Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rain and an early morning trip to Wal-Mart.

I planned on getting up and being over at Wal-Mart at 7:00 a.m. today.  We had heavy thunderstorms come in this morning, and it was pouring rain.  Big thunder boomers and lightning.  Didn't get in to Wal-Mart until after nine.  There's a reason for going early.  I wanted to be there when they opened the sporting goods section , so I could get some .380 pistol ammo.  Time to start carrying the Walther PPK, too hot for a vest so that  lets out my bigger carry guns.  But, if you go to the Sporting Goods section, to the ammo case, you have to work your way through a gauntlet of old retired guys who hang out there. That part of Walmart has replaced the barber shop as the place to smooze with people you don't know. So getting ammo is a real trial. These  guys want to know what you are looking for, why you bought what you bought, and they want to tell you why you bought the wrong stuff and what you should have bought.  I know people get lonely, and I have nothing against these fellows but I don't want to visit.  

No joy this morning though, I got snagged as soon as I got to the sporting goods section, by Squirrel Man.   He's a nice old guy , he hangs out at the park and feeds the squirrels and birds. The birds will light on his finger if he holds out his hand, and the squirrels crawl all over  him. The kids love him. He's a veteran to boot.  But he's a garrulous soul and he loves nothing better than to just chat.  I wanted to get in and get out, but I spent awhile  listening to his dissertation on  .22 LR. I figured common decency required I do at least that. He's a good man. I try not to be rude to people who don't deserve it.

There wasn't anybody from Wal-Mart at the sporting goods section, and I couldn't find anybody try as I might, so I finally just picked up the other things that I needed and left.  You have to find the one person in the whole store who has the key to the ammo cabinet.  I can't count the number of times I've wanted to buy ammo there and couldn't find anyone to unlock the ammo counter.  I have plenty of .380, but it's "the good stuff" and  I just wanted to run 50 rounds of cheap ball through the pistol before I started carrying it again.  There were at least 100 boxes of 22LR there, of all different makes and types, so I guess the .22 LR drought is over now.

Update on the London Terror Attack.  Looks like 7  people killed, 48 wounded.  The three terrorists were also killed.

In the Mail Box:

Off Grid is out again.  There's the usual boring section on martial arts, and an article on keeping a positive mental attitude in a crisis.There are some reviews of knives and rucksacks.  Basically, it's one of those issues more oriented towards the outdoors than anything else, which is not my cup of tea.  But, it has a good article on Grady Powell.  I like this guy.  I first saw him in a survival show some time ago, a one off thing Discovery Channel did.  He's been in others since then but I haven't seen them because I don't get the television channels they were on.  Powell seems like a down to earth person, not a poseur like "Bear", or some of the psychopaths they had on "Dual Survival."

The June Emergency Essentials Catalog came.  If you need it, they have it.  I've bought a lot from them over the years. The only times my orders haven't met my expectations was when I made mistakes. Like the time I ordered 4 food pail wrenches, because I thought they were all the same size, and found out the hard way they are not.  Emergency Essentials would have taken them back, but the whole order was less than $20.00, and you never know when I might need that size.

If you needed any more motivation to detest the Left, this will provide it.  I'd like Liz Wheeler even if she wasn't a beautiful blond.  I mean, maybe not so much, but I'd  still like her.

Thought for the Day.

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

My favorite Sesame Street Song:

I saw on Kymber's blog she mentioned her favorite Sesame Street Song. So here's mine!  (It's a Weird Al parody)

And Gorges has been up to visit the Amish country , so I was reminded of this Weird Al song as well.


  1. I disagree with Liz Wheeler on one point, the Dem party doesn't border on fascism, it thrives on it.

    The squirrel man is an interesting fella. Kinda ironic that he likes the .22 so much and at the same time lets the critters walk all over him. Kinda funny.

    Too bad you couldn't get your .380 ammo. That's pricey stuff. BTW, I just saw $8 Serbian AK mags over at Apex gun parts. If I had one I'd be all over that deal. --Troy

  2. I guess the producers vetted her script. Still a good editorial, though. She does good work.

    Squirrel man doesn't shoot squirrels, I think he's a plinker. I know he doesn't even kill snakes, which is kind of surprising. I don't kill the non-poisonous ones, but I do kill rattlers and copper heads. He's a pretty calm, tranquil guy. He does love to talk though. He goes to the park, and sits at a table by the creek, then he gets the squirrels and birds to come by feeding them. That always stops families with kids who are on the walking trail, and he can visit.

