Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Watching events in Texas. MSM still reeks. Antifa overruns a Trump rally in Berkeley yesterday, while the police stand by on the Mayor's orders.

This is a song from 1985.  If anything, the media has gotten worse. My wife and I were watching news reports from Texas. Some of the reporters were decent people, but CNN had some of the ambulance chasers out there.  "How do you feel, Mrs. Jones, now that you've lost everything, you have nowhere to go, and it's just and your small daughter standing here in the rain? Do you have any idea what happened to your husband?"

Antifa wins one in California:  Mayor urges appeasement.

Out in California, Antifa thugs overran a conservative rally and basically annihilated the conservatives. Most of the pro-Trump people were older, and they didn't come to fight.
Below is a CBS news clip. CBS has consistently been anti-conservative, anti-Trump, and pro Antifa.
In the clip below,  CBS filmed a Trump supporter being chased and trapped against a wall by the Antifa mob, then they spit on the guy and reviled him. But one picture is worth a thousand words....

Looking at some of the Antifa web pages,  these people are not conducive to the well being of this country. They're a disease bacillus.  Here's a little sample of the kind of thing that's making their rounds.

Though I'm not a member of any particular group,  I do think Christians have the values that made and preserved the country. That's why the left is making such an effort to get rid of  them, and has been for decades. Antifa is just more direct and straightforward about it.

It's good that we are armed, but the problem for us is that using firearms is a last resort. So until things reach the point where we can justifiably resort to firearms, they don't count.

In post world war I Germany, the left and the right fought it out with rifles and machine guns in the streets. Some of the Freikorps,  right wing groups comprised of veterans that were anti-communist, fought the Spartacists and used aircraft, tanks and cannon. These were largely recently demobilized soldiers, commanded by former officers of the Army. There are a lot of young veterans getting the short end of the stick today. History does repeat itself. We can only hope.

We aren't there yet, but events yesterday in Berkeley show it's headed that way.  

Katrina vs. Harvey

The Texans seem to be handling the disaster out there with quiet efficiency.  From what I've seen on TV, people are pulling together. They act like they are all Texans, and not divided up into ethnic tribal groups.  I haven't seen gangs taking over, looting on a vast scale, gun confiscation, thuggish behavior by the police, or any of the other appalling things of that nature that were endemic in New Orleans.

Louisiana is a nice state, and most of the people there are good people. But the state has a long history of political corruption. Ever read All the Kings Men?   That would have to be true for a nonentity like Ray Nagan to have been mayor of New Orleans.  I guess the moral of the story is that if you have to be in a natural disaster, you don't want to be in a place run by liberal crooks and infested with their minions.

Texas is a great state.  They're trying hard to keep it that way.

Here are the latest Branco cartoons.

And a little music:

Wire Note from Captain Crunch:

Just got this from CC down on the Texas Coast. I'm looking forward to a guest post from him once things get squared away down there.

 (Captaincruch) survived a Cat 4 hurricane.

I was near landfall and the eye of the storm.

I'm ok.

My house had some minimal damage to the roof.

I have no power, internet but I do have running water.

I will talk about it on your blog in greater detail when I get internet back.

There has been spuratic news of looters so we have been running security with rifles.

Ironically I sent you an email last night but I got the address wrong.

I will write more about my experience later. You welcome use any of this on your blog Harry.

Meanwhile, here on the mountain:

Things here on the mountain are going ok.  It's been cool, windy and dry the last couple of days. I don't think it's Fall in the air, it'll be hot and humid through the middle of October. But we are enjoying this weather while we can.

We hadn't planned on going into town until Wednesday, but we drove in anyway.  For the most part, just for something to do.  Went by the library, the grocery store, and had lunch at a nice place near the town square.

At the grocery store, my wife wandered off from our shopping cart and left her purse. She does that all the time, and I constantly ask her not to.  This time, a very old lady walked up to her and said "you shouldn't leave your pocket book in the buggy like that, dear.  You used to could do that, but not these days."  We aren't the only ones who are aware of the changes.

