Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two strange news articles: A Marine who went to a lot of trouble to share some thoughts. If I didn't like Heineken and Michelob so much, I'd drink Bud. Maybe I will anyway..

"Take that, CNN!"

CNN has taken umbrage at a meme someone did, so they tracked him down and intimidated him into an abject apology, and into deleting a lot of his published posts, which CNN deemed "racist." CNN says as long as he is a "good niggah" they won't go after him, but if he surfaces again, then he's going to get it.

Something is pretty wrong with this, whatever the details may be.  I'm  going to post a link to the story if anyone hasn't heard it yet.

How CNN managed to make everyone mad.

Second link, below,  added at 2034 eastern. Update on Story:

Did CNN commit a crime?

Then there's this article from the Huffington Post on events at Gettysburg this past weekend. If you have ever read Huffington Post, you know it's an extreme left wing cabal that poses as a legitimate news organization. Reading this article, you have to take that into account. They wrote the story to discredit the people who opposed Antifa.   But, as I remarked to the fellow who sent me the story, it's like listening to Lord Haw Haw or Tokyo Rose in World War II.  You know they are full of crap, and you know it's all propaganda, but you can infer some facts from the broadcast.

What two snowflakes had to say about this weekend in Gettysburg.

These two sh*tbirds can be as snide as they like, but they acknowledge that a lot of people who have had enough of Antifa showed up loaded for bear.  I know of exactly two events where Antifa made a big deal about how they were going to show up and shut things down, then they failed to materialize. One was a pro-Trump rally in Atlanta several months ago.  Antifa made a lot of noise about how they were bringing people in by bus to shut down the rally, but when the organizers announced that they were providing their own security courtesy of a Southern militia group, suddenly Antifa was a no show. I posted pictures of the armed militia members who protected the rally and linked to an Atlanta Journal article about it.

Now the same thing in Gettysburg. Big noise on several Antifa web pages about all the things they were going to do , burn the Confederate Flag, desecrate the Confederate cemetery. But they thought better of it. I wonder why?

Christopher Mathias &  Andy Campbell  for all you do, this one's for you.

I was looking for something on the internet about Beirut.  I just finished a book on the events there, and something the author said didn't match what I remembered.  He's probably right since he's a famous historian, and I'm getting old. I'ts been almost 34 years ago.  But in looking , I found this YouTube video. 

It might seem strange that a fellow would go to so much trouble and expense now, to make a video about events that long ago, but I understand completely what he's doing. He has good reasons for it, but some of them are not something a man could  talk about.  I was surprised when he admitted to having experienced PTSD.  Our generation didn't discuss that.  But I think maybe the whole video was done to give himself some sense of connection, or catharsis, some emotional relief. I think he's trying to make sure somebody remembers what's happened and how it all fits in for him.

Fall 2017 Edition of Survivors Edge:

This issue had more useful articles in it, from my perspective, than I've seen in one before. I'm shopping around for some trail cameras, and they had a great article on those.  Forest fires are a big concern for me, and there's a good write up on the subject.  If you are into building your own buildings, there's a good description of "disaster proofing" a home from the ground up on new construction.  Several other good bits and pieces that were interesting to read, even if I hope I never get to the point where I have to use the information for real.

Liz on illegal aliens and crime.


Thought for the Day:

I heard about this add on Kymber's blog.  Thought it was a good one.

Ozzie the Weasel and Eeyore in "The Not So Great Escape."


  1. Regarding Gettysburg and Antifa, terrorists can terrorize just by saying something stupid and making rational people change their actions or react some way.

    Good on Budweiser et al. Bout time someone realized the effects on the family of a debilitating injury.

    As to neat videos, have you seen the Pedigree Dog Food commercial about General George Washington? If not, here's a link to a really great video. popularyoutube(dot)com/video/BR-fDmyHEzE/General-Howes-Dog

    1. My biggest concern was that Antifa actually would have the stones to show up, and a bunch of them would get killed . What mileage could Shepard Smith, Wolf Blitzer, et al get out of that? But all the whining in the world on the part of the Shrillerites can't change the fact that when Antifa is met with force, they wilt. That thing outside of Oceanside, California where they tried their act on a bunch of Marines ended very badly for them. I enjoyed watching the videos of them getting their asses kicked, but I worried the Marines would get in trouble back on base.

