal positions behind a rock wall.   It was Fredericksburg in reverse. Measurements of the distance covered by Confederate troops from the line of departure to the stone wall vary, but the sole Confederate Regimental commander who survived and wrote a description of the charge estimated the distance at just under one mile in open fields with no cover.

The Fox article said the Park Service and local law enforcement are taking steps to insure that if the scumbags do show up, they won't be able to damage the statues or the cemetery.  First, I hope these things are just rumors. Second, if they aren't, I hope the large number of Southern people who go there every year to honor the anniversary of the battle don't kill a lot of them. Not that I care a damn about the Hillary Ninja, but I wouldn't want good people in trouble with the law over bottom feeders like Anti-Fa.


Part Three of a Three part series on CNN fake news.

Sweden trying to find work for ISIS fighters returning from the Middle East. (I sh*t you not.)

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Two Bears Farm

Lisa is a working mom. She and her family live on a nice homestead in the woods, and they raise a lot of their own food.  There is never any political content or news.  It's about the family.  Lots of times, especially when she posts about things they take their kids to do, it reminds me of my family at that age. My mother always impressed on me that it was important for children to have "enriching experiences" and my wife and I  tried to make sure our kids got opportunities to have those. Lisa and her husband do the same for their boys.

Lisa has been a good friend for a long time, and I have a lot of respect for her. She has to be a mom, a wife, and a professional person all at the same time. It's a hard row to hoe.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today, continued.......

My last post sure rattled some heads with nothing but marbles in them.  If I could count comments I didn't post, I'd sure be spinning the count meter. To those people, I say two things. One, for God's sake, at least learn to speak basic English. I don't do well with Ebonics.

And then, as far as their comments go,  here's my feelings on that.

I appreciate the comments from my friends.  One of those is infinitely more intelligent and more valuable than all the spum on the waves from BLM and Snow Flakes.

The post below this one has both parts of the OAN broadcast of a video on CNN.  It's one of those "secret camera" things like Planned Parenthood got hoist on.  Some of CNN's producers and news anchors saying that the "Russia Story" is B.S. and just being played for ratings and to please their ultra liberal base. It's about eight minutes long, and I enjoyed every minute of it. This is the video the White House spokesman suggested everybody in the country watch.  It's not getting much play time from MSM, of course, but it's posted in full down below.

The weather here has been spectacular for the last few days.  No humidity to speak of, and temperatures in the 70's.  A nice breeze blowing. We've had enough rain that everything is green and lush.

The creeks and lakes are all up to where they should be. The lake near the house is clean and the water is warm enough to go over there for an evening swim. Just about perfect. I have the whole beach to myself after six, as the tourists are largely gone by then.

I am putting in a couple of hours a day on the place, keeping everything cut back and squared away. But that leaves me plenty of time to do whatever I want to. There's no lack of things to do up in these mountains, or of places to go .

Things are going along pretty well. It's been five years now since I retired, and I still have to pinch myself to believe it's true.  Too bad you have to work for 2/3 of your adult life to get here. But it's worth it.

Did you hear about this Canadian sniper?   That's what I call a shooter.

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One America News "CNN Fake News" parts one and two of two.

Dunkirk. Megan Leavey

New World War II movie portrays white people as white.

link above is an article about how the snowflakes and BLM are mad because British soldiers in the film are portrayed as being white.  ISYN.

This movie opens in July.  The article I linked explains that a lot of people seem to be offended because the English are portrayed as being white.  I guess they don't understand that in World War II, the English had not yet imported thousands of black and brown people. They were white, then.  But now the film maker is being criticized for not including "people of color." No matter they weren't there in the real battle.

I saw this movie today.  I thought it was a good film, and for once it didn't leave the audience feeling depressed .  It was an honest film.

That's not good:

I pulled two ticks off my neck tonight.  That comes from working in the woods.  Tick bites can clean your clock down here, and this year there's a new nastiness they are spreading. After all I've been though, wouldn't that be an ironic way to go?  The ragheads couldn't do me in.  Hispanics and brudda's didn't get it done.  Be just my luck.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tough Night in ATL. Enough "minority" self pity. Arming Moslems. Didn't work well in Afghanistan, and it's not working now.

