Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Watching events in Texas. MSM still reeks. Antifa overruns a Trump rally in Berkeley yesterday, while the police stand by on the Mayor's orders.

This is a song from 1985.  If anything, the media has gotten worse. My wife and I were watching news reports from Texas. Some of the reporters were decent people, but CNN had some of the ambulance chasers out there.  "How do you feel, Mrs. Jones, now that you've lost everything, you have nowhere to go, and it's just and your small daughter standing here in the rain? Do you have any idea what happened to your husband?"

Antifa wins one in California:  Mayor urges appeasement.

Out in California, Antifa thugs overran a conservative rally and basically annihilated the conservatives. Most of the pro-Trump people were older, and they didn't come to fight.
Below is a CBS news clip. CBS has consistently been anti-conservative, anti-Trump, and pro Antifa.
In the clip below,  CBS filmed a Trump supporter being chased and trapped against a wall by the Antifa mob, then they spit on the guy and reviled him. But one picture is worth a thousand words....

Looking at some of the Antifa web pages,  these people are not conducive to the well being of this country. They're a disease bacillus.  Here's a little sample of the kind of thing that's making their rounds.

Though I'm not a member of any particular group,  I do think Christians have the values that made and preserved the country. That's why the left is making such an effort to get rid of  them, and has been for decades. Antifa is just more direct and straightforward about it.

It's good that we are armed, but the problem for us is that using firearms is a last resort. So until things reach the point where we can justifiably resort to firearms, they don't count.

In post world war I Germany, the left and the right fought it out with rifles and machine guns in the streets. Some of the Freikorps,  right wing groups comprised of veterans that were anti-communist, fought the Spartacists and used aircraft, tanks and cannon. These were largely recently demobilized soldiers, commanded by former officers of the Army. There are a lot of young veterans getting the short end of the stick today. History does repeat itself. We can only hope.

We aren't there yet, but events yesterday in Berkeley show it's headed that way.  

Katrina vs. Harvey

The Texans seem to be handling the disaster out there with quiet efficiency.  From what I've seen on TV, people are pulling together. They act like they are all Texans, and not divided up into ethnic tribal groups.  I haven't seen gangs taking over, looting on a vast scale, gun confiscation, thuggish behavior by the police, or any of the other appalling things of that nature that were endemic in New Orleans.

Louisiana is a nice state, and most of the people there are good people. But the state has a long history of political corruption. Ever read All the Kings Men?   That would have to be true for a nonentity like Ray Nagan to have been mayor of New Orleans.  I guess the moral of the story is that if you have to be in a natural disaster, you don't want to be in a place run by liberal crooks and infested with their minions.

Texas is a great state.  They're trying hard to keep it that way.

Here are the latest Branco cartoons.

And a little music:

Wire Note from Captain Crunch:

Just got this from CC down on the Texas Coast. I'm looking forward to a guest post from him once things get squared away down there.

 (Captaincruch) survived a Cat 4 hurricane.

I was near landfall and the eye of the storm.

I'm ok.

My house had some minimal damage to the roof.

I have no power, internet but I do have running water.

I will talk about it on your blog in greater detail when I get internet back.

There has been spuratic news of looters so we have been running security with rifles.

Ironically I sent you an email last night but I got the address wrong.

I will write more about my experience later. You welcome use any of this on your blog Harry.

Meanwhile, here on the mountain:

Things here on the mountain are going ok.  It's been cool, windy and dry the last couple of days. I don't think it's Fall in the air, it'll be hot and humid through the middle of October. But we are enjoying this weather while we can.

We hadn't planned on going into town until Wednesday, but we drove in anyway.  For the most part, just for something to do.  Went by the library, the grocery store, and had lunch at a nice place near the town square.

At the grocery store, my wife wandered off from our shopping cart and left her purse. She does that all the time, and I constantly ask her not to.  This time, a very old lady walked up to her and said "you shouldn't leave your pocket book in the buggy like that, dear.  You used to could do that, but not these days."  We aren't the only ones who are aware of the changes.

We went to check out, and there was a new clerk there, a lady about our age. She said she'd just moved down here from Cincinnati because the city had deteriorated to the point she and her husband felt the quality of life was nil. I told her my kids were bailing out of there, and it turns out that the reasons are the same as hers.  I would have liked to talk to her more but someone else came to check out, so we had to say goodbye.

I had almost a full tank of gas, but I went by the gas station to top off. It was full of half way backs. Two of them were ahead of me, filling gas cans.  They were both from Florida, and they were talking about how much they liked it here, and how nice the people were. But one guy said "yeah, but some of them are still fighting the war."  They just don't get it. It's easy to forget history if you won, not so easy if your own people were devastated.  Nice enough guys though. I wondered why they needed two SUV loads of gas cans filled up. I suppose it's the concern about the loss of Gulf Coast production. Virtually all the gasoline we have here comes from the coast through a pipeline. When the pipeline isn't blowing up, anyway.

