Friday, August 25, 2017

Some new ideas from BLM on redressing the oppression of black people. Hurricane Harvey...right two hundred, fire for effect.

Get out those checkbooks.  Don't buy that new car you need, or the new lawnmower. Do the right thing!


 I'm thinking of asking the county commissioner to adopt this song as our "county pep song." We could sing it before all the football games out at the High School.


Hurricane Harvey:

I was really hoping Harvey would turn into a Category Five, and hit New Orlean's dead center. Where it would do the most good. But it looks like , though God had the right idea, his aim is off.  Doesn't appear that any of the storm remnants will reach North Georgia, so overall I'm not worried about it.


We plan on staying around the house til Wednesday.  Other than going over the lake (10 minute drive), we just want to rest a bit.  I think the ferrets need a break from traveling, just as we do. Doing one night from home trips sounds easy but it does wear you out.  Can't leave the ferrets at home because they need their medicine, so it's not just a matter of feeding them and being sure they have water like it is for the other animals.

art by Stef

Winding it up for today:

Where were the police?  If I climbed up the statue of Martin Luther King in Atlanta and tried to pull it down, how long would it take for me to be a beaten pulp under the jail house?


  1. I wonder how much damage this hurricane it going to do. In Nebraska we only have thunderstorms. I only experienced a hurricane scare once when I lived in Savannah. That was in 1999. I was scared, and not prepared at all because I've always lived here. Oh the things I'd change...

    1. Hurricanes are the worst natural phenomenon we have to deal with here, unless maybe forest fires get top billing after last summer. Our problem is that the hurricanes come ashore, they lose power, but they pass over the mountains as "storms" and do immense damage. We all live in the forest here, and the forest is full of dead "pine beetle" trees. They come down, block the roads, smash vehicles, fall on houses, take out the phones and power. It's pretty awful. I always watch the hurricanes closely.

      CC lives down where this one is hitting, and so do some of my other internet friends. I am hoping it veers east and smacks into the new Babylon.

  2. Glad to see you're back, Harry; I missed you and your humor.

    1. I needed to recharge my batteries. Needed a change of pace, change of scene, and I needed to blow off some steam. I have been getting really angry lately , over a number of different problems in our local area. My wife was afraid something might go awry, and I'd wind up in jail. I'm better at self control than I was as a young man, but she has a long memory.

    2. I would help bail you out or maybe wind up in the clink with you. I am getting really fed up with the liberal communists in this country. Makes my blood boil what is going on

    3. And yet, what to do about it? They can only get away with this stuff because the Democrats controlling the cities want it to continue, and approve of what the great unwashed are doing. Emptying five or six 30 round magazines into those people would be imminently satisfying, but you could only kill a small fraction of one percent of them, and the Democratic Party and George Soros would happily dispense with them in exchange for the opportunity to make more propaganda.

    4. more propaganda---exactly.
      i tell people not to show their hand.
      the evil doers want to bring us out a few at a time so they can pick us off bit by bit, one by one, group by group.
      don't let your righteous anger lead you to rush foolishly in where even angels daren't go.

      i used to be dissatisfied with the electoral college when i was young but now i know that it protects us from being entirely lorded over by places like new york with their thousands of votes cast by dead people, illegals, and nonexistent voters.
      i read that some places had more votes for hillary and for obama than their total population of voters.

      have been doing some reading about the downfall of empires.
      it seems that we are about due for a massive change. i only hope it goes slowly.
      we must prepare to adapt.
      if only the grain could be separated from the tares and we could all find ourselves in or near the South, and the evil ones all on the coasts.
      i think that there are so many more of us that we would actually end up with the lion's share of the land.
      however, the cancer has metastasized and there is putrefaction throughout he entire body.

      we homeschooled ours but it takes more good sense than most people have to recognize the demon that is about to eat them.
      there is a cartoon of a cat who has garnished his mouth as a theater door with his tongue as a red carpet.
      mice, dressed in their best, are crowding in.
      that represents human nature when offered what seem to be goodies.
      we deserve what we get.

      i do remember our world history teacher, Mr.Alonzo Varney, telling us that the roman empire may have fallen but that 'rome is still there. i have been there.'.
      so, all is never lost, it just changes for a while.

      harry, keep your blood pressure down, honey, we love you and no need to ruin your health over the foolishness of mankind. it was ever thus.
      i used to become so angry that i swear my blood boiled.
      then i realized i was the one getting the headache, and the irritants were going their merry way unharmed. if they had known how well stirred up i had become by their actions it would only have pleased them, never caused them to repent.

      read where a Catholic school is taking down images of Jesus Himself in order to be more inclusive.
      it is like including, bite for bite, poison with your dinner so as not to discriminate against poison.

      only God can save us.
      i don't think He will save the nation, for the nation has cast Him out, but He will still intervene for the rest of us.
      but it will not be an easy ride for most of us.

      rest, harry, and enjoy your family, your ferrets, and your goods and chattels.
      you cannot cure stupid and you cannot cure evil.
      so don't fash yourself over it.

      so glad to see you back . it leaves a hole in my week when we don't hear from you.
      thanks for continuing.
      to know there are honorable and patriotic men still in our country gives me hope.
      thanks for being one of them.