      Budweiser has done some good things in the past, and had some good commercials. I liked their series with the ferrets and the frog. It's also nice to see someone get a scholarship based on their merits, and not on affirmative action.

      I'll go look at that link. Did you see the video of the advertisement where the ferret attacks the hikers , wearing a ski mask and wielding his little chain saw. It was a hoot. I think it was a Mountain Dew add.

  2. A few thoughts and analysis on the HuffPo article...Antifa already knows that it can riot in places like Seattle, Oakland, Baltimore, and get away with it. They know the police are soft and the gun restrictions are many. So they may say they never intended on coming to Gettysburg, but we know that's crap. They were in fact testing the perimeter. Now that they now know they can't mess with rural Americans, they have backed down. But they will test the fence line again for weaknesses.

    I got a chuckle from the picture of the guy in his mechanic's overalls and what looks like a fully decked out AR-10. He's probably got a lot more hiding in those duds.

    Those two cupcake authors wrote that the war was about slavery. What a totally false statement that is. They don't teach the real reasons in schools anymore.

    So with the temperatures soaring now, I wonder how long it will be before the BLM thugs start the rampaging? --Troy

    1. Troy, in the places where the Antifa thugs have been met with steel, they vanish. But where they find weakness, they push hard. They're taking a page right out of Chair Mao's little Red Book.

      There's almost no Civics or Social Studies in schools anymore. But they do find time for "Women's Studies" and "Transgendered Culture." Who would pay good money for garbage like that. But the snowflakes fork it over without a thought.

      Those two twits need some serious attitude adjustment. But even though their intent was to try to pour scorn on the people who resisted, what they actually did was show just how fed up and dedicated those people are. They tried to demean them in their article, but most readers will be smart enough to see through that.

      BLM will be firing up soon. I'm sure they are aggravated that Antifa is the new darling of the Left, and BLM is being left out of the news coverage and the Soros largesse. They'll be going off soon. I just hope it's in places like Chicago, LA, and Baltimore and not down here in the South. We have trouble enough right now.

  3. I listened to a podcast recently about forest fires. It was interesting. I'm a little out of touch and have not heard anything about Gettysburg because we've been out of state.

    1. Lisa, Antifa put the word out over their web pages (they have no central direction) that they were going to burn Confederate flags and desecrate the Confederate graves there. There was a large turn out of different groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans (to which I belong) and Antifa decided they had better things to do that weekend after all. Better things somewhere far away from Gettysburg.

      Forest fires have always been a concern of mine up here, but after the dreadful fires last season, now I'm almost paranoid about them. So is my county. We bought a $65,000 system to text and email people alerts in the event of fires or other problems.

  4. I like the Thought Of The Day. Predators won't listen to the likes of John Kerry droning on and on about "tolerance and diversity", but hit them upside the head with a 2X4 and they'll move on quick enough.
    Case in point - Saddam Hussein, as sorry as he was in terms of being a man, kept that country in line because he understood that one simple rule.

    On a related note, I was once talking to my daughter about crime, criminals, etc.. She asked why gang members, etc. tattoo themselves up to look so hideous. I told her that they did it to look so scary that people won't want to mess with them.

    I like the Deep Spring Whiskey picture. When I was growing up, my dad and all the other dads drank Rebel Yell.
    I still do. Plus, it's the best whiskey name out there.

    - Charlie

    1. Charlie,

      There are individuals who have no moral compunction about perpetrating horrific crimes. Those can only be held in check by the knowledge that any attempt on their part to engage in those activities will be counterproductive. Colonel Jeff Cooper said that much better than I can. I need to find his quote.

      We really messed up with our invasion of Iraq. First, it turned out the intelligence that prompted it was all false. I'm not being pious about it, I was all for going in there and cleaning the Iraqi's clock, but my reasons were personal. I wanted to see some Arabs take it in the shorts. What we did destabilized the whole region, though. Iraq had been a counterbalance to the Theocracy in Iran. Although most Iraqis are Shiite, the Baathist party of Saddam was secular and mostly Sunni. Now Iraq is an Iranian client state.

      We also set off the so called "Arab Spring" in which friendly governments were toppled by not so friendly Islamic groups all across North Africa and the Middle East. It was sickening to watch Obama laud this as Democratization, while we threw old friends like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt to the dogs. I remember Obama saying it was a positive development when the Moslem Brotherhood, an infamous terrorist organization, took over Egypt.

