"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tough Night in ATL. Enough "minority" self pity. Arming Moslems. Didn't work well in Afghanistan, and it's not working now.

It was a tough night in "Greater Atlanta."  I always start my mornings with watching the three affiliate ATL stations I get on the satelllite tv.  Flipping back and forth, I figure there were four major
gang related incidents in the city and surrounding counties last night, with five dead, four wounded, and over 200 rounds of "9" fired.  The shoot outs took place in empty parking lots, at little convenience stores, in the middle of a residential area, and at an apartment building. These were only the shootings that the news people could get camera crews to. They don't bother with those they don't have film to show .

Now I know, from reading comments made by an elderly black lady on an English blog, that all this is the fault of white Americans.  Specifically, it's the fault of white Southerners. Because 150 years ago, slavery still existed in the South , and "black families were sold", all the ills of the "black community" are my personal responsibility.

It doesn't help to hear on the news that the Ferguson city government "settled" with the family of " The Gentle Giant" for 1.7 million dollars.  God Almighty!  I'll bet the tax payers there are pleased.

Frankly, I'm sick of this whiny, pathetic attitude that tries to displace responsibility for their ills on to other people. I'm not going to be nice about it any more.  It's not my fault they constitute approximately 13% of the U.S. population and account for 65% of the prison population. It's not my fault they commit the vast majority of violent crimes in America.  Anyone can argue with the specific statistics, depending on the source, but they're all in the ball park.

It's easy enough to be "understanding" when you don't have to deal with it personally.  But patience and tolerance begin to run thin when a specific group of people, regardless of who they are, start shooting up your neighborhoods or breaking into your house.  Home invasions in the ATL area are so routine now, they don't even report them on the morning news unless somebody gets killed. You have to read the Atlanta paper to keep up with the "routine" problems.

People today are conditioned to think that any acknowledgement of problems in ethnic communities is "off limits." It's "racist" to imply that they are responsible for their own issues. But to be told point blank by some prissy old lady that I am responsible for those problems because of my ancestors, or that I should be ashamed of my ancestors, is more than I'm going to stand for.

And then, there's this kind of idiot prancing around out there.  He's from New York. Who would have guessed?

I can't disable autoplay on this, so when the segment is over you just have to manually close it.

I'm glad we are all paying taxes so we can send weapons to "moderate Jihadist's"

In Afghanistan, we trained the Islamic fundamentalist who styled themselves the Mujaheddin, or "Holy Warriors."  We gleefully provided them with weapons, suitcases of cash, and logistics support. They ran the Russians out, and we expected not to hear from them again. But we did. One of the premier Mujaheddin was Osama Ben Ladin.  Another was "Mullah Omar" who founded the Taliban. Large numbers of "foreign fighters" from the Afghan War showed up in Iraq and did us a lot of damage. The Taliban is still causing us big problems today.

We don't seem to understand that Moslems will take help from us as long as they think they need it, but when their particular issue is over, we're always next to be on the receiving end of their antics. The Koran only provides three ways to deal with infidels.  First, convert them to Islam.  Second, make them pay a "heavy tolerance tax", and third , kill them.  There's no fourth option.

Right now, we're training "moderate rebels" in Syria.  Everybody knows that's a joke, but nobody is worrying about it at the present.  Syrian "rebels" are either Al Qaeda proper, or affiliates if they are anti-Assad,.   They are  Hezbollah or affiliates if they are pro-Assad. But when the war is finally over, they will all be anti-Western.

The sole exception to this is the Kurds, who have proven to be good fighters, loyal allies, and trustworthy. But we don't do a lot for the Kurds, because the Shiite Iraqi government gets mad if we do. Frankly, I don't see what difference it makes if the Iraqis don't like it. They've already told us as soon as they get rid of ISIS, they want us out of the country, lock, stock and barrel.

Remember Obama's "Fearsome Four Hundred."  He said he was going to launch a U.S. trained organization of 400 pro western "warriors" into the fray. When they finally crossed the border, there were 42 of them. They drove to the first Al Qaeda checkpoint, and turned over all their weapons, vehicles and supplies to the thugs waiting for them there.  We never tried that again.

