Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Morning. Do you have a blog ? Droopy Dog. SKS rifles. A link to a post on spam slicers. A man who lives in the desert. AT&T speed test.

Sunday morning.  It's starting out to be a nice day.   The humidity is low, it's cool, and there's a nice breeze blowing through the tree tops.  Everything seems to be working, as the power is on, my phone line is "hot", and the internet is usable if not very fast.

Couldn't find Percy yesterday, and I worried he might have escaped outside as I was going in and out.  Ferrets are fast, and small.  Percy likes to hide under the lamp stand by the door, and then make a break for freedom when I go out on the Porch.  Fortunately, he turned up this morning. I think he got tired of eating cat food and wanted back into "his" room, where the ferret food and water are set up.

Since Spike doesn't feel too well these days, Percy has to play with the cats. We have a couple of "indoor cats", and now we have several who go in and out.  We've never done that before, because we didn't want the cats bringing fleas into the house. But Wal-Mart is carrying a new flea medication that seems to work well.  It costs $40.00 for enough to do three cats for a month, but it works.

In a little bit I'm going to go over to the lake and walk.  The park in town will be completely occupied by the "after church" folks having family picnics, so I try to avoid the crowd there on Sundays. During the week it's just oldsters walking by the river, and young mothers with little kids at the playground.

There are always things around this place that need attention, but Sundays I try not to undertake anything unless it's urgent. Sunday is a day off for me.  I think I stay busier now that I'm retired than I did when I was working. It seems that way. But at least when I do things here, it's for my own benefit and not to make the boss richer.

Below is a good One America News story on Droopy Dog and his antics.  If you are old enough to remember drive in theaters, you know Droopy Dog.  He was one of the cartoons that came on before the feature movie. I think Comey is Droopy Dog reincarnated.

If you have a blog,  I'd like to read it.

I don't socialize. Most people know that about me if they've been reading this blog.  But I do enjoy hearing what people think, how they live, and what they are doing.  I enjoy hearing their thoughts on life today.  When I say "people" I'm talking about decent folks, not trolls.  Trolls are why spam filters were invented.

I wish more people would blog. I know some individuals are afraid of the government, and I don't  blame them since it's now common knowledge that government computers are scanning every email, every blog comment, every telephone call, etc.  If somebody wants to keep a low profile, that's fine. But after all, there are millions of people on the internet, and it's not likely the government is going to bother with Joe S*it the Ragman because he says he doesn't like Hillary, or doesn't want Islamic terrorists in this country. If the FBI was going to kick down doors over that, I'd have been gone a long time ago.

I have friends who email me instead of leaving comments. Usually, it's because they have some specific information I've asked them for, which they don't want to become common knowledge. That's probably a wise precaution.  I know for a fact that Trolls have jumped from my blog onto the blogs of people who have left comments here. Leigh was one , for instance.  So if you don't want to attract trolls and still want to communicate, email is fine.  The Harry Flashman email account was compromised, but is still operational. 

Blogging using "blogger" is really easy. I'm no computer dink and if it was difficult I wouldn't be doing it. If you want to start a blog and need help getting off the ground, I can assist if you use blogger. If you use WordPress or something like that, I'd be useless as I don't know anything about those.

If you have a blog, and you comment here frequently, I should have been over to visit and left my own comments. If I haven't, it's because I don't know you have a blog.  When someone leaves a comment on my blog, (not anonymously) then I can click on their name, and it will sometimes take me to their blog. But often it just goes to a blank profile with no information at all. So, if you have a blog and haven't seen me, let me know.

Also, some people don't want me to comment on their blogs. They find my positions on some issues too inflammatory, or too political, or whatever. That's fine with me. Just let me know and I won't link to you, or send comments your way. It's not up to me to make value judgments on that kind of thing. Your blog, your rules.  I don't want to cause anyone to have a higher anxiety quotient.

Spam slicer: How have I lived without one all these years?

With my new "low sodium" diet, I can't gobble up spam like I used to.  But, I still keep a lot of it in long term storage, because I'm not the only one in the lifeboat.  Besides, I can still have a sandwich made with spam, or cut it up in rice or potatoes, from time to  time.  I was over at a friends blog, and lo! He did a post on a spam slicer.  I've been looking for one for a long time.  Went right to Amazon via his link, and ordered one , should have it by Tuesday.  Here's the link to his post if you need one too.