      We also gave rise to ISIS, which the Obama regime choose to disregard as "unimportant" and about which Barrack Hussein made his famous "JV" remark.

      So I sure do agree with you, Saddam may have been a bastard, but he was keeping the lid on a whole lot of lesser bastards, and we bought infinite trouble for ourselves in getting rid of him. As for "Iraqi Freedom" they didn't want it, don't want it now. I don't know when the U.S. will learn that our system of government doesn't work everywhere.

      You're spot on about the gangs. My brother was a member of a police anti-gang squad in a major Californian city for a number of years, and he explained to me some of their rituals, signs, tattoo's, etc. They have a very advanced culture, if no moral values except loyalty to the gang. They have intimidation down to an art. When I look at news articles on MS-13, I can see at once that their regalia and tribal markings work to make them look more intimidating.

      I have that Deep Springs whiskey tin sign on the wall of my study. It's a classic. I haven't seen Rebel Yell, but no hard liquor at all is sold in my county or any of the adjacent counties. I have to drive to North Carolina to the state ABC store to get my Southern Comfort and Captain Morgan spiced rum.

  5. Hey Harry,


    The latest on the 'Internet Meme War' with CNN. CNN threatened to dox the guy that that did the Trump video. There's speculation that that guy is really a 15 kid. Since late last night thousands of anti-CNN meme's have been created.
    The trolls and hackers from 4Chan I believe 'doxxed' the phone numbers and address of 'Wolf Blitzer' and four other CNN reporters and many of the their family members.

    4Chan/POL/ and Reddit are on an offensive that is rivals the 'Battle of Leyte Gulf'

    This is Epic!

    I suspect in a matter of weeks to months. CNN itself will be breached through social engineering hack's, intrusions through firewalls, key logger Trojans and other nefarious means of the dark art of black hacking.

    I would say it may be possible to see 'disruptions' in a matter of time in the CNN intranet that will effect everything.

    'And 'No' I do not have any contacts nor do I know of any plots within the hacker community.
    Computer security companies and other major corporations have learned to 'ignore' most mischief hackers for fear of having an entire troll and hacker army after them.

    From what I have seen in the computer world (and real world) is what I base my hypothesis on.

    1. I remember when CNN first went on the air. It was CNN Headline News. Back when we had the old satellite system that used the giant dish. They were, with the Weather Channel that came out about the same time, a great source of information. They were the only satellite news available.

      But as the years went by, they turned into Anderson Cooper style bleeding heart liberals. When Fox came on the air, I switched to watching them.

      Now CNN is about as disreputable an organization as you could imagine. They tell outright lies, and then talk about how stupid the viewers are for believing them off camera.

      They brag about how they distort the news to please their liberal base.

      I think they deserve everything they get. If somebody hacked into their systems and annihilated them, I'd rejoice. We are in a culture war right now, and only one side is going to come out on top. I want it to be our side, and CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS are clearly proponents of the Dark Side.

      I'm not sure why the thing about the 15 year old got started, because CNN is shrieking that the person who did the meme was an adult white male (the type of individual they hate the most.") I can see why the guy wouldn't want his name and address published, it's almost inevitable that some guy like the D.C. baseball field shooter would eventually show up on his doorstep. But I don't understand why the man debased himself with an abject apology and a promise to "be good." Maybe he evaluated the situation and decided that was his only recourse. Not being in his shoes, I don't want to judge. Just seems like he let them scare him, but maybe he decided he didn't want to spend his last nickel defending against a lawsuit by a multi-million dollar corporation.

      We live in interesting times.

  6. Harry,

    Forest fires scare the crap out of me. We're always alert to smoke and smells around here. Like you, there's an alert system here in town and the county.

    I liked the video Kymber put up on her blog as well. Cute video of Ozzy stealing Eeyore.

    1. I like Ozzy the weasel a lot, Sandy. I've watched most of his videos. My wife says my ferrets are a type of weasel, and I can see a lot of the same behavior that Ozzy demonstrates.

      Fire is about the one thing that could run me out of here and ruin me. I live in fear of it. Been here over thirty years and had two close calls, but I'm still here.

      That video was heartening. So much news is bad and infuriating. That was positive and uplifting.