The bottom line is that we are better off getting out of the Syrian war altogether.  Assad is a tool of Iran, and the opposition is a conglomerate of Sunni terrorists, all of which hate us. So both sides hate the West, and whoever eventually comes out on top will immediately turn on us. Why arm any of them? Instead, we should sit back and enjoy the show. A year or so ago, I saw footage from a news program that clearly showed Al Qaeda and Hezbollah fighting over a road junction. They were blasting each other to fragments. I was completely charmed by the prospect.  Let them have it.

Thought for the Day:

An interesting blog.

Vicki's Blog

Vicki lives in an apartment, in a city in Minnesota.  She is one of the few people I know who live in an apartment , in a city, and still manages to live the self sufficient lifestyle.  She likes to cook, she does a lot of canning, and she's a good example of a senior who is still preparing for "come what may" , both for herself and her extended family.  I enjoy her posts, and her down to earth, common sense attitude.


  1. To be sure, there are no moderate islamists. If you go back in history to the Barbary wars, the only way to appease them was to offer a large tribute (ransom). Cash and weapons are what they want. Their religious beliefs take a back seat to power and money.

    We are foolish to keep arming these so-called rebels. I seem to recall all of our military hardware ended up with ISIS after the we left Iraq. What total incompetence that was.

    So are we in Syria only now because of Russia? We can't stomach the fact that the Russians have a foothold in some worthless country and we just have to be there to oppose them. Let the damn Russians have it and let their young men die for it. Other than a naval base what value does it have?

    I'll bet your comments to that English lady were interesting. --Troy

    1. I don't know exactly how we got involved in Syria. We shot our selves in the foot in Iraq, going in there when the intelligence was either wrong or plain made up. We got rid of Saddam, who was the only one who could keep order in that pig pen, and we let the genie out of the bottle in doing so.

      I'd be glad to see the Russians take over Syria and install a puppet government. They know how to handle terrorists, and they could control things there. Trying to "save the world" is not our business.

      The obnoxious lady was an American, who jumped on the English blogger because he put a picture of himself and his friends at their clubhouse on his blog. In the background was a Confederate flag. I wasn't rude but I wasn't play nice anymore either. She said she was a 64 year old black lady. Because she used a unique moniker, it was easy to find her comments on other pages, and most of them were about knitting and women's interests, so she was probably telling the truth about that. But her grasp of history was nil. She just parroted BLM and the "Gimme my reparations" crowd.

  2. oh Harry - i just went to Tricky's blog and let the vitriol stream - i am so sorry to have done it on his blog! but here is my comment to the african american lady ( why do people even say that? i know your southern but i don't call myself a british/east european canadian!!!).

    anyway - here is the comment i left:

    "oh holy moly! this PC crap has totally gotten out of hand! i'm canadian - we helped get slaves across the border! but a flag that actually represents someone's history and culture - a someone who never had slaves and whose ancestors fought in the civil war being crucified on Tricky's blog just demonstrates just how much this crap has gotten out of hand! ksunshine52 were you sold? i don't think so. the chances of your older family members being sold are probably high. but the truth of the matter is that a lot of african american slaves were sold out of africa by their own people.

    and guess what? my family members, most of them from england and east europe were slaves too - except they were called serfs or peasants and i don't blame the entire continent of europe for what happened hundreds of years ago. stop blaming. stop shaming. stop trying to make people feel bad. and stop doing it on Tricky's blog where he is a true man with a true family and trying to raise some good children for our future. just stop it."

    i feel terrible about having to leave such a comment on Tricky's blog. but am sending you love as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, your comment was better than mine. When I first saw the uglygram she left Tricky, I scanned her thinking she might be a troll, but she turned out to be real enough. She seems like a person who has been listening to Al and Jesse and just absorbed their B.S. verbatim without giving it any thought.

