Sunday, September 17, 2017

Quiet up here at the moment. A consideration of burgeoning Islamism.

It's Sunday afternoon here.  Relatively cool and the humidity is about 75%, which is good for the time of year.

Yesterday we drove up to the big lake in the next county for lunch, then went to North Carolina so my wife could do some shopping. She needed to relax and that's one of her favorite ways of doing that. I sat out in the car and listened to talk radio most of the time, though I did go in when we got to the "scratch and dint" grocery store.

I've mentioned my dismay at seeing Moslems turning up in my county.  If that's racist, then so be it. I suppose it's racist to not want copperhead snakes under your porch, until they kill your dog. That's the way things seem to be today.

What really surprised me was seeing them in Murphy,  North Carolina. Murphy has always been a rough place, it used to be a sawmill town, when we first came up here in 1986 that was all that was there.  I don't think Moslems are going to find a warm welcome there at all.   Murphy is the town that hid out Eric Rudolph while the FBI was running around up there, trying to intimidate people and offering huge rewards for someone to betray him. They didn't make much progress.

I usually link to posts or articles that I think people would be interested in, but in this case, I wanted to republish the whole article. Lately I have noticed that videos and articles tend to disappear from the internet without warning, especially if they are not preaching the Kumbaya party line espoused by Google. The only way to make sure people have access to them is to publish them on your blog. And even then, there's no guarantee some Antifa worm working at Google won't delete the whole blog.

By Julienne Davis
September 16, 2017
The terrorist bombing Friday of a train on the London Underground, which injured 30 people – including one of my very close friends – was yet more evidence of a painful truth: the Islamification of the United Kingdom and Europe is well under way, changing the very character of the continent that gave birth to Western Civilization.

To escape this disturbing transformation of Britain – a place I had come to love after spending much of my adult life there, even becoming a dual British-U.S. citizen in 2000 – my English husband and I moved back to America at the end of 2006. I felt like a bit of a coward, but I did not want to live in an England changing dramatically for the worse before my eyes.

Yet now I fear that the United States will be next in line to see our wonderful traditions of freedom, tolerance, respect for human rights and the rule of law threatened by the regressive and oppressive ideology of Islamic fundamentalism.

Friday’s terrorist attack in London brought these fears to the front of my mind, especially after my friend nearly lost her life when the bomb partially detonated in the train car she was riding in. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, claimed responsibility for the bombing.

My friend told me she heard the bomb go off 30 feet away, looked in the direction of the sound and saw a huge fireball coming towards her. Her skin is burned, she no longer has eyebrows and eyelashes, and her hair and clothes were singed as well. She will recover. But if the bomb had detonated properly, I would be preparing now to attend her funeral.

My husband and I saw Britain changing before our eyes. The final straw was during the 2006 Danish Embassy Muhammad cartoon protest, when hundreds of Islamists holding signs like “Behead Infidels” and “Prepare for a New Holocaust,” marched unopposed to the Danish Embassy in London.

The bombing was the fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year but the first on London’s mass transit system since bombings on three trains and a bus on July 7, 2005 that killed 52 people and wounded over 700. I remember the day clearly – people dazed, frightened and with blood on their shirts coming out of the tube.

Is this what awaits us in the U.S. five or 10 years from now? Rather than flee again, I feel the need to speak out before it is too late.

Let me be clear: In a free land, everyone should be free to follow the religion of his or her choice. But sadly, fundamentalist Islam does not allow other theologies to coexist.

Islamism, as the Brookings Institution describes it, is based on the belief that “Islamic law or Islamic values should play a central role in public life. They (Islamists) feel Islam has things to say about how politics should be conducted, how the law should be applied, and how other people – not just themselves – should conduct themselves.”

Islamification is the imposition of an Islamist social and political system onto a society – depriving individuals (particularly women) of their freedoms and making even nations where Muslims are in the minority change their way of life to be more aligned with Islamic fundamentalism.

This has nothing in common with the pluralistic and polytheist society I grew up in living in the U.S. or that I found in England years ago.

Tragically, things are only going to get worse – much worse – in Europe. The British and European Union governments are no longer looking after their people and are willfully allowing the destruction of their culture and free societies. They have utterly failed their citizens.

An English friend told me recently that her daughter’s Church of England village school was teaching what they call RE (Religious Education) to the children and spending an inordinate amount of time and positively favoring Islam over other religions. Children of all faiths are now being taught how to pray to Allah with prayer mats.