We went to check out, and there was a new clerk there, a lady about our age. She said she'd just moved down here from Cincinnati because the city had deteriorated to the point she and her husband felt the quality of life was nil. I told her my kids were bailing out of there, and it turns out that the reasons are the same as hers.  I would have liked to talk to her more but someone else came to check out, so we had to say goodbye.

I had almost a full tank of gas, but I went by the gas station to top off. It was full of half way backs. Two of them were ahead of me, filling gas cans.  They were both from Florida, and they were talking about how much they liked it here, and how nice the people were. But one guy said "yeah, but some of them are still fighting the war."  They just don't get it. It's easy to forget history if you won, not so easy if your own people were devastated.  Nice enough guys though. I wondered why they needed two SUV loads of gas cans filled up. I suppose it's the concern about the loss of Gulf Coast production. Virtually all the gasoline we have here comes from the coast through a pipeline. When the pipeline isn't blowing up, anyway.

I got a good bit of the daily chores done this morning, but I need to go out and rearrange some of the electronic sensors. The chickens are setting them off and I need to adjust the sensor arc.  After that, I may or may not try to get some other things done.  I replaced the security flood lights with some new ones and these new one's put out twice the light. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I use green lights now instead of red, so they don't stand out in the forest as much.  I don't use white lights because I don't want to advertise my location, I don't like light pollution at night, and white lights interfere with my night vision equipment.

Thought for the Day:

And then there's this:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday. K-31 rifles. 7.5 swiss ammo. Two good OAN commentaries. Gun Control from Uncle Tom and Ramadonna. New publications out.

This is a Chinese Mak 90 with a Choate stock.  I have two of them, from the Clinton era.  One of them is missing the recoil pad, because the ferrets chewed it to pieces. Haven't been able to find a recoil pad that fits to replace it, but the butt without the pad is no worse than the steel butt plate on my other AK-47 rifles. Still, if anyone has any ideas about an off the shelf recoil pad that would fit, I'd be glad to hear  them.

Good to know info on milled vrs stamped AK receivers:

These segments from One America News from a couple of days ago are worth taking the time to watch.  

I don't understand why these Sparticist thugs are allowed to riot, destroy property, attack people exercising their rights to lawful assembly and free speech, and nothing is done. In some cases, such as the recent troubles in Charlotte, it appears to be because the political leadership of the city supports their cause.  Joe Biden wrote an "op ed" in some rag today attacking President Trump for failing to condemn every single person on the conservative side at the dust off between Antifa and right wing groups last week. The President specifically said that he did not condone the KKK or the Nazi's, but he said that many of the people there who were protesting the attacks on the Confederate statues were not members of those groups.

"Ole Joe" did not condemn the anti-fa thugs who attacked the conservative marchers. And some luminaries of the Republican party such as John McCain and Paul Ryan are going along with that line. The Republicans are just as happy to support anti-fa as the Democrats are.

A little levity:   Gone (thank God) but not forgotten.  Barrack Hussein.

* a little vulgar.

*you have to stop Uncle Tom at the end or it will go on into another parody. It's a good song too but that's another story..

And  then, there's Madonna.

7.5 Swiss chambered rifles and ammo:

Midway got some 7.5 Swiss military surplus ammo in.  With shipping, it runs about $12.00 for a box of 20, and comes in 60 round battle packs.  It's good ammo, (it's Swiss,so...) and that's a good price. But it's Berden primed, so you can't reload it using American equipment.  On the other hand, you can buy Privi 7.5 Swiss commercial for about $14.00 a box of 20.  That is boxer primed and can be reloaded easily.

That being so, why would you buy the surplus ammo.  Well, 7.4 Swiss is not easy to find. When you do, it behooves you to buy as much as you can.  You can always use  the non-reloadable ammo for those awkward times where you might have to leave in a hurry and don't have the opportunity to police up the brass. You just never know.

I like my K-31 rifles.  These guns are shooters. Years ago, I went to the range and there was an old guy named Max there. Max was a fixture at the club. He'd been a paratrooper in the Wehrmacht during WW2.  After the war, he went to Canada to live, and eventually wound up here.  The guy was a shooter. He borrowed my K3 and started shooting white rock out on the berm with it.  Instead of bothering with a target, he would call out what small fist sized rock he was going to shoot, and he would hit it square.  When I shoot the K-31's , I always remember Max.  He's long dead now, but that was a guy who lived life to the fullest.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day.  The mountains have emptied out , and after the labor day weekend things will go back to being quiet until October.

