Thursday, June 1, 2017

Decisions. Decisions.

One of the issues about being retired is planning your day. There are important decisions to make, of course. Shall I just walk around the mountain, or shall I go to town and walk at the park. Or maybe go over to the state park and walk around the lake.

Should I try to do some work around the place? Or is today a self declared holiday?

Do I want to shoot for awhile? That would be fun, but then I'd have to clean the guns and that isn't fun.

It's a hard life when you are retired. Yes, indeed.  Right now I'm leaning towards doing an hour cutting weeds in the meadow, then going over to the lake for my walk.

We are supposed to get some wind through here this afternoon.  That's not good news.  The drought has stressed the trees to the point that they fall without a lot of provocation.

I have my cross cut saw and two chain saws, and of course I have a good ax. I'm not really fond of chain saws and especially when I have to clear a blow down, and do it by myself.

We got another jury duty summons yesterday for my wife, so I may not be alone down here much longer. They want her to report for jury duty in mid June. I asked her last night if she can come back down, or if I have to go to the courthouse and see if they will let her off again.  Last month she had oral surgery scheduled and they tried to make her come in for jury duty, but we got a letter from the oral surgeon.

When it comes to jury duty, you're a slave. If you don't show, they send a Sheriff's Deputy out and arrest you and take you to jail.

I need to take the ferrets outside and let them run around for awhile.  So I guess I'll do that, then work in the meadow for a bit, then clean up and go to town.  Go for a walk in the park then do some grocery shopping. By then, the day will be over.


  1. Bloody cheek - jury duty should be voluntary, not enforced!! Crazy...

    1. Well, it's a law here in Georgia if you get a summons for jury duty, and don't show, they can jail you. The two judges that sit in this county will do just that in a heartbeat.

      The reason nobody wants to be on jury duty is that it's mostly local cases. And if you get stuck on a jury that is hearing a case against one of the local bad boys, you have a problem.

      Let's say 22 year old Joe Dokes is on trial for beating up 77 year old Susan Farmerswife. Joe is the grandson of Aelston Dokes, who did time for 2nd degree murder. And he's the well behaved one of the family. Counting Aunts, Uncles, Mom's , Dads, Nieces and Nephews, etc there are 42 Doke's family members living in the county. Not a one of them is a "nice guy."

      So if the jury finds Joe Dokes guilty, there can be accidents. People's barns catch on fire, they get sugar in their gas tanks , somebody poisons their dogs, their fences get cut and their cows get out on the road, somebody hits them, and they get sued. Their teenage boys get beaten up at the high school, and on, and on.

      Since the nineties, another nuance is the large number of Hispanics in the mountains. It's a really bad idea to be on a jury that convicts one of them. They are not all gang members, but all know some gang members, and who needs that?

      It's a losing proposition. That's why, if it was not mandatory, there wouldn't be any juries here at all. Maybe the Florida retirees would go on jury duty not knowing the score, but the locals don't want any part of it.

      I've always shown up for jury duty, and once I got picked for one. But I made a stink about the charges, it was an assault case, a fight over a woman. That the loser went to the police at all showed he was a wimp. For the DA to try to charge the guy with felonious assault was B.S. So we all argued. The Big Pimp from the lake wanted to just find the guy guilty because he had a golf game scheduled for that afternoon. In the end, we found the fellow guilty of misdemeanor battery, the Horse's Potootee made his golf game, and that was that. But they always boot me off in the jury selection thing now.

      I'll tell you this, having sat on a jury, I have zip confidence in them now. You usually have some really forceful individual who tries to intimidate and browbeat the other jurors, and most of them just do what he says. If you don't go along with the program, you're the bad guy that's holding everybody up. It sure isn't like they portray jurors on tv, all solemn and intelligent and anxious about justice. Most of them just want to get out of the court house ASAP with as little collateral damage as possible.

  2. Ain't retirement grand? I love every minute of it. I can be busy all day - or not. I can sleep when I want, stay in my jammies if I want or I can sit out on the building's deck, enjoying the scenic view of the parking lot belonging to the neighborhood bar. Whatever I do, it is my choice and not the choice of someone else who signs my paycheck. My kids love to ask me to check my busy social calendar to see if I am free. I ask them where they learned such sarcasm and they tell me, "From you." :)

    I have been watching those "Final Point" videos by Liz Wheeler. I like that she tells it like it is and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her take on the disgusting behavior of Kathy Griffin was spot on.

    Keep walking, Harry, no matter where you choose to do it. I am convinced that had I spent less time sitting in front of my sewing machine or computer or reading, my legs would be in much better shape than they are.