The Koran is the only book open on a stand at the back of the classroom. And at a school assembly when the prophet Muhammad was mentioned, 200 children chanted in unison:  “Peace be upon him.”

I was speechless when I heard this. But I am continually shocked at the news coming out of Britain – a country that is my second home and one I love so very much.

My husband and I saw Britain changing before our eyes. The final straw for my husband and I was during the 2006 Danish Embassy Muhammad cartoon protest, when hundreds of Islamists holding signs like “Behead Infidels” and “Prepare for a New Holocaust,” marched unopposed to the Danish Embassy in London.

The only person arrested that day was an Englishman who jeered at the Islamists. Upon seeing that, my husband turned to me and painfully admitted with tears in his eyes, “England is finished. I guess I’d rather be a stranger in a strange land, than a stranger in my own land.”  We left England when his U.S. green card came through.

Since then, we have heard about many more incidents happening in the United Kingdom from friends who live there – not just in the news.

There was the nail bomb attack at a pop concert; Islamists shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they stabbed and drove into people on deadly rampages; and the beheading of a British soldier in the streets of London in broad daylight.

In addition, many churches are being converted to mosques with minarets and are now broadcasting calls to prayer; Muslim rapists have targeted underage English girls; and the insidious Islamist indoctrination of children in schools is becoming more common.

How do you irreparably change a country? By targeting and indoctrinating its children.

On top of this, the United Kingdom’s flawed immigration policies and laws have enabling a rapid rise in the Muslim population to more than 3.5 million, equalling 5.5 percent of the nation in 2016, according to the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council.

The institute reports that a survey found that 23 percent of British Muslims advocate replacement of British law with Islamic law in areas with large Muslim populations. And the same survey estimates that “more than 100,000 British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers.”

Many of us in the U.S. may hear of these incidences and are horrified. But we are relived that at least none of this is happening over here.

But what is going on in Britain and Europe is both a warning and a precursor to what could very well happen here if we don’t take heed. Furthermore, allowing the Islamists in America to change our laws, ethics and customs to suit or cater to only their beliefs at the expense of others is a slippery slope.

I am glad I returned to the United States. At the time of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our country my patriotism welled up in me like a tidal wave and only grew. And I became appalled by the anti-American and pro-Islamist rhetoric that was going on in the leftist British media and among friends and acquaintances there.

Everyone who lives in the United States is lucky and blessed to be here. While we will continue to welcome people here from around the world, we need to be careful to not change the very character of our nation by opening the floodgates to people determined to recast our country into the image of another culture.


  1. Hi Harry. Good post today. Growing up in Montreal, there is diversity, and for the most part people aren't violent. But even in Canada where we are more tolerant, there are growing numbers of people who are fed up with the government catering to immigrants and ignoring what Canadians need. I'm one of them.

    Having said that, stereotypes are there for a reason. They weren't invented out of nowhere, and I find it sad when someone who is against stereotyping displays the behaviours that labeled them in the first place. I remember visiting New York City back in the 90's. I stayed with my best friend from high school, she was a black girl. Walking down some big street downtown,there were black Muslims yelling at her to get rid of "whitey" and preaching the terrors of the "white man". They approached me very aggressively, swearing and yelling. My friend just said "don't respond, let's just go." So we walked a little quicker; and if I weren't on a crowded street, I would think their intention was violence. I don't like any religion that preaches violence (especially towards women) and I agree that they should stick to their own country where they can plot and kill each other and not innocent people, me included.

    But on the other hand, one of our good friends was born in Dubai and has no violent bone in his body. We enjoy his company and he hates politics and religion. I try not to judge people, but society today makes that a hard thing NOT to do.

    Glad you're all safe from the hurricane!

    I always have deep thoughts when I read your blog! And I'm sure I'll be labeled racist by some person or the other, but that's fine. I feel safe giving my opinion here. :)

    1. Rain, I think my aversion to Islam really began with the U.S. intervention in Lebanon 1982-1984. I didn't care for them before that, but I didn't actively detest them. However, after having been in and out of Lebanon during that time frame, and seeing Islam on it's home ground, I knew it for what it is. It's a life style and mindset that is wholly incompatible with personal freedom. Some of the people who practice less extreme versions ,such as they are, may be decent people. But Islam overall is a huge threat to Western culture. The two aren't going Germans in World War II were completely decent people. They didn't support the darker aspects of National Socialism. They didn't know how to resist it. But they certainly made the spread of the National Socialists possible. The "good" Moslems are in that unhappy position today.

