Saturday, September 2, 2017

Excerpt from a letter my daughter wrote. Observations on the hurricane by Captain Crunch.

Both my son and daughter work for a corporation that hires lots of "immigrants" and "refugees." There's a perception among Americans that these people are hard working, but that's not the case as far as actual experience indicates.

I sent her a news article I saw about her industry and how some segments of it are trying to get out of the endless loop of hiring immigrants who turn out to be worthless.  This is her response.

Due to the sanctuary status even if you report illegals nothing happens. Believe me, I researched it... because they are hard to deal with day in and day out, especially when you're being bled dry for more tax money (nearly half of G****’s  bonus went to taxes).  They will push you until you push back and then act really shocked and offended that you called them on their antics. It has happened more times than I can count.

When I was polite and respectful it translated into the crews feeling that they could speak to me in any fashion and call me anything they wished (gringa, mamie, baby etc.) and when I said to speak respectfully to me or not all then I was a total bitch and George (George is the local top dog) had to put the brakes on all of it.

Since then we basically do not speak to one another unless it is in relation to what I need them to do for my sites which is something I am fine with. It is manageable but they do not respect me , and when I need actions completed , I still have to get the site chief to make sure they actually do it instead of laying around and leaving the ticket untouched. Because of this I am not popular amongst the immigrant workers but I am as they force me to be. Tolerating poor work habits and bad attitudes ensures escalation of these issues.

Ultimately it all comes down to the fact they are cheap labor and endlessly replaceable, you fire one and can hire ten more that same day... and thus the problem that corporate America created for us. If they couldn't get work, they wouldn't be here... but here they are and we just keep on hiring them because they will work longer for less and can always be replaced.

It is our own country that created this problem and now refuses to resolve it... perhaps not everywhere, but here most certainly. We are dependent on them... deport all the "immigrants" and basically every maintenance related industry and construction business across the country collapses overnight, agricultural industries are brought to their knees and factories shut down due to lack of labor. One could argue  that with the high unemployment rate one could fill those positions easily and I would say that is doubtful unless they drastically increased the wages and decreased the hours... and thus the problem.

Interesting site. I wish those people the best but theyre fighting a war that cannot be won without going after American industry and I do not see anyone proposing that plan. I think the more likely outcome is that the country will continue to pull apart with the cultural divide being particularly evident in cities that will continue to self segregate and deteriorate. More people will accept long commutes to live in an area with their own people or people they can tolerate and fewer areas within the city itself will be maintained or possess any lasting stability. Lots of questions, few answers, and no viable solutions. Throw in a hurricane or disruption to the supply lines and it's full on Walking Dead. 

CC wrote an after action report that I thought was well worth sharing.

Hey Harry,


Ok here are some tips for living through a disaster.

If you know a storm or something is coming. Restock supplies, food, water, fuel, fill up all fuel tanks etc.
Everyone knows that part.

Here's something new.

Clean your house, wash all clothes, etc. Take a shower before the storm and work on personal hygiene because guess what. You will stand a good chance of losing water or power to heat water.
This is a habit that I learned from military service. Good grooming standards, short haircuts etc.

Once fresh water runs out being clean cut already will make you feel more comfortable in arduous conditions.

Next and most important is sleep. If you have the time before the storm sets in. Get a few hours sleep. Once the crap hits the fan. You may have to go days without sleep or being relaxed. Make sure everyone in your party is well rested and not into the event/storm exhausted or stressed out. Your survival will depend on you being alert when your roof starts to peel off or your neighbors house flies into your house and you have to think fast and react quickly.

On that note. Keep your main bug out vehicle in a garage if you can to use as backup storm shelter. I don't know if that's good advice but personally I would rather be in a vehicle with airbags than lying in a bathtub when the roof explodes off the house. I think the explosive decompression may just suck you out of the bathtub.

In hurricanes, the old timers say vent a window, crack the window to allow air pressure to equalize to keep the roof from blowing off. If the wind is out of the north. Crack a window on the north. If the window is out of the south then crack a window open facing south. It worked for me.

The most important part of going through a storm like a hurricane is being calm and collected. Rash decisions can be fatal.

When the storm ends. Stay at your house and don't drive around like a tourist.
First responders, county vehicles, power company trucks will converge on the area you live in. Don't add to the traffic jam unless you have a serious reason to leave your house.

One more word of wisdom. Wear gloves so you don't injure your hands while cleaning up trash etc. Lots of sharp trash in a disaster area. Lots of potential injuries in debris and garbage.


feel free to post this as a guess comment if you want.


Thought for the Day:


  1. Hey Harry,


    I agree with your daughters assessment. There is no way this can end well. If we 'as a country' maintain the same path will lead to self destruction.