I got a good bit of the daily chores done this morning, but I need to go out and rearrange some of the electronic sensors. The chickens are setting them off and I need to adjust the sensor arc.  After that, I may or may not try to get some other things done.  I replaced the security flood lights with some new ones and these new one's put out twice the light. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I use green lights now instead of red, so they don't stand out in the forest as much.  I don't use white lights because I don't want to advertise my location, I don't like light pollution at night, and white lights interfere with my night vision equipment.

Thought for the Day:

And then there's this:


  1. I have been watching the reports coming out of south Texas. The way those people forget about any differences and work together, especially in the search and rescue end of it, is astounding. The churches open their doors to take care of the overflow of victims when the main shelters are full. Individuals show up with food, water and supplies to help out. One guy went out and bought a boat so he could help. That's the way it should be. They give me hope.

  2. It does seem that the Texans are working together and trying to help each other without regard to ethnicity. I realize I am making this judgment based on the television news in part, which is always dangerous. But from reading posts on the internet, it really does seem to be true. Also, their leadership out there has been calm, decisive,and professional. I have been impressed with the mayor of Houston. It's the exact opposite of what happened in New Orleans with Katrina.

    There seems to be a lot less whining and blaming the government, and expecting someone to be responsible for taking care of you. I haven't heard a lot of that , at least not yet.

    I know they have been hit hard, and a lot of people have lost all they had, and have no flood insurance, nowhere to go. But still, they seem to be stalwart and positive. Texans in general, I think, are impressive people. I know California hates them and banned official travel by California bureaucrats to Texas, but I consider that a recommendation. If California hates you, you know you are doing something right.

    1. always told my husband that if certain people don't hate and despise you, you are not living right.

  3. What was the old joke about New Orleans> Half of it was under water, and the other half was under indictment?

    Good to hear things are quiet there, Harry.

    I like quiet!

    We're three weeks out from getting OUTTA Kommiefornia, and it's really starting to sink in. My wife is wound up tighter than a nine day clock worried we won't be ready in time, and I'm packing up the last of my stuff that I'll be taking.

    I have a huge pile that's going to the Iowa, some for the ship, and some for some of my radio buddies.

    Out of the short list of stuff here I'm really going to miss is the Iowa.

    1. It's tough to leave a place you've been associated with, and the people you have enjoyed being around. But I'm sure , once you get out to your new place and new environment, you'll be happier. California is beyond hope.

      Things are pretty good here. I am staying busy but not working myself too hard.

      For you, the adventure is just beginning!

    2. Even though I was born in Illinois, I've lived over half my life here, which really gives me pause....

      We're planning on getting Colorado driver's licenses and Colorado plate for our cars ASAP. We don't mind telling people of our escape from the PDRK, but we DON'T want them to think we're "typical" Californians, which pretty much means bat guano crazy liberals!

  4. I think the jury is still out on Houston. It's a place full of refugees and minorities (many settled there after Katrina). So I think we will see many of the same problems as before. There are already reports of looting.

    I saw that woman berating the CNN reporter for speaking to her during this crisis. But it was evident she was totally dependent on the government for her survival. if the police don't come to your rescue you better have a plan lady. Tragically, some of these folks learned nothing from New Orleans.

    Hope Captain Crunch is OK. I figured he would be defending his street with his Mosin. --Troy

    1. I know relying on the television news to form an opinion is unwise. It's all I've got to go on right now, and they have been casting a very positive aura over the whole thing. Of course, now that Fox has gone blue and Shepard Smith's ideology reigns, there are no news outfits with reporters on the ground there you can trust. I wish OAN had the budget to send people out there.

      I haven't been watching CNN a lot. I told my wife I absolutely would not watch MSNBC or CNN, but she has been tuning into them intermittently anyway so I have been catching glimpses of events there.

      I did see some reports on looting, but it was presented as being minimal. I am waiting to hear at greater length from Captain Crunch, as he is right down in it, and will know what is really going on. He seems to be ok, just got a very brief email from him, but I hope to hear more soon.

    2. yeah, there is a bit of looting. one cbs reporter go caught in the crossfire between police and folks looting a shoe store. a shoe store? one guy came back to his house knee deep in water and two looters inside. he dusted them and no charges pending. governor says loot at your own risk, lol. one group of would be rescuers got robbed and shot at for their trouble. went home to la, figured they will be more grateful of the help....but overall i'm impressed not to see all the minions begging for help like katrina. when we had that derechio thing the city nearest had just one case of looting. couple meth heads tried to steal a vets generator, they didn't make it. no more looting. and that city is 70% non-caucasian. glad to see you posting again harry. take care.