    Yeah, they had Russian soft steel cased .380 ball for $10.00 a box of fifty, which is what I wanted. The regular , good quality stuff was overpriced, I can get it cheaper from Sportsmans Guide. Although, Sportsman's Guide has started demanding a minimum order of $75.00 for free shipping, and it used to be $45.00 minimum order. So I haven't placed an order with them since they made the change I don't think.

    High capacity rifle magazines are way down in price. You can get brand new South Korean mags, top quality, for the AK-47 for that price. Lots of the name brand AR-15 mags, like Tapco and Brownell, are rock bottom too. I probably should pick up a few dozen more, God knows why. I guess because I can.

    You need a good AK, Troy. I like them better than the AR-15. You just about can't break them, can't jam them, and they are really easy to take apart and clean. They cost a lot more than they used to, though. I'm thinking, off the top of my head, that I paid about $100 each for my two Mak-90's back around 1993. I know Roses Department store was selling Maadi's back that same time frame for just a little more than that. Wish I'd bought a few.

    1. You are right. I do need a good AK. But I think I waited too long. Now it's all US made stuff, and the historian in me really wants a good Hungarian or Yugoslav one. I think I mentioned that recent US versions are around $900 now.

      I still love my AR platform though. I get pretty tight groupings with it out to 200-50 yards, and I was never able to get that kind of accuracy out of my SKS when I had one (I paid $100 for it in 1993). I also appreciate all the modular options for the AR. On the other hand, I do find it a bit tedious to clean and put back together. --Troy

    2. Troy, here in the mountains I would hardly ever need to fire at a target more than 100 meters away. So accuracy out that far isn't critical for me. If I lived somewhere that had a lot of long range views it would be a bigger consideration.
      The Yugo Ak 47 rifles are a good piece of gear. J&G Sales in Arizona has them, fixed or folding stock, but they are very expensive. As you say, the AK has gone from being relatively cheap to very expensive. As long as you have an AR or an AK you are probably in good shape. That young fellow in Oklahoma laid waste to the three home invaders with his AR15, no problem.

  3. Harry - i had never heard the "elmo's gotta gun" song before and of course it had me and jam in fits and starts - too funny!

    but, a bit of a story for you - my Uncle Gerald (from The Last Robin blog. i made the blog for him. we developed a very rich and sincere friendship over 7 years over the net. he has since passed) - he was a christian fundamentalist and we did many hours of bible study over the phone together. i am not religious in the sense of feeling connected to any one religion - i feel connected to all religions in some sense - because i believe that we all have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection to the earth, the sky, the sun, moon and stars. but enough about all that. my Uncle Gerald hated mennonites and the amish as much as a christian fundamentalist who really believed in his religion, could hate them. one time on the phone he mentioned something about weird al yankovic and i asked him if he had ever heard amish paradise. he said no. so first i made him look up the movie on wikipedia, then made him listen to gangster's paradise which weird al's song is based on. after he listened to that, then we both put up the youtube video of amish paradise. we listened to it about 5 times in a row and each time we laughed harder and harder and by the 3rd time we were both crying and our stomachs were hurting! we looooved that song!!!

    thanks so much for putting that video up - it brought back a flood of memories of my Uncle Gerald. all of which are wonderful!

    but like i said - me and jam really got a kick out of "elmo's gotta gun", too!

    sending much love to you and yours, as always! your friend,

    1. I thought you would like that. It's really funny. There's a better version of it on the net, or at least there used to be, but I looked and looked, and couldn't find it.

      Sounds like Uncle Gerald would fit right in here. My wife picked up the bad habit of saying "Oh My God" at her school, and I told her when she was at home here in this county, she couldn't go around saying it. But she did and finally the inevitable happened. Some old biddy came over and read us the riot act at Burgher King. Fundamentalists are not shy about trying to make people toe their line. It took more than twenty years to get a law passed here so the grocery store could sell beer or wine.

      Glad all is well up there. We are doing fine, although we are a little dispersed geographically at the moment.

