Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday. K-31 rifles. 7.5 swiss ammo. Two good OAN commentaries. Gun Control from Uncle Tom and Ramadonna. New publications out.

This is a Chinese Mak 90 with a Choate stock.  I have two of them, from the Clinton era.  One of them is missing the recoil pad, because the ferrets chewed it to pieces. Haven't been able to find a recoil pad that fits to replace it, but the butt without the pad is no worse than the steel butt plate on my other AK-47 rifles. Still, if anyone has any ideas about an off the shelf recoil pad that would fit, I'd be glad to hear  them.

Good to know info on milled vrs stamped AK receivers:

These segments from One America News from a couple of days ago are worth taking the time to watch.  

I don't understand why these Sparticist thugs are allowed to riot, destroy property, attack people exercising their rights to lawful assembly and free speech, and nothing is done. In some cases, such as the recent troubles in Charlotte, it appears to be because the political leadership of the city supports their cause.  Joe Biden wrote an "op ed" in some rag today attacking President Trump for failing to condemn every single person on the conservative side at the dust off between Antifa and right wing groups last week. The President specifically said that he did not condone the KKK or the Nazi's, but he said that many of the people there who were protesting the attacks on the Confederate statues were not members of those groups.

"Ole Joe" did not condemn the anti-fa thugs who attacked the conservative marchers. And some luminaries of the Republican party such as John McCain and Paul Ryan are going along with that line. The Republicans are just as happy to support anti-fa as the Democrats are.

A little levity:   Gone (thank God) but not forgotten.  Barrack Hussein.

* a little vulgar.

*you have to stop Uncle Tom at the end or it will go on into another parody. It's a good song too but that's another story..

And  then, there's Madonna.

7.5 Swiss chambered rifles and ammo:

Midway got some 7.5 Swiss military surplus ammo in.  With shipping, it runs about $12.00 for a box of 20, and comes in 60 round battle packs.  It's good ammo, (it's Swiss,so...) and that's a good price. But it's Berden primed, so you can't reload it using American equipment.  On the other hand, you can buy Privi 7.5 Swiss commercial for about $14.00 a box of 20.  That is boxer primed and can be reloaded easily.

That being so, why would you buy the surplus ammo.  Well, 7.4 Swiss is not easy to find. When you do, it behooves you to buy as much as you can.  You can always use  the non-reloadable ammo for those awkward times where you might have to leave in a hurry and don't have the opportunity to police up the brass. You just never know.

I like my K-31 rifles.  These guns are shooters. Years ago, I went to the range and there was an old guy named Max there. Max was a fixture at the club. He'd been a paratrooper in the Wehrmacht during WW2.  After the war, he went to Canada to live, and eventually wound up here.  The guy was a shooter. He borrowed my K3 and started shooting white rock out on the berm with it.  Instead of bothering with a target, he would call out what small fist sized rock he was going to shoot, and he would hit it square.  When I shoot the K-31's , I always remember Max.  He's long dead now, but that was a guy who lived life to the fullest.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day.  The mountains have emptied out , and after the labor day weekend things will go back to being quiet until October.

The ferrets are recuperating from their travels. They have a red carry case that's comfortable, but I think they'd rather just stay home.

Things are relatively tranquil here.  We don't plan to leave the mountain top again until Wednesday, right now we are just enjoying the quiet.

Thought for the day:

Some new magazines out recently: These are all on newsstands now.


  1. Crowofthedead says:
    Hey Harry...I use to buy ammo from Midway USA but I recently switched to that midway was bad but I like these guys selection and price better...worth checking out for your needs anyway...hope you and yours are well...

  2. Crow, I don't buy a whole lot from Midway, but sometimes they come up with good surplus others don't have. Right now they have some Malaysian .308 I'm looking at as well as the Swiss ammo.

    I am not familiar with sgammo, but I will certainly take a look at them. I had an email from a fellow who worked for another company I was not familiar with, and I plan to buy some from them and see how it works out too. I like to expand my horizons. ;-)

  3. I'm sure this is the obvious answer and all, but have you thought about emailing Choate and asking them for a replacement recoil pad? I've dealt with the guy there a few times and he is definitely on the same page as you and I. Send him a link to your blog, tell him how much you like his products, and I'm sure he'd be happy to get your stock fixed up.

    Nice to see you're posting more frequently. I know blogging is a pain in the ass but, speaking as someone who looks at A LOT of 'preparedness blogs' yours is one of the relatively few that are more practice than theory. It would be a shame if you packed up your keyboard and called it a day.

    I remember when those K31 wer pretty cheap and imported by the truckload. Wish I'd picked up a few. Even with the oddball ammo requirement it's still a fun gun with all that lovely Swiss workmanship. One of my 'win the lottery' guns is going to be a nice Swiss P210 if I can ever put the coin together.

