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Relatively quiet at Gettysburg

1 July 2017

(this is an extract of a longer article)

Gettysburg anniversary seeing few flare-ups, despite rumors of violence

GETTYSBURG, Pa. –  Despite rampant rumors of violence, protests and counter-protests planned this weekend at Gettysburg that prompted heightened security, there were few flare-ups by midday Saturday.

Earlier Saturday,  pro-Confederate supporters had stationed themselves at various monuments at Gettysburg.

A Civil War canon sits in front of a U.S. Park Ranger vehicle. Security at Gettysburg was ramped up this year after rumors anti-fascist group Antifa would be in attendance. 

Patrick Werner was there, carrying a sign that said "The soldiers who fought here did not wear masks."

Werner told Fox News he came to Gettysburg because he had heard rumors of anti-Confederate protesters – with their faces covered – coming to the historic grounds for the 154th anniversary of the pivotal Civil War battle, though none were around as of mid-morning.

"We heard they were going to deface the monuments," said James Bibb, wearing a t-shirt with the rebel flag that read, "Heritage not hate." "I have six known ancestors that fought in this war. I'm here to defend the monuments."

Reports of possible disruptions and even violence have the National Park Service acting with an “abundance of caution.”

Pat Roller of Maryland proudly displays her t-shirt that reads "Try burning this. Some things are worth fighting for." 

Officials at the park have been bracing for protests this weekend. As of Friday night, four groups had applied for permits to demonstrate in the battlefield, Katie Lawhon, a spokeswoman for Gettysburg National Military Park, said.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Real 3% Risen applied and received special use permits for 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday in a special section north of Gen. George G. Meade’s headquarters, Lawhon told Fox News. The permits say each group could bring between 50-500 people.

The groups came to Gettysburg amid rumors that a fifth group – the alt-left Antifa – was planning to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves at Gettysburg.

Seth Harrold, a member of 3% Risen, told Fox he was there to "take a stand" and "protect the battlefield."

Harrold said he personally heard Antifa would be there to burn Confederate symbols.

"We're not standing for that," he said.

Park security isn’t taking any chances following a heated face-off last year.

The 2016 event was initially billed as a rally but later morphed into a shouting match between 200 Confederate flag supporters and a separate group of 100 people opposed to it. The groups were divided by steel barriers.

This year, the United States Park Police are on hand as are NPS personnel from other parks to help with security.

“If individuals or groups decide to act unlawfully, plans have been put in place to efficiently address them while allowing other members of the public to enjoy the democratic process,” Lawhon said.  

Locals told Fox News Friday night they saw a major jump in security, not only around the park but also at nearby restaurants and hotels.

At the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg, a long line of park police cars were lined up in the parking lot as officers chatted and took pictures with Civil War reenactors.

The recent push to remove statues of several Confederate generals across the South has triggered massive protests in numerous states.

Most recently, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu faced brutal backlash and was forced to have heavy police presence in place when the nighttime removals began. 

The campaign to scale back Confederate symbols began with South Carolina’s decision to pull the Stars and Bars from the state capitol.

At least 60 public Confederate symbols have been removed since the 2015 church shooting in Charleston, S.C.

If you have never seen the 1993 movie "Gettysburg" you can watch it here for free.

Gettysburg: The Full Movie

Liz Taylor on women and guns.  

This is an older clip, but I just found it and thought she made some good points.


  1. Anti-Fa is the wrong name. Anarchists is more like it. Glad Gettysburg is quiet. May the dead rest in peace. --Troy

    1. I hope the anniversary there passes quietly. I don't want to hear about good folks getting arrested , and I don't want to hear about Antifa atrocities there either. I've about had all the aggravation I can handle for awhile.

  2. Hey Harry,


    Here's some news to check out.

    Some of Obama's finest that came in the last few years.

    thanks Obama.

    1. The news is full of that kind of thing, unfortunately. It's always the same story. Some criminal is not turned over to ICE by a sanctuary city, which doesn't cooperate with law enforcement to get rid of the bums. Then the guy kills somebody, like that girl on the pier in San Francisco, and the city officials don't accept the blame.

  3. Wonder how long before they try to deface General Lee's grave? I agree some things are worth fighting for.

    1. My brother and I went to see General Lee's grave at the college. There were fresh flowers surrounding his sarcophagus , that people had brought when they visited. It's an impressive place, modest but dignified.

  4. Gettysburg is a good movie, at least I think so. Coincidentally, I usually play it a couple of times around July 4th to cover up some of the fireworks, which my dogs don't like.

    1. I'm way out, but I can hear the booms from the fireworks at the big lake if the conditions are right. My dogs don't care for the firework noises either.

      I like Gettysburg. When I taught fifth grade I always used it in the social studies section on the Civil War.