      What you said was well reasoned, and absolutely true. I appreciate your weighing in over there. Probably, Tricky should never have posted that comment, because he is completely apolitical and tries to avoid any controversy. When he admitted he smoked some pot in Amsterdam on a vacation recently, a whole bunch of people made comments saying they were never reading his blog again because he was "promoting drugs." The poor guy wasn't asking anyone to try it, he just said he did it. At least he had the stones not to say "I didn't inhale."

      I don't think you were harsh on that person at all. I thought it was a well measured and soundly reasoned response to an asinine position taken by someone who had not a clue about American history, and had no right to be setting herself up as the supreme arbiter of that history.

      Good on you, Kymber, as the Sgt. would say!

    2. And Good on you Harry!

      A former politician down here in the land of OZ has another name for PC, he calls it Cultural Marxism which I quite like! No western country seems to be immune from this onslought, as a white male I am constantly being held to account by the radical Aboriginal industry for the mostly imagined sins of my ancestors. These radicals are borrowing more and more references from other countries, lately they have started calling themselves "First Nation" which I think is a Canadian term (Can you help me Kymber?).

      This is part of a push for formal treaties with all 600 plus tribes that "identify" in Australia, mind you this is mostly the city activists who "identify" as a particular tribe (usually they are several generations removed from tribal living) It's like me indentifying as English, yes my ancestors did emigrate to NSW in 1837, they were farm workers and took the 10 pound bounty offered to come to the far side of the world; but I am Australian!

      Sgt 73rd Regt

    3. bahaaha~ thanks for that buddy! xox

    4. the above comment was to Harry.

      Sgt - yes we call our aboriginal people's First Nation's peoples. and we have some pretty good treaties in place that other nations, like yours, are now using but they really need to fit each country. here in canada our First Nation's peoples have mostly tried to integrate even though in our formative years of coming here and right up until the 1970's all we did was try to wipe them out - horrible crimes against humanity. but most of our First Nation's peoples can't stand "imitators" or people claiming rights because somewhere in their history there is someone who was 1/18 native.

      and you are dead right! your ancestors, and mine were english. but you are australian and i am canadian. Harry is an american. sending love Sgt...haven't seen you in a while so nice to see you.

    5. Thanks for that Kymber. I have been a pretty slack correspondent (and lurker on your site), but I promise an email asap!

      Sgt 73rd Regt

    6. The "tribal " thing here is a bad joke. You get some white guy coming out decked out in a war bonnet, usually saying he is from a tribe that never wore those , but "Chief Squatting Dog"doesn't know that. They have names like Little Bull Johnson." Out West where the real indians live, they seem to have that problem but back east, where there are very few real indians left, all these people come out of the woodwork claiming to be indians. Of course, now we have white people claiming to be black, so I shouldn't be surprised.

  3. Dear Harry - this is the comment i left on poor Tricky's most recent post - i just want you to know that i will always have your 6!

    "Dear Tricky - i will have to go back to your previous post...but i just wanted to say that your almonds look delicious - you totally ROCK the Dad bod (same as my jambaloney but he's never been a dad and is 20yrs older than you! bahahahah!). go and look at pics of yourself and try to see them the way Carly sees the man in those pics. and if you do that we'll all have to put up with you filling all your posts with pics of yourself bragging about how gorgeous you are!

    as for the confederate flag - i am canadian so have absolutely no association to it. but for many, like my friend Harry Flashman above, it means heritage, culture and history. and is a symbol of pride for many southern americans. it has somehow become a symbol of racism but that is not the point of the flag to southern americans. and as a canadian i really should shut up.

    you rock the dad bod, buddy! sending much love to you and your entire crew! your friend,

    sending much love to you, my dear friend!

  4. I have a pretty good understanding of the insanity here in the States, but I readily admit to confusion when trying to sort out the happenings in Syria, et al. So I really appreciate it when you explain it in terms I can understand.

    Here in Refugee Central it is the BLM crowd doing its best to stir things up. A jury found the cop who shot a black man innocent of all charges, so naturally there were four nights of protests including shutting down the freeway again. I fail to see how that will change anything or how it will help their cause. And yesterday they inserted themselves into the gay pride parade in Minneapolis, shutting it down for a time with demands that the police presence be removed.