It was a tough night in "Greater Atlanta."  I always start my mornings with watching the three affiliate ATL stations I get on the satelllite tv.  Flipping back and forth, I figure there were four major
gang related incidents in the city and surrounding counties last night, with five dead, four wounded, and over 200 rounds of "9" fired.  The shoot outs took place in empty parking lots, at little convenience stores, in the middle of a residential area, and at an apartment building. These were only the shootings that the news people could get camera crews to. They don't bother with those they don't have film to show .

Now I know, from reading comments made by an elderly black lady on an English blog, that all this is the fault of white Americans.  Specifically, it's the fault of white Southerners. Because 150 years ago, slavery still existed in the South , and "black families were sold", all the ills of the "black community" are my personal responsibility.

It doesn't help to hear on the news that the Ferguson city government "settled" with the family of " The Gentle Giant" for 1.7 million dollars.  God Almighty!  I'll bet the tax payers there are pleased.

Frankly, I'm sick of this whiny, pathetic attitude that tries to displace responsibility for their ills on to other people. I'm not going to be nice about it any more.  It's not my fault they constitute approximately 13% of the U.S. population and account for 65% of the prison population. It's not my fault they commit the vast majority of violent crimes in America.  Anyone can argue with the specific statistics, depending on the source, but they're all in the ball park.

It's easy enough to be "understanding" when you don't have to deal with it personally.  But patience and tolerance begin to run thin when a specific group of people, regardless of who they are, start shooting up your neighborhoods or breaking into your house.  Home invasions in the ATL area are so routine now, they don't even report them on the morning news unless somebody gets killed. You have to read the Atlanta paper to keep up with the "routine" problems.

People today are conditioned to think that any acknowledgement of problems in ethnic communities is "off limits." It's "racist" to imply that they are responsible for their own issues. But to be told point blank by some prissy old lady that I am responsible for those problems because of my ancestors, or that I should be ashamed of my ancestors, is more than I'm going to stand for.

And then, there's this kind of idiot prancing around out there.  He's from New York. Who would have guessed?

I can't disable autoplay on this, so when the segment is over you just have to manually close it.

I'm glad we are all paying taxes so we can send weapons to "moderate Jihadist's"

In Afghanistan, we trained the Islamic fundamentalist who styled themselves the Mujaheddin, or "Holy Warriors."  We gleefully provided them with weapons, suitcases of cash, and logistics support. They ran the Russians out, and we expected not to hear from them again. But we did. One of the premier Mujaheddin was Osama Ben Ladin.  Another was "Mullah Omar" who founded the Taliban. Large numbers of "foreign fighters" from the Afghan War showed up in Iraq and did us a lot of damage. The Taliban is still causing us big problems today.

We don't seem to understand that Moslems will take help from us as long as they think they need it, but when their particular issue is over, we're always next to be on the receiving end of their antics. The Koran only provides three ways to deal with infidels.  First, convert them to Islam.  Second, make them pay a "heavy tolerance tax", and third , kill them.  There's no fourth option.

Right now, we're training "moderate rebels" in Syria.  Everybody knows that's a joke, but nobody is worrying about it at the present.  Syrian "rebels" are either Al Qaeda proper, or affiliates if they are anti-Assad,.   They are  Hezbollah or affiliates if they are pro-Assad. But when the war is finally over, they will all be anti-Western.

The sole exception to this is the Kurds, who have proven to be good fighters, loyal allies, and trustworthy. But we don't do a lot for the Kurds, because the Shiite Iraqi government gets mad if we do. Frankly, I don't see what difference it makes if the Iraqis don't like it. They've already told us as soon as they get rid of ISIS, they want us out of the country, lock, stock and barrel.

Remember Obama's "Fearsome Four Hundred."  He said he was going to launch a U.S. trained organization of 400 pro western "warriors" into the fray. When they finally crossed the border, there were 42 of them. They drove to the first Al Qaeda checkpoint, and turned over all their weapons, vehicles and supplies to the thugs waiting for them there.  We never tried that again.

