Wednesday, June 21, 2017

As many as 7 million illegals voted in 2016 election. .30 Carbine ammo. Video Cameras.

There was a good story on One America News yesterday.

June 20, 2017
OAN Newsroom
Newly released data reveals the number of non-citizens voting illegally in elections is likely far greater than previously thought.
According to a frequently referenced New Jersey research group called “Just Facts,” research shows as many as 5.7 million non-citizens may have voted in the 2008 election.
Those numbers appear to align with the estimates President Trump has given in the past about illegal voting.
The study also found up to 3.6 million people may have illegally voted in 2012.
Polls show non-citizens overwhelmingly vote for democrats.
The report claims one reason non-citizens have been able to vote is large numbers of them use fake ID’s and social security numbers.

  This has been a problem here in Georgia for a long time. Twice in the last few years, we passed laws to prevent this, and twice the Justice Department ruled that the laws were "discriminatory" and overturned them.  In the Southern States, the Justice Department gets veto power over any laws passed by the State which deal with voting in any aspect. When you have Democrats running the Justice Department, like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, you aren't going to keep illegals from voting.

If I can find the news story, I'll post it.  One America News has a link to their end of the day broadcasts, but the basic news stories are hard to find. If anyone knows of a way to get them other than just googling something like "OAN illegal aliens vote 21 June 17" I'd sure like to know about it.

I have been out of the picture for a few days.  It's a constant struggle to keep the forest from growing back over my meadow.  So I've been working out there, cutting back vines and trees. In doing that, I inadvertently brushed up against some poison ivy.  I'm allergic to it, so I have been trying to just take it easy until I  get past the itchy part. Usually takes three or four days to go away.

.30 M-1 carbine ammo:

I have two of these weapons.  They are perfect for women, because they are light and have very little recoil.  They're also very expensive, although that could change if the M-1 Carbines previously approved for import from Korea are reinstated.  Hillary Clinton cancelled the already issued permits for M-1 Carbines and M-1 Garands out of Korea when she became Secretary of State.

M-1 Carbine ammo isn't easy to find on just any old ammo shelf at a sporting goods store.  Southern Ohio Guns has this on offer right now, and it's a fair price.  S&B is good quality ammo, and it's reloadable.  I bought a thousand rounds from Sportsman's Guide some years aback, and paid less plus I didn't pay any shipping. But if you are flush and need some , this is not a bad deal.

Incidentally, I used to buy a lot from Sportsman's Guide, but they have pretty much done away with free shipping unless your order is over $75.00 now. It used to be free shipping on orders over $45.00.  They also increased their club membership by 25% this year, so I did not renew mine.


The "Special Prosecutor" is a buddy of the fired FBI Director:

 Video camera:

I've decided to buy a video camera (digital camera) and have been looking on Amazon for a good one. I see a lot of  them in the one hundred dollar price range.  If anybody has a  good one  they have been using, I'd like to hear from them.   Basically, I am not interested in making commercial grade videos. I would like to have about an hour filming time on the batteries, and good night vision. 

This is the one I am leaning towards right now:

Camcorder,Hausbell HDV-5052 HDMI 1920x1080p Wifi FHD Digital Video Camera Infrared Night Vision 30FTPS Camcorder with Touchscreen,16 X Digital Active Zoom (Golden)

Thought for the Day:


  1. ack! poison ivy, i can get it just by being in the same county with it. i scratch it til it bleeds and rub it with bleach. dries it right up. hurts like hell though. if i don't do the bleach, it lasts for weeks....sgammo and surplusammo are my go-to stores. they usually have tula carbine ammo dirt cheap, and prvi-partizan soft points. i had issues with s&b and never went back to them...yeah, illegals voted. so did stupid college kids double registered. they caught one idiot near me registering 19 dead people. he bragged about it on twit verse or whatever. and the dems swear there is NO evidence of cheating.....gotta have id for cigarettes and beer, but oh no can't require one for voting. so using that logic, cigs n beer are racist. hmmm. have a great one harry. hope they let them battle rifles come home soon!

    1. Somewhere on the blog, there's a video of a party given for a Democratic Committee Member, I forget in which state, who singlehandedly helped a large number of illegal immigrants vote in an election. She got caught, went to court, was given community service, and went directly to the Dimmie party headquarters where she received a standing ovation.

      I shoot a lot of S&B and have never had a problem with it, but it's all about individual weapons and individual lots. I like the brass because I think it's better quality than U.S. made brass.

      I have heard about the bleach angle on poison ivy. The only time I've tried it was when I was in OCS in 73, and it didn't work for me, but it did for some others. I am hyper allergic to the stuff, so that may be why.

      I have been keeping an eye on that issue with the Korean weapons, as I would like to pick up another couple M-1 Carbines, at least. If I hear anything more I'll post it.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I was up late last night watching the Georgia race. It was great!
    I'm am really happy that a great many 'Californian's that donated money to Jon Ossoff's campaign, woke up to find that they wasted their money.
    I think that's what may have sent many 'Georgians to the poles to vote for Karen Handel was the fact that money from outside the state was fueling Ossoff's campaign.

    We don't kindly to that kinda thing in Texas.

    In Texas too we have a pretty good system for voting that keeps illegal aliens and voters from voting several times in different districts. I know you need a drivers license to vote in Texas and the voter i.d. card. If you don't have the i.d. card, the election volunteers will look up your number on the voter rolls.
    The drivers license is key. I vote in every election.