    5. I always wonder how Romans felt when they heard about the battle of Adrianapole. That was the beginning of the end for the Empire. They must have known it. But I suspect most people went on about their daily routines, as long as they could anyway. We are in that boat.

      Things are happening today that are so bizarre and ridiculous that even ten years ago I simply wouldn't have believed they could actually occur.

      I'm sorry to hear the Catholics are bending the knee to political expediency. Although I am not religious , I have long admired the discipline and the moral courage shown by some Catholic churches. I guess the rot is everywhere.

      We are just sailing along up here today. I'm fiddling around on the computer and my wife is reading. It's a nice, quiet day.

  3. It has been an unusually quiet summer here, with the blm crowd involved in only one protest where they stopped the gay pride parade, demanding police officers be removed from the scene. Oddly enough, there were no protests or riots after a Somali police officer shot and killed a white woman who had called to report an assault in the alley behind her house. Oh, and I'm writing a check and sending it in pronto and am changing my will so blm can inherit. I know you are, too. :) (Are those people really that stupid? It isn't enough that the taxpayers feed them and house them so they can spend their time protesting and stopping traffic rather than going to a job every day. Sheesh.)

    I'm glad you are back with us. We all need time now and then to just rest and relax and leave it alone for awhile. I have thought about shutting down my silly little blog, but I know I would miss those friends I have made through it.

    1. I am constantly amazed at the attitude of the ghetto groids. I often have to read an article several times to convince myself that they could possibly be saying what they are saying in sincerity. Time after time, as in this instance, they are. They mean it.

      If I thought that kind of low life beggar leach was going to get any of what I have to leave, I'd burn this whole place to the ground before I die.

      Blogging can burn you out. I can understand why so many have quit recently.

    2. vicki, they also spend their time reproducing at an astonishing rate.
      how many young couples do you know who have put off having children,, or only have one or two because they don't feel they can afford to raise them well.
      ghetto dwellers don't give any thought. they don't have to. they just get government everything.
      so many of us have no medical insurance but ghetto dwellers and their numerous progeny have medical cards paid for by those who cannot afford their own children.
      and they are not grateful! no gratitude! they just demand more, more, more.
      i wish i had that kind of nerve!

  4. Your post made my day, thank you. We live in Phoenix and were watching to see what happened when Trump came. Everything went well but folks are whining and want the police chief fired for doing her job. Sigh. Thank god she is a black woman or I can't imagine the seems the world has lost its mind.

    1. Hilogene, it does seem so. There are two factions in the U.S. today. On the one hand, there are the decent, normal people who would like to preserve the way of life they know.

      On the other hand, there are the power crazed liberal elite and their hordes of unthinking , mindless "useful idiots."

      Since the first group tries to abide by the law, and the second group finds the concept of law and order anathema, we are at a grave disadvantage in dealing with them.

      When the mayors of cities like Charlotte, New Orleans, Baltimore, et al order the police to stand down and let the left break the law and use violence to achieve their goals, everything deteriorates.

      That's where we are now. Lenin believed that social chaos was a necessary and useful precursor to overturning societal norms, and it looks like the the left wing is putting that into practice. Meanwhile, the Republicans like McCain and Graham sit back and watch to see how they can turn it to their own personal advantage. It's a hard time to be a normal American.

  5. That flag burning picture describes things exactly!

    When the right does something they scream and yell. If the left does basically the same thing, their response is "Oh, but that's different!"....

    1. I feel like today, the minions of Obama, Schumer, Soros and the like are able to do anything they want to. If the police don't enforce the laws, that gives a free hand to the gutter trash and they have no qualms about using it.

      As you say, they can do anything they like but they don't have any problem with howling and pointing the finger at others who disagree with them.