    2. actually, Uncle Gerald was a bit of an oddball fundamentalist in that he was completely fundamentalist but didn't try and push it on anyone else. we used to laugh about the most un-fundamentalist stuff, he loved talking philosophy with jambaloney and he was very interested in things like using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

      you've read this post before - but if you are interested, here is my tiny tribute post to him:

      i am sorry you guys are all geographically dispersed. i hope she comes home soon. how is E doing?

      sending love as always! your friend,

    3. I don't mind guys like that. He kind of sounds like an old hippy.

      Remember that song?

      "Old Hippie"

      He turned thirty-five last Sunday
      In his hair he found some gray
      But he still ain't changed his lifestyle
      He likes it better the old way
      So he grows a little garden in the back yard by the fence
      He's consuming what he's growing nowadays in self defense
      He get's out there in the twilight zone
      Sometimes when it just don't make no sense

      He gets off on country music
      Cause disco left him cold
      He's got young friends into new wave
      But he's just too friggin' old
      And he dreams at night of Woodstock and the day John Lennon died
      How the music made him happy and the silence made him cry
      Yeah he thinks of John sometimes
      And he has to wonder why

      He's an old hippie and he don't know what to do
      Should he hang on to the old
      Should he grab on to the new
      He's an old hippie...his new life is just a bust
      He ain't trying to change nobody
      He's just trying real hard to adjust

      He was sure back in the sixties that everyone was hip
      Then they sent him off to Vietnam on his senior trip
      And they forced him to become a man while he was still a boy
      And in each wave of tragedy he waited for the joy
      Now this world may change around him
      But he just can't change no more

      Well, he stays away a lot now from the parties and the clubs
      And he's thinking while he's joggin' 'round
      Sure is glad he quit the hard drugs
      Cause him and his kind get more endangered everyday
      And pretty soon the species will just up and fade away
      Like the smoke from that torpedo...just up and fade away

      E is having a hard time. She may have to come home. We want her to, where she won't have all the stress, won't have to worry about work, and can get her health back. But she doesn't want to give up the life up there in the city.

      It will work out, I guess.

      You know how it is, Kymber. One day at a time.

    4. Harry - Uncle Gerald is laughing his head off, wherever he is. some of it is very true of Uncle Gerald but some of it is sooo not him!!! he'd love it!

      i am sorry that E is having such a hard time - it would be best if she came home for a while to recuperate...but i also understand her want to stay in the city as she is young and likes doing young people things. i just don't like you being up there by yourself for months at a time. i don't like that part at all!

      sending love to all of you! your friend,

    5. It's a funny song. Haven't heard it on the radio in a lot of years.

      She'd have to give up her job to come home. She also says there's nothing for her to do here. But it would beat being sick all the time and still feeling like you had to go to work, and we could take care of her.

      I told M on the phone the other night that I miss her, and I wish she was home, but that I worried so much when E was having a hard time and needed her that I was actually better off with M up there until things settle down.

      The ferrets look out for me, as well as Miss Bitey the Downs Syndrome cat. Like Downs Syndrome people, she's very affectionate and appreciates everything you do for her. Among her other problems, she can't open her mouth very wide and it's hard for her to chew, so she eats hot dogs cut up very finely. I just have to cut them up on her plate on the table, then I reach my hands down and she jumps right up to me because she knows it time to eat!

  4. Hey Harry,


    That 'Citizen Armorie's' meme is interesting. Notice how there's almost 'two of each rifle' someone's been paying attention in class and gets and an 'A+'
    'Two AK's, looks like four M1A's. 'Two lever action 3030's and a few other odd's and end's.

    I gotta weigh in on AK mags. The heavy steel (rebuildable) Romanian Surplus (at least I think they are Romanian) are the best in my humble opinion. 'Our Cold War adversaries knew best and its best to stick with their original parts and equipment if we are to use their gear.

    On the 'old guy's at Walmart. Its always good to be patient because I have learned that if I listen. I may learn something new.

    I gotta shut it down. Thunder and lightning all around my house and I don't want my computer fried.

    1. Most of the eastern block military equipment is good material. My eastern block ammo has always been good, the weapons are good, and the 782 gear is good. I have Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian AK mags and they are all "the thing."