Spam Slicer order link


Once upon a  time, the SKS was the most popular "survival" rifle on the market. Not the best, but the one people bought more than anything else. Largely, this was because they were extraordinarily cheap, and they were very common.  Usually, people bought a Polytech or a Norinco SKS produced by the Chinese for export.  Both of these companies are owned by the Chinese military, and the quality of the guns was as good as that of the weapons issued to the Chinese armed forces. That is to say, the quality was very good.

As with anything on the internet, there was a lot of  "information" out there initially that was nonsense. I was  solemnly assured by one "expert" that the components of the guns were produced in clay furnaces in the back yards of Chinese farmers.  This at a time when the two Chinese companies making them had some of the best production equipment money could buy.

Once enough of the guns got into the country and people became familiar with them, that kind of ludicrous "scuttlebutt" disappeared.

The Chinese SKS was cheap and readily available until the federal government banned importation of Chinese arms and ammunition in the mid 1990's.  Before that, gun collectors had been buying up Eastern Block SKS rifles as collectibles.  It was the Chinese guns that made owning a semi-automatic rifle practical for a lot of people who had never had a rifle before.

Just as important was the ability to purchase cheap, reliable 7.62X39 ammo. In the 1980's and into the mid 1990's, you could buy 7.62X39  in the box or the spam can, or the case. Whatever you wanted, you could get it, and it was cheap.

You can still buy new production in cardboard cases, in the spam can, or by the box. Tulammo, for instance, costs about $10.00 a box for forty rounds, before  taxes. You can get soft point, hollow point, or ball (fmj) for that price.

It's not a hunting rifle, though people compare it with the 30.30.  It's not a particularly accurate rifle. But it's reliable, has a fixed magazine that isn't detached from the rifle to reload (in the original configuration).

You can still find the Chinese guns in pawn shops, at reasonable prices.  If you live in a rural county , they often come up for sale in the local newspaper.  Estate sales are another place you can acquire one.  You can usually get one at on line auctions, but that's a logistics pain and anything you get at auction is apt to be pricey.

A man who lives in the desert.

When I got out of the Marines in 1986,  I wanted to live somewhere really isolated, far away from people . Somewhere peaceful, tranquil.   My wife and I considered the beach, the mountains, and the desert. My first choice was the desert.  But I needed to be able to make a living, and the first such opportunity came in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So here we are.

But I've always liked the desert.  I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico while I was spending four years at the University of New Mexico, and I never got the Southwest out of my system. It really is a magical place.

I only know one person who lives out in the desert now, and this guy is something unusual. He lives a life more like the 1890's than today.  He's a good writer, and has some good stories to tell.  Here's a link to his blog if you want to take a look.

Joel's blog.

If you want to check your internet speed, AT&T has a free wed site with no adds.  Here's the link:

AT&T speed test

This Guy Gets It.

Thought for the Day.


  1. SKSs are neat, but around here when I see them they are usually 400 to 500 $. For that kind of money it is understandable that folks would choose an American made AR over a rough SKS. Particularly if they are new to the firearms scene. I do like the 7.62x39 round. I was looking for a Mini-30 when I came across my Mini-14 for silly cheap money so I settled for the .223 instead. I got parts for an AR build and will be doing that in .300 blackout which has the advantage of more options when reloading as it is a .308 size pill instead of the .311 of the Russian round. And as it is a slower round the 300 Blackout will digest cast pills easier than a .223 thus allowing for cheaper loading and a higher degree of self sufficiency.

    1. That's an obscene price. I remember buying the Chinese SKS, with a sling, oiler, and cleaning kit for $68.00. They were bringing them into the gun stores here on pallets.

      For a non-gun person, I think the SKS might offer some advantages over the AR-15. The SKS doesn't require much in the way of expertise to keep it running. It's easy to clean, and the operating system is so simple that there isn't much that can go wrong with it. It's easy to load, no detachable box magazine to fiddle with, and it is a comfortable gun to shoot.

      I wouldn't pay that much money for one, though, I have to admit.

      I pretty much stick to the old classics, I don't have any guns that chamber these new rounds, nor any reloading dies, shell holders, etc for them. I have trouble enough keeping up with the guns I already need to provide fodder for! ;-)

    2. My DH says the same think about how cheap the SKSs were in the day. He would go to the Reno gun show and the ammo was stacked up in wooden boxes 5 ft. high and the rifles were selling for around 75 bucks. In those days, when he was just a young fella starting out, even 75 dollars was a lot of money.