    I know that you Southern boys are taking the majority of the blame for the ills in the black community, but here in the North we are just as guilty for the sole reason that our Swedish and Norwegian and English and Irish ancestors had light colored skin. I, for one, have grown weary of this nonsense. For the life of me, I just can not remember my Father marching down the street screaming obscenities or standing in the middle of the highway, stopping traffic. That might have been because he was too busy working two and sometimes three jobs in order to take care of his family. I'm not saying my family is any better than anyone else's. I'm just saying that when times were tough he found another part time job as opposed to standing in line with his hand out. When a man is busy working to feed his family, he has little time to protest any real or imagined grievances.

    Thank you for the shout out. I'm not so sure I am worthy of your praise, but it is much appreciated.

    1. Vicki, I went out for a drive to the lake today. And as I was driving, I was thinking about that nonsense the woman posted on Tricky's blog. I thought to myself, that everything I own, everything I have, I worked for and I got for myself. No one ever gave me a damned thing, and I didn't ask them to. But now someone from an ethnic group where handouts and government largess is the cornerstone of their existence is degrading me and my family because my culture had slaves 150 years ago. Those people are largely an infected boil on the derriere of the United States, but they act like they run the place and everybody should bow down to them. It makes me really angry and that makes me less inclined to put up with their stupidity. To tell the truth, I've been seething since that incident in Chattanooga and this person just exacerbated that anger.

      Like your father, my family only had what it could earn. So it gripes me no end to be standing in line with the cheap house brand ice cream, and see the people in front of me buying the expensive brand with their welfare card. Then to go out to the parking lot to my 10 year old Jeep and see them getting into a new SUV. I have never begrudged help given to people who are hard working but fallen on hard times. That's right and proper. But these leeches and bloodsuckers, I've had it with.

      I like your blog, and I like hearing about living in an apartment and practicing self sufficiency. It proves it can be done, and that makes me feel easier about my own efforts to keep my kids well equipped in their own apartments.

      I think other people that might not have visited your blog will enjoy it.

  5. Don't even get me going on this. The Muslims were and still are major slave traders. African blacks rounded up their own to sell to the slavers. This holier than thou from the blacks really gets my goat. Throughout history the spoils of war were the vanquished. Women and children became slaves. Yes, even whites!! So spare me the whining and crying as to why blacks don't amount to anything. I am sick of it!! I am sick and tired of making excuses for thugs that are just poor chillen who are the victims of us 'racist' whites. Baloney!! Hey, keep your legs together and stop popping out litters of kids from different daddies. Stop putting your hand out and get a job or an education. It is available if you want it bad enough. Hell, you may even become president! My parents had nothing when they came to this country in the middle of the depression...they worked and saved and took jobs that nobody else would do. There was no welfare in those days, either. So spare me the crying and complaining. I always say that if you don't like it in this country with all the freebies for sitting on your butt...go live someplace else.

    1. Tewshooz, the "you should feel guilt because we suck" crowd has always been a bit of a joke to me. But with the "ethnic cleansing" of Southern history in our own states, it's gone from being something I regarded with amusement to a source of rage for me. They can pull down Lee's statue, and cheer and sing while they do it. But if I blew up Martin Luther Kings statue, that would be "racist." It's ok for them to condemn all white Southerners as "crackers" but if even a white liberal dares to use the dreaded N word, there are screams and hollers to high heaven about racism. I'm sick of them, and not inclined to be polite or nice about it anymore.

      Those who want to work and live a normal life, and leave other people alone, regardless of their ethnicity, I can live with. Those who want to use ethnicity as a weapon and a tool for sponging off everyone else, I have no use for.

      I concur with your sentiments 100 percent. I have had about all the hypocrisy from minorities I can handle.

