Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not venturing out today.

Finally, a cold front has come through. Things are drying out, and the temperatures are backdown in the 70's. M and I are staying home today.  We have a big stew cooking in the crock pot, and there's nothing we have to do so we are just  taking it easy.

New catalogs:

I really enjoy this catalog.  It's free, and it's full of good things that might come in handy. They don't sell "top of the line" things, they are more oriented towards "good enough" , so their products are less costly. For instance, the scanner on the front page is excellent, Uniden makes them right, and it's not that expensive. The catalog had some good items I wanted, so I went ahead and placed an order. None of it is particularly expensive, just things like water proof matches and a few other items that caught my eye.

The new BudK catalog came too.  They are  the same company as the one above, just different names for different catalogs oriented towards slightly different products, as far as I can tell.

 I notice some of the "standard" knives that BudK sells a lot of have gone up a bit. Everything else is , so I am not surprised.  Years ago I bought a good many of these "standard" knives as barter items, and they are still out there in the barn, waiting for the day I need them. They aren't fancy but they are sturdy. Got to have something to trade for vegetables since I am not particularly successful with my own garden.

I was over at Six Bears, and one of his visitors mentioned this book. I'd never heard of it.  I'm one of those people who likes the desert, especially the Southwest.  I doubt I will ever end up there at  this stage of my life, but I ordered this anyway.  Something the author thought up for the desert might work for me here in the forest, and it looks like good reading.

A good surplus outfit:

Omaha's Surplus was recommended to me.  I bought some corrosive bore cleaner from them, and was very happy with the condition of the cans and the product overall.  I ordered two, but they sent me three. I called them and wanted to pay for the third can, but they said no, that they sent it as a "freebie." They wouldn't let me pay.

I appreciate that kind of treatment. They must be native Texans.

I wanted to let other people know about them, as they seem to have a lot of good gear to offer.

Omaha's Surplus


Normally, I think "sexual harassment" is mostly nonsense, but I was glad to see a big Democratic donor come to grief, and I was also delighted to see all his Demi friends scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on in a Moon Bat kitchen.

Thought for the day:


  1. Quite a few times I've bought books that I've seen on your site, so fair is fair. Where you able to find it for a reasonable price, or did you bite the bullet and just go with it?

    It's slowly starting to feel like fall up here, but still pretty mild. One day I'll wake up and it'll be winter. The seasons seem to flip like that these days.

    1. A used copy, paperback, through a third party seller ran me about $30.00, supposed to be in very good condition. There were some in new condition, but they were really expensive and I have no problem at all with used books. They had a Kindle edition for about $14.00, but I'd rather have hard copy of self sufficiency related books.

      Today was our first decent day since Nate came through. Not like fall but at least not like August. I am ready for Winter.

  2. It was sundown as I read this, so I hope your day was a good one.

    1. It was pretty good. We had some trouble with our satellite television, and since Direct TV has an Indian call center, that's always a pain in the rear. Other than that, it went pretty fast. I didn't mean to do any non-essential chores today but I wound up working outside some anyway.

  3. I have been thinking about getting a scanner lately. But I'm on the fence about it since I think our sheriff's department has gone to a digital comms format. Don't think I could listen in on them. But I know I could pick up air traffic control. Do you think it would still be worth it? --Troy

    1. I don't think listening to the guys in the pattern at your local airfield would really be worth the expenditure, Troy. If the Sheriff's department is using encryption, or trunking, or something else that prevents you from listening in, then are there other departments of the state or county government that use VHF in the clear? Things like Fire and Rescue can tip you off to big accidents, or fires, things of that nature. If there's an equivalent to our Department of Natural Resources (the state forestas) they are worth listening to. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't provide enough useful information to be worth the money.

  4. Hey Harry,


    I gotta check into that 'Omaha's Surplus'

    I'm glad to see both the NFL and Hollywood go into self destruction mode. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see liberal nutjob's fall from grace and crash into the cesspool.

    I gotta say back to the previous post and the discussion on self defense, dealing with disrespectful morlock's etc. I live in a area that is mostly white. The schools are mostly white and crime is low and race related crime is almost non-existent.
    I chose this area for the closeness to the beaches in the first place. I never looked around to notice the color of skin or the culture of the people when I first moved here. Texas does not have a huge amount of multi-generational racism that is found in the old south.
    We have problems every now and then but not to the extent that is found in the Carolina's, Maryland and other states.

    South of the place were I live is Rockport, Texas and other coastal communities that are great retirement area's even though they got smacked hard from Hurricane Harvey. They are quiet and peaceful places to live.
    I encourage anyone looking at retirement communities to look at the Gulf Coast of Texas. Check out Surfside Beach Texas and all the way down to Brownsville and South Padre Island.
    Yeah' its hotter than hell in the summer months and we get the occasional hurricane but there is no ice, snow, air pollution, racial problems and mobs of teenagers looting stores, etc,etc,

    1. Texas doesn't have an over abundance of Goblins, though you have more than your share of Hispanics down there. I know the normal Mexicans are ok, we have them here too, but they seem to draw the bad one's like flies on horse crap.