    3. I bought one of those Chinese Norincos for $80 back when a crate on top of another crate of them in the gun shop aisle was commonplace. Came with a spike bayonet (unattached). The spam cans sold for $30 a can or $50 a crate (two cans) - such a deal! I wish I had bought another one. I've read that the 20 round fixed magazine is the 'should buy' as you can load a strip of 10 rounds after firing the first 10 quickly.

      That spam cutter looks like a cheese cutter to me (the wire type). Surely it could be used for Spam / Treet as well ?

      Thank you for the post.

    4. Tewshooz, I think that's a good point. Money bought more, back then. But you didn't earn as much of it, so the "cost" was still a factor.

      Anon, I just use stripper clips. I'm not sure what the regulations are on putting an extended magazine on an SKS. When Clinton was president it was illegal, even though they sold the magazines in American Survival Guide and lots of people used them. Not sure what the deal on that is today.

      I think the spam cutter is designed specifically for the size of a block of spam. It will probably cut anything you can fit in it in the way of cheese though. I don't have a cheese cutter machine, just a thing like a horse shoe shape with a wire across the end of it it. That cuts cheese pretty well, but only one slice at a time.

    5. The main reason for the SKS's popularity, besides their price, was that because of the fixed, 10-round magazine (the precursor for all "assault rifle" regulations), they were exempt from the 1994-2004 ban. They bayonet, flash hider, and all the other evil accouterments were perfectly fine because of the fixed magazine. But if you replaced the fixed mag with the detachable 20-rounders, you had an illegal "assault rifle unless you removed either the bayonet or the flash hider. (Detachable 20-round mag plus two or more other bad things made an "assault rifle." The evil mag with only one other bad thing was okay.)
      This is your elite ruling class at work.

    6. The gun ban was so poorly written and promulgated, that I wrote to the ATF field office in Atlanta asking for clarification on the SKS. They sent me a wishy washy letter that specifically said it was not to be considered a "determination" by the ATF. I.E. they didn't know themselves what was going on. I bought some of the Zytel 20 round mags but never installed them. Some of my guns came with the bayonet and spring in a separate little bag. I kept all that but never installed it on the guns because I didn't like the spike bayonet. If I could find the blade bayonets and springs today I'd buy five of them and put them on the guns. Nobody I know has them though.

      Feinstein was an idiot then just like she is now. Remember the famous press conference where she was going to show how easy it was to insert a magazine in an AK-47 and then she couldn't get the magazine out of the rifle to save her life?

  2. The only Spam I like is the turkey one, but I haven't tried them all, we mostly just find the original and turkey in this area.

    1. You can get on the spam home page, Gorges, and they will tell you what flavors are offered at the different stores within your driving comfort range.

      Also, the Hormel company has a web page that you can order off of. But it isn't cheap. I get most of my spam at the scratch and dint store in Murphy, North Carolina. When they have something I like, I buy several cases of it.

      Turkey is one of my favorites, too. I also really like the Tabasco and Jalapeno flavors a lot.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I heard some chanter on the internet that James Comey just got a book deal for $10 million. I wonder if he 'self induced' problems knowing a book deal would be his 'golden parachute.

    On blogs.

    I thinking blogging is slowly disappearing. The Alt-Right Community on YouTube is friggin huge. Way too many channels exist to name them all and more and more people are 'taking the red pill'

    here's a list of some of the terminology used online in the alt-right community.

    Alt-Right (alternative right wing)
    Red Pill (conservative, alternative right wing)
    Blue Pill (liberal social justice warrior's, commies, etc)

    Legacy Media (anyone from the old media, ABC, NBC, etc, Talking Heads, Newspapers and magazines. Any corporate media outlet that can be manipulated into following a social or political narrative, like fake news, or the Trump colluding with Russians scandal. Legacy media is no longer considered 'legitimate' by most in the online community. The fear is the 'Deep State' is colluding with the 'Legacy Media' and was verified when James Comey 'leaked' documents to the legacy media in hopes of getting a special prosecutor on the Trump Administration.