  5. My wife was loading groceries into the trunk from the shopping cart and had her purse sitting in the kid seat portion. It was night time and raining. A truck pulled up, the guy reached out his window, grabbed the purse and drove off. Not that it likely would have helped, but she was parked out of the scope of the security cameras.
    She now straps her purse in with the seatbelt if she puts it in the cart.

    1. My sister lost her purse in similar circumstances at a shopping mall in Oregon.

      I try to stay right by the shopping cart when I'm at a grocery store with my wife, because she absolutely cannot learn to not leave her purse unguarded. This time around, I was standing there but not right on it, and I think the old lady wasn't sure if I was with my wife or just some guy wandering by.

      Not long ago, I put my wallet on top of the car and drove over the park. Didn't realize it. For a couple of days, I thought it was just around the house somewhere, I'm bad about just laying it down and forgetting where.

      Then my doctors office called. They said some bicycle spandex suit folks were riding on the road near the park and found it. Since I have an unlisted number, the bicycle people found my doctor's card, called his office and asked them to tell me they would leave my wallet with the park ranger. I picked it up, all the money, cards, etc were intact. The bicycle person that found it didn't even leave a name so I could thank him.

      So I guess it works both ways, good and bad. I got lucky.

  6. I was born in Indiana but my family moved to Texas after WW2 when I was 3. I consider myself a Texan...just not born and bred. Anyway, I met my husband, who was stationed in Corpus Christi, and we moved to his home state of Oregon where we raised our two children.

    Texas has never left my heart and I still have family in Houston. My Mom died 3 years ago and now her home in Rockport is also gone. I have always shared my Texan values and ethics......your word is your bond and a handshake seals the deal. It makes my heart proud to sees that this is still being lived and practiced today. Makes no difference of color, creed or race. You need help? Here's my hand and I'm proud to be able to offer it!
    Being a Texan (or even living in Texas) is a state of mind and I wish it could be adopted by other states.

    1. My favorite state to live in was Texas. I loved Texas and I loved Texans, for exactly the reasons you state. My son is a native born Houstonian, and I think that's something to be proud of.

    2. Sue, on my wife's side , we are connected to Texas. Her father came from Senton, Texas. He was a tough fellow, was a Marine infantry sergeant in the Pacific during World War II, and a missionary in Africa for decades afterwards. I liked him a lot, but he passed away some years ago.

      My mom, sister and two brothers all moved to Oregon and live up there now. California got too degenerate for them.

    3. Leigh, Texas is a model for how a state should run, even if they have their share of people trying to tear it down these days. I'm particulary fond of the panhandle region.

  7. Taking Antifa in CALIFORNIA will not work well - that state is rife with Liberal flim flam. I don't recall offhand how many voted for Hillary there, but they called the state for her the second the polls closed there - no big surprise. News coverage there only makes it appear Antifas positions are far more mainstream then they are - even gives them more coverage.
    Instead, the 1st Amendment speakers should choose a far more balanced location to make their points.

    I hope Captain Crunch and others in that part of Texas recover soon - there is quite a bit of mess in East Texas, Houston gets the coverage, but there are a lot of places around it that are experiencing the same damage there.

    Gasoline shortages are here in south Texas, but only because someone started a rumor of a HUGE spike in gas prices. Monday night, many people went out and tanked up. Tuesday morning, many stations were empty (or claim to be - I wonder if any are holding out for new gas prices to be set shortly). We will see how this plays out, I'm guessing a spike of at least 40 - 50 cents a gallon.

    Thanks for the post sir.

    1. California is a sick place. Los Angeles is redistricting right now (gerrymandering) to increase Hispanic voting power. The proceedings are being broadcast in Mexico, which tells you a lot.

      We have seen gas go up by twenty-five cents here since the hurricane hit Texas. More in some parts of the state, like Atlanta.

      I was expecting a big price increase since we are totally dependent on fuel from the gulf coast, here in Georgia.

    2. gas went up 20 cents and went up another 20 cents today in n.e. ohio.

  8. Texas will come back from this terrible disaster. Yes, there will always be bad people who rob and loot during times such as these. But, overall we Texans pull together. I know of numerous people in my area, who hitched up their boats and drove down to Houston this weekend to help rescue people. Cities and communities all over the state are taking in refugees and gathering donations. Schools and various clubs throughout the state are collecting donations. Glad to hear that Captain Crunch is doing o.k. It was good to have President Trump visit our state; he was warmly welcomed, as was our beautiful First Lady. All the liberal hype about her shoes was utterly ridiculous. Who cares about her choice of shoes? Jana

    1. Jana, when the gutter trash press has nothing to carp about but the shoes worn by the First Lady, then the Trumps are doing a lot right.

