Friday, September 1, 2017

Gear Up. The Rescue of Buddy the Dog. Looting in Texas might not be a good idea.

More people are arming themselves and getting their concealed carry permits. Here in my county, the Sheriff's Department sponsors concealed carry classes and they are now full each session. You don't have to take any classes in Georgia to get a concealed carry permit, just have a clean record. But a great many "non-gun" people who moved here from elsewhere are taking these classes. One of the reasons the county is spending money to build a new range is to accommodate those who want to practice their shooting skills.

Meanwhile, this hag shows up again:

She's like the proverbial "bad penny."  She ought to go back to Gaza, but then again, it's a lot more comfortable here in the United States. I'm not sure why she hasn't been arrested for fraud long ago, but then , it may have something to do with her being a "poor, downtrodden Muslim" and a friend of Hillary Clinton.

It's been raining here for two days. I suppose it's part of the gulf hurricane passing over. Today is wet and windy, but it's supposed to start drying out Sunday.

We went into town and loaded up on things we might need for the next week. This weekend will be a busy one here in the mountains, and we want to stay off the roads. After the Labor Day weekend, things will be dead calm until mid-October, when the leaf season kicks in.

I've been watching the news about Harvey, as I suppose just about everybody has.  The looting problem has grown, and it's a bit bizarre.  Who would loot auto parts stores and shoe stores, when they are up to their derriere in flood water?  Still, it seems to be on a level that has to be expected in any catastrophe, and not on a New Orleans looting festival scale.

I have also been surprised by the number of individuals who had no water, no food, no diapers, no nothing when the storm hit.  Could  they have been completely oblivious of what was about to happen?  Or did they just sit there like bumps on a log and do nothing?  In the natural course of events, those  folks would have been part of a massive die off and thereby improved the gene pool, but they were able to sit back and be taken care of by other people. The human race doesn't have the natural checks and balances that any other species do.

Actually, looting in Texas might not work out too well:  *language caution.

Had some work done on the Cherokee Wednesday.  New radiator hoses, new belts. On the way into town, I came around a corner and there was a tiny dog in the middle of the road, all curled up.  I figured he was run over. I stopped to move his body out of the road, and to let his owners know he was dead if I could find them, because he had a collar on.

But when I pulled over, he jumped up and got in the car with me.  He had a dog tag, just like a military dog tag, on his collar. This guy was really old, his muzzle was mostly white. Looked like a terrier chihuahua mix. His collar said his name was "Buddy." It had a land line number on it.

I called the number, and a really old man answered. He said he had just put Buddy out on the porch, but he had escaped and they were looking for him.

Turned out the farm was down the road about three miles, and then way back in the woods. The road into the homestead was awful, even in a jeep. But when I got there, it was a beautiful farm. A nice farm house, a barn, outbuildings, and some pasture with horses. The fellow who owned Buddy was in his eighties, at least. He was a nice guy and I wish I'd had time to have a cup of coffee he offered me and to sit on the porch , but I was already late for the car appointment.

You just never know what's going to be around that next curve up here.

Captain Crunch lives on the gulf coast,  and he sent a narrative of his experiences during the storm. 

Hey Harry,


'Power and internet' just came up. The internet cable I thought would not work, works. It was stretched to the point of hanging only four feet from deck.

'I can live off grid for a long time with running water, flush toilets and showers. Its the lack of air conditioning that's rough when the South Texas heat and humidity kick in.
The old timers lived near the water, right up on the beach to take advantage of the water cooled breeze.

 It was so bad last I slept on my porch with a rifle that had a 950 lumin weapons light attached. I think that now the looters will settle down since power's on and more people will return to their houses.

I will write at length of lessons learned from living through a hurricane when I have more time.

thanks for everyone's concern.

One more item that really, really pissed me off today. Air Force One with Trump on board flew at low level over my house yesterday. I heard a four ultra high bypass turbofan's and I was wondering what the hell was that kind of jet doing down here in Bumfuk, Egypt. I looked out the window and it was a 747. I looked at the markings and I will be Goddamned if it was not Donald Trump in Air Force one flying at low level near stalling speed over my area.

I thought that was pretty cool.

Now some limp wristed, CNN 'cuck' said that Trump did not fly over disaster area's, he did not see flooded streets, damaged homes, etc, etc.

If I ever get within four feet of a CNN reporter. I will start punching them out and yell 'Fake News' Get out of Texas! several times as I beat the CNN reporter senseless.
I saw fake news with my own eyes. Donald Trump doing a low level fly over of my community and there is  CNN lying about.

Fake News Folks!

That would be worth a $500 fine and maybe a misdemeanor assault charge. Maybe I will do 30 days in county jail. It still would be worth it and I think I would get 'respect' in the joint from the inmates for beating up a CNN reporter.