The bottom line is that we are better off getting out of the Syrian war altogether.  Assad is a tool of Iran, and the opposition is a conglomerate of Sunni terrorists, all of which hate us. So both sides hate the West, and whoever eventually comes out on top will immediately turn on us. Why arm any of them? Instead, we should sit back and enjoy the show. A year or so ago, I saw footage from a news program that clearly showed Al Qaeda and Hezbollah fighting over a road junction. They were blasting each other to fragments. I was completely charmed by the prospect.  Let them have it.

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Vicki's Blog

Vicki lives in an apartment, in a city in Minnesota.  She is one of the few people I know who live in an apartment , in a city, and still manages to live the self sufficient lifestyle.  She likes to cook, she does a lot of canning, and she's a good example of a senior who is still preparing for "come what may" , both for herself and her extended family.  I enjoy her posts, and her down to earth, common sense attitude.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

British .303 Surplus. Where being politically incorrect means jail time. Gun Ownership in America, a British view. Favorite post apocalyptic fiction. Catching and storing rain water by someone who has been doing it for eight years.

 Saturday afternoon.  Rain all night, with a lot of wind. I went out on the porch and there are branches down that I'll have to police up. As soon as you get things squared away from one storm, another comes through before you can catch your breath.

Went outside to do all the morning chores, and it was like the breath of hell. Temperature is 84, and the humidity is hovering around 100%. The word "enervating" was invented to describe days like this.

People are being arrested in England for saying out loud, what you are not permitted to think.

What she is talking about, is what is happening here.

British .303  surplus.

If you have Enfields, you may be interested in this new shipment Southern Ohio Guns got in. Let me just mention, least anyone misunderstand, that I don't do adds on my blog, nor have any financial links or arrangements with anyone or anything.  So I'm not "selling" things, just letting people with similar interests know when something comes on the market that they might want.

This appears to be British manufacture, rather than the more common Pakistani ammo. Since they don't state the year of production, it could be the WW 2 ammo that was made of twisted cordite "threads".  That burned very hot and extensive use of it could damage the rifling in the weapons barrel. Later production, from the 1950's, is good ammo without that negative aspect.

Obviously, if you reload you would be better off , in terms of expense and possibly quality, to just reload your own. But if you don't, this price is better than most commercial ammo you can find today.

One Second After.  One Year After.  The Final Day.

I read One Second After when it first came out, and I enjoyed it. The fact that the story line plays out in an area about two hours from my house probably influenced me, but it was a good story overall. As I said when I included these books in a list of post apocalyptic fiction during an earlier post, I hadn't read the last two. CC said they were good, and we have the same taste in reading. I ordered them  through the local library, and finished them this week.

I enjoyed them both, and I plan to buy hard copies as I do with all books that I want to keep in my personal library.  Still, as is so often the case, they weren't as good as the first book.  I think that's because in multi-volume series like these, the first book deals with the events that cause a disaster, and how people coped with it. The follow on volumes are generally political in nature, dealing with restoration of government and social order. I'm not so interested in the "restoration" issue as I am in coping with the extraordinary.

If I had to pick my favorite books in this genre, of all the books I've read, here are my favorites.

Some of these are out of print, but available as E books.  Some are the first in a series of three or four books. Some of them are quite old, and some recent.  They're all good reading.

How a British newspaper views American gun ownership:

The video above is from a British newspaper, The Guardian.  It's made of clips from a half hour program they did about six months ago.

Taking a trip to Old Mexico?

Ever so often, an American family goes down to Mexico in their RV, or a fellow rides his motorcycle down there, and they just disappear.  Personally, I wouldn't go to Mexico on a bet.  Nor am I enthralled at the idea of thousands of them sneaking into this country.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Office of Refugee Resettlement.

"Garrett Hardin (writer of Tragedy of the Commons) compares our situation to an over-crowded lifeboat in a sea of drowning bodies. If we take more aboard, the boat will be swamped and we'll go under. [We must] militarize our borders [against illegal immigration]. The lifeboat is listing."

Edward Abbey

While the President tries to halt the flood, the Office of Refugee Resettlement motors on.

This is the government department that is bringing the Third World to your neighborhood.

Office of Refugee Resettlement

But seriously, folks....

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