Tuesday, June 6, 2017

People are angry. ASG aggravates me to death. Liz Wheeler of One America News get censored by YouTube.

People have just about had enough of the Religion of Peace, and of the enablers in Western governments who are facilitating it's growth.   This fellow in the clip below encapsulates the feeling of a lot of people, here and in Europe.  His language is a  bit coarse, but when people are angry that sometimes happens.

He is right in what he says, particularly in the danger of a forceful reaction by the "common people" when their leaders fail them.  In the 1990's, we had large numbers of militias form here, and while some were farcical, there were some that were stone cold hard cases.  People will defend themselves when their government fails to do so.

I'm ready for a little sunshine.

I went into town yesterday.  Made my rounds, going to the grocery store, the bank, the post office. I went to the park and tried to do my daily walk, but it would flood rain, then stop, then pour again. I spent most of my time sitting under a pavilion by the creek. It was actually pleasant. Nobody else was there because of the rain, and it was very peaceful. When I got home I made up the difference between the full 1.5 mile loop and what I actually walked by working on the elliptical for a bit.

Why can't American Survival Guide's publishers use some common sense?

American Survival Guide is not a cheap magazine.  If you buy it at the grocery store from the magazine rack, it costs $10.00 and that's not cheap for a magazine. It's marginally cheaper if you subscribe, so I do.  But these guys take this high priced magazine, and send it through the U.S. Mail without a sleeve. So it usually shows up with torn pages and crumpled cover. I'm not renewing my subscription, I'll just pay extra to pick up a copy in good shape. The issue above came yesterday. It had been raining all day, and the wind was blowing. So, the rain got into the mailbox and the magazine got wet and wrinkled. Right next to it was one of my wife's magazines. It was in a plastic sleeve and was undamaged. I've called these guys before about this, and they are always nice and send me a free replacement, but enough is enough.  When they get their act together and start shipping the magazines in a decent wrap I'll subscribe again.

I ran by Walmart again, got a box of Winchester .380 ($18.94) and two boxes of CCI standard velocity .22LR ($3.47 each). Had to pay $1.81 to the county in sales tax.

More rain today, coming in from Alabama.  We've got a flood watch until eight tonight. I may just stay in and read today, since it's pretty near impossible to get anything done in this weather and I don't need to go to town.

I've mentioned before all the mail I get from funeral homes and other outfits that batten on dead people.  Got this yesterday.  Supposed to look all official, but when you check the fine print it's nothing to do with anything except scamming older people. 

At least it's not offering me a discount on cremation if I "call now!"

YouTube censors Liz Wheeler of One America News.  

Freedom of Speech only applies to Hillary worshipers. Not to us.

I can't seem to disable the auto launch on this video. So when she finishes, you'll have to pause the video to keep from going on to the next story.

The latest Branco cartoons:

I remember how happy I was on the day Chappaquiddick Ted died.  When this old hag goes, I'll feel the same sense of ecstasy.

.  As for the "Climate Accord", it was typical Demi idiocy.  We take the hit, everybody else free loads. I'm delighted we are out of that swindle.

Forest Service Web Cameras :

Brass Town Bald is the highest mountain in Georgia. The visitors center up there has two web cameras, each covering a 180 degree arc. You can see into Tennesee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia on a clear day.  One of the web cams shows the mountain I live on.  If you pull up the web cam, and the picture is not moving, the camera has reached the end of it's 180* sweep. Wait just a second and it will swing back.

Brass Town Bald North Camera:

Link to North Camera

Brass Town Bald South Camera

Link to South Camera

Thought for the Day:


  1. Our situations are different, obviously. I usually only find one article per magazine that interests me in the whole genre of survival/prepping magazines and no article is worth $10.

    1. I enjoy the three that I still pick up. Off Grid, American Survival Guide and Survivors Edge are good magazines, although not all the articles interest me equally.