      It won't do us much good to have a nice person living next door to us, if his coreligionists are running the show and enforcing their culture on us.

      I do know what you are pointing out, and I agree that there's no race, creed or color on earth that's all bad. It's just that trying to protect ourselves from the overall negative aspects of Islamism makes the "good" Moslems superfluous, not least because they don't seem to be very interested in standing up against the fanatics.

      Don't worry about labels. No matter what you do , say , or think today half the U.S. population will label you a racist. I can't see that it matters anymore. I'm way past worrying about that, though when I started this blog I bent over backwards to avoid being too honest, for fear of offending someone. Several years of being threatened, cursed and vilified by lefties who try to leave scurrilous comments on the blog has inured me to that. I could not care less what that trash thinks.

      I'm glad you didn't get beaten up or worse when you went through that incident in the 90's. It could have ended a lot worse than it did.

      You can always say what you want to here. The worse that can happen is some nitwit troll may track you back to your blog, and then you will have to enable comment moderation but that's not too bad.

  2. Replies
    1. I thought the author was very articulate, and that she made the point I've tried to before. Being opposed to idiocy and intimidation, whether it comes from Islamists, BLM thugs, or leftist twits in black sweatsuits, does not mean you are a bad person.

  3. I think once Trump is gone, things will go to hell in a heartbeat, no matter WHO is elected.

    1. Gorges, things are already pretty bad, but without President Trump it would already be all over but the crying. If he were not at the helm, and some greasy politician like Clinton or McCaine were running the show, it would not bear thinking about.

  4. Good piece. I had not seen it before. When will the sheeple wake up?

    1. Michael. I have talked to people in this county about these issues, and they have largely ignored them. The catch phrase is "it is not my ox being gored." But even the most insular and obtuse have to have some reservations about the course of events these last few years. Having the Burka Bunch showing up in our grocery stores and gas stations has made a lot of people hit realize that we are not isolated from events in the rest of the country. Where that will lead, I do not know but I have hope.

    2. Six years ago you never would have seen one around here. But but southern Maine in general, and more specifically Portland being a town that goes out of its way to be multi-culty and denigrate all things American, went out of their way to invite them in. Assimilation is not part of their culture and as intended they are leaving their mark on our own, and more often than not it is not a positive one. Question is, where can one go to escape this?

    3. I would never, ever have believed they would show up here. There is no way to make a living up here, but I didn't count on the government putting them here with subsidized housing and fat welfare checks. I think there is no where a person could go to get away from them now .

    4. correct. see them in the affluent town near us driving expensive suv's and able to buy meat at the grocery regardless of cost. i am sure they are being subsidized from outside as well as draining our resources through welfare and other sources. decked our in almost full moslem burka except, in most instances, the face mask. guess it interferes with their driving.
      always have several children in tow.
      arafat said they would conquer europe with the moslem womb. they've now brought their wombs to the americas.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I already wargamed this one out!

    'Vlad Tepes to the Rescue!

    The Russians are building up to another world war. I think Islam will take over most of Europe and next the muslims will invade the Slavic countries like the Turk's did hundreds of years ago.
    The Russians (The Orthodox Church) has a long lasting hatred of Islam and the Turk's for losing the Byzantine Empire. They know Islam will attempt to take over their lands if they don't fight back and the Russians will attack Western Europe (Islamic States of Europe) with Nukes decades from now.
    Islam will become virtually extinct in Western Europe as it did in Spain and other countries after the Moors eventually cleared out centuries earlier.

    History will always repeat itself.

  6. CC, I doubt the Russians want a world war, but I also think they have no use for Islam. I think they are not wrapped in cobwebs like we are, because they are not hamstrung by the false doctrines of "political correctness" and "multiculturalism."

    I have not lost hope for Europe. There are a lot of good people there who want to resist Islam, but don't know how to do it. Just like us here with Antifa. I'd be ecstatic to see a situation arise where the left and right could just fight it out. We'd annihilate them. Backhoe and quick lime prices would skyrocket. But until that kind of environment arises, the right is crippled by it's adherence to "the law." That only works in favor of the left, since they don't bother with considerations of "is this legal."

    Maybe we have an "El Cid" out there right now, but the crisis hasn't risen to a point where the moment is right for him to "arise." I think it could happen. Napoleon and Hitler both came from obscurity in times of great social disorder and rose to the top. I'm not advocating the rise of a new Hitler, but we could use a charismatic, shrewd, ruthless leader who could get us out of this mess.