    Our country is now 'balkenizing' Black communities, white communities, Muslim communities and illegal alien communities, etc. No one is identifying as American. Its all identity politics now. How much extra can I get for myself because my ancestors were enslaved, blown up in Allepo or had to swim across a river. They are all trying to position themselves for more government money and status to come out in front of rival minorities for who gets the bigger welfare check.

    One time in our history modern man killed off the Neanderthal's over land, hunting rights etc. That will be the fate of the white man. We are the new Neanderthal's. We will be 'out bred, out voted and out numbered' within the 21st Century. Our greed for bringing in cheap labor is spurning our demise.
    There is no avoiding the outcome.

    This is how nature works. One color and culture will become dominant and force its will on the other cultures and the minority cultures will slowly be destroyed.

    There is no future for America. We have reached our zenith and now its a downhill run for the bottom. I don't like this anymore than anyone else but with combined pressures from other countries, cultures with endless warfare etc. It will lead to our demise like the Roman Empire.

    1. I'm reading a series of books now that deal with the twilight years of the Roman Empire. I know it's a cliche, but there are so many similarities between that and our own situation that it's eerie.

      I get emails from the government printing office on new publications they are releasing . Last week I got a notification of a new release , authored by the Department of Defense, entitled "Post Primacy America". I considered looking into it, with a view to ordering a copy. Decided that I didn't need any more bad news.

  2. "basically every maintenance related industry and construction business across the country collapses overnight, agricultural industries are brought to their knees and factories shut down due to lack of labor. One could argue that with the high unemployment rate one could fill those positions easily and I would say that is doubtful unless they drastically increased the wages and decreased the hours"

    or stopped giving Free Shit instead and made 'em work or starve. Then they'd work.

    1. Part of the problem where my daughter works, is that the people at the pointy end of the spear get low prestige jobs, that only people with zero skills would do. So she winds up being dependent on individuals who often have drug problems, criminal records, no work ethic, zero reliability, and low or non existent moral values. They are usually individuals who can't get on welfare for one reason or other, or who have just arrived and are in the application process. One of the reasons for the astronomical turnover is the fact that so many of those hired are "transitioning" to welfare. And once they can start "drawing", they have no intention of working. Why would they, because the cash payments, the EBT, the subsidized housing amount to more than they could ever earn at minimum wage, and have the added "bennie" that the benefits are non-taxable.

      So you are right, this problem would clear up if welfare benefits were harder to get. In sanctuary cities like the one my daughter lives in, the benefits are widely available to all, including the illegals. No incentive to work when that's the case.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I wrote the 'window opening to equalize pressure' backwards without realizing it. If the wind is out of the North. Crack the South window open. Do the opposite when the hurricane winds change direction, Crack open North window, close South.

    Two more things I left out that are important.

    Get lots of those large Glad Trash bags. You will need them for the stuff that goes bad in your refrigerator after it loses power and lots of disinfectant cleaning stuff like Bleach, etc. I went to Walmart after the storm and the bleach was cleaned off the shelves (no pun intended) Mold, mildew and just good old fashioned germs will proliferate like muslims on welfare in Europe.

    1. I remember seeing one of Les Stroud's first documentary programs on the A&E network, long before "Survivorman" started the survival show trend. The program was about surviving a flood, and he made both those points too. I keep bleach in my long term storage, rotate it out often enough to make sure it's viable. I also keep a variety of trash bags in storage. You never know when that kind of thing will come in handy.

  4. Good advice from Capt'n Crunch!

    We're going from earthquakes and gang violence to storms and wildfires. My wife had been a "prepper" long before I met her, only she called the stockpile she had "Earthquake Supplies". I've since filled it out and expanded on it, and now we just call it "Emergency Supplies".

    At least where we're going doesn't have a shortage of water. There are lakes and reservoirs all over, and I have several high-quality water filters.

    1. I think when you are relocated, you will be in a much better position if something untoward happens. For one thing, you won't be living in the middle of a third world transition just waiting to happen.

      My insurance company (USAA) raised my earthquake insurance premiums so high that it wasn't cost effective to keep the policy going. We do live within striking distance of the New Madrid fault system, but we've only had two minor earthquakes in the 30 plus years I've lived here. The other reason I cancelled the earthquake insurance was that it would only cover 80 percent of the "applicable damages" which was unsatisfactory.