  2. i've been finding 22lr since about 6 months after the sandy hook hoax, just got to know where to look and be ready to buy in quantity :)....yeah, europe is hosed. they will never have the guts to save themselves. we won't either if we don't do it soon. it IS nuts to take unvetted people from anywhere into our country. in fact, there is no longer a need for immigration at all. and refugees? well, sadly i know some but they are denied entrance because they are christians. yes, they are. i propose anybody wanting refugees to come here needs to open their own house to them and sign responsibility for them. then if the ref screws up, the sponsor goes to jail right along with them, and gets deported after they serve their sentence. that will shut a bunch of the lovers up right there....ginsburg needs to be removed for senility. the remainder needs to be read the Constitution and reminded what their job is. in essence, they are only there to settle differences between states. this whole judicial review is b.s. and the idea of the court making law by default would have the founders hanging folks again....rope-tree- journalist,politician,bureaucrat,etc....turner diaries, interesting book.jus saying. take care friend.

    1. I read the Turner Diaries back in the day. I think Paladin Press was publishing it back then, before they were emasculated in the courts.

      We haven't needed any refugees or immigrants for a long time. That quote at the top of the blog by Ed Abbey dates to the early eighties and it is still valid. I agree with you completely, it's completely detrimental to our quality of life to be burdening our already shaky society with dangerous parasites.

  3. Hi Harry! Cool to see those camera views of your part of the world!

    1. Hey Jenn. Most of the time they are in the clouds, and sometimes they are not working, but it does give a good idea of our local topography when they do work.

  4. Wonderful shot from the top of the mountain, looks like you have quite a few lakes around there too.

    I like that Tommy Robinson. He speaks the truth. He better be careful, the UK censors will be after him, just like with Michael Savage. The London mayor...now there's a guy with his head in the sand. He looks and talks just like one of those lawyers for CAIR.

    ASG could spend the 2 cents to cover it in plastic. You are absolutely right to expect just a bit more for $10.

    Sitting here awaiting the dog and pony show with Comey. I have the pop corn maker going right now. I may need some antacids later. --Troy

    1. Troy, there are some scenic spots here, that's certain. Did you ever see "Last of the Mohicans" with Dan Lewis as "Hawkeye"? That was filmed near here.

      Robinson would get more viewers if he could tone down the f word, but he is passionate, well informed, and very well spoken. I debated putting the video on the blog and then I decided it would be easy for people to tell the f bomb was in it, and they could make up their own minds.

      It's really stupid of them to aggravate subscribers, especially since the magazine is pretty expensive. Maybe they figure people will just put up with it, but since the magazine is now available on line for pennies, they're making a mistake if that's the logic.

      I don't know if I will watch that guy or not. He's like a Lindsey Graham clone, just looking at him irritates me. Do you remember "Huckleberry Hound." The guy looks just like Huckleberry Hound to me.

  5. I find that among my acquaintences there seems to be two schools of thought. Some are mad as hell at those who oppose any steps to deal with the terrorists, are taking the threats seriously and are continuing to prepare for whatever is coming. Their anger spills over to the foolishness happening on our college campuses as well as the rest of the insanity around us. The others have their heads firmly planted in the sand.

    The mountain top camera view is spectacular. You live in a beautiful corner of the world.

    1. Half the country knows what's going on. The other half are too stupid, too insulated from reality, too ignorant and too brainwashed to be of any use at all. Instead, they dedicate themselves to making a very bad situation even worse.

      We drive up to Brass Town bald every once in awhile because my son likes to go up to the observatory. It's a bit of a drive but it's worth it. I used to walk up there from the parking lot, but I take the little taxi van from the parking lot up to the top now.

  6. I saw some British Professional Politician actually say that because these latest 2 were born and raised in England, and still did this, that means British society is to blame.
    - Charlie

    1. Charlie, at the same time, I saw an MSNBC news anchor saying we must not have any kind of travel ban on "Muslims" because that will make them angry and they will attack us. I had to wonder what planet this moron grew up on.

      There are a lot of really stupid, naive people out there.

  7. Your post gives us all a lot to think about. I have just been wondering when something is going to give because things have to start getting better!