    1. Actually, until I got your comment, I was pretty sure Choate had been out of business for a long time. But I looked them up on the net, and they are still out there. So I sent them an email.

      I came within an ace of shutting the blog down. If I could have archived it, I would have. But the archive function wouldn't work, and I didn't want to look like I was still running the blog but not letting everybody on.

      I got really discouraged by the way things have been going overall, and I thought, "I can't do a thing to fix any of this, and I'm sixtyfive, so why don't I just stay up here on the mountain and try to relax." But it didn't work. I missed the interaction with other people who share my values. It helps to know there are people out there who are trying to hold the line.

      Yeah, the K31 didn't sell well here because Americans have a hard time with straight pull bolts, and because the ammo and brass were so hard to find. AIM Surplus got to the point where they were just about selling them for cost. I got two of them, one with a Walnut stock and one with a Birch stock. One of my is in unissued condition and the other is NRA excellent. They are sure good rifles. I never bought the bayonets though, because they were not cheap, but now I wish I had.

      I hope you get your P210. Anything Swiss is quality.

      Good to hear from you. Hope all is well on your end.

  4. I am so glad you did not shut your blog down. Yours is the first blog I read every saying Howdy to a friend. I know you are out there and that is comforting in these times. We think alike, mostly and it would have been sad not to be able to talk to you.

    1. I just got overloaded. Thought maybe it would be easier to just try to hide out up here than keep up with events both in this county and the country at large. But I enjoy talking with my friends and this the best way to do that. I missed hearing how things were out your way and I'm glad we are still in touch. :-)

  5. Harry,
    Before you go buying up more mil-surp ammo you might want to have a look at this:

    My Mauser Gew98 bulged on me 23 rounds into my first shooting session with it. I'm wondering if that wasn't at least in part due to 20+ year-old Serbian ammo...

    Grey Fox

    1. GF. Could have been head spacing. That's the biggest problem with the old guns I'm aware of. Most people don't buy a head space gauge and lots of problems come with that. If I only had one or two guns of a chambering, I'd just take them up to Murphy, N.C. and have the gunsmith there guage them for me. But I have go/no go gauges for most of the chamberings I do.

      I've been shooting old surplus ammo for three decades now, and only once did I have to stop shooting it and just pull the bullets. That was some Indian .308 that came into the country back in 1991 or so.

      I have several cases of Turkish Mauser 8mm that is pretty "hot" and if it was Boxer I would not trust it to reload it, but it's berdan so I would be throwing it away after one firing anyway.

      Yugoslavian ammo is usually top flight. I've shot a bunch of it, dating all the way back to the 1950's production runs.

      Do you mean the barrel on your rifle bulged out? That's pretty rare, but I guess you could have it rebarrelled. There's used to be a gun smith up in Philidelphia who was famous for repairing old Mausers. I sent him a Model 1888 Commission Rifle and he sat on it for three months and I got tired of waiting and had him send it back. But everybody else said he was top flight. I could try to find the contact info if you want.

      I'll take a look at that link.

    2. Yeah, got a little goose egg about two thirds of the way down. Headspace was fine - I had the local smith look it over before I shot it.

      It is a pretty rough bore, and up till now I believed the failure was due to earlier, unseen damage. Since nitrocellulose powders become more volatile and have a shelf life of around 20 years or so, then it is possible that the 90s vintage stuff had deteriorated to the point it was acting more like pistol powder than rifle powder, leading to excess pressure. Never saw anything wrong with the cartridges, though, so the theory isn't proved.

      I still have the gun and I've pondered rebarreling it, but since it was refurbished by the Yugoslavians in the 1950s and the original markings erased, the cost of a new barrel + labor is more than the gun is worth. I'm looking to trim down my collection of many old, rather poor quality guns in favor of a few top-notch pieces anyway - I'll hang onto the dud Mauser as a historical piece but my funds are going elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

      Grey Fox

    3. G.F.

      Sorry about the gun. I guess they are like us, everything has a life span. I got some rifles from the 1890's and they still shoot fine, but I don't fire full power loads in them, all the same.

      I think the oldest surplus I have is some 8X56R from 1937. I bought a case for my Hungarian straight pull Model 95's, way back in the 80's when it was still around. That stuff shoots fine, but it's Austrian so it was quality to begin with.

      I have a wall hanger too. It's a Turkish model 1888 Commission rifle that somebody tried to sporterize. I pretty much restored it, but the spring that holds the cartridges in the magazine doesn't work, and I can't find a new one to save my life. Not even from Sarco or Numerich. It's missing some of the barrel bands, etc too but it looks good up on the wall.

  6. Damn you Harry for all your fantastic bolt action military rifles! If only I had a fraction of your collection I could die a happy man.

    Sorry for being a bit quiet lately, back on track again now.

    Sgt 73rd Regt

    1. Got your email and was glad to hear from you, I know the wife has been feeling under the weather, and it's good she's ok.