      I have no fund of small talk, so I am not a good conversationalist. But I can usually supply the prerequisite "yeah" or "ok" at the right moments. These guys are looking for an audience, so it's not that important that I can't hold up conversation. I'm an old guy too, so I am inclined to be understanding about it. But I dread getting roped into talking. I hope your equipment doesn't have any damage.

  5. Heh... Sometimes late in the evening here I will fire up the you tube. (Right now an hour long version of Echoes by Pink Floyd) I will find some different stuff, and I love Weird Al. My favorite of his is the Nirvna song, something about teen spirit..Makes me laugh every time.

    1. I like that song too, J. I didn't know what it was a parody of for a long time, until my daughter told me it was a take off on someone named Kurt Cobain (however it's really spelled), and that supposedly his girl friend killed him. The parody is better than the real song.

      I like Pink Floyd. Used to listen to that music a lot way back years ago, it was good late night listening.

  6. I got a question and maybe you or one of the other commenters may have an answer:

    Last night when watching the London terrorist news, it was reported that there were FIVE terrorist. Today, all I hear about is the three that the police shot.

    What happened to the other two terrorist?

    --Was the count off? Confusion in the heat of battle sort of thing?

    --Are two still on the run?

    --Were the other two captured and the police don't want to comment?

    I tried a Google search but couldn't find an answer. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. I'm pretty sure there were only three. I watched some of the major news outfits while the attacks were going on, and they were basically just repeating what Joe the Ragman running down the street told them. When the dust settled, I think the general consensus was that there were three. But since then, the Brits have been rounding up Islamic terrorists left and right who were know to have been associated with the attackers.

  7. The Squirrel Guy is probably just lonely, striking up a conversation like that. I feel a bit sorry for him really, he appears to just be waiting until his Final Number gets called.

    I like those Walther hideouts, they are well made pieces of machinery. No PPK here (regretably) but do have a .32ACP PP that runs like a fine Singer sewing machine and is very accurate. Very nice guns - I hope you find your ammunition soon.

    I don't recall the Grady Powell name - I must be slipping, lol. You are correct about Dual Survival, though I thought Cody Lundin and Matt Graham weren't too bad.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Well, he's pretty old. He has some idiosyncrasies, but they are harmless enough. For instance, he has a little pick up truck he drives around in, but the cab and bed are completely full of junk, and I mean, junk. I used to think he was homeless until I talked to him one day. He turned out to have a nice little place up on the top end of the county.

      He's not married, and he's very social, so I think hanging around the park and Walmart are just his ways of meeting people. I see him at the Wendy's fast food place in town once in awhile.

      Grady Powell was the guy who was in a one off, one hour show several years ago about surviving in a post apocalyptic city. It was filmed in one of those sections of Detroit that are completely abandoned. The magazine article said he had done a few other shows, but they were all on channels I don't get on my satellite tv system, so I never saw them.

      Cody Lundin is a good guy. I have read his books and I also taped his first one or two hour specials back in the early 90's, when he was just getting going. Matt Graham wasn't too bad. The one's who made me uncomfortable were the Joe Tetti types, who didn't seem to be able to distinguish between survivalist situations and combat situations.

      I appreciate your coming by, and your comment.

  8. As I did not have time to reload before heading up to Ben's place for a day of work last Friday, I picked up some of that steel cased 9mm Tula stuff at Wallyworld for 7 dollars a box. The stuff seemed to work nicely in the Sig P-6. I had been having the occasional failure to extract with it, both with my reloads and store bough stuff, though I saw no obvious reason for it. So I got brave and drove out the roll pin, took the breech block out of the slide and cleaned it all with a good blast of carb cleaner. Re-lubed and reassembled it now works great. I figured if any ammo would give me trouble it would be that steel case stuff. It is not as cheap as my reloads but in a pinch it will do.

    1. Soft steel cased ammo is one of those perennial roaring argument topics. It's like "the difference between 5.56 and .223, or "what's the best way to store ammo long term."

      Lucky Gunner did a pretty well designed test of 5.56 steel cased vs brass cased ammo and came up with the conclusion that one functioned about as well as the other. Since the steel cased stuff was all Russian, which is "dirty", they said cleaning your AR15 thoroughly is more important with the steel cased ammo. They didn't find any difference in failure to extract rates.

