Thursday, June 8, 2017

A comment from Canada.

Kymber and J have been in the self sufficiency mode for a long time.  Way back when I had the old blog, she was one of the people I got to know pretty well.  Most of those folks are no longer on the net, for whatever reason, but she and J are still up there in the far reaches of Canada. They're among a handful of friends still going strong today from way back when.  She's an optimistic, effusive soul and very supportive at the times I got worn out with blogging and nearly quit, which happens to me periodically. She's also a Canadian veteran.  Sometimes Jambaloney will do a post, but he works pretty hard , he has his own business, so Kymber does most of their blog. They're one of the happiest couples I've come across.

I sent my kids to technical schools in Vancouver for three years, and they loved it.  My daughter was the receipient of  "BC Healthcare", as she was there on a student visa. She got excellent care, including a number of hospital stays, and it cost us $100.00.  Overall I feel pretty kindly towards Canada, although I was not able to get resident alien "green cards" for the kids, and I got ripped off by the Canadian immigration lawyer I hired. I also have some issues with the Canadian border guards. Still,  I like Canadians.

If you watch South Park, you know they tease the Canadians. Here's a little song about Canada.
(Language warning: there's one "f word" in here)

Here's a link to the blog Kymber and Jambalony run:

Framboise Manor

I wanted to guest post this comment she left, because it's a good one and I know lots of people don't read comments.

June 7, 2017 at 2:29 PM
Harry - i had to open notepad to keep track of my comments! so here goes:

we believe in going over our preps ideas, bug-out/bug-in ideas all of the time. and we read certain blogs, like yours, to get ideas that we may not have thought of...i can't even begin to tell you how much we have learned from blogs like yours and internet friends like W who never comments on our blog - we just communicate through email. through other bloggers and email friends - we have learned much and it is well appreciated. we have made so many mistakes - but some mistakes we completely avoided based on learning from others.

as you say, everyone has to look at their own particular situation and figure out what is best for them and how to best be ready for whatever might be coming at us. jam and i don't prepare for tornadoes but forest fires are a big deal!

as for medical advice, i have nothing to offer other than stock up on crazy glue, israeli bandages and every form of bandaid, splint, gauze, etc. that you can find. as for prescription medicines, neither of us are on any but there are medicinal herbs that can help with a pile of things and i grow a pile of them and know how to use them if the time comes. every single ailment and disease in the past was taken care of using medicinal's only our modern ailments and diseases (think the past 100+yrs) that "require" modern medicine.

water, of course, is the biggee. and i just don't have any advice for people living in apartment buildings in cities - your tub is only so big and that water is going to run out! forget flushing the toilet when the only water you have is in the tub. we are incredibly fortunate, as you are, with several sources of water.

2nd part coming


kymberJune 7, 2017 at 2:30 PM
the crime here on our island is an oddball kind of crime. jambaloney got sucker-punched our first year here, a guy who lives 2km up the road killed his mother, there's a ton of fentynol and meth addicts in our only city (1 and a half hours away), and then we get the local idiot kids who sometimes break into summer cottages to steal alcohol. it's all very strange but none of it worries us at all.

we've got every weapon we need, even the pink cammo one i sent you a picture of. we also have, like, maybe 4 police on the entire island???

our minorities here on the island are just that - very few and far between. and amazingly well-received. and amazingly well-integrated or at least that's how they seem.

we agree that in times of disorder and chaos - one MUST be armed. and we are armed legally. we don't mind if our government makes us license our weapons...there is absolutely no government agency in canada who is ever going to come this far out into the boonies to "grab our guns"! or food. or anything else.

one thing i would mention in this gawd-awful long comment is - guerrilla gardening. we've been doing it on all of our islands in the river. plant seeds where no one is looking and just let them grow. and re-seed and grow. who knows when you might need that food?

all in all - i loved this post. these kinds of posts make me and jam, and a bunch of other people think. and think hard and think for real.

i really enjoy these kinds of posts of yours and so does jam. my Uncle Gerald used to say that we were thinkers, big thinkers, but better than that, we were do'ers. we like to think that the reason why we feel so secure is that we paid attention to the ones who came before us and shared their knowledge. we learned about tire gardening from kurt saxon of all people. we don't care about your political/religious/mental leanings...if someone has something we can learn from - we jump on it and hang on like a chihuahua! we don't let go.

i guess that's one of the reasons we've been hanging out with you for so long.! please keep these posts coming. there are new people coming to your blog every day. and some of us are very familiar with the acronyms and all of that - but some people are brand new to prepping/survivalism. and they need direction. be the teacher that you are. and know how much we appreciate all that you have taught us...and all that we will continue to learn from you!

sending so much love your way. you know how much jam and i appreciate your friendship over these years. you mean a lot to us Harry!

your friend,


  1. Harry - thanks for such a nice intro to my comment. we do really care about you and your family and know that the feeling is mutual.

    however, a few more points to make:

    for medical advice - get every book that you can that is easy for a layman to read such as "where there are no doctors", "where there are no dentists" and the like. also get your hands on every single homesteading book out there and the firefox series. get books on everything!!!

    if you have access to water - spend some money on getting at least one berkey tower or build your own berkey set-up using 2 five gallon buckets and berkey filters.