    1. Retirement is really nice. I feel anxious sometimes, because I'm not worried about anything. That sounds weird, but I was so used to worrying about work, for so many years, that I still feel like I must be missing something if I am not concerned about problems. I still have some, of course, but nothing like I did when I worked.

      I like Liz Wheeler. I also like the fact that One America News doesn't treat you like a retarded infant. They give you the news, not comfortable mental pablum.

      I couldn't believe that Griffin psychopath. She's a very sick individual.

      Well, I have my blood pressure measuring device and my set of scales set up down in the computer room. Every day I add my spreadsheet entries showing my blood pressure, my weight, how far I walked, and how many sodas I drank. I am not supposed to drink any sodas, but I am having a hard time cutting down. But I have scaled back from 8 to 10 a day, to just 2 a day and I am working on 1 a day.

      The doctor I am going to now told me I am borderline diabetic, and that scared me into taking him seriously. I don't want to wind up like Whalen Jennings, being cut to little pieces one piece at a time.

      The hardest thing is that he told me to stop eating canned foods, which is another reason I am eating all these frozen vegetables now.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I think you may be okay with using a chainsaw as long as you work (SLOWLY) and carefully and watch every step you take when operating a chainsaw. I live alone and do things alone as you know so as to avoid injury which usually occurs because of 'unsafe moves and hasty decisions' I think of how carefully a brain surgeon works to avoid mistakes and employ that thought process to a successful outcome.

    I still have to get that screw fixed on that 'Dragoon' I will tend to that next week.
    In the meantime on a quick (calculated) decision I spent a little over a thousand dollars on a new member of the family. A Molot VPER Semi-Auto AK-47. A Russian made beauty (with some 922R American parts) The 'VPER' is hands down the best AK/AKM platform on the market at the moment in my personal opinion.
    The receiver is a heavy 1.5 mm RPK styled receiver, heavy barrel with RPK rear sight and a few other upgrades. This rifle will be a little more accurate than the standard AK because of the added weight and stiffer receiver and barrel. This rifle too I believe will increase in value and really increase in value if stiff economic sanctions are imposed on Russia for the 'alleged election hacking scam' nonsense and these rifles are no longer imported.

    I gotta get a muzzle brake. Harry you know I am a big fan of muzzle brakes. I have to install a six-point adjustable stock too. I hate the short AK midget stock. That should do it as per that rifle goes. I think I will stop on buying rifles unless something really special or a really good investment comes along.

    I strongly recommend to everyone that likes firearms that now, and I mean now is the time to buy. We are no where near an election where our Second Amendment rights are under attack on the national scale and prices are dirt cheap. In four years or eight years you can damn well bet some anti-gun democrat, fruitcake will be running and prices will skyrocket.
    Then we will have to endure another eight years of bullcrap and constant political and legal battles for the 2A.

    On a sidenote, there are several other AKM platform manufactuers that make good rifles such as Krebs customs and Arsenal. I am getting reports back of quality control issues with Arsenal's which is disturbing. It happens with all manufactures at some point and its something that I hope will be rectified.

    1. Wow, that's a nice rifle you got. The Yugo M79 versions of the AK are pretty nice too. I am buying that MP-40 semi-auto, that's my next gun. I have two Mak_90's, a Mak 91, and a Chinese Type 56 so I am ok in the AK-47 department.

      Yeah, I know you like muzzle brakes. I never even knew they made muzzle brakes for the old rifles until you told me .

      Are you sure you and I will be alive in eight years? That's a long time and we are both getting old fast. ;-)

      People used to say that the Century International Arms Cetme's and G-3's had quality control issues, but I have shot the hell out of mine and they both work like a swiss watch.

    2. Not long ago, I took a look at that new Century Arms C39 AK. I was surprised it had a price tag around $900. Wow. I suppose if you start manufacturing them in the US they command that kind of price. --Troy

    3. I think all the good guns have gone up a lot in the last few years. I get the Southern Ohio Guns flyer, and have been getting them for about 20 years. I keep them in a file. It's staggering to look at the increase in prices over the years, and the dramatic decline in the types of weapons being offered.

  4. All you need to do to get out of jury duty is to walk in there with a T shirt that says "Hang Them All" .... As soon as they start the screening process to pick the jury for the case, you start muttering that they are all guilty as sin and how you'd be thrilled to pull the trigger on the perp ... The defense lawyers will dismiss you.

    1. I usually just show up and get washed out right away. I've only been on one jury in the 30+ years I've lived here, but I've had to go in and sit through selection lots of times. Usually what gets me kicked out is having a brother who was a police officer, and having been involved in non-judicial punishment as a Company Commander in the Marines. They think those two things make me unsympathetic to some scum bag on trail.

  5. We're not 'retired' but the question of the day is always "What's on the agenda for today?".... the list is generally long and ends up being whatever seems to be most important at the time.