      I have long thought, looking at the maps of Texas, that there have to be places on that long coast, small towns with no tourists, in the middle of nowhere. Reading Clive Custler's books on his underwater explorations, he described a town near the Mexican border on the coast that was exactly what I would like. I doubt I'll move out of here though. Dr. Jim moved from California to Colorado, and reading about all the things he had to deal with, and is still dealing with, it just seems like another move is in the too hard category for me.

      Suits me if people quit watching the football games and all those guys have to go back to selling crack and mugging people on social security day. As for Hollywood, the sooner California slides off into the ocean, the better.

  5. Harry, the book ran me around $32 (including shipping) on Amazon. With the prime service, I'll have it Saturday.


    1. Sounds like you paid about what I paid. I have Prime as well. Tewshooz recommended Prime to me, and I diddled around for a long time, then finally got it. Because I buy so much from third party vendors on Amazon, I still have to pay postage on a lot of stuff though. I watched some old tv shows on Prime but got burned out on that. My kids like it though, they get HBO so they can watch "Game of Thrones" and Starz (So they can watch "black sails" so I guess it has been a pretty good deal for us.

      I look forward to getting the book. Do you ever read the blog "Ultimate Answer of Kings."? That man really lives the life out in the desert, and the guy lost a leg as a young man. I admire him but I he's got bigger huevos than I do, I'm not sure I could hack it out there alone like he does.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I really, really got into the Naval battles in 'Black Sail's Nothing like see 'ships of the line' pull up along side each other and open up with canon salvo's.

      Thats a real, real Naval battle.

      I would say that last real battle were two captitol ships were along side eatch and a sea battle commenced was in WW2 when the Iowa class battleship the U.S.S. George Washington took out a jap heavy cruiser at 1000 yards of so with a full broadside, instantly blowing apart and sinking the jap heavy cruiser (A heavy cruiser is one step down from a battleship and much, much more formidable than a destroyer) The U.S.S Indianapolis was a heavy cruiser that delivered the nukes to the airbase in the South Pacific in August, 1945 and was torpeded a short time later by a jap sub.

    3. I haven't ever seen an episode of either "Black Sails" or "Game of Thrones" but my two kids sure enjoy them.

      You might like the Horatio Hornblower series of books if you haven't run across them. I bet I have read them all twenty times over. I used to carry the whole set in my foot locker when I deployed with the Gator Navy. Being an old Navy man yourself, you've probably read the books but I thought I would mention it just in case.

      Don't get pissed at me now for being a nit picker, but The George Washington is a carrier, CVN 73. The Battleship was the U.S.S. Washington, BB59. She is indeed remembered for slugging it out with a Japanese task force off Guadalcanal and sinking the Japanese battleship Kirishima. I only know that because the Pacific Theater is where all the men in my family fought and I read a lot about it. Also because usually the Japanese kicked our naval asses off Guadalcanal in a serious way, so that was a ray of light in an otherwise dismal picture.

      There's a good book about the Indianapolis, but I can't remember the name of it right now.

      Did you know they found the wreck not long ago? Here's a link to some pictures.

      As far as I know, the only Navy vets who come by here regularly are you and Senior Chief, and Senior Chief's wife. ( I give wives credit for service because they damn sure deserve it.) My own wife was in the Navy when I met her, she was a J.G.

  6. I checked out Omaha Surplus web site - a good selection of items I could spend money on. I only wish they WEREN'T in Texas, as I have to pay the additional 8.25% sales tax. Yep - I'm a cheapskate, lol.

    I've read that desert homesteading book - its pretty good. I believe the site the author lived in was Blythe California. He made it sound like another world, a moonscape of desert heat. The conversations with the Demented Vet were particularly good -

    I enjoyed reading the book - hope you do too.

    1. I buy a lot of surplus gear, mostly from Major Surplus and Survival. But having an outfit that carries the small nuts and bolts stuff I need is great.

      I went back and pulled the statement after I read your comment, and I didn't have to pay any tax. Good deal for me. At least until the State of Georgia sues about it, as they did with Google. Greedy bastards. I keep a running total on Quicken of every cent I spend, by category, and the amount I spend per year on sales tax is astounding. If the people in this county kept up with it, they wouldn't just go down to the polls in bleating herd very year and vote for a 1% Splost tax like they do.

      I'm looking forward to getting that book. I always wanted to live in the desert. I used to fly over the desert when I was in college, after I got my license, and look at all those long, straight dirt roads going off into the horizon. I always wondered what was down those roads. When I got out of the service, I looked at New Mexico but I just couldn't find a way to make a living there. So I wound up in Appalachia. It's been good to me , but I do miss the Southwest.