    2. As you know, Harry, I am a New Yorker (well, southern NY, heh). Anyway, we fly the Confederate flag here in Oregon because it is part of who we, as Americans, are. Destroying our history is just what ISIS is doing in Iraq with ancient monuments because they are not Islamic. We cannot allow it here....It is part of the Saul Alinsky way to destroy a culture. Destroy the culture....destroy the country. Blacks and other minorities and white liberals are being used as pawn and are too stupid or filled with hate to realize it.

    3. They may have destroyed some of our monuments, but they have stirred up a lot of anger in doing it. There are people taking notice now who would never have paid any attention to "politics" before. And, more people are saying out loud what they've been thinking a long time.

  6. harry, harry, harry. you are thibking in simplistic terms as to getting out of syria and all the other places we stuck our collective noses into lately. took me a while to see it. see, we're not there to help anybody but ourselves. its all about keeping the russians from building a gas pipeline to europe and cornering the huge market there. if they are successful, the days of the reserve petrodollar are over, and so is our illusion of an economy. i mean the dollar won't be worth wiping your butt with. hillary and her shadow got the idea to knock out iran, remember back when they tried to trump up a war with them? the public wasn't biting that day so plan b was take out assad. even made up chemical attacks and when that didn't fly they gave vx to isil thru saudi to attack their own folks. the europeans,bless their hearts, check shit out because we lied to them before and found assad didn't have vx and sarin doesn't leave phosphates behind like vx. only folks with vx are ones we let have it. well, if that isn't enough, old hill had to build an army and arm it so we get libia. free guns with no paperwork and bonus unemployed murderers. then she sprung bagdadi from iraqi prison and we're off and running. but like everything hillary has ever touched it went haywire and bagdadi went rogue on her. yep, hillary created isil. benghazi was where the guns including u.s. missiles were being gathered and shipped thru turkey to syria. stevens had just met the turk foreign minister there moments before the attack, demanding his hush money likely. yep, hillary set them up to cover the arms trafficking up. so "we" have to keep fighting 'cause when we quit things begin to come out of the woodwork and omg we can't have that can we? it's a sick game harry, and they use people as the gamepieces and care not one iota how many die.if they fail in syria they will go all out war with russia, they are laying the groundwork now because trump's upsetting the plan and winning. now you know why i'm in such a fowl mood, lol...................and as to your opine of the golden minority, i'm right there with you my friend and so are many many more. many pretended to buy off on it for years to keep the peace, but it isn't keeping the peace any longer so why pretend any more? going into work this morning, one guy rides his motorcycle right up on the quad, knowing damn well that's not allowed and gave me a "what are you gonna do" look, knowing they golden there too, diversity you know. half a minute later a group of them were rape-staring a white girl going by and started making catcalls at her. i did a throat clearing from a few feet behind them, they 'bout crapped their collective pants, realizing i have their scholarships in my hands. little thing called title 9 trumps race. hang in there harry.

    1. The way out is to adhere to the KISS principle. Let the corporations and the politicians play their games with other peoples lives. President Trump isn't part of all that old clutter, and he can keep us out of there if he will. There's nothing in Syria, or Iraq, worth a plug nickel. The people there are not worth saving, and don't want to be "saved by us"

      It's good you were able to do something to shut those trogs up. Most of us have the choice between putting up with their loathsome antics, or shooting them.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I got a new one for ya'

    a total solar eclipse near your area on August 21. heres the link.

    My favorite dirtbag video from the last week in around Atlanta was the owner of a chicken restaurant getting and her 15 year old daughter getting 'punched' and beaten by thugs for selling cold fried chicken.
    I remember the names of the 'thugs' Latasha and Nathaniel Smith.
    Type in their names and I'm sure the video will show up.

    The country is going down the toilet. Nowhere is safe, hell even Canada is being destroyed by the 'pot head' SJW (social justice warrior) prime minister and pot head's in parliament. At least in Mexico you can (and have to be) a real man to survive there in the interior.