    1. Hey Harry,


      What I should have wrote was 'The Russians know there is another war coming' It could be that Western Europeaon nations are running out of raw materiels, oil, natural gas and money to pay for those materiels from Russia.
      The next step is to invade Russia with all those wonderful 'Idle' muslim men.
      I would not put it past the Germans (Current German Government)to start World War Three. They started two wars in the last century. Maybe they think the third time's the charm (sarcasm)

    2. The big difference between us, and the Russians, is that they figure out what's right and beneficial for Russia, and the Russian people. Then they act on it.

      The Western countries don't. Everything has to be seen through liberal rose tinted glasses. Everything has to be considered in view of the "minorities." If something is good for the country as a whole, but not efficacious for some splinter group, then it can't be instituted.

      Europeans are scared of the Russians. They still have a collective memory of 1945. If Moslems are able to seize power in European countries, which I would agree is now a possibility (London has it's Moslem mayor, after all), then something like you postulate might actually happen. But Russia adheres to the old military maxim of "kicking ass and taking names." I doubt even the idiotic and besotted followers of the prophet would want to tangle with the Russians face to face. Islam is more about back shooting and blowing up civilians on trains and in markets.

      No telling what's coming on that front, though. You're as likely to be right as I am, and we might both be surprised by events over there down the road.

  7. This is probably the best article I have seen on the subject. On a personal level, I am seeing the effects of the Muslim influence not 40 miles from my home, in the schools, in our state government, in our way of life. Minnesota was once a good place to live, to work, to raise a family. Slowly but surely that is changing. And the sad part is, most refuse to acknowledge the reason.

    1. Vicki, I have never heard of this writer before, but I was impressed with her clear articulation of the problem, and her morale courage in addressing the issue. She is apparently an actress, so she is showing some real bravery in publishing under her own name. Hollywood casting directors don't use people who don't worship liberalism and multiculturalism. Robert Lee Ermey wrote a long missive on his misfortunes in that regard.

      People get so wrapped up in making the car payment, they can't see what's going on around them. Then there are people like you and me. We do see the problems, but we can't find an effective way to resist . I don't know what to do about that.

  8. Thanks Harry for sharing this article. I feel so sorry for the decent, good citizens of Europe. Their leaders have abandoned them in favor of the muslim immigrants. What can they do? It is very scary to see the same thing happening in this country. Most of our elected leaders have no regard or loyalty to "we the people." Jana

    1. Jana, I'm sure it will disappear from the internet, and I only found it on a very obscure section of a massive "news catcher" site. I wanted to make sure as many people saw it as possible, and I hope a lot of others will be passing it around.

      The Europeans at the level of the street don't want to be overrun with Islamists, but as you point out, the "leadership" there is weak, disorganized, and obsessed with multiculturalism and political correctness. Here at home, the same thing is true. We have President Trump, who is a bulwark against these ills, but the Deep State and the corruption of the Republican Party is thwarting him at every turn.

      What gives me hope is that old saying "it ain't over until it's over." Right now, only the left resorts to violence, and law breaking on a grand scale. But if the right ever gets pushed hard enough, they can annihilate the leftist thugs in short order. BLM and Antifa can only get away with their little routines while the rest of us let them. And we only let them because we have no legal mechanism to stop them.

  9. Harry, excellent repost, thank you. I agree 100 % with her comments. I read your comments about having a copperhead snake under the porch to my husband, who snorted out loud ;). And thank you for your comments to my blog a few weeks ago, I hadn't gone on the blog since you posted since we hadn't done any more motorcycle trips, but we are finishing up one now. I was so surprised to see your name there! Thanks again.

    1. Hilogene, lot's of people only post on their blog every month or so, especially active people who are out and about like you and your husband. I was glad to see your comment, and I like your blog.

      I thought the article was well reasoned, and that her perspective was one we don't get to see often, someone who has lived in Europe and the U.S.

      Because of what she said though, she won't get much "coverage" on the MSM (or none at all). Maybe her article will get passed on by word of mouth. I hope so.

  10. that is a great article Harry, thanks for posting it. I have been having some of those same feelings for some time> I fear the country my grandchildren will inherit will be unrecognizable.

  11. Col. (ret) Kratman wrote a science fiction book, Caliphate, his vision of what may happen if these trends continue. It's free online.

  12. harry, try to read bison prepper at
    for today. 'american nazis 2'.
    everyone thinks soros and antifa are the ones to get rid of but they are 'click bait' to draw out the resistance.
    who knows who are the people really behind all the evil. they will never show themselves.