I gotta go do more cleaning. My refrigerator smell's like a refrigerator in a morgue.

Harry, if you want post this to a guest thing on your next post.



Thought for the Day:

And then, there's this.  I keep waiting for Google to shut my blog down. They aren't at all friendly to conservatives.


  1. Interesting times ahead. More storms churning in the Atlantic.

    1. My wife said she was watching the weather channel a few weeks ago and they said this was likely to be a very eventful hurricane season. I just hope no bad remnants pass over us here in the mountains. We have the perfect set up for wind damage. Lots of dead pine beetle trees, and above ground phone and power cables.

  2. Good on you for stopping for that little dog, Harry. And for taking him home. Many times the only companionship some of our elders have is their pets.

    I'm thinking those folks in Texas - the ones helping one another and rescuing those in danger and guarding businesses - are showing the rest of the country how things should be instead of the way they are. I haven't seen any blm folks out there saving black lives. Or any of the other social justice folks pitching in to help. Just goes to show ya - 'Talk is cheap. Takes money to buy whiskey.'

    1. The difference between the Texas disaster and Katrina seems to be night and day. It has to be the values of the people involved. Overall, Texas has held together under stress, and New Orleans simply collapsed into a third world welter of violence, greed, selfishness, and chaos.

      I still get turtles off the road after a rain, before some jerk can come along and intentionally run over them. I like animals.

  3. I was wondering how Captaincrunch had made out. Glad to hear he is OK. Good thing you got that doggie out of trouble. Sounds like he was no too street wise. Hate to see any animal get hurt. Must have been quite a relief to see him get up when you thought he was done for.

    1. I think Buddy was a a bit senile. He was really old. I have more sympathy for that kind of thing than I used to. Years ago, I'd leave for work before dark, get down to the hard surface road, and I would often find an old woman in her nightgown, walking on the road, "looking for her husband." He'd been dead for years. Then I had to stop, call the Sheriff's department, and wait til they got out there. So I'd be late to work. Overall, Buddy was a lot easier to deal with. ;-)

  4. And I went to the range this morning. I shot 105 rounds of 45 and just under 200 rounds of 9mm. Fun day.

    At least the military is not trying to disarm the civilians like they tried to do at Katrina - God bless Texas.

    1. There's largely been good order in Texas, and Texas didn't have to call in law enforcement from all over the country. California State Highway Patrolmen, for whatever reason, had a particularly unsavory reputation in Katrina, as did certain federal agencies. I think it's all about different values and the type of people who live in the effected areas.

      I hope you reload, that's a lot of ammo. ;-)

  5. You have a big heart, Harry. God Bless you! Not many people will stop, let alone take the poor pup home.

    And thanks for the update on Captaincrunch. I've been prayin' for him & the good folks of Texas.

    1. I'm a lot more apt to stop for animals than for people these days. Animals usually don't rob you and take your car! ;-)

      Things look rough in Texas but they are a pretty stalwart people.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Ok here are some tips for living through a disaster.

    If you know a storm or something is coming. Restock supplies, food, water, fuel, fill up all fuel tanks etc.
    Everyone knows that part.

    Here's something new.

    Clean your house, wash all clothes, etc. Take a shower before the storm and work on personal hygiene because guess what. You will stand a good chance of losing water or power to heat water.
    This is a habit that I learned from military service. Good grooming standards, short haircuts etc.

    Once fresh water runs out being clean cut already will make you feel more comfortable in arduous conditions.

    Next and most important is sleep. If you have the time before the storm sets in. Get a few hours sleep. Once the crap hits the fan. You may have to go days without sleep or being relaxed. Make sure everyone in your party is well rested and not into the event/storm exhausted or stressed out. Your survival will depend on you being alert when your roof starts to peel off or your neighbors house flies into your house and you have to think fast and react quickly.

    On that note. Keep your main bug out vehicle in a garage if you can to use as backup storm shelter. I don't know if that's good advice but personally I would rather be in a vehicle with airbags than lying in a bathtub when the roof explodes off the house. I think the explosive decompression may just suck you out of the bathtub.

    In hurricanes, the old timers say vent a window, crack the window to allow air pressure to equalize to keep the roof from blowing off. If the wind is out of the north. Crack a window on the north. If the window is out of the south then crack a window open facing south. It worked for me.

    The most important part of going through a storm like a hurricane is being calm and collected. Rash decisions can be fatal.

    When the storm ends. Stay at your house and don't drive around like a tourist.
    First responders, county vehicles, power company trucks will converge on the area you live in. Don't add to the traffic jam unless you have a serious reason to leave your house.

    One more word of wisdom. Wear gloves so you don't injure your hands while cleaning up trash etc. Lots of sharp trash in a disaster area. Lots of potential injuries in debris and garbage.


    feel free to post this as a guess comment if you want.