The ferrets are recuperating from their travels. They have a red carry case that's comfortable, but I think they'd rather just stay home.

Things are relatively tranquil here.  We don't plan to leave the mountain top again until Wednesday, right now we are just enjoying the quiet.

Thought for the day:

Some new magazines out recently: These are all on newsstands now.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A little song for the "anonymous" snowflake from "The Old Bastard."

You're Dragon Lord , right?  Want to sell the Mosin Nagant?  Just let me know how to get up with you.

Saturday. President Trump thwarts activist left wing judge in case of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Saturday morning.  My wife is watching "Style" with Susan Graver on the satellite television.  I have been outside with our new family member, Rufus the Pomeranian.

Rufus is another transplant from Cincinnati.  I can say the name of the city my kids are in now, because in about 4 weeks, max, they'll be living in Florida.

Rufus is 15 years old.  He lived with an old woman in an apartment for 14 of those years. Then the old lady got to the point where her family moved her into assisted living.  But she couldn't take Rufus.

A lady from her church said she would take him, but in reality she just picked him up and made an appointment to have him euthanized.  Her son works with my daughter.  He told E what was going on, and she took him. But she has a German Shepard who didn't like Rufus, and the feeling was mutual.

So, when the kids came to visit us, Rufus came here to live.  We have never had a small, indoor dog before. He is not fond of the indoor cat, and that complicates things a bit. But he is getting along. He always lets us know when he needs to go out, especially between midnight and 3 a.m.  Then he goes out in the meadow, and wanders around looking for "that perfect spot" while I light things up with the flood. I'm always a little concerned something is going to come roaring out of the tree line and snatch him up. Or snatch me up......

He spends his days on the couch in the living room, and seems pretty content.  I have asked my daughter not to rescue any elephants or hippopotamuses.

This song is one I have posted before, but it's germane to our situation up here right now, so I thought I'd put it up again.  I truly never thought, for a single minute, we'd ever have Moslems in this county, on the dark side of the moon. But they are here......

Things are not good in Texas. Looks like they got hit hard. The storm was a big one. I'm sorry it hit the Texas gulf coast, and not New Orleans. The mayor of New Orleans and his lickspittles deserve a good biblical scale disaster, but the Texas gulf coast doesn't.

 Texas has the same problem Georgia does. The real Texans are good people. But the state has been flooded with immigrants, and they've changed the nature of the cities , particularly in East Texas. Houston spent twenty thousand dollars plus,  on changing the names of their schools from Confederate heroes to politically correct names. When people who have no connection to your culture move in, they will start changing your environment to suit their own values, if they have any. It's the way it works.

But they don't change.  They just bring their own issues from their points of origin. They're all for change, but they want you to make it. Accommodate them, accommodate their beliefs, and you do the changing.

President pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

President Trump is a lion, surrounded by jackals.  He shows a lot of moral courage, something missing from the White House for the last eight years.   Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an American hero. It's no wonder he ran afoul of the court system. The Dims tried to use their flunkies in the court system to shut him down, but they hadn't counted on President Trump. 

Got Ammo?

I was at Walmart and they had some .22 LR in.  For awhile, you could buy .22 LR there again pretty regularly, but it has disappeared from the shelves once more.

At our Walmart, the clerk who works at Sporting Goods also has to stock the toy shelves. On top of that, when they go on break, nobody works there and even if you find a clerk who's willing to help you, they don't have the keys to the ammo locker.

$27.00 plus 7% tax here.

So, when I saw there were some 550 round packs of high velocity hollow point Winchester .22 LR, I stopped by the ammo locker and just waited for somebody to show up.  Somebody did, too, but it wasn't Walmart people. By the time the clerk came meandering down the aisle, there were four people waiting .  There were five boxes of ammo.  So each of us bought one box, and then the clerk wrote down a number from 1-20 on a piece of paper, and we all guessed it. I wasn't the closest, some older guy was right on the number so he got the last box.

An interesting point of view from One America News:

Thought for the day: