Thursday, October 5, 2017

OAN on more gun laws. Survivor's Edge. If it's good for the goose....

She makes good sense to me.  Especially the point about what would happen if the leftards tried to have guns confiscated. That would be way past the final straw for a lot of good American folks.

Here's a link to a video showing Nancy Pelosi saying she "certainly hopes that a bumpstock ban would be a slippery slope leading to more gun control."

Nancy hopes for the slippery slope.


The new Survivor's Edge is out.  Some good information on radio communications, and some hair raising stories of survival situations people have gone through in the past.  There's an article on the new "mail order survival boxes" that have become so popular. I don't see it myself. Why pay money for a "grab bag" when you can design and equip yourself? But apparently it's a trend that's making headway.  

There's a good article on caching. I know some people who have done this in a very professional manner, and there are some good books out there on it.  My brother put in two caches of gasoline, food, ammunition, etc between his retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and Boise, Idaho where he spends a lot of the year at his girlfriend's place. She operates a business there, so she can't just uproot.
My brother is more of an outdoorsman than a survivalist, but he built a great hunting lodge/retreat in the Sierras. He modeled it on my place, but he had a lot more money than I did, and he avoided the errors I made by using my compound as a "petrie dish."  

My brother and his last minute purchases during the Bird Flu scare some years back.

His thought was that if the balloon went up while he was in the mountains and she was in Boise, he'd have to go get her, and then get back. He didn't want to have to rely on gas stations or anything else to make the round trip. "Geo Caching" has become a fun game for suburbanites, but the concept goes back to when people still lived in caves. The article is a good one but if you are really interested in the subject, Ragnar Benson's book is the best I know of.  It's oriented towards weapons and ammo but the basic rules apply to just about everything.

There's an article on "prepping" for urban dwellers. Again, it's a good article, but for more information I'd look at a Benson book:

 Also sections on winter survival techniques, wood burning stoves,  the "Scout Rifle" (remember Colonel Cooper?), and there's a long article on saving seeds. I know a lot of people already do this.  Dani in South Africa exchanges seeds with people,  Lisa from "Three Bears" works with seeds , Kev in England swaps seeds, and Kymber in Canada exchanges seeds with people.  There are other folks out there who do that too. 

I never knew it was as complicated as it appears to be from this article. There's more to the decision making process than I gave the subject credit for.

It's a good issue.  Survivor's Edge has a different tone to it than American Survival Guide or Off Grid, but I like it.

The Equifax breach:

I'm one of the lucky people whose credit information was compromised through the incompetence and stupidity of Equifax.  Somebody used my Visa card yesterday to buy $500 worth of leather luggage in England.  If you want to see if your information was stolen, here's the link.

Equifax Security Breach. Were you compromised?

I watched a segment on one of the MSM business channels. They said if you accept the free credit guard offering from Equifax, that you forfeit any right to be a participant in the class action suit currently ongoing over the incident. Personally , I don't see that as a problem. If 143 million people are automatically participants, even if there is a substantial judgment, the vast majority of it will go to the lawyers who "fronted" the suit, and you might get a check for a few dollars in years to come. It's a judgment call.

The Moon Bats are at it again.

The news networks are replete with the same tired crowd of political clowns crawling out of the woodwork and harping on "Gun Control." 

As I always do when this rears it's ugly head, I sent a contribution to the NRA. If you own guns, or want to have the right to own one, the NRA is your best shot. With the entire Democratic "Flying Circus" howling for more laws, and some Republicans going along with the program, the NRA is the only bulwark we have against being driven underground. President Trump is on the right side of the issue, but a lot of the Republican apparatchiks are not.

If you aren't a member of the NRA, here's where you can join. It costs less than a couple of hamburgers, fries and a coke.

NRA membership web page

Do you remember Diane Feinstein giving her big press conference, when she was pushing her "Clinton Gun Ban."   She picked up an AK-47, saying she was going to demonstrate how easy it was to change the magazines in just "a second." But she didn't know you have to "rock" the magazine in and out of an AK-47. She struggled with it for a bit then one of her aides came up and "fixed" it for her. These people run their mouths full steam with no concept of what they are talking about.

Here's an example of what I mean, from California.

The ACLU gets the BLM treatment.  "If it's good for the Goose, it's good for the Gander."

Black Lives Matter Crowd Shouts Down ACLU


Meanwhile, here in the mountains:

There are a lot of parks here in the county.  This one is called "The River Road." It goes along the river and down to the lake. It's actually a bike trail.   We started out trying to walk it this week, but it was pretty hot in the middle of the day, so we only walked about half way and then came back to the car.

Along the trail, they have periodically put pieces of "art" out by the side. Some of it is pretty bizarre, but I guess it doesn't hurt anything.

The River Trail has lots of metal benches for people to rest on. They are chained down to bolts set in the concrete because they had a habit of disappearing and winding up in the trailer park where some of our ethnic diversity crowd lives. So did the picnic tables.

The county has a number of parks along the river. There's the bike trail,  the "senior" park with it's outdoor exercise machines designed for seniors,  the big park for families, with ball diamonds and a walking trail, and picnic pavilions. There's a dog park, where people can let their dogs run free.

The state has a big park here, the one we walk around the lake on. The Tennessee Valley Authority has a really nice park at the top of the big lake, with great views, picnic areas, and a swimming beach. So we are well equipped with places to go walk, all within 20 minutes of our place.

Thought for the Day:


  1. Time to buy another firearm. Angle Fire is having a great sale on .223 and 9mm. It is remanufactured, but we have been using it for years and works great on the range. The Left is in total hysteria mode, right on time.

    1. I saw a segment today with Gabby Gifford doing her anti-gun thing. I feel embarrassed for her every time I see her on tv. She thinks she's Joan of Arc and it shows.

      I use a lot of remanufactured ammo from some outfit, but I can't remember the name. I think it's Magtech. I've never had a problem with it, it's just reloaded with once fired brass.

      Unless the Republicans feel they can get some face time being all touchy feely with the demicrits, I don't see this B.S. about new gun laws going anywhere. Looks like some Republicans have forgotten that the gun control cliche plans to win by the death of a thousand cuts. You give them one inch, they'll be back tomorrow for more. It's like the old bed time story with the camel putting his nose under the tent.

  2. I checked your link and I was also impacted. I already have all my credit on lockdown because of my identity being stolen a year ago. But I guess they could still use my cards that I have. Did you end up doing the enrollment thing? Seems there are pros and cons. I should get my husband to check, though, as he doesn't have his on lockdown. Thanks for the link.
    I have a post next week about going geocaching. My boys love it.

    1. Sorry you got tagged too. You have a lot of company, they got my son's information as well. Maybe it won't do you any harm as you already have protection in place. I haven't enrolled with Equifax's offer yet because that segment I saw on tv was so vehement that it was a mistake to do so. But I can't see how I will ever get anything out of this class action suit. So I am researching it further before I decide what to do.

      I look forward to that post. Geocaching is really big now as a sport. I see it as a really important skill to acquire too, so I'm all in favor of people getting out and practicing locating a cache.

    2. Lisa, I was impacted, too and did the enrollment thing and already there was an email that something was going on with my credit card. Turns out it was nothing. Think I will sign up with Life Lock as now Yahoo has been hacked, too. Hard to know which way to jump.

    3. After I've read all the fine print, I'll probably take the Equifax offer. Beats doing nothing, and I've already been stung.

  3. If Hillary Clinton demands that I give up my personal property (firearms), then I demand she give up Secret Service protection for herself and her family to prove her commitment to this. 'Guns for me and not for thee' is complete B.S..

    1. I've been living with that kind of attitude on the part of a large segment of the "high and mighty" for a long time. That's why I have some good quality caching tubes stored here. I will be utterly damned before I turn over any of my equipment to the government because a bunch of self centered ignoramuses think they can force me to comply with their vision of Utopia.

  4. walking is said to fend off depression.
    going outdoors is good, too.

    thanks for the pictures, very restful.

    have you read 'western rifle shooters' web log?
    very good. and probably spot on.

    1. I am trying to keep my weight down, and all that blood sugar stuff... walking really is relaxing though. It gets you out of the house, and it's not that hard if you watch the temperature outside and use some common sense.

      Glad you liked the pictures. I think they help me get what I'm talking about across to people more effectively.

      I haven't read Western Rifle Shooters blog. I will take a look.

      By the way, that fellow who had the picture of the bizarre rifle on his blog had a Belgian Flobert. I left him a comment and a link on his post as his place.

  5. If you think about it you can bump fire any SA long arm as long as you thumb is not wrapped around the grip to stop recoil so the easiest type of AR15 to do it with are the California Compliant ones with out a pistol grip.

    1. Simon, I'm not really up on how that works. I have some semi-auto rifles like the AR-15 and the AK-47 but don't shoot them much.

      The thing that bewilders me about all this, is that as far as I knew, there wasn't any legal way to convert a semi-auto to fire full auto. I know there are conversion kits and all, but for it to be legal I was under the impression you had to comply with BATF regs.

      As for this bumpfire thing, that really floors me. I remember the big to do some years back, where a fellow loaned a "friend" an SKS to take to the range. The SKS slam fired because of some bad primers in the ammo. Some A.H. at the range reported the incident to BATF.

      They confiscated the rifle and charged the owner with owning an unlicensed automatic weapon, even though in all their testing, much of which was totally rigged, they couldn't replicate the slam fire.

      So I'm at a loss as to how these bumpfire things, that clearly have no purpose but to convert a semi-auto to an auto, could possibly be legal?

      I do know the danger of giving the anti-gun crowd an inch, though. They plan to wipe out gun ownership one tiny sliver at a time.

    2. Bbump fire involves bracing the rifle with the off hand holding the handguard, holding the grip on the firing hand without putting your thumb around the back of the grip (leaving the trigger finger in its normal position in front of the trigger), pushing the rifle forward in order to apply pressure on the trigger from the finger, and keeping the trigger finger stationary. During a shot, the firearm will recoil ("bump" back) and the trigger will reset as it normally does; then the off hand pulls the firearm away from the body and back to the original position, pressing the trigger against the trigger finger again, and firing another round when the trigger is pushed back.
      All the stocks do is have the grip fix to the butstockand let it slide back and forward about 3/8" and that's all they do (they can lock so they work as any stock does)

    3. Watching the news tonight, I saw a segment where Pelosi was having a press conference, and she was asked about concerns that if we ban something like bumpfire, the next thing will be standard capacity magazines, then semi-auto rifles, and on. The reporter asked Pelosi how she would answer people with those concerns.

      Her response was that she "certainly hoped it WOULD be the slippery slope that led to more gun control." I couldn't find a video I could embed, but it's on Briebart and I added a link to this post.

      The Segment I saw on the news tonight had YouTube videos showing people using these devices to fire fully automatic. Then they showed Republican Senators, and people like Newt Gingrich, saying these devices have to be regulated. I am concerned not so much with the regulation of this one device, but the fact that it would establish a precedent for banning anything firearms related by fiat. The BATF apparently ruled some years ago that the Bump Fire devices are gun parts, and therefore not subject to the National Firearms Act provisions concerning automatic weapons. However, some of the panderers in Congress have sent a letter to ATF demanding that be rescinded, and Pelosi wants a "bi-partisan" bill to make a new law to that effect.

      Not looking very hopeful on that front.

    4. To Simon, The thing is unless your goal is to dump a mag into a range berm (or I suppose a densely packed mass of people) why do that? I'll race to any metric wth me using semi automatic aimed fire and some guy trying to shoot with a bump stock.

      I'm not saying they should be banned per se. I am saying they are stupid accessories for people who lack any skill or training and like to waste ammo. Kind of like the Taurus Judge you will not ever see them recommended by a competent instructor or in the hands of a person who has any real idea what they are doing.

    5. I'm more concerned about the Dems using this as an excuse to start up the chipping away process than I am about the device itself. As you mentioned to Simon, it seems rather pointless. I take his point (in another comment) that it's not just about the device, it's about the precedent if the device is banned.

  6. Harry,

    Your county sure has alot of nice walking trails. I wish
    West Virginia would follow Georgia's lead and put in more parks, maybe there wouldn't be so many fat slobs here. There's
    just no place to loaf if you're retired and want to get outside and exercise some. You could walk in the woods, but like you noted once, the humidity here in the rain forest is just unbearable in the summertime.

    Also, are you ready for Hurricane Nate?

    Don from West by GOD Virginia

    1. Don, there's a tremendous amount of things for retired people to do here. My county is building a public rifle and pistol range which is going to be top flight. We already have a great gun club with a nice range in the national forest. We have a good library, a bowling alley, two theaters (only on in the county, but another one close enough to drive to), we have all these parks, a big lake and a little lake, and some other lakes a short drive off. This is a really good place, even though we have our share of problems associated with "the changing times."

      I have been watching that. The Atlanta stations are saying now that Nate will pass through North Western Georgia, and dump up to five inches of rain, but leave us pretty much alone here in the Northeastern part of the state. Of course, they are also hedging their bets, saying the track will surely change one way or the other before it gets here. We did all the critical work before Irma came, then Maria wasn't much, and now I think Nate will just be rain, so we are pretty much ready.

      Hope all is well up there. West Virginia is God's Country, sure enough.

  7. Never, Never,Never give up ANY rights for ANY reason, I'm in the UK this I know first hand.
    Benjamin Franklin had it right "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (In a letter widely presumed to be written by Franklin in 1755 on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor.)

    1. I agree entirely. The politicians are running for cover, and some pretty important "Republicans" are telling the NRA that they will have to "comply" on this one to appease the Democrats.

      I lived through Diane Feinstein's 10 year gun ban, which promised a new era of love and peace, and saw an astronomical rise in violence in the U.S. I don't want to be subjected to some new idiocy in that respect. But the Republican Party is full of self centered wind bags and narcissists, and if enough of them cave in to the Kumbaya crowd, it will go badly with us.

  8. Hey Harry,


    I am really enjoying watching and 'quarterbacking from the couch' all the strife in Puerto Rico.

    There are lots of rural land in Puerto Rico were one can get a few acres and raise a garden, run chickens, get a water well, etc, etc, Warm climate, good volcanic soil, year round growing, solar for electricity, etc, etc, etc.

    Instead its a welfare rat's paradise.

    Things just keep getting worse in Puerto Rico where as here in Texas we took charge of our situation (Hurricane Harvey) and did something about it.

    I got a kick out the BLM shouting down the ACLU. The irony here is epic.
    A great many of the worlds radicals suffer from low I.Q. from eating lead paint on window sills or something, or maybe mom and dad did acid in the 60's. Its anybody's as to why they are so stupid.

    1. The mess in Puerto Rico is being blamed on us up here. Puerto Rico is like Africa. Most of the "aid" they get will line the pockets of the politicians and do nothing for the "poor don't matters".

      Yeah, it's sweet to see the Limousine Liberals getting some real contact with the downtrodden masses they've been "liberating" for so many years. I imagine the stench from the crowd was enough to kill off the ACLU poofters, by itself.

  9. I think Pelosi has fallen off some of those slippery slopes of this week, and Hillary was holding her hand on the way down. You could really make a sitcom out of the stupid things liberal say.

    1. I always ask myself how these people grew up. I suppose they must have been raised by au pair, gone to private school from the time they hit kindergarten, never had a job outside the campus or the government, and just don't know anything at all about life in the real world.

      Pelosi is like John McCaine. Senile, an embarrassment to her party, but clinging for dear life to power as it's the only thing they have in life.

  10. Harry, Have you read 'John Mosby's' article on caches?

    I have had some correspondence with him and took his pistol class. The guy is a former SOF NCO and the real deal.

    1. I haven't , but I certainly will now. I appreciate the link. Times being what they are, I may have to get back into the cache business myself one of these days.

      Good to hear from you.

  11. Harry,

    You've posted some amazing pictures of the surrounding area parks. Walking is a great way to exercise that's not hard on the knees or body. We walk as well out on the property, and try to park a distance where every we go to walk. I try make it a goal to walk 10,000 steps or more a day. With the terrible weather for the last 3 days, it's made it impossible to complete 10,000 steps per day. It's a shame benches, and picnic tables have to be chained down in public parks.

    Y'all be careful with the upcoming weather, stay safe!

    1. Sandy, we usually walk on marked trails so I can just do the walk I feel like doing. It's 1.2 miles around the little lake on the walking trail. The loop at the family park is about 1.3 miles. The walking trail along the river at the senior park is about .6 miles. Sometimes, we do that one twice.

      People stealing the picnic area tables and benches started when we had a big influx of ethnics from down south of the border. It took them awhile to filter over here from Gainesville, Ga where they first showed up en masse, but they got here. Now we not only have them, but we have the Moslems coming in as well.

      I need to check on Nate. Last night the Atlanta weather on the news said it would pass to the west of us and just rain here, but that could change.

  12. A bit off topic but I've just looked on Amazon and there are books (kindle) about Stephen Paddock for sale. Some sick people will do anything for money One came (Who is Stephen Paddock? About Las Vegas Shooter and Mandalay Bay Shooting) out on October 2, 2017, the shooting was the night of October 1, 2017. This book must have written before the name was given out. One more came out on October 5 2017 (Stephen Paddock: A Psychopath's Motive). All I did was look for books with the words "Stephen Paddock las Vegas".

    1. One of the things that has happened with "self publishing" on Amazon, is that there are a whole lot of really bad books out there. Used to be, your book had to be good enough to get past an editor, but now anybody that wants to can publish. So sorting through the hundreds of books on a topic you like gets to be just about impossible.

      I think the self publishing industry has given rise to opportunists like the ones you mentioned. I have no doubt they come up with a generic script, then hastily modify it for whatever has just happened, and cut it loose. People have an inordinate curiosity about tragedies, and some will buy any bit of schlock that comes along, if it's the first available.