Friday, June 30, 2017

Rain. Anti-Fa. Gettysburg. Part Three of the OAN series on CNN fraudulent news. Sweden resettling ISIS fighters. (ISYN)

It started raining last night, and is still raining at five this afternoon.  It's been coming down hard enough that I decided not to take my daily walk.  The last time I went for a walk in the rain, I spent more time sitting under picnic pavilion shelters than I did walking.

Still, I like the rain , especially in summer. It means the drought isn't coming back anytime soon, and it means I don't have to worry about forest fires in the near future.

After last summer, with the huge wildfires all over Northern Georgia, Western North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee, our county finally decided to do something about a system for letting people know if there's an emergency.

We paid $65,000 for a system that will send you a text, or an email, if something is going on that you need to know about.  The problem with that is a lot of people don't have internet here, and other than right around town, cell phone is hit or miss.  I don't know why they didn't add a "robo call" function to this system, but they didn't.

I have gotten several emails from friends about Anti-Fa planning to destroy Confederate monuments at Gettysburg, and desecrate the graves of Confederate Soldiers.  I find it difficult to believe that even those despicable white trash bullies could sink so low, but Fox is carrying an article on it today.  This video is from that article.

Gettysburg was the battle that ended Southern hopes of winning the war and becoming independent of the U.S. federal government. It was fought July 1 -3, 1863 in the farm lands surrounding Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The war went on until May 9, 1865 but from Gettysburg on, it was just a desperate attempt to keep Federal Armies out of the South. There was never any chance of winning the war after the defeat at  Gettysburg.   Pickett's Charge was the climax of the battle, and in the South is still called "the high water mark of the Confederacy."

Pickett had elements of three Confederate Divisions, consisting of 12 Brigades , primarily from Virginia and North Carolina. About 12,000 men made the assault with another 3,000 infantry in support.  Because the Confederate artillery was not adequate to suppress the Federal Artillery, the troops were under heavy artillery fire from the moment they came out of the  tree line. When they got closer (and it was a long, long distance over open fields) the Federals fired shrapnel shells and grapeshot. When they came within rifle range, they were subjected to sheets of infantry fire from Federal positions behind a rock wall.   It was Fredericksburg in reverse. Measurements of the distance covered by Confederate troops from the line of departure to the stone wall vary, but the sole Confederate Regimental commander who survived and wrote a description of the charge estimated the distance at just under one mile in open fields with no cover.

The Fox article said the Park Service and local law enforcement are taking steps to insure that if the scumbags do show up, they won't be able to damage the statues or the cemetery.  First, I hope these things are just rumors. Second, if they aren't, I hope the large number of Southern people who go there every year to honor the anniversary of the battle don't kill a lot of them. Not that I care a damn about the Hillary Ninja, but I wouldn't want good people in trouble with the law over bottom feeders like Anti-Fa.


Part Three of a Three part series on CNN fake news.

Sweden trying to find work for ISIS fighters returning from the Middle East. (I sh*t you not.)

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Lisa is a working mom. She and her family live on a nice homestead in the woods, and they raise a lot of their own food.  There is never any political content or news.  It's about the family.  Lots of times, especially when she posts about things they take their kids to do, it reminds me of my family at that age. My mother always impressed on me that it was important for children to have "enriching experiences" and my wife and I  tried to make sure our kids got opportunities to have those. Lisa and her husband do the same for their boys.

Lisa has been a good friend for a long time, and I have a lot of respect for her. She has to be a mom, a wife, and a professional person all at the same time. It's a hard row to hoe.

Thought for Today:


  1. Hey Harry,


    There's a pretty good youtube channel called LAWerewolf Entertainment that specializes in going after antifa. That guy is out of LA I believe but he's 'Red Pilled' as hell like us.
    'Red Pilled' (Republican, Constitutionalists, Libertarian, etc)
    'Blue Pilled' (Democrat, Big Government, Person who needs to told what to think and do, etc)

    On Antifa. I really hope no one resorts to 'shoot, shoveling and shutting up' I would miss all the wonderful antifa members ruining peoples lives, destroying public property, rioting, looting. It would certainly be horrible if any members of antifa got hurt. I mean they are such nice people. Someone should send antifa members out on a nature hike in an Iraqi mine field.

    Maybe the antifa members would be happy to reenact a 'live fire' Battle at Gettysburg and told to stand at certain 'strategic points' to test the period weapons effectiveness in a 'live fire event' That would make one hell of a youtube video.

    1. There are big gatherings of re-enactors, Southern History Groups, family reunions, and church trips to Gettysburg on the anniversary of the battle. If these people see thrashy individuals kicking over tombstones in the Confederate cemetery, or see them burning the Confederate flag, people are going to get killed, and it won't be working class people who are there to remember the Southern soldiers killed in the battle. It's one thing to beat up city people at a protest. This would be a whole different thing for the black clad bully crowd. I have to believe that this won't happen, because Hillary's storm troopers are basically cowardly thugs, and I doubt they would want to tangle with people who would really go after them.