  6. These days I find that I am more at peace if I try to ignore most of the BS being promoted as news in the media. The morning alarm is set to NPR and that usually manages to piss me off enough to get me out of bed in about two minutes. But these days even FOX gets me too wound up and I wind up turning it off. As I work alone I tend to have a radio tuned to AM conservative talk show hosts, but it just gets my blood boiling, so for the last eight weeks I have not even been tuning the radio on. Yea its all a bit like being an ostrich. I do catch enough snippets while driving in the car to last all day and keep me abreast of issues without dwelling on them too much. One of the points that really caught my ear today was the guy sitting in for Rush. He had a very eloquent caller with a Jamaican accent making the case for Trump. One of the great points the host made while talking with the caller about the exponential growth of the national debt, was that politician on both sides consider their constituents nothing more than commodities to be traded to fortify their power and income, and that is why nothing ever gets fixed even when our side has the reigns and could make it happen. I never thought of us as commodities but when you look at things that way is sure does explain a lot.

    1. I stopped watching Fox for the most part. Shepard Smith was the primary cause of that.

      In the last few weeks, I made a concerted effort to avoid the news. It's been so bad, and I was trying to lead a pleasant life with no turmoil. It didn't work out for me, I've always tried to keep abreast of things in the country and I didn't get a whole lot of peace of mind by trying to shut it all out.

      I have no faith in the political establishment. I've renounced my 40 year allegiance to the Republican Party and I have detested the Democrats all my life. Now I plan to just try and keep my head above water in day to day life.

      These are bad times. What's happening to everyday Americans is exactly what happened to everyday Germans in the 1930's. They knew things were going badly wrong but couldn't figure out what they could do about it.

  7. You know things have gotten bad when my adult kids make comments to me on how stupid our country has become.

    1. My kids feel the same way. My two have been literally run out of Cincinnati by the influx of "refugees" and "undocumented immigrants" that are overwhelming the city. The nice apartment complex they lived in has become a dumping ground for indigent blacks, African imports, Middle Eastern third worlders and they are literally living in the equivalent of the Third World as I write this. They are moving to Florida in October.

  8. Harry,

    Real good to see your post; I am in agreement. I for one am sick to death of whining blacks. I live in an area that has a 60% black population in town. They have taken control of our local government; black's in-control is "No Good" for white folks. I am angry that the Left/BLM has decided to attack any and all things to do with the Confederacy; I had family that fought for the south -- Company F - 38th Mississippi Infantry -- and died.

    I am at a loss as to what, if anything, a man can do to reverse this sorry state of affairs.

    I wanted to hang a Confederate flag in the front yard, as a statement of protest; but we have a steady stream of hip-hop soul bruddas walking to Walmart all night long and the wife was afraid they'd shoot the house up!


    1. Moe,
      It's good to hear from you. You and I read from the same sheet of music.

      What I cannot figure out, for the life of me, is how they are getting away with this. I think it's because people from our background a generally law abiding. That's a real handicap these days. I would dearly love to take positive action to prevent the gutter trash from tearing down our monuments, but how? Shooting them would be very satisfying to the soul, but that would provide a propaganda bonanza for the left, and it would be futile. Unless it happened at every instance of that kind of behavior, it would be futile. And , it would mean spending the rest of my life in jail. Even at my age, I'm not anxious to experience that. But if the police let them run amok, and we can't fight them ourselves, how are they to be stopped. I don't know either what can be done.

      My wife wanted me to take the Confederate flag sticker off my Jeep. I had that really bad experience in Chattanooga with the four groids, and then we had a run in right in our own town with some idiots that were up here from ATL. I didn't but I am being very careful these days.

      I think you would be setting yourself up for trouble if you have Goblins coming by your house and you had a Confederate flag out. It's a case where your heart is in the right place, but reality raises it's ugly head.

      My wife's family had people in Mississippi regiments, I'll have to see if any of them were in the 39th Mississippi Infantry.

      Maybe someone will raise up to lead a movement that will fight back against Antifa, BLM and the other home grown terrorists. There are lots of young men and women , veterans of the Islamic wars, in this country now. It just takes one charismatic individual to start a tidal wave. There are plenty of people out there like us, who hate what's going on but just can't think of what to do about it.

  9. I used to live in Houston, and still have friends there dealing with the flooding. That city floods so easily. It flooded once when we lived there. It had been raining a couple of days, but I got up early and got ready for work like usual. Opened the door to get in my car and the whole street was about two feet underwater. Needless to say, I didn't make it in that day.

  10. Lisa, I'm glad you and the family are not there now. I hope your friends are ok. I've heard from some internet friends who are in that area, and most of them are doing well. But Captain Crunch was down on the Gulf Coast somewhere, and he hasn't come back up on the air yet. I'll be glad when he does.