    Red Pilled (turning someone onto the alt-right movememt.
    Blue Pilled (someone that drank the Kool-Aid)

    Pepe the Frog (the frog meme used as the mascot of the alt right movement)
    Kekistan (make believe future of home of alt right people, pepe's homeland, another 'Galt's Gultch' concept)
    Kekistani (someone from Kekistan)
    Top Kek (a real true to life Turkish Snack Cake where the terms above where derived from in joking form and then it grew from there)
    Kekistani Flag (a green and black flag that's just like the Nazi WW2 flag with no swastika's. The meaning of a copy of the German WW2 was set up just to annoy and irritate SJW's, liberal's etc. It was made up because many in the alt-right movement were being called 'Nazi's' including anyone of color, any color or religion automatically being called a Nazi for being alt-right. I think the Kekistani flag was 'designed on purpose' not to identify as Nazi but to annoy and irritate the far left, Antifa, SJW's etc.
    Its the same as someone saying the 'Confederate Flag' should be illegal, then everyone goes out and buys one and flies it just out of spite)

    I know I talked about this before but the 'memetics' or memetic propaganda is heavily used on 4Chan with meme's to poke fun of Hillary Clinton and everyone else. The best meme's can be found on 4Chan. BE Warned, 4CHan is not for the faint of heart.

    'Based" being based, is a term used on 4Chan and in the alt right community. Anyone who is a die-hard about their beliefs is 'based' and given the term 'based and then a nickname' like 'Based Stick Man' who used a stick to beat members of Antifa during the April 15th riots at Berkerly.
    Check out the video's of 'Based Stick Man' on youtube. He kinda looks like 'Captain America' with a long, cane like stick. No Antifa members were really hurt during his beatings but being beat back by a 'Captain America' character was embarrassing as hell for any Antifa member.

    When I learn more and get more I will pass it on to you 'Harry and the viewers of your blog.

    Knowing that there is a very powerful 'counter movement' on youtube and online gives me some amount of hope that most of America can be 'Red Pilled'

    1. My God, CC. I didn't know any of this. I am not sure what the hell "channels" are.

      I hate to see blogging die out. But I know you are right. Two of the people I really enjoyed reading don't blog anymore, but they are on face book. However, I even though I have a facebook "log on" I only use it to go to businesses like AIM SURPLUS and look at their stuff on facebook, as they have pretty much abandoned their web pages in favor of face book.

      Keep educating me. I am not inclined to quit blogging, but it sounds like this new thing is something I would like to know about.

      I figured you must be doing something else on line because I haven't seen as much of you as I used to. Also because you sometimes mention something you have seen at different places that were not blogs.

    2. Hey Harry,


      A 'Channel' is a youtube site where someone puts there video's. like 'Hickok45' and his gun video's. That's a youtube channel.
      Styxhexanhammer666 is a youtube channel. The guys a political strategy genius and very good at satire. Not a Satanist!
      All the 'Red Pill' stuff's on youtube. Check out all the youtube channels like Lauren Southern, Naked Ape, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Stephan Molyneux comes highly recommended.
      The Piper Report. Oh' if you really want your mind blowned. Check out ThuleanPerspective. That guys an 'Odin'st and Pagan. ThuleanPerspective has some interesting to say about the preservation of the European race and culture "Without Being Racist' I say again, 'Without Being Racist' you gotta watch the video's going back several weeks to understand.
      The Revolting Man, he's got a good prepper channel, Mouthy Buddha. Mouthy Buddha has some interesting viewpoints especially on Islam.
      LAWereWolf Entertainment. Now there's am interesting one to watch too.
      'Harry and everyone else. Maybe print this out and go to youtube and type in these channels.

      Go to the Website, not youtube, but website '4Chan'
      Go to politically correct. there's some interesting stuff there too.

      No one's ever too old to watch this stuff. I am just as informed and tech savy as someone in there 20's. It keeps my mind 'nimble and vibrant' by embracing the cutting edge media.

      One thing of note. If you have a newer smart phone and lots of bandwidth or unlimited data. You can watch and listen to these channels or video's on your phone.
      check with your provider. Hell' if you can save money. Get one of them $850 Smart Phones and learn how to use it better than a 25 year olds. Show those young whipper snappers that you ain't ready to be put out pasture yet:)
      That new Samsung S-8 seems like a nice phone. Play with it out in public. Show'em how cool you are too:)

    3. I'm not sure I'm ready to launch out into the brave new world of all this channel business, CC. I spend too much time on the computer as it is. Maybe I will work into it slowly. I have a cell phone, but it's not a smart phone. Wouldn't do me any good living here, where 99 percent of the time the cell phone doesn't have a signal unless you drive to town. That's all good to know information though, not only for me but for other people as well who may be interested in more news sources.

  4. Good to see you back "On The Air", Harry.

    Not a big Spam eater here...I had so much as a kid, and my Dad ate so much in the SeaBees, that we rarely had it when I was growing up. The ship I worked on for 10 years had a Filipino crew, and there was Spam in the mess hall all the time.

    Facebook can be OK, but most of the stuff on it is pretty trashy. I use it to keep in touch with friends from high-school, my car clubs, and the American Battleships page, where a lot of my Iowa friends hang out. I'd rather blog, as I find it more 'relaxing' to do than FB.

    Thanks for the tutorial on the SKS! I don't know much about them, other than the early bad mouthing they used to get. I remember when they were under $100 even here in Kommiefornia. The only "modern" rifle I have is an S&W AR type. The rest are lever guns, and my M1 Garand.

  5. I'm that way with sweet potatoes. Ate so many as a child that I don't like them now. But I'm a big fan of spam, so many ways you can use it to augment a meal, and it keeps forever properly stored.

    I just never got into the facebook thing. I was always seeing news articles about mishaps people had. So I set up an account but just use it to log into commercial sites.

    Nothing wrong with an AR or a Garand. They both cost a lot of money though. I was thinking the SKS must still be relatively cheap based on what I have seen them going for in our pawn shop, or in the paper. But Michael says up in Maine they are running for $500, and that's just crazy.

    If I was choosing a rifle off the rack and money was no object, between the SKS and the Garand I'd take the Garand. But the SKS is so simple to operate, and the Garand intimidates non gun people, with it's M1 Thumb and all.

    1. I still haven't got a case of M1 Thumb....yet!

      I bought my AR a couple of years ago, and think I paid about $900 for it. Overpriced compared to now, but it's a nice rifle, and my wife can shoot it very well. She won't get near any of my other rifles, so just having one she's comfortable with made it worth the price premium!

      My Garand came from the CMP, and is one of the fully rebuilt ones; new barrel, new stock, and everything else is fully refinished. It's a joy to shoot, and is more accurate than I am.

      We've got some Spam in the "Earthquake Supplies", along with some canned corned beef, and other canned meats. I was surprised how much food we've got stored, and it's going to be fun moving it all to Colorado in the next couple of months.

    2. I experienced M1 Thumb, back in college. It gets your attention.

      I have two M-1 Garands. One is a CMP gun I got in the early 1990's. I shot a high power match at Riverbend gun club to qualify. The gun club has been built over into a gated community I hear, so that's gone now. I have a Korean import that's not nearly as beautiful as my CMP gun but it's a shooter and I can rely on it.

      One of the reasons I've not moved is the absolute impossibility of moving all my supplies and equipment.
      The only way I can ever leave her is if one of my kids comes to live at the place, and I can turn it over to them lock stock and barrel.

  6. We ate spam when I was a kid cause it was cheap and my folks did not have a lot of money. We ate it fried with scrambled eggs. It is so salty that when I eat even a slice, I gain 3 pounds water weight overnight....kind of like eating Chinese food. I saw that Spam slicer, too and saved it on my Amazon wishlist. Frankly, I much prefer those Vienna sausages. They are good in split pea soup and keep forever, too. I had not read Joel's blog for ages, mainly because it was taken off someone's blog roll. Glad to see he is still around and as crusty as ever, lol. Love the black dog. I love to see pictures of your area, so lush and green. This morning I got up and it was 40 degrees and raining. Really? If Al Gore was standing next to me I would wring his neck!! I tried that AT&T speed thing and my adblocker blocked it, but there are others online. Today with my VPN, my computer address is in Plano, TX. Drives my online bank crazy. We have AR15's as they are light weight enough for me to carry....remember, I am a little old lady. HAR HAR. Give Percy a hug from me.

    1. Spam is good. I have some Vienna sausage but I violated the cardinal rule of canned food, and I read what was in them. Now I mostly give them to the cats..... :-(

      My dad used to eat Vienna sausage and cheese on crackers, and I would have some with him. Don't know why I got squeamish about it later. Must be the beef hearts.

      Joel lives a very spartan existence. I am impressed with how much "make do" the guy demonstrates, how he always finds a way to accomplish what he wants. And this is a guy with one leg.

      It's nice here now. The drought is essentially over, and everything is green again. If only the humidity would go away, the heat wouldn't be so bad.

      Sorry the ATT speed thing didn't work for you. I like it because it has no adds. I've been using that other one with the funny name, but they have so many adds on it I can hardly see the information I need.

      Evil Percy. I let him out again, and he has gotten up under the sink in some boxes of stone ware we are keeping for the kids, and won't come out. I could pull the box out but it isn't worth the hassle. He'll get bored and come out, then I'll pop him back in the bedroom he's supposed to stay in.

    2. My add blocker blocks all adds and is well worth the few bucks a month for that. I use AdFender.

    3. I just use the one that comes with Chrome. I like it because it lets me selectively allow pop ups, something I have to do with some of the pages I use to balance financial accounts.

  7. I recall in the 90's when I could get an SKS and a case of ammo for $150. I bought SKS rifles for 'truck guns' and that sort of thing because they and the ammo were cheap. Heck, it was about $0.08 per round for ammo.

    Then Slick Willie had to dick it all up. Now 7.62x39 is virtually the same as .223 in terms of price, and and SKS isn't that much cheaper than a budget I might as well just get the AR and .223.

    If you like desert living, check out The Field Lab.

    1. I read the field lab on and off. I saw that guy in the documentary Where the Wild Men Are, I think it was on Discovery channel, and I liked his set up. Last time I checked he had just had a horrific crash on his four wheeler and was all messed up. I need to go by their and see if he is still alive.

      Yeah, everything costs so much more. I don't know if it's because the money buys less, or there are less surplus rifles to sell, or some combination there of. The thing that has surprised me the most is that finding ammo in the wooden case is almost impossible now. It used to be common.

  8. Hello Harry:

    You can comment on my blog any time you want.

    The problem with Facebook is that it is a quarter inch deep and three miles wide. It is also very creepy about digging into your cyber history.

    SKSs are very cool. They can be reloaded with stripper clips which speeds things up. Regarding accuracy, they are more accurate than most people (not talking Marines, here) can shoot off-hand.

    Keep writing. I enjoy reading your stuff.

    1. I just found your blog today, by accident, on another persons blog role. I was glad to see it.

      You're right about the SKS. Like so many things Russian , it's "good enough." I watched that video I posted and I wondered if the guy faked that group, but maybe he's just a good shot.

      I'll surely be coming by your place from time to time now that I know it's there.

  9. I know I don't comment here often Harry, but I do blog...and I really should write more often...but feel free to comment or link to "From Dirt Level" anytime.

    1. Bert, I appreciate that. I'll come by there and visit now that I know you are out there.

    2. Bert, I'm drawing a blank with google running "From Dirt Level Blog." Can you give me a URL address for it?

    3. Sure thing: it's . I also have it hyperlinked in my name.

    4. Thanks.Let me come visit here in just a second.

  10. Harry-I love your blog. Yours is the best of all the blogs I read. I learn so much from you. I know that a number of blogs have shut down and I miss those folks. I have never had a blog, but I know it must take a lot of time, and I appreciate the time and effort that you and others put into your blogs.
    For some reason, this summer, I find myself spending less time and mooney on my preps. Of course, I am busy with the garden and canning, etc. I guess that can be counted as preps. But, my other food storage seems to have been put on hold. I think all the political mess is causing me to feel weary. Jana

    1. Jana, I appreciate your kind thoughts. It's important to me that people derive some benefit, some enjoyment, from the blog.If they didn't, I'd just quit. It started out as a historical record for myself and my family, but it's been the means of communicating with a lot of good people as well.

      Summer is a tough time to keep everything up. It's hot, people are working in their gardens and canning, just as you are. That all distracts from planning. But, I think that's true for all of us. I am sure we are all distracted by the political struggle going on in the country, by the Moslem threat, by all the myriad things outside our control that effect us. You just have to keep plugging on, but weariness is a problem . I know it certainly is for me.

  11. ATT Speed Check.
    A couple years ago when I was installing another lawn irrigation zone I cut my ATT DSL line. $125, ouch, to have then splice it together. When he was finished he came into my house to check the data speed. He and all ATT installers use the same ATT program to check the actual speed of his work. It’s a good data speed checker that anyone can use.

    1. I wish it would let you record results, but the main thing is it doesn't have all those adds that the other one I used to use had. The adds are embedded in the html code on that one, they aren't pop ups, so there's no way around them. I'd even have paid for an add free version, like I do with microsoft mail, but they don't offer that . So I have just started using the ATT speed checker instead.

  12. I didn't know you had so many cats! What a sleeping pile. Is the flea med the PetArmor plus from Walmart? I just bought some and am happy to hear it works.

    I wish more people would blog too. So many folks I know have gone to facebook, which I don't like. It's a time-suck, too fast paced, too disorganized, too many ads, and only a pseudo respect for privacy. Besides, I just don't have the time, so I like reading blogs better. They are a great resource and promote a really nice community - good for those of us who are social klutzes. Also happy to report that my troll problem seems to be gone. Reckon I just don't offer enough to feed them. ;)

    1. Leigh, I think the troll was probably just seeing if you would react. They feed off responses, and go away when they don't get them.

      I just don't like Facebook, nor do I care of the people who operate it. As you say, they pay lip service to privacy but don't provide it in reality.

      Alas, we have a lot of cats because we can't ever catch all of them to have them spayed. Once we got down to one momma cat, but she had many babies.

      The stuff we bought was called "Front Line." I have used the PetAmor with good results, but it is a bit cheaper than Front Line and so it's always out when I go to Walmart.

  13. I bought a couple of Yugo SKS's about ten years ago for the kids to play around with. Ammo was cheap and I found the guns to be reliable, if not tack drivers. I replaced the wood with a synthetic setup for around $50 and bought a bunch of twenty round detachable mags. I kind of wish I had left them alone, but they are fun. They are longer than my AK's, but at least as accurate, and with the twenty round mags (I think they are Tapco mags) they are a cheap but reliable defensive option. Kind of a poor man's M-14. I agree with the above comments though. At the prices they go for now, you might as well buy an AR.

    1. I have one of the Yugo's. I sure wish I had bought more. I got mine for $169.00 (went back and checked my book to be sure), and it was an unissued gun. I should have gotten at least four of them. Not to sell, but just to have for my kids and their kids, on down the line.

      I think a lot of people took the ultra cheap SKS and fixed it up with synthetic stocks, extended magazines, all the bells and whistles. Nothing wrong with that. I kept all my stock. The only guns I ever really modified were two MAK 90 versions of the AK-47. I put Choate stocks on those because I couldn't handle the little thumb hole stocks the guns came with. These days, I guess with prices so high, a gun savvy person would be better off with an AR. I think the SKS is a gun rifle for someone not familiar with owning or operating firearms, as it's so simple to fire and to clean.

      I have a box out in the shop with bits and pieces in it, and there are some of the TAPCO extended mags for the SKS in it. I got them eons ago, in case I ever needed to maximize the firepower of my SKS rifles. Good piece of equipment.

  14. Blogs are entertaining and I read a wide variety of them. There are some really good ones out there, some people out there are doing some really interesting things.

    1. That's true. Some of them are a look into a completely different environment. I always enjoy those.

  15. All those flavors of spam!

    So many bloggers I loved have stopped over the years.

    So glad Percy showed up!

    1. "So many flavors of spam, so little time!"

      Blogging seems to be flagging. CC was telling me all about these youtube channel things. I don't know that I want to learn any new computer things, though.

      That little wretch. I'm sure the ferrets have taken years off my life, but I wouldn't give them up for anything.

  16. My biggest gun regret is not buying a half dozen SKSs when they were $90 a pop in the early 00's. Didn't like the rifle so I didn't buy one. Still don't like them but now I understand their utility. A good knock around gun for the truck, to take camping, etc. Capable for most situations and if it gets lost so what. These days they are $400-500. No way I will pay that.

    I shot a buddies awhile back. With iron sights we were running about 40% on a steel gong at 300m.

    1. If I had to pay the prices that people are faced with today, I'd have a used hunting rifle somebody traded in, and some kind of revolver, and that would be it. Everything else would be too costly.

      The SKS is an "everyman's" rifle. Back when Clinton banned them, the Dems were making a lot of noise about the SKS being the gang's weapon of choice. That was ludicrous since the gangs had plenty of money to buy top quality stuff. It was like saying a Volkswagen beetle was the gang's car of choice.

  17. Harry,

    No, I don't have a blog. However, my wife says I now have the time, seem to have lots of opinions/observations and should start one.

    Reckon I will.

    If I get hung up I may seek your counsel.