    2. Our neighborhood here in Long Beach is a funny one. The zip code would indicate it's a ritzy area, but whoever made the zip code maps eons ago made a jig here, and a jog there, and POOF! We're in an "expensive" area. Only we're not. We're a blue collar neighborhood with good decent people, and we're the borderline with the ritz and the rabble. Go a few blocks North of here and you hit the projects. Go a bit further North and you're in Gang Land. Go North and East a bit and you're in Compton. Further North of there is Watts. Go South and you hit the shopping centers and then the high-end boutique shops. We'd be right in the path of Da Bruddas except that our little neighborhood only has three ways in and out, and we're cut off to the North by a set of railroad tracks. So we're somewhat isolated and we'd get passed by the first few days of major civil unrest.

      I think we'll be long gone when that happens.

      17 days and counting, and POOF! We're GONE!

    3. You know, what you said about the juxtaposition of middle class, upper class and third world neighborhoods is exactly the experience my daughter has had. It's also how she describes Cincinnati, to a "T". I think that today it may be a common phenomenon in urban areas.

    4. Yeah, especially areas that are as jam-packed together as the L.A. basin is.

      The last time we were in Fort Collins and driving around looking at houses, my wife asked our daughter-in-law where the "bad" areas were. She thought about it a bit and mentioned a trailer park where weird stuff happens, and then said there really weren't any bad areas.

      Quite a difference from L.A.

    5. Colorado has it's freaky areas, but they are mostly filled with liberal wing nuts, and not bloodthirsty third worlders. It's a better place you're going to! ;-)

  5. Thanks for posting. So so glad to hear from the captain. :) and I believe every word your daughter wrote. Take care. Margie from Arkansas.

    1. Margie, it's always useful when someone who has undergone an experience of that nature will share their thoughts in an "after action report." You can never tell just what you will learn, what they will say that makes you realize you have some flaw in your planning. CC is a good writer and I've often urged him to do a blog, but he has other irons in the fire.

      My daughter has had four years now of dealing with that particular situation, and it has grown consistently worse. The city government is left wing and deeply infected with the "Limousine Liberal" mentality. She's had enough and is transferring out of that part of the country.

  6. Recent third world immigrants have a different work ethic to be sure. Are we sure that our economy would tank if they all left? I wonder how Japan, with no immigrants at all, managed to build the modern country that it is today.

    Those tips from CC are good ones. Hope his property survived. Bad experiences are always a great master teacher, are they not? Although not a disaster, we did have 300K people pour into our area for the eclipse. Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth:

    First, 20 gallons of fuel isn't enough for storage. Make sure you have enough food for family that shows up. Test out your generator beforehand. Ham radio gives out lots of good information. Finally, when the event is over, make sure you get out of town before anyone else.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend Harry, cheers! --Troy

    1. I think my daughter is taking the "for want of a nail" view on that question. Most of the really undesirable jobs in our society, are done by the kind of people she is having trouble with. Because we have an overly generous welfare system, the individuals (native born) who would do those jobs in just about any other place, don't have to work. That gives the jobs to the illegals. Construction, agriculture, basic maintenance like cleaning, garbage disposal etc. are their realm. The people who work behind the scenes washing dishes, busing tables, all for minimum wage, are the type I am thinking about. Industries of all types hire them because they just about have to. As someone pointed out in a comment above, that won't change unless we quit making it so easy and profitable for people to sit at home "smoking blunts and playing videos games" as the song says.

      The Japanese have incredible work ethics, and they do not emphasize the "individual" over the "group" as we make it point of pride to do. Japan in the 1970's was an amazing place, clean, industrious and prosperous. Same with West Germany. I don't know how it is now, but I was impressed with both countries. The Germans did have a minor "guest worker" program, mostly Turks, doing jobs Germans didn't want to do, but it wasn't a major factor.

      Immigration is just one of the problems our economy is dealing with. I think it may have more significance in my daughter's mind because it has made her job so much harder and more stressful.

      Those are good thoughts, Troy. I don't keep a whole lot of gasoline on hand, but I do keep a "flammable" shack out by the meadow with some cans of gasoline. I run my generator periodically, both to test it out and to keep the diesel engine in good form. Good thoughts.

      Hope your holiday is a good one as well.

  7. I always make sure to get laundry all done if I know a big storm is coming in. That time we lost power for eight days i was so thankful to have done so.

    1. There are just the two of us here now, and I run the laundry about every third day. But I had never thought of that as a pre-emergency procedure. After reading CC's thoughts I have added it to my check list.

  8. I think that personal safety is a topic not mentioned enough in preparedness circles - when you are cut off from support, you need to do anything you can to prevent injuries.
    Gloves are great for keeping small problems small or preventing them entirely. Boots, preferably steel toed ones, are a must when dealing with heavy items or sharp debris, and head protection comes in handy more often than most people expect when moving ungainly objects or working when there is anything above waist height (which becomes head height if you lean over or kneel). A hard hat or helmet is preferred, but even just a cloth hat will turn a cut into just a bump or bruise.