    Tewshooz mentioned in your previous post about eating healthy and staying fit. THAT is key to surviving anything that may come your way.

    when i mentioned crime and immigrants on our island, you must remember that we only have 136,000 people on our island and most of those people live in our only "city" which is an hour and a half away. when we are in the "city" and tell people we are from framboise - very few people have even heard of this place!!!

    also - find out which herbs might help with any ailments or illnesses that someone might have that recquire medication. learn to grow those herbs and learn to make ointments, salves and tinctures. it's not hard and it is actually quite fun! for example, feverfew used to be known as "mother's aspirin". it is an excellent replacement for aspirin. as is pine needle tea.

    and if you live in the city/suburbs - find areas where you can grow some food - be it in a county farm lot or just an empty lot with nothing there. who knows when your guerrilla gardening will pay off.

    the very best advice that i have for people is, if you are worried and don't know what to do - read blogs like yours, and a bunch of others and learn as much as you can. then try to put some of it into practice.

    we have known each other for a long time and some of our other friends have gone black. i understand but miss a bunch of them, which is why i will never let you go black.

    we love southpark, btw! it's hysterical how they are always making fun of canadians!

    thanks for doing such a great post on your previous entry...i hope to see you do many more like that!
    you have much to teach!

    sending much love, and am very glad that the ferrets and the "sensitive" cat are taking care of you. hope M and E are home soon!

    your friend, always!

    1. Ever so often I get a chance to do a guest post. I think it helps my blog considerably, since with the best will in the world, people get tired of the same slant on things. A fresh perspective not only makes the blog more interesting, but more informative too.

      I like the Canadian episodes on Southpark. My favorite was the Canadian Devil, and I also liked "Follow the only road" a lot too.

      Just got off the phone with M a few minutes ago, we still haven't heard a word from the people at the court house as to whether or not they are going to force her to come home for jury duty. I don't like going in the courthouse, but if I haven't heard anything by Monday I'll have to go down there.

  2. Hey Harry and Kymber,


    I read most of Harry's comments and I read kymbers comments in the previous posts.
    I have a friend that grew up in Canada and moved down here many years ago and his stories of barroom fighting and other shananigans in his youth sound similar to some of what kymber describes, especially of jambaloney getting 'sucker punched' The world is probably lucky that Canada does not have a very large 'military industrial complex' or else Canada would possess 'Nimitz Class' or 'Ford Class' Aircraft Carriers on both coast. 'Hell, the Canandaians would probably have made a combination 'ice breaker/aircraft carrier' to defend Canadian oil and the 'North West Passage' once the stupid ice melts up north and the Eskimo's and Al Gore can start drinking 'Margarita's.

    I gotta say though I that I am disappointed in Canada for voting for 'Justin Trudeau' Justin's like Obama on 'crack cocaine' as per socialism goes and he's inviting in 12 million feral Islamic invaders that will forever destroy the Canadian economy with social welfare and destroy the fabric of civilized Canadian civilization. I see Canada going through what 'Sweden' is going through now in future years and a great many muslim swine will work there way down south and create havic down south in the U.S.
    I see the potential for a huge border wall on the northern U.S. border based on this fact.

    I think Kymber and her husband will do okay because they live in the hinterlands of Canada where the climate is harsh and there is few jobs. The long harsh winters will probably keep a great many 'refugee's from moving in' If refugee's do move in. I pray that almighty allah moves a heard of polar bears to the local mosque to 'squat' and the imam declares the mosque 'unclean' and moves away from that region that is polar bear free.

    On final note, I hope Justin Trudeau is voted out and the haze of pot smoke and the tie dye wall hangings in parliament are both removed. I'm sure the prime ministers residents will have to have the furniture 'steamed cleaned' pot smoke residue takes forever to clean out. I know of this fact because decades ago I had (as in past tense) friends that were hard core pot heads. Were talking full on 'Cheech and Chong' here so I know a 'Pot Head' when I see one and I would not be surprised if the next prime minister finds 'water bongs, pipes, hell, maybe a full size 'Hookah' for cabinet meetings in the offices.

    1. Canada has some odd immigration laws. When my kids were up there,Japanese, Korean, African students etc could apply for Canadian residency on their own. But Americans had to apply through the offices of a Canadian immigration lawyer. The one I hired jerked me around for the better part of two years, then gave my kids advice on renewing their student visas that got them thrown in jail. He told them that while they were waiting for their renewals, they should go down to Seattle, then come back into Canada, and get a tourist visa at the border that would cover them til the "green card" visa was finished. But when they came back into Canada they were thrown in a jail cell at the border, all their stuff was gone over, and when they got out the next day, they had a "hearing" with a judge in 3 weeks. He told they they had to leave Canada. Turns out that what the lawyer told them to do isn't legal. I guess he figured he could not squeeze any more than the six grand I'd already paid him out of me, and that was how he got rid of the kids.

