Saturday, June 10, 2017

My internet is barely functioning. Short post tonight. ANTIFA

Takes forever just to load a picture.  One of the negative aspects of living in the sticks, your utilities like power, phone and internet frequently don't work.

Here's a very informative report on the black clad Hillary Ninja.


  1. I am sorry you have such poor internet, Harry. Probably because of the hills? You know I live in the sticks and I have very fast broadband from our town. Of course, we are line of sight to broadcasting towers on top of the mountain. Chaos, Harry, is the New World Order way. Chaos to destroy a culture and then it can be built back up how you want it. Rockefeller said it years ago.

    1. We don't have "over the air" internet here. If you live in town, they have fiber optics cable and that is pretty fast. But if you live out in the woods, your internet has to come over the telephone line. There are good telephone lines, and bad telephone lines. Mine is a bad one. By that, I mean it's just twisted copper wire like they used in the 1930's. That limits my internet speed. The other thing is that everything comes out of this building in town. When lots of people in the county are on the internet, everybody's internet speed drops precipitously.

      Things are chaotic, not doubt about that. It reminds me of the sixties, with the anti-war movement and the black power movement. Like the old song says "still crazy after all these years."

  2. Hey Harry,


    I kinda have been monitoring the happenings lately with Antifa and other groups.
    One of the more interesting Antifa attacks was on youtuber 'Lauren Southern' she had human urine dumped on her during a protest by an Antifa member no less.

    One group I would recommend checking out is ACT. That's the Anti-Sharia Law group headed by a lady that had that 'Mohummed Cartoon Contest' in Dallas several years back when two of Mohummed's finest got shot and killed by Dallas P.D.
    here's the link to the act website
    The Southern Poverty Law Center said ACT is a hate group. I checked into ACT. They are not anti-muslim but they are anti-sharia. I think that's great. Anyone who wants to keep sharia law from being applied here in the United States is on the right track.
    I gotta say that if you want to try to google ACT. Its real hard to find. Google of course is attempting to hide ACT back down its search list.
    ACT claims to have 525.000 members! I think that's great and as long as they don't advocate violence or racism. It will be hard for the media to condemn ACT. Read ACT's about page for more info.
    I can only assume at this point the media is being told to run the narrative that sharia law is okay and to ignore all violence by muslims, rapes, female genital multilation and other barbaric six century practices.
    I no longer see the legacy media as legitimate. I no longer see groups like the 'Southern Poverty Law Center' as legitimate either.
    This is a brewing into battle between cultures and ideologies in the western world. It is beyond racism. Its about the culture one wants to live in and about how the future will be shaped in the western world.

    1. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group in it's own right. Morris Dee and his minions have used the courts to ruin anybody whose politics they don't agree with. They are the perfect compliment to the Antifa thugs, they just do their dirty work with the courts instead of sticks and cans of air conditioning refrigerant.

      One America news has been carrying a story about anti-Sharia marches in some American cities this weekend, sponsored and organized by the Anti-Sharia law group. Personally, I don't think they will have much of a turnout, but I admire them for trying.

      The mainstream media has been ignoring things like honor killings in the U.S. for years. Right after Atlanta got it's first big influx of Iraqis, an Iraqi immigrant used his taxi to run over and kill his two teenaged daughters, 15 and 17. It was because he found out they were changing into blue jeans after they left the house to go to school, and changing back into "appropriate Moslem female attire" before they came home. So he killed them both. It got a 30 second clip on the local affiliates and not a word on national television.

      Most people know Sharia law is being allowed in some British courtrooms, but they don't know that's happening here as well. The two cultures, Western and Islamic, are completely incompatible. Where they brush up against each other, then one of the two will be dominant. There's no half way measures.

  3. antifa- anti first amendment... and second amendment..and third amendment.... et cetera, ad [literal] nauseam.

    1. Basically they're the left wings storm troopers. Sort of modern day Spartacists. George Soros and Hillary are doubtless thrilled with their depredations.