    1. Becca, I hope so. Events have certainly reached a new nadir in terms of Islamic terrorism. Both in Europe and the U.S. we have a large class of apologists for Moslems, who facilitate Islamic terror either actively, or through passivity. While those people have enough political power to throw wooden shoes into any efforts to deal with it, we are all at risk.
      The big danger here, and in Europe, is that people like Sadiq Khan and Charles Schumer will prevent corrective action until it's too late.

      On the other hand, there's the example of the 1990's here in the U.S. We had a sick, repressive government under Clinton and his thuggish henchman, Janet Reno. That motivated a great many good people to organize and to resist. The militia movement here reached it's peak under Barrack Hussein, more sophisticated and better organized than it had ever been before. Much of that infrastructure is still out there, and many of the people who participated are still politically active. It's harder for the people in the UK to effectively resist because they haven't got access to arms. In this country, it's been the mantra of the conservative people that the founding fathers specifically guaranteed the right to bear arms for citizens, and they did it to prevent tyranny.

      I think, both in this country and in Europe, the point where citizens will start push back against Islam is near. People are tired of meaningless platitudes and "our hearts go out to" speeches from leaders who don't lead. We have a good President now, after 8 years of a disgusting, effeminate Moslem sympathizer in office. But even here we have enough "useful idiots" to block the President's every effort to address our problems. I think the something that has got to give is going to be activism on the right, in both Europe and in America. Enough is enough.

  8. Sadly, the great majority of folks in Briton are disarmed, so it will be much harder for them to retake their country. Frankly, I am surprised that no where in Briton some relative of a jihadi victim has counted some coup.
    Here though, a whole different story. We are armed to the teeth. May set a new record for sales. Right now the LEOs are keeping things tamped down, but let a big enough atrocity take place here, and I believe the "Great Reset" will kick off. I am astounded how the "Americans in name only" on the left can't see the consequences of what they are pushing on us will be for them. Self righteous SOBs all. If they hate the US so much, why don't they move someplace more to their liking? I dread what is coming here, but like someone else says, "There is going to be a fight. Lets win!!"

    1. J, I agree with that analysis. I can tell you that there are a lot of people expressing the same sentiments. Some of them openly, and many more who are still afraid of the government are doing so surreptitiously. You'd be surprised how many people are torn, angry at what's going on, but afraid to take a public stand for fear it may have negative ramifications of some kind. I actually get snail mail letters from people who know the government is capturing all traffic on the internet and who don't want to be "pinged." Even so, when push comes to shove they'll have to come out of the woodwork or relinquish their ability to influence events. I'm not blaming them, I see the logic of their position. My point is that there are a whole lot more people who are furious about the way things are than you'd know from day to day living. And of course, the MSM, with the exception of One America News, is now completely controlled by the Left. Even Fox News is no longer worth watching.

      There is going to be a fight. Something will start it, some incident that pushes people over the edge. I thought it might happen in Atlanta some months back, where there was a march to support President Trump and many of the participants showed up armed to the teeth, as they are legally entitled to do in this state. But the "Antifa" groups that showed up to "resist" suddenly decided to take a powder when they saw the marchers were armed. I guess they didn't want to match their cans of air conditioner coolant and their little sticks against 5.56 ball.

      The news isn't letting any of the things they don't want on the air to make it out, but the militia groups are revamping and getting stronger. The Geheime Staatspolizei, so effective in infiltrating militias in the 1990's, is now politicized, and that has led to demoralization. Not everybody in the FBI is a lackey of the left, like Comey.

      The Shadow State is largely composed of Schumerites, but there are decent people embedded in it as well.

      Either the left wing half of the country will dominate our political system, or we will. The time is long past when politicians of either side could be trusted or relied upon. In my mind, it became clear in the last election that politicians of either party have only one interest, maintaining their own perks and status. Without a political solution being possible, then the people here will look to other means to address the critical problems we have.

      I think your analysis is spot on. The idiots in Washington may ridicule the idea of resistance at the grass roots level, but they long ago lost touch with the vast majority of people living in the "fly over" states.

  9. Hey Harry,


    I have pretty much given up on the English people. The majority will submit to Islam decades from now. The schools, pop culture and their government promotes peace as the muslims laugh at English Cowardice.