      If I was doing all the trips you are, I wouldn't have a lot of time for the computer either. No problem.

      I have accumulated quite a few old guns over the last three decades. They're a lot of fun and I enjoy the hobby very much. You never know when that type of hobby will stand you in good stead, these days! ;-)

  7. I remember purchasing cases of Swiss Gp-11 for less than $200 back in the day back at Dans Ammo. I don't think it available there right now. Lucky Gunner has 480 round cases for $280 (plus shipping) at the moment, you might want to check there if you are looking for some. It said 53 cases are available.

    Antifas motto - FREE SPEECH AS LONG AS YOU ONLY AGREE WITH OUR THOUGHTS. Some day, some is going to get fed up and do something about that at the next confrontation.

    1. I could use a case for long term storage. If they want $280, plus another , say, $15.00 for shipping that would be: $295.00 total.

      I can get a 20 round box of Privi commercial for $14.95 from SG, so that would be 480/20= 24 boxes.

      24 boxes X 14.95= 358.80

      358.80-290= $68.80

      So I could save $68.80 by buying the surplus, but then if I buy the commercial I get 480 reloadable cartridge cases!

      Decisions, Decisions! I always like to have some non-reloadable stuff for my guns in case I ever get into a situation where I need to shoot and scoot, and can't police up the brass.

      I'm glad you told me about Dan's Ammo, either way it sounds like a good place to shop.

    2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. At some point, somebody is going to start the crusade. There are thousands of people out there, waiting for a leader. Somebody who can clean up the streets.

  8. Nice to see your blog back Harry :)
    Your ferret is so cute! Great blog post, I love reading your opinions because they are so close to my own. I'm not much into politics, so I can't carry a good conversation, but I like reading about these subjects on your blog.

    The photos of your mountain top are beautiful, I'm so glad you have some peace and quiet to enjoy! :)

    1. Rain, I went by your place yesterday. You have really done well, you have a massive number of people commenting. That's especially good since your blog is relatively new. I'm not surprised though, it's a fun place to visit and you're a good writer.

      I'm only so immersed in politics because being as old as I am, I know how good things were and how bad they are now. It's been a long, slow slide down the slope but after Bill Clinton, negative trends started accelerating at an unbelievable rate.

      It's my adult kids I worry about most. They are about your age. I don't see how, if the liberals get their way, decent, working people will be able to live here. I tried to get them into Canada a few years back . I sent them to Vancouver to go to school and they were up there for three years. But the Canadian immigration lawyer I paid to get them Canadian resident alien visas took my money and then did nothing, so they had to leave when their student visas ran out.

      It's peaceful up on the mountain top, but I know turmoil is swirling all around me. Just recently we started getting some very undesirable individuals coming up here to live and I am anxious about how that will inevitably further degrade our quality of life here. Like the old Chinese curse says "May you live in interesting times." We are certainly doing that.

  9. You never see any on the Left calling out their own for doing bad stuff, but we constantly see some who are supposed to be on our side calling out others on our side.

    If these clowns think that ANYTHING they say will make people on the Left suddenly like them, they are fooling themselves.

    Are these guys (Ol' YellowStain McCain, Ryan, McConnell)thinking they're going to win cool Hollywood friends with this virtue-signalling they're doing ?

    Do they think they'll get more votes from guys like me, because I can tell you that they LOSE votes from guys like me when they go around puking and mewling like that.

    - Charlie

    1. Charlie, well said and entirely accurate. I have been a Republican for more than 40 years, but I'm not voting for those bastards anymore. They are just all art and parcel of the political machine that runs this country for their own benefit. Scumbags like McCain, Ryan, McConnell and Graham are going to find out a lot of people are washing their hands of the Republican Party, which has done all it could to stop the President from making good on his campaign promises.

      I always said don't vote libertarian, because they can't win. So I voted Republican, because they reek at everything but generally don't try to disarm the citizens. Now, though, I'm voting Libertarian. Why not? No difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party other than cosmetic.

  10. Concur with your above comment about Republicans. They look like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Career politicians more concerned about getting reelected than helping the president with his mandate from the people. As far as the K31, one of my favorite rifles. I have a Walnut stocked one from the 50's I paid $200 for about ten years ago, and I am glad I did. With the Swiss surplus ammo it is incredibly accurate. I am not a good shot anymore, hell, I am not even an average shot. However, I stood at the hundred yard mark and shot off hand and put every shot in the head until I got bored the last time I took it out. I am not bragging, because as I said, I am a so-so shooter on a good day. The rifle is just that good. In my opinion it is the most accurate bolt action rifle of it's time. It generally is not brought up when people talk about great battle rifles, but that is because the Swiss never had to go to war. Being able to put a million armed men in the Alps in 24 hours probably had something to do with that.