    I am really happy that the good people of Georgia saw through the bullcrap of the democrats this time around.

    1. I was concerned about the election. Karen Handel is a lackluster, career politician who couldn't keep a room of people awake if it was on fire. Ossof is a twit but he had a huge war chest, huge sums of money coming in from California. I'm relieved she won, more because it and events in South Carolina send a signal to the Dims that they are not making inroads into the Presidents support.

  3. Hey Harry-- When talking about all the illegals that voted don't forget the convicted felons that cast a ballot too.
    ex: Virginia.

    I do like the M-1 that is pictured, that blond colored stock makes it look ominous. I will have to show Senior that ad for it.
    Did you get much rain or dry out yet? We were hit hard Monday night and most of Tuesday. Drying out a bit now, but more rain expected through Saturday...pretty soon we will need the building plans for the ark.

    Hope you and Mrs. are well.. -JUGM

  4. Good luck with the poison ivy. I don't like taking Medicine but prednisone is a magic potion. It's a steroid, so not good if you take it long term, but you only take it for five days I think -- magic -- you do need a prescription, but I highly recommend. It starts drying up the rash in about one hour. Thanks also for the joelsgulch recommendation.

    1. Prednisone is great for poison ivy. I ran out of it though, and I couldn't drive to town to my doctors office because my feet were too swollen up. Just had to make do with what was on hand. I do keep prednisone at the house, but the ferrets use it too and I used it up on them.

      I am ordering some prednisone from an overseas pharmacy a friend recommended. It will be my trial order, to see if all goes well. If it does, I plan on ordering some other things I need around here.
      I like Joel's Gulch. The guy lives a good live on a basic level, and I am constantly impressed with how much he can do , using only scraps and re-purposed things he finds.

  5. Glock Mom, that has been happening a lot. The Democrats have realized they have an untapped gold mine of voters if they can restore felon's voting rights. So they've been working very hard at doing that on the state level.

    We got a lot of rain, and more from the big storm coming in from the gulf is expected this weekend, as you mentioned. Right now it's just humid and overcast. I don't think the sun came out at all today.

    We are doing ok. Glad you and your family well.

  6. Harry illegals voting is why the dims are screaming about Russia. its so legitimate voting fraud doesn't make the news. The dimwits are seeing they cant buy or cheat to win close races. All that's left is changing philosophies and that is not going to happen.
    On the meadow one word Bushhog!!!!!

    1. Nothing the Dims do surprising me. They seem to be totally without any sense of values.

      My meadow is way too steep for a tractor, so I can't bush hog it, or I would. After this bout with poison ivy I'm going to have to come up with some other way to keep the forest from reclaiming it.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on .30 carbine ammo - it is difficult to find for a decent price. To me, $30 for 50 rounds is pretty expensive. The compensation is you shoot a pleasant light handy carbine. My carbine isn't one of the better manufactured WWII units, its a stainless Universal made in 1984 that sold for just under $200 at the time. Dad's eyes lighted right up - he carried one of those carbines in Guam as a guard (Japan had surrendered while he was training in San Diego and about to ship out on a looong boat ride), he approved of the buy. It was probably the most 'let me shoot that for a while' rifle I had when he was out with me. I saw years melt away when he shot it - I'm glad it made him happy.

  8. I had a Universal carbine in college, but alas, I sold it to take a girl out. It was a fine little gun and I wish I had it now.

    Ammo for the M1 used to be plentiful in surplus form 30 years ago, but now, unless you reload, it's awfully expensive.

    My dad was stationed on Guam at the end of the war. He was probably there when your father was.

  9. To me, if you need a smaller weapon for smaller people, due to the cost and unique ammo of the M-1 carbine, I'd suggest going for a 9 mm carbine. Ruger, Marlin, Hi-Point, Keltec all make them. I recently fired one of Keltec's in 9 mm and liked it. I really like how it folds down and fits in a backpack or laptop case.
    I try to stay away from unique/ rarely used rounds for cost and interchangeability.
    I also didn't renew my buyers club membership from Sportsman's Guide, in part due to the high er cost and in part due to fewer specials and higher prices in general - I haven't bought ammo from them for years.
    As far as S&B goes, I've had intermittent problems with them - a batch of 9 mm of theirs gives me a failure to eject every dozen rounds or so in multiple guns; the 380 I have has worked well (so far). I have good sources for more reliable brands at similar prices, so I will be sticking with their competitors in the future.

    1. There are plenty of different brands to choose from. Some guns are "ammo specific." I have a stainless steel Luger, one of those made in Texas 20 years ago by Mitchel Arms, and it will fire any kind of nine millimeter EXCEPT UMC. I have never figured out why since none of my other pistols mind it.

      Ammo is like flannel shirts. Everybody has their own favorite.

      I bought a lot of ammo from Sportsmans Guide in the last year, but haven't since they went up on the club membership and made the minimum order for free shipping $75.00. As you say, they are not the only source.

      I like the M-1 Carbine because I like that older concept of weapon design. I'm not a big fan of the black guns, though I recognize that most people favor them for the reasons you mentioned. I do think, for non gun people, the AR-15 system is more difficult to maintain. I don't think most individuals who are not shooters really understand the need for lubrication and for consistent maintenance of the weapon.