      It reminds me of the "magazine spring compression" thing. People like me don't leave pistol or rifle magazines loaded for too long before they unload them, and change magazines. But Guns and Ammo hired a technical firm to test the validity of "magazine spring compression woes" and they said it was total mythology. Everybody knows about the MP-40 found in the wall of a home being torn down in Holland. It had been there since 1944, fully loaded, and functioned perfectly when the police test fired it out of curiosity. Probably everybody knows someone who says " I have had a loaded .45 in my bed side table for 30 years, and it fired out fine when I tested it." But I just can't shake the old habits. Steel cased ammo works fine in my Russian weapons, but I don't use it in my U.S. weapons for fear of breaking the extractor.

      You did some maintenance at a higher echelon than I usually do. If I get a weapon that isn't performing up to scratch I take it to a gunsmith, or ship it to a specialist. I'd wind up losing a pin or a spring, if I tried that.

  9. A few times lately I have gotten stopped with conversation. Usually it's little old ladies.

    One was a sample lady. She asked me if I wanted a sample. I politely said, "I'll pass, but my son's would love one." She said, "It sounds like you have a cold." I said, "Nope. That's my normal self right now. People have thought I have a cold for a few years. I'm getting sinus surgery soon." She started telling me all about her issues, and what I can do to help mine. I so didn't want to chat, but listened nicely. Maybe I should have told her, "Ya I have a cold." Then she wouldn't have wanted to chat. Ha!

    The other lady stopped me and said, "Oh your son's name is Micah. I love that name! It's in the Bible. What's your other son's name." When I told her, "Isaak". She said, "Oh I love Isaac too! They are both Biblical. How wonderful of you."

    I didn't say it, but Mica is not Micah. He's named after a mineral. Isaak is not Isaac. His spelling is from the singer Chris Isaak. Chris Isaak is not very Biblical. It made her happy to think what she thought, so I let it be. Ha!

    1. I try to be decent to people who haven't done me any harm. Even strangers. Especially with old people, I wonder if they have no family, no children. I'm so grateful for my wife and kids.

      I actually thought your kids had biblical names. All of the kids in my wife's family were named for biblical characters, not surprising when you think about the fact that her mom and dad were hard core Christian missionaries in Moslem African countries!

      If people approach me to give me a ration of s**t about something on my ball cap, or my shirt, or my car bumper, I just tell them to shut up. I'm afraid if I don't shut them up quickly things will get out of hand and I'll wind up in jail. Sometimes, you just have to be unpleasant.

  10. Hello Harry, checking in today from Myrtle Beach, SC where we have had thunderstorms all day. Not too bad though, we've been here since last Mon and this is the first day we were stuck inside.
    My local WalMart used to have the ammo out where we could see it but didn't sell guns. Then when they started selling guns they put the ammo behind (way behind) the counter. The inly time the one person with a key shows up is when I'm squinting trying to see what they have, never when I'm ready to buy.
    I'm think about trying one of the larger 380s. Several months ago I got one of the little LCPs and do not like it as much as I anticipated. Its nice for pocket carry but too small for my hand and I often find the magazine unlatched. I still carry a full-size pistol in summer, iwb, but need something lite and quick for side trips on the way to and from work.

    1. Hey. Good to hear from you. I was just looking at beaches on the web this morning. I like the web cams at Tybee and Emerald Isle. I can sit and have my coffee and watch the sun come up, and the waves coming into the beach.

      Wal-Mart is screwed up in so many ways, but it's like living in a Third World Country, sometimes you just have to bite your lip and put up with their incompetence to get something you really need , or really want.

      I'm not a pocket pistol fan at all. I like a full sized pistol. But the summers here, as you know living where you do, are just too brutal to wear even a light weight vest. So I need something that will go inside my belt. That pretty much means .380 for me. I have a couple of AMC backups in .380 that I bought years ago as part of an auction lot, but they are pretty primitive guns. I usually carry my Walther PPK.

      Hope you have a good vacation there at Myrtle Beach. It's good to hear from you.

  11. Harry,

    I absolutely hate shopping at Wal-Mart anytime of the day. When you need help, no one's around and if they're around they have no idea whats going on. 22LR ammo at the present time doesn't have limitations on quantity here in Oklahoma.....give it time though and that will change.

