Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Irma woes. Do you have 87 cents? A man's home is his castle.

I was in Murphy, N.C. this morning, sitting in the car under a tree at Burgher King.  This guy about 25 comes up to the car window and says "Hey man, do you have 87 cents?"  I said, "yeah."  He looked at me, I looked at him. He stood there awhile, and then he went over to the next car. A lady about 55 was in it. He asked her for 87 cents and she gave him a buck.  He went on into Burgher King. I hate panhandlers. They should go to California where they're welcome and loved.  Appalachia doesn't have much pity.

Irma seems to be coming our way.  We have snow storms, ice storms, wind storms, freezing rain storms but I dread hurricane remnants more than anything. We just aren't set up here to deal with extensive damage to power lines, phone lines and roads. Even worse, I live in the "hillbilly" part of the county, where there aren't any rich people.  When we have storms, the utility crews rush out to the lake to make sure the lake house people can use their cappuccino makers. It can be weeks, literally, before they get around to taking care of us out here because we don't matter.

Here's an excerpt from a  sad story.  This guy made it through combat overseas, then three punks murder him in his own garage. A man's home may be his castle, but outside the walls the barbarians wait.

Fox News
Atlanta, Ga
5 Sept 2017

A disabled Marine veteran was shot and killed during a confrontation in his garage with would-be home invaders on Friday, police said.

Authorities said that Phillip Lamar Davis, 47, was getting ready to take his wife to work early Friday morning when he opened the garage door and three masked men ambushed them.

Police believe the men intended to rob the victims after entering their home.

When they confronted the couple, Davis tried to protect his wife and push them away, sparking a struggle, during which Davis was shot, police said. His wife took off and ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

“She was just screaming, ‘There's gunshots, there's gunshots. Get here right now,’” the wife’s sister, Daphne Sinclair, said, reports WPXI. “She heard the gunshots and she ran to a neighbor’s house saying, ‘Call 911.’”

The couple were high school sweethearts.
The rest of the article says exactly what you’d expect.  The three perps got away and there are no leads. These people lived in a nice “gated” neighborhood and that’s the prime hunting grounds now for home invaders. It’s so common most of the incidents are not even reported.

Sad Times all around.


Thought for the Day:


  1. 87 cents??? talk about odd. Sounds real sketchy to me. I'll have to use your stare-down tactic next time one hits me up. A couple of years ago I had one standing next to a Wendy's "hiring now sign" with his own pan handling sign. I asked him if he knew how to read and pointed at the Wendy' sign. The mook had a nice 300$ North Face backpack and matching jacket too.
    The news report on the murdered veteran is awful. Who'd have imagined in a gated community you'd need to check your driveway before you open the garage door. There is no way you'd get me to live in a major metropolitan area like that. It is bad enough here as it is.

    1. The thugs used to be just hispanic or black, but now Atlanta's large Vietnamese community has gotten into the racket. People started moving out of the city into these McMansion neighborhoods, and all they really accomplished was to concentrate the wealth in an easy to target area. "Gated" doesn't mean much, as some don't have any gate at all, and others are like where my daughter lives. It has a gate but it has a combination and everybody and their dog knows the combination. The only places that are really secure as those with live security on the sole entrance.

      That guy that came up bumming was running some kind of scam. I detest being accosted on the street by beggars.

  2. I spent the afternoon in my local tavern here in the U. P .of Michigan talking with the other old guys about how it used to be around here. We had a very nice time. Then I came home and watched some of the news and turned on my computer. It really sucks now. Problems that we used to deal with ourselves and as communities are now major problems because people are just so incapable of dealing with anything without the government providing help and direction . --ken

    1. Ken, it absolutely does. Life now much harder and much more dangerous than it used to be. So many people are essentially wards of the government now , and they are the ones who can't pour water out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel. No where is safe, and where as you used to could trust that most people you ran into were good people, now it's the other way around. What you say is exactly right.

  3. Unfortunately, the best method is to shoot first, and never ask questions, except after the first round is away. It's appropriate to ask the intruder's name at that point. If they answer, you shoot them again.

