Friday, June 9, 2017

That about sums it up.


  1. Did you watch Comey's testimony? I tried to listen to it, as I do a lot of things. John McCain was the most amusing. He called him, "President Comey" then corrected himself. I'm like, "What?"

    1. I did watch it. McCain is obviously senile. He was saying today he acted like he did because he stayed up late watching some kind of ball game. The guy is way past time to go.

      Comey is a whiny little b*tch. He lied his ass off. The guy had the affrontery to admit he leaked his notes on his conversations with the President to the press through some creep at a law school with the express purpose of causing a special prosecutor to be appointed. He violated his oath of office in doing so, and he showed himself to the the dishonest hypocrite he is. I hope he winds up in prison where he belongs.

    2. Comey found his suicide note on Hillary's computer and went all squirrelly.

    3. If I were him, I'd be changing my name and moving to a mountain top somewhere in the deep forest. Once his usefulness in being exploited by the Dims is at an end, he best watch his back. Shrillery has a long memory.