    Hubby and I enjoy Grady Powell, the one military survival guy who we don't really care for was Joe Tedi. He's very arrogant,obnoxious and from what I understand he was terminated from that program Dual Survivor.

    It's time for the rain to go away!!!

    1. Joe Tedi was borderline crazy, and he was obnoxious indeed. He was the reason Cody Lundin got kicked off the program, and he himself was fired not long after that.

      Wal-Mart is far from my favorite store. But we have such limited choices here . We had three grocery stores, one went broke, and now in the whole county there is only Wal-Mart, and a high end place called Ingles where everything is about 20% -%30 percent higher than the exact same product at Wal-Mart.

      I was over there yesterday, and they had a new guy working in the gun department. He and I hit it off pretty well, and he seems to know something about guns and ammo. While we were talking, the department manager came up. I had never seen her before, apparently she is new. She is from New York city and was pretty obnoxious. We struck sparks off one another right away. I always pay with a check, and their register at the sporting goods department chewed up the check. She said I should make it easier "for everybody" by using a debit card and I told her I didn't have any interest at all in making things easier for anybody. To tell the truth, that accent and her brusque attitude had already aggravated me before she even got nasty.

      Raining outside right now. Tried to do my walk yesterday at the park and had to finally give it up and go back to the car because the rain would pour down, then let up, then repeat the cycle.

  12. Figured I'd reply here on your blog. The family is doing well, and getting into the summer groove. I'm staying busier with yard work added into the mix. I'm also got a few post ideas in the works, but just need the time to sit down and hammer them out.

    Needing a crown, and I suspect that a good dentist will be just as needed/popular as a medical doctor in a SHTF crisis.

    The European crisis is just a sample of the future attacks in America. I'm also surprised that the Media hasn't said anything about the unmanned lunar landing by China.

    Keep Right On prepping - K

    1. That's good. I know you work pretty hard already, and summer does add a lot to the upkeep of a place. Dental problems seem to be bugging everyone. My son just had $2000 worth of root canal and crown work. One of the people who I read daily went to the dentist and was told he needed $18,000 worth of work.

      I am seriously wondering why we haven't been hit worse than we have. 8 years of the Obama idiotocracy. Intelligence services that are politicized and incompetent. A politically correct mindset that has churches and some states importing more potential terrorists and parasites at every opportunity. I expect our time is coming.

  13. Harry, I had some thoughts on summer/warm weather carry.

    It does appear that sooner or later the muzloid attack will come and ramp up. (As I write this, I'm hearing on the news of an attack on a Paris cop probably by a muzloid)

    Will a .380 get the job done in terms of defense against these animals?

    1. Matt, it's a trade off . I stopped carrying my M1911 .45 autos because they weighed too much, and with arthritis the kick from those guns was hard to handle.

      Now I'm changing over from the 9mm to the .380 while it's hot, because there's no way to conceal the 9mm when you are wearing a t shirt and walking shorts. It's a matter of practicality.

      The .380 is the most potent pistol I can conceal in my waist band dressed like that. With "carry ammo", i.e. hollow points, it's better than a knife or a sharp stick. If a person could hit the bad guy in the forehead, the throat, or center of mass it might do the trick. But you would have to be awfully close, very calm, and have a tremendously steady hand.

    2. Matt - it's really nice to see you around...bin' missin ya budy! drop me a line and let me know how you are doing when you can. sending love to you and M. xoxoxo

  14. I would never go to Walmart if they had a social section, ha ha. I don't like to gab with people in stores. I will say our sporting goods section is often deserted, so you can never find anyone to open a case and there is often a line of people looking lost there, trying to find someone with a key.

    1. I get trapped. It's like going down to my mailbox at the foot of the mountain. The old man who lives there hears his pit bull parking, and he always comes out to "visit." So I just have to visit. He's a good guy and helps me out with some things like getting mail for me.

      Walmart probably loses thousands of dollars in business on ammo every day because nobody is around to open the display case. Seems like it's that way in stores all across the country.

      If I go to Walmart, I usually get snagged by veterans , old guys sitting on the benches up by the register, because I have on a USMC ball cap. Or, less frequently, somebody will get mad because I have a Confederate flag on a ball cap, and want to give me grief about it but I have learned how to make those conversations very brief.