    1. It is, but even here in Georgia, if the perps are hispanic or black, you're done. The story would be that these three home invaders were actually delivering religious literature, and that this blood thirsty veteran gunned them down in cold blood. Nobody gives a fat rats a** that they killed him and ran off. Nobody cares, that's so common in Atlanta now that they don't even report them on the local networks unless there's some good "hook" with the story. Makes me sick.

      When I am working outside, I always carry a rifle. I used to do that because of predatory animals, particularly wild hogs. Now I do it more because of the freaks that have moved up here and made the place dangerous.

  4. Hey Harry,


    That's a sad story on the 'unarmed' Marine that got shot in his driveway.

    'File this under 'Happyness is a Belt Fed Weapon'

    If I lived in Atlanta. I would have a 'Dshk" or Dushka Russian 12.7 mm Machine Gun.

    Three thugs invade and I will introduce them to 'my little friend'

    Speaking of Russian designed stuff.

    The Chinese are backing away from their support of North Korea.
    I think its very possible that 'our' nukes will be used against North Korea. First Nukes lit off since August, 1945.

    'At this point I don't see where Trump has much of a choice.
    The North Korean powder keg is fixing to go off. It will be real interesting monitoring the radiation clouds over the Pacific. Kinda like Chernobyl on Steroids back in '86.

    Poor Japan dealing with Fukishima and now possible North Korean radiation.

    1. CC: I think we will just keep blowing smoke and posturing until Little Kim actually drops a nuc on one of our cities. Then it will be too late for those folks of course, but that's what is going to happen. Trump may have the stones to take out the North Koreans, but the Deep State will see to it that he gets no support. Instead, they'll say we need to "use diplomacy" which has worked for well for us in the last 15 years. I remember that dipsh*t Bill Clinton telling the country we had resolved the problem by giving N Korea food and fuel, and that was 15 years ago. Nobody will do anything until Kim kills a few million Americans.

      As for the thing in Atlanta, people never thing it's going to happen to them. It's always somebody else that is going to get whacked by the home invaders. So they are surprised when it happens and that's all she wrote.

      I think you and I take precautions but most people out there don't. They rely on the "sardine" defense, there are so many of us sardines that the sharks can't eat us all. That works fine until you get eaten.

  5. Hi Harry, that's a sad story. But you're right, home is our castle, but we can't trust anyone outside at all. We had two guys last month, walk right up on to our deck and peep inside our window. Alex was furious and he said he wished we had better protection because these guys just tried to argue and justify why they were peeping in. Their excuse was that our house looked abandoned and they wanted to see inside. Yeah right.

    Hope you're safe from Irma. The same thing happens here. The rich area's power is always restored before the poor areas. After we leave this place, we'll have generators so we don't have to rely on that hypocracy.

  6. No one rushes out to fix our electricity either. What's kind of funny is that I'm signed up to get texts from the power company if the grid goes down. Sometimes I'll get a text that we don't have power, when I'm at home and we do. Then an hour later I'll get a text that the power is back on. When it never went off. So strange.

    1. Lisa, my phone and internet are out now, and will be for days. I climbed up on the boulders upslope from my meadow, and used my cell phone to report the outage. But the stupid computer on their end wanted a number they could call me back at. They know your phone is out, they know cell service doesn't work up here, but they make that a prerequisite to report and outage. And you can't get a human being on the phone.

      The computer said they might get someone out here by Saturday. I hate Windstream. But they are the only service provider here in the mountains.

  7. There are times when it's good to be in the mountains of NH.

    We've friends in the Virgin Islands. No idea when we'll hear from them. There house is on a hill,so if they can survive the wind they'll be Okay from the flooding.

    1. Thunderstorm with massive lightning got our phone line last night. Seems like no matter where you are it's a constant struggle to keep everything up and running.

      I've been to Saint Thomas. Wouldn't want to be there now, though.

  8. Yep I have some friends that have evacuated Savannah and others in Florida that have evacuated. A few others are complaining about the fires. :( Stay safe!