    All I can do is watch on tv and online and laugh at all the people that are slowly destroying themselves and their country. Its like watching the 'decline of Rome' Eventually Atlanta will get so bad it will be 'Beirut Lebanon' One quarter of America will be ruled by Sharia Law, another quarter will be 'balkenized' and under control of BLM, Black Pathers and California, Southern Arizona and New Mexico will all be part of Mexico or 'Atzlan' Canada will be ruled mostly by Sharia. Mexico will be largely 'Sharia Free' except the religions of 'Santa Murita' and 'Santaria' and superstition will take over and those people will be probably canabalize muslims.

    It will be a new 'Dark Age'

    1. It's pretty typical to see that kind of thing on the ATL morning news. The other big thing is car jacking, where some woman gets in the wrong part of town and the Morlocks get here. Sometimes they just take the care, sometimes it's a lot worse.

  8. I agree with your comments about the black community. It would be refreshing for them to conclude that the only persons who can turn things around are themselves. Especially stop killing each other, stop taking drugs and figuring that living the thug life is inevitable. It isn't. The poor Hispanic community has the same problem - they think it is someone else who controls their lives.

    But I don't think it will change, not soon. Cable network has an upcoming TV series on how crack cocaine began. A subject that we all need to know about, right ?

    1. I don't expect any changes, except that I think white people will be a lot less tolerant and a lot less inclined to "go along with the program" now. There are a lot of decent black people out there, but only the scumbags get any press. And there are a lot of black thugs out there in real life too. It's hard to really understand what they are til you meet them face to face. TV doesn't do it justice.

  9. We've got a long history of sticking it to the Kurds. We promise them just enough aid to get them involved, then cut the legs out from under them when politics change. Turkey doesn't love them either, so they are in quite a squeeze.

    1. The Turks don't like anybody but the turks. I spent plenty of time in that country, fortunately before it began to shift from secular to a theocracy, and they didn't make any bones about it back then. It's worse now.

      The Kurds are the only Moslems I'd say were worth a tinkers damn.

  10. Do-gooders always get one thing exactly wrong.

    Black thug culture and Arab Muslim culture aren't "broken", those people WANT to live like that.
    We keep trying to fix them, but it will never work.

    Better to separate.
    - Charlie

    1. That's true enough. There are those who are normal and live constructive lives. But blacks are the only people I know who make a complete and separate culture out of being criminals and behaving like animals. Fortunately most of them don't subscribe to that B.S. but enough of them do to make life miserable for everybody in the country. Nothing is going to fix the Goblins but a bullet.

      I hear Liberia is still accepting American blacks. Maybe we should take up a collection for those who don't want to be part of America. That group would fit right into African culture as soon as they stepped off the boat. Ruwanda or Chad or the Sudan would suit them just fine. Or even better, Somalia.

  11. Sent you an email Harry - did you get it? Sent to your pn addy...

    Also, thought this might interest you :

    1. Did get it and sent you a reply. Thanks for the heads up.

      I'll definitely read that link. Bet I have the guy outgunned.

  12. Arrrrgggghhh, I am so tired of being lectured to by Obama (That is not who we are.) How the hell would you know Barry, you are about as American as Indonesia. And the "Black community". Shut up. Since Johnson created the"Great Society" TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to ""lift up" the community to first world standards. Like the war on drugs, the war on poverty has been an abject failure, but we will keep right on paying because those that administer the programs are getting rich. If I do not agree with every hare brained thought that bubbles to the top of the community I MUST be a racist. I didn't use to be, but now I have flat had it.Like the illegals they have more rights than I do and they think I should be ashamed of my heritage. Not. A. Chance. In fact I have gone from an average passive American to an advocate of western civilization, and my Southern Heritage. Bad move Ladepends-a, because there are a lot of people just like me. You want to talk about "cultural appropriation"? Cool. I want license fees for civilization Electricity license. Computer license. Car license. Refrigerator license.AC license. And on and on. Hey Retardarama, my people invented EVERYTHING that makes civilization. Enough is quite enough.

    1. More people who have tried to be understanding and positive about this problem are reaching the conclusion that enough really is enough. The large proportion of certain ethic groups who batten on society and represent a threat by their criminal behavior have been coddled long enough. I think you have a lot of company, in saying"no longer."