    We have some trees to clean up, drop and buck wood back to the wood shed. One needs to be cleared off the field but the rest will wait until fall when less ticks and mosquitoes.

    I was on call for jury duty for a month, but at least they had it set up where you called the night before to see if court was going to be held. We'd have to drive 30 minutes to get to the courthouse. I'd be pretty disgruntled to drive 30 minutes - one way - to be turned back, for a month. And I hear you on the retaliation factor. I was grateful that there were no trials held during that time. The county doesn't have that kind of element yet, but it is only a matter of time as the cities all sprawl northward.

    You should really stay away from those sodas, Harry. Not good for you. I don't buy them. One day we were at party at the neighbors and they had soda, beer and water. The kids wanted a soda... took them about an hour to drink the darn things because they couldn't get past the carbonation and the taste. Never seen a kid gag on soda, but they didn't want to be rude and throw it away. hahaha

    Be well! Safe travels for your wife and I loved the pic of the ferret(s) in the box. Looks like you had two in there enjoying their fort.

    1. I like soda a lot. But I'm trying to cut back and switch to "fizzy water" that bottled water with no additives except the gas they put in it to make it fizzy.

      Yeah, ferrets will cram into a box until there's no room left at all. I think they feel like it's a snug burrow. Once I had eight ferrets, but over the years they've passed on, and I only have two now. One I've had for many years, but the other, Percy, I got from a young woman in Chattanooga who needed a home for him. One of the people who came by the blog now and then set that up for me. I have sent letters to all the surrounding counties humane societies so they know if someone brings in a ferret I will take him/her. My daughter used to bring me ferrets from up north that needed a place, but it's been a long time since she did that.

      The jury duty thing isn't as bad now as it used to be. Back when there were only 15,000 people in the county, it was a lot more "personal." Now , with nearly three times that, it's hard for any one group of people to intimidate everybody because most of the people here don't even know they exist. Same thing with just a few rich people controlling everything that happens here. That's pretty much gone too. But I still liked it better when there were far fewer people living here, and it was much harder to get here.

  6. My DH and I have reached the age where we are exempt from all jury duty...old as the hills, lol. I guess they think that we would be too senile to render a good judgement.

    1. Georgia exempts people at age 70. M and I have a while to go yet before we can slide out of jury duty, but I will be glad not to have to bother with it.

  7. Can we drop Kathy Griffin off at the doorstep of ISIS? She would feel right at home there.

    Harry, i am curious why your doctor told you not to eat canned foods? That seems extreme to me. Unless we are talking about canned bacon.

    I guess I'm lucky...never been asked to sit on a jury. --Troy

    1. Troy, it's the salt in the canned foods. He said "if it comes in a can or a box, don't eat it." I'm doing the best I am able to comply, because I sure don't want to be a diabetic. This guy is really harsh, he has no "bedside manner" at all, but my last doctor just didn't care one way or the other, as long as she could soak my insurance company. I never even got to see her, I always saw this "nurse practitioner" who seemed to be more interested in getting me in and out as fast as possible than anything else. They were pretty worthless and finally I just changed doctors. I have to drive 52 miles round trip to see this one, but I feel like I am getting something out of it.

      Kathy Griffin is sick. I think she is really "Chloe".

      You're really luck. It's a colossal waste of time and it's stressful, to boot.

  8. Harry,

    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear your wife has been selected once again for jury duty.

    Being retired is the cat's meow for me. The only real time I totally don't enjoy it is when my family feels it's okay to ask me to run errands because "MOM" is retired and supposedly has nothing better to do.
    Generally speaking, I make a list for myself on things which need doing and prioritize it. If items get done they're checked off the list. If not, well then maybe I'll get to them on another day. It's that time of year when the grass needs cutting often, weeds need pulling all the time, and branches or trees fall down from wind and need clearing. Life keeps us busy out in the country and is never boring.

    I find Kathy Griffin not entertaining, and totally repulsive.

    1. Sandy, We'll see if they are going to force her to come back from up north. The Clerk of the Court said I had to send a letter asking for her to be excused until next session, so I did. If they say she has to come anyway, I guess that's just the way it is.

      I have a spreadsheet I use to keep track of what needs to be done, and what I have or haven't done. It always seems like more things get added than get checked as completed. Right now the biggest chore is cutting weeds in the meadow with a sling. I have a mower but the ground is very steep, and with just me home I have to decide if I want to run the risk of the thing rolling over. A sling is slower, and it's hard work, but it's also good exercise and all I have to worry about is it bouncing back into my foot or shin.

      I had never heard of Kathy Griffin until this furor over her sick joke, but I'm glad she's learning there are consequences for actions.