Monday, September 18, 2017

I was never really a stamp collector, still... Walter Williams on the Civil War.

I wrote snail mail letters from about 1971 through 1992.  Since my family kept many of the letters, I collected stamps by default.  On line bill pay didn't come into use until much later, and I still  buy stamps to pay bills right up through the present.  When I went to the Post Office, I passed on the schlock and usually bought stamps with a historical connotation.

I have lots of stamps that commemorate different branches of the Armed Forces, especially the Marines. I also have a few that acknowledged Civil War heroes.  But the definition of "hero" has changed dramatically in some parts of the country since those days.  I don't expect to see any more stamps like these floating around in my life time.

Walter Williams is a college professor and a long time conservative commentator. On my old blog, I used to publish his articles pretty frequently.  He was kind enough to give me his permission to do so, something not every writer is willing to do.

I found this while doing some research on the stamps, and I thought it might be interesting for people who haven't really read a lot about the War Between the States.  Williams has put up with a lot of criticism and abuse from the left over the years.  He's an unsung American Hero.  If you read World Net Daily you are probably already familiar with him.

Thought for the Day:


  1. Those stamps are beautiful. It is good that the heroes are remembered with commemorative stamps. I don't undertand this trend to try to erase history. Pulling down statues, banning flags, doesn't change a thing. All that does is show the stupidity of those demanding that all things they don't like be destroyed. I see they are now moving on to our founding fathers and even Christopher Columbus. Seems to me that the time and energy spent on destroying any symbols of history would be better spent if applied to trying to fix the problems of today.

    By the way, thanks for posting the Williams video. The man knows whereof he speaks.

  2. They really are, aren't they? The post office used to go to some lengths to have attractive stamps that told a story. The last stamps I bought, about a month ago, were just ugly circles with "forever stamp" on them.

    It was just a matter of time before the leftards got around to attacking non-Confederate memorials. Once they saw they could do it with impunity, and without the slightest repercussions, it was inevitable. I saw a segment on One America News about the recent attack on a statue of Francis Scott Key, who wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Vandals damaged the statue and drenched the marble with red paint.

    Williams is a great guy and has been around a long time. He has taken an unholy amount of abuse from black extremists and white leftists, but he always maintains his calm, and his dignity. When I wrote to him years ago, asking permission to publish his articles on the old blog, he wrote me back a nice, personal letter. Nobody else has ever done that, the best I get is a one liner email saying "ok."

  3. saw on gorges grouse that some fool has taken exception to the sale of cotton bolls because they are 'a symbol of slavery'.
    what fool these mortals be.
    there is no cure for stupidity. except the orkin man.

    1. I saw an article to that effect as well. Guess they will have to wear spandex. ;-)

  4. I collected stamps as a kid and enjoyed it. I'd hoped my granddaughter might be interested in collection, but she wasn't, so I let her dad sell it at a yard sale. The left wants to get rid of history so they can write new books telling even more lies than they do now. I used to read William's column in my local paper until the rest of the paper got so worthless that I quite getting it.

    1. My brother collects stamps, he's got quite a selection. Seems like interest in the hobby isn't what it used to be now though. Too many digital distractions, perhaps.

      Williams was a writer for the Nando News, which hasn't been around for about 20 years now, and that's when I first started reading his articles. He's a guest columnist on World Net Daily. Over the years, the guy has taken some horrific flak from people calling him "Uncle Tom" and from white liberals demeaning him as "Stephn Fetchit." But he just shrugs them off. I admire his self control and his dignity.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I don't collect stamps but I would own some of the those stamps above as well a stamp with Andrew Jackson on it.

    Something of interest popped up on YouTube.

    styxhexanhammer666 did a video on how 'Juggalo's from the band 'Insane Clown Posse' (ICP) met up with some pro-Trump supporters from Kentucky that were into Bluegrass and they all had a great time. I think Antifa may be afraid of Juggalo's and maybe a Juggalo army at an Antifa rally would be a real hoot to watch.

    For those who don't know. The fans if Insane Clown Posse dress up as semi-creepy clowns. They are known as 'Juggalo's and as I understand it they just want to drink a few beers, create a little mischief but they never hurt anyone. Now if they were attacked by Antifa or Black Lives Matter, I'm sure it would be game on at that point and the battle would be epic.
    Clowns beating up Antifa. That would be a dream come true.

    1. Did you see where the ICP and Juggalo's/Juggalettes are now labeled a "gang" by the FBI? What the hell?

      Antifa and anybody else would be well advised to steer clear of the ICP crowd if they plan on interacting with them in a negative way. The ICP fans don't react well to harrassment.

      Maybe we should hire the Juggalo's as mercenaries to get rid of Antifa? It would work...