  2. There was a big issue here over a statue that has been here forever and hardly anyone that lives here even knew about it. Suddenly it became the issue of the day. In the end Jefferson Barracks took it over and will put it in a Confederate cemetery or something. Amazing how people want to erase our history.

    1. Revionist history goes right along with the precepts of the left wing totalitarian state these slugs want. The communists were masters of rewriting history, and it's no coincidence that Hillary's thugs call one another "comrade."

      They can tear down the statues, and they can teach lies in the schools, but as long as the rural family stays intact they can't erase or besmirch the history of the South with anyone who matters.

  3. I seem to recall that the city council in Memphis had voted to not only take down the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, but they are also wanting to dig up his grave and move it to a safe space? Are you kidding me? So now the left has sunk so low, that even the dead cannot rest in peace. Sick subhumans. I haven't heard what the finality of that action was.

    We were planning on a family gathering in the southern Utah mountains, but right now the largest fire in the west is going on. I hope your summer is free of fires this year. Can your county officials not send you a notification via HAM since you monitor the scanner? --Troy

    1. That's one of the fallacies about "multiculturalism." Different cultures don't merge, don't meld. In Memphis, the city council is left wing to the core. They can't tolerate any vestige of anything they don't consider to be part of their protocols.

      I saw that big fire burning out there. We are having a lot of rain and are out of the drought now, so it shouldn't be so bad. I can listen to the forest service, the fire department, the sheriff's department, the town police force, the hospital, EMS and the county disaster management center on the vhf freqs my scanner gets. But it would be nice to know the phone would ring if there was a fire out here at night when I'm asleep and not listening. Sending me a text is largely a waste of time, since I'll get it eventually when my phone gets a signal, but as a fire alarm it's pretty weak. Sending me an email to tell me the fire is coming seems equally problematic. For sixtyfive thousand you would think the system would robo call, that's what we really need.

  4. Having visited Gettysburg several times, I admit I've been a bit worried about it. And desecrating graves?! That's just sick. Trouble is, the haters have gotten away with this stuff for so long that they will keep pushing and pushing until...???

    1. Leigh, I went to the anniversary observations with my youngest brother in 1977, when we were both stationed on the east coast. I know that's a long time ago, but when we went there were hundreds of members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (to which I belong), hundreds more Southern Civil War reenactors, and many hundreds of church groups and family members having reunions. I think if these low life Anti-Fa criminals show up, they'll find out in short order that they picked the wrong place, the wrong time, and the wrong people. Things haven't changed that much in the rural South since my brother and I were there so long ago. I think it will be alright. One way or the other, it will work out ok.

  5. We have been getting on-again, off-again showers here the past few days. Not enough rain to bring about flooding, but just enough to keep the temperatures in the comfortable range.

    I have been reading about that Antifa groups threats to desecrate the graves of Confederate soldiers and to destroy the monuments. I just don't get it, Harry. You are a Southern boy, through and through and I am a Yankee, as were most of my ancestors. Our ancestors fought against one another and yet here we are, being able to exchange information and ideas and have a healthy respect for one another.

    And along comes this group of thugs who want to destroy not only the symbols sacred to the South but the relationships that have been built between those who live in different parts of the country. It is divide and conquer at its absolute worst.

    I, for one, will not allow a gang of degenerates dictate to me how I should feel about the War Between the States. I have no doubt that you are just as proud of your people who fought, suffered and died for what they believed in as I am proud of those in my family who did the same. And no group of black masked trash is going to change my mind or tell me who my friends are and who are not.

    They all can just go pound sand.

    Kicking my soapbox back into a corner now.

    1. Vicki, I understand how you feel. What's happening today is all part of the left wing attempt to prevent the results of the election from changing America's path. 8 years of Obama nearly destroyed the country, but there seems to be half the population who looked into the abyss and liked what they saw. Those people will not forgive the rest of us for stopping their holy crusade to change America into a socialist paradise. Southerners furnish them with a convenient group to hate, as Jews were a useful group to dehumanize for the Nazis. The Southern response to that has been measured so far. There are limits, though. If they keep on with these antics, they'll bite off a lot more than they can chew.

      Today it's about what values a person holds, or in the case of the left, the lack there of. They try to balkanize the country into manageable groups, and they've been successful in some respects, with some groups. The fact that it damages the nation as a whole weighs not one whit with them.

      Our ancestors were on opposite sides in that war, but it doesn't impact us today. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant, weak willed individuals out there, who are perfectly happy to be manipulated by the left as long as they can act out and get away with it.

      I liked your soap box oration. You're welcome to speak your mind here anytime.