      I think Texas has shown a good face to the world through all of this. There are, as you say, always some low lifes in any society, but overall the Texans have some resilience and strength.

      I hope CC will do a post here on his experiences during the hurricane.

  9. Hey Harry,


    'Power and internet' just came up. The internet cable I thought would not work, works. It was stretched to the point of hanging only four feet from deck.

    'I can live off grid for a long time with running water, flush toilets and showers. Its the lack of air conditioning that's rough when the South Texas heat and humidity kick in.
    The old timers lived near the water, right up on the beach to take advantage of the water cooled breeze. It was so bad last I slepted on my porch with a rifle that had a 950 lumen weapons light attached. I think that now the looters will settle down since power's on and more people will return to their houses.
    I will write at length of lessons learned from living through a hurricane when I have more time.

    thanks for everyone's concern.

    One more item that really, really pissed me off today. Air Force One with Trump onboard flew at low level over my house yesterday. I heard a four ultra high bypass turbofan's and I was wondering what the hell was that kind of jet doing down here in Bumfuk, Egypt. I looked out the window and it was a 747. I looked at the markings and I will be Goddamned if it was not Donald Trump in Air Force one flying at low level near stalling speed over my area.

    I thought that was pretty cool.

    Now some limp wristed, CNN 'cuck' said that Trump did not fly over disaster area's, he did not see flooded streets, damaged homes, etc, etc.
    If I ever get within four feet of a CNN reporter. I will start punching them out and yell 'Fake News' Get out of Texas! several times as I beat the CNN reporter senseless.
    I saw fake news with my own eyes. Donald Trump doing a low level fly over of my community and there is some and CNN lying about.

    Fake News Folks!

    That would be worth a $500 fine and maybe a misdemeanor assult charge. Maybe I will do 30 days in county jail. It still would be worth it and I think I would get 'respect' in the joint from the immates for beating up a CNN reporter.

    I gotta go do more cleaning. My refrigerator smell's like a refrigerator in a morgue.

    Harry, if you want post this to a guest thing on your next post.


    1. Glad you posted CC. I figured you'd do ok at any length especially as long as you had running water to drink, flush, and hose off with.

    2. Good to hear from you again CC!

      You had us all worried a bit....

    3. CC, glad to get amplification on your experience down there, and I'm posting it now.

  10. Hi Harry. Good post today. As always I love the photos of the pets! And that's a nice one of you by the lake! I'm envious of your weather!

    I remember the song Dirty Laundry, it was a hit during my high school days! I'm just under 50 years old, but I still remember when things were much better. When I was a kid, I walked to and from school for lunch each day by myself, there was no threat. We didn't have gangs in our suburbia.

    Fast forward to 1998 during the ice storm. Price gauging, looting, burglary...it was just horrendous and 3 years later I left the city for good. There are still degenerates living in this area, but we are much safer here. The crime "element" hasn't reached up north in our element, except for local pot growers, who cause enough trouble on their own, we don't need more. But we will continue our plans to move far away from society.

    We have our anniversary in March, and I thought it might be a good gift to get our gun permits. It's a thought, but all the courses that we have to take are in French (living in Quebec)...so we might wait until we leave the province. We don't really need to be armed here living in the village, but once we get more remote, it'll be a necessity I think. I just wanted to say I'm learning a lot from your blog so thanks!

    1. Rain,

      You and I are dated by that song, aren't we? I was in my last year in the Marine Corps then, living on Emerald Isle in the Outer Banks and waiting for my paperwork to come through, so we could move here.

      The area where you live looks pretty sedate. I don't know much about Canadian gun laws, but if you can get a shotgun that would be a nice item to have around the house. Even here, on the dark side of the moon, we've had some unpleasant experiences over the years, where a gun came in handy. Taking the courses in French would not work for me, but my wife speaks French! ;-)

    2. The laws here on guns aren't too complicated. You take a day-long course then get your hunting permit, I believe it's as simple as that. But I only looked up the rules for shotguns and rifles. I don't know about hand guns, they don't particularly interest me at this point anyway though.

      I do think that being armed is necessary in our world. Especially where we plan to move where the police may not may not be present. Actually here in our village, it takes the cops a good 40 minutes to get here if they are called. Everyone in the area knows that "Tuesday between 11am and 1pm" the cop does her rounds in our village. It's so silly, you can almost plan your crime around her schedule. But you're right, it is quite sedate here, it's mostly a retirement community with the odd criminal here and there.

      Well, I do speak French too! But taking a course is another thing! I think it's great to know more than one language. Alex was raised French too, but he anglicized when he moved to New Jersey during his teens. Now we're living in English here, but politics are a different story in Quebec, the English aren't too welcome, so we'll be leaving to go to an English province when we buy our place. We may even end up closer to Kymber and J.