      Trudeau is an idiot, but so was Barrack Hussein and he ruled down here for 8 years like a Castro wannabe.

      To be honest, I know Canada is importing a lot of ragheads thanks to Trudeau, but I don't see them staying in Canada long. It has some nice cities, but a whole lot of rural areas with nothing there. I don't think Abdul Al Salami is going to be happy up there. So he will probably come across the border and burden us with his loathsome presence. Not much we can do about it, I don't think we can seal off the entire Northern border.

  3. I either found framboise manor from your blog or self sufficient mountain living from theirs. Look for both everyday -- so miss hearing from both of you if you're busy doing other things -- thanks to both of you for ideas and inspiration!

    1. Either way I'm sure we're both glad to have you. I don't post as much as I used to do, especially if I am juggling family matters around, or something has to be done here at the place. But I do try to stay above the horizon as much as I can.
      Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  4. I also enjoy reading about other folks ideas/suggestions on being prepared. Much of it I know as I have been doing this for a couple of decades now, but, I still read about it to see if I am forgetting something, or if someone else tried something I thought of and it bombed, or just to think "Ha! Got that covered!" Once you have stuff covered, then think about a plan B. Cause the whole 2 is 1, 1 is none thing. And don't forget, Uncle Murphy will always try to trip ya up, unless there is an alternate way to do something.
    So far as medications go, yes, get the 2 books, where there is no doctor, and where there is no dentist, and every "herb" book you can get your hands on. I've been using the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America. Third Edition.
    I've been walking around the property with it looking up different plants. It has great color pictures which help me with identifying plants.
    And if you have no medical background, go take a Red Cross first aid course. It will cover the basics. Then look into joining the local fire department and becoming a paramedic. But the best way to not have health issues after the stuff hits the fan is to not have health problems before the stuff hits the fan. So yes, eat right (including your veggies!! Kymber always has yummy receipes with veggies in them) Get your teeth taken care of, lose the salt, most of the sweets, and get your weight down and your walking ability up. Those are things which will help now in reducing your costs/expenses as well as in the future and improve your health. The most common reason for being admitted to a nursing home isn't urinary incontinence, or dementia, it is falls with a resulting fracture of hip, arm, ribs, etc. Walking is the best way to prevent a fall. Just put on some comfy shoes, and move it.
    If everyone did this for 20-30 min a day, I could retire due to lack of work! :)

    1. Suz, I really am working on the weight and blood pressure. I keep a spreadsheet now and every day I record my blood pressure, how far I walked, how much I weigh. It helps motivate me.

      I think I have every book under the sun on survival medicine, starting with Ragnar's book and moving on up. I have a pretty good supply of medical supplies, thanks to an ER nurse who helps us in that regard. I've only just started working on the diet, switching my normal canned and frozen food for fresh food. Costs more but it does taste better. I think the biggest sacrifice has been giving up diet soda, to which I am pretty much addicted. The doctor told me to drop down to one a day until I could quite completely, and I'm doing that.

      I've got two books on Appalachian vegetation, both of which I bought at the state park when I worked there one summer. I can't say I've put them to much use, everything out in the woods just looks like weeds to me.

  5. Don't be too hard on the loyalists...

    The most memorable trip I ever took while in college was with some Canadian friends. Vancouver to Victoria on the ferry! Such beautiful cities. No garbage or graffiti anywhere to be seen.

    OK...going back to sleep on my davenport now eh. --Troy

    1. bahahahaah! i have only now just read Troy's comment and it is hysterically funny! davenport indeed!

    2. My son and daughter loved Vancouver. My wife went up there and stayed a good bit, and she loved it too.

  6. Some of the best medical supplies we have are from the Israelis. So I definantly urge people to look into purchasing them. My niece is an ER EMT and she has told me if we cant get liquid skin for wpunds then superglue wpuld be the next best think. Just like packing a thick flour paste to stop minor bkeeding.
    Love Kymber and Jam. Been friends with them probably as long as we have with you Harry. We have learned alot from both blogs and thank you for all the informative posts.

    1. I've bought a lot of Israeli surplus, including 782 gear and medical supplies. It's top quality in all respects.

      There are people who actually live the lifestyle, but not many. Kymber and J are a couple who do, and does your family.

  7. and Gurlie - we love you and Senior and have learned much from you both as well! and i am glad that you and Senior and Harry are still around. thank you both and thank you Harry! sending love to all of you and all of your families! xoxoxo

    1. We ought to form an old timers club. We've all been around quite a while now.

    2. Harry - i think we should! we got a great group of old timers and most of us are veterans. "the veterans old timers club of bloggers" - it's got a nice ring to it! xoxox

    3. It's a shame the "blogfest" has dropped out of usage. I think the blogging crowd is older now, and I know the cost of traveling somewhere for a get together is now prohibitive. But we can still use the internet to visit with each other, and I'm glad of that.