    I know I will infuriate a number of Brit's on my assessment but they are not the people of the Second World War. There is no Winston Churchill coming to their rescue with a united parliament. 'Decades of socialism, dumbing down of their educational system has created a 'weak and unwilling to fight' culture of political correctness and diversity.

    The beginning of the 22nd Century will usher in a new dark age that will last hundreds of years with most of Europe under the yoke of Islamic dominance and slavery. Russia and some former 'Comblock countries' will be spared thanks to their long memories with losing Constantinople to the muslim horde.

    I truly fear that the jihadist will target our country 'en masse after they have already conquered parts of Europe and the England. No one wants to see the writing on the wall. No one wants to admit that four decades of secular, socialism in schools has undermined our culture and our will of 'self determination and self reliance'

    1. CC: I am more optimistic about the Europeans. You have to search through Youtube, and visit a lot of foreign news sites and blogs, but resistance to Islam is going on there now and getting stronger. Not one single solitary word of it is allowed to reach the public here by our MSM, but the internet lets you get a glimpse of what is happening. In Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the other countries who foolishly allowed the "wretched refuse" of the Middle East into their societies, resistance is stiffening.

      So much so that the surest way I know to draw a barrage of shrill, obscene troll comments is to cite specific instances and give links to the information. That's an indication that people fighting back are making their mark over there.

      Russia, Poland, the Czechs, the Hungarians have successfully resisted the Islamic tide. They had the good sense and the political courage not to let the wave of "immigrants" stay in their countries. The others, who lacked the good sense to do that, will have to pay the price. But I think they may be able to contain the disease and perhaps even eradicate it. Calls for internment of terrorists are growing.

      Your last paragraph is a succinct statement of why Europe matters to us. The people who think we can just "fort up" here, and hide behind the oceans are about 100 years behind in their analysis of the situation.

  10. I am angry too and agree with Tommy. I don't know if there are enough people in UK or in USA who would stand up against the scumbags our governments have pushed down our throats. We have too many people who have "swallowed the kool-aid" that the liberals have been teaching for too many years. I guess I am becoming more pessimistic as time goes on. Jana

    1. Jana, there are a lot of people who will become involved if some dramatic event galvanizes them. It will only take one instance of push back to show other people the way. The people who elected President Trump, about half the population, expected great things. But they've seen how the Demis and the Shadow State have thwarted him at every turn. Now people realize that "Democrat" and "Republican" are just two names for the same ruling class.

      When things reach the point that people realize being passive holds out no hope, some will take a stand. And once they do, it will be easier for others to work up their courage and do the same.

      In our history, tyranny has usually forced active resistance in the end. The American Revolution and the War Between the States were both instances of large numbers of citizens acting because they were left with no choice. The militia movements of the 1980's and 1990's are another.

      We are fortunate in that thousands of young Veterans are living in the country. People who have seen what Islam is first hand, and who are accustomed to forceful action. I think somewhere among those people are individuals with the leadership and the vision to effect the future in a positive manner.

    2. I certainly hope that you are right Harry. Jana

    3. Well, I look at how blacks use any pretense to start rioting and looting. It starts in one city, and spreads like wild fire to others as they take advantage of any excuse.

      The same thing can happen on the other side. When people have had enough, they are going to start going into the cities and taking care of business. I don't know what the catalyst will be. It may be an Islamic attack, it may be some particularly egregious example of black racism, but once it starts somewhere, it will spread fast. The people who support the President are not afraid to fight. They just aren't mentally conditioned to disobey the law. But when they are pushed past that line, then things will happen. Somewhere on this blog, right about the time of the Baltimore riots, I posted a YouTube video made by a black guy. In it, he cautioned "de bruddas" who were out attacking white people that the victims were not "the real whites." He said "those people you beating up not de real crackas. Those real crackas got guns and they angry. You be sorry when you meet those crackas." He was articulate and he was right.

      The Islamists will be sorry when they meet the real "crackas" too. All they know in this country right now is apologists for their religion and their sick culture. But there's half the population that doesn't want anything to do with them, and is getting very, very angry.