Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cold and damp, but it beats hot and damp.

We had a cold front come through last night.  It's much more pleasant than it has been , and once again I'm hoping that this is the end of the summer weather for a few months.

Here's a graphic from the Washington Post. It was accompanied by paens of praise for Democrats, saying this is a harbinger of Great Democratic Victories To Come. What a bunch of twits.

The Republican lost the governors race in Virginia.  CNN and MSNBC are hailing this as a huge victory for the left, and prophesying a great Democratic victory in the  mid term elections. The actuality of it is that a Republican, or conservative of any stripe, isn't going to win in Virginia. Too many federal employees (not all of them vote Democrat but a majority do), far too many illegal voters, too many felons who had their voting rights restored by the last governer (a Democrat), and finally , there are just too many minorities in the state.  The conservative, rural , white segment of the population just isn't enough to overcome all this.  Gillespie didn't help himself any by trying to keep some distance between himself and the President, a fact that wasn't lost on a good many conservatives who just decided not to vote for him as a result.

So now, Virginia will have another Governor who is in favor of sanctuary cities, favors illegal immigration, a mass "refugee" immigration program, is soft on crime, vehemently anti- 2nd amendment, and will now institute his promised removal of all Confederate statues, despite polls showing that 67 percent of Virginia residents want them left alone. But, he made promises to the BLM in exchange for their support.

As I was flipping through the news channels last night, I saw the add calling for the impeachment of President Trump several times. If you haven't been following it, George Soros wannabe, Tom Steyer, has put up ten million dollars to run the add below in all fifty states during prime time , on all major networks.  This guy is a billionaire , a self described "mega-donor" to the Democratic Party, and wants to be the next governor of California.  He should fit right in in that lunatic fringe state.

Fox News, which is certainly not the bastion of conservative thought it used to be, agreed to run the add.  That brought such howls from the few viewers Fox has left, that they then took it off. So Steyer is suing them.

This video about sums it up. Stuart Varney is always right to the point.

Well, I used to end posts like this one by saying that at least I was safe from all the negative developments in the country, because I was up here in the mountains.

That was before I had to wait in line behind Burka clad ,  sour faced old ladies with their perfume drenched husbands at the Subway. That was before I had to stand in line listening to Moslems shrieking and giggling at Walmart while they held up the line for 20 minutes.  That was before we started having break ins not just by Hispanics, but blacks as well.  So all the nastiness out there in "the larger world" is impacting right here at home.  Who was it that said "no man is an island."?

Maybe Joel out in the middle of the desert is the only one safe from all this.

Here's today's Branco cartoon.  Personally, I think it's really funny that the same person who fed the debate questions to Hillary on the sly, so she could be ready with responses, is now complaining about "dishonesty" in the Democratic Party.  Dishonesty IS the democratic party. She's just mad because she thinks she didn't get a fair share of the "party favors."

I have to get cleaned up and go to town. I don't really feel like making the trip, but we are running low on a few things, and have to turn in some library books. Maybe it will improve my attitude to get out for awhile. I don't think we've been off the mountain in four days now.

In the category of strange events:

I walked down the mountain to the mailbox yesterday.  The old guy who lives down at the foot of the mountain came roaring out, he loves to visit, and he can always tell when I am walking down the road because his pit bull barks off the porch.

He asked me if I got the job.

He's really old, but his mind is clear. I wondered if he was "slipping" and I asked him , what job?

So he told me someone had called him on the phone a week ago, and said I put him down as a reference for a job application.  He said the guy started asking questions about me, and so , being the normal mountain person he is, the old guy said he didn't think he ought to talk about me to someone else. He told the caller that he (meaning me) "keeps to himself."

But the caller said I was sitting right there in front of him in his office, and said it was ok to answer his questions.

The pit bulls owner may be old but he isn't stupid. He asked to speak with me, and the caller started to BS, saying he didn't have time to do all that and if the questions weren't answered he would just throw my "application" in the trash ,so the old fellow hung up. He smelled a rat there.

 And forgot about the whole thing until he saw me meandering down the forest service road.

I asked my ancient cronie if he had caller id, although I was pretty sure he didn't as he doesn't have cordless phones. He said he didn't, no surprise there.

There was a time I would have worried about that business. Now I don't care a Tinker's damn.

Thought for the Day:


  1. i'm really getting sick and tired of all of this. i thought about moving to east tennessee and going dark, but it will catch up to me there sooner or later. i thought i was further west of the dead zone, but if that map is correct it's getting within striking distance. i am truly disheartened by these developments.....

    1. Move to North Georgia. It's not perfect here, but it's better than most places. East Tennessee is nice too, but there are those three nuclear reactors right near Chattanooga, that's not a big selling point.

      I know how you feel. It seems like, when President Trump got elected, I expected everything to be ok ever after. That wasn't very realistic. I knew half the country was dead set against him (and us), and I knew the illegals, the Moslems, and the left wing were all still out there.

      But still, in the euphoria of seeing all the Democrats crying and shrieking on tv, I just got intoxicated with the glory of it. It was a "God, take me now because it can never get better than this" moment.

      But for all that, things are so much better with President Trump than if that callous , crooked bitch and her horn bug husband were running the show.

      I was so dragged down this morning, that I told the wife we needed to get out for awhile. We went to town, did the normal run of the mill stuff, then went South down the four lane and she did some shopping at stores she likes down there we haven't been to in a long time. I mostly sat in the Jeep and listened to Rush on the radio. It was raining and cold, and peaceful. Then on the way home we stopped at Walmart and did some overdue shopping. So that helped me quit thinking about it all.

      I know we can't win 'em all, but we are winning the one's that count. No way we were going to win in Virginia, hell, that state went for Hillary. No way in New Jersey either, and all I can say about them is "who cares?"

  2. That's odd Harry...there was a time back in the early 2000's when my debit card was reproduced and my password hacked. My savings account was drained. Luckily I had proof that I'd been in another area of the province at the exact same time making a purchase with my debit card, so I got the money back. But I felt so violated. That was back when I was working and had more money though, now, if anyone did that, they'd be disappointed with the $4 I have in my savings lol...making next to zero interest!

    I think I'd rather stay on the mountain than go to town, honestly. I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to hear other languages, I just want to be on my own here in my cozy, loving home, speaking English and turning a blind eye to crime and negativity. I have to go out tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

    By the way. I got an email from "him". He's working hard in Morocco, six days a week even, saving money...he'll "probably" know in 2-3 months or so, how his life is going so he can see if he'll move back to Canada or stay there. So vague huh? No mention of his dogs. The story keeps changing. In October, he said he'd likely be back at Christmas. I didn't believe him because in the next sentence it was "maybe next summer or not at all" in November it "could be" 2-3 months...I just kind of wish he'd disappear and not give me any updates ever again. Last night I woke up with a nightmare, that happens often to me, Alex came to comfort me. But as I was going back to bed, Pavlov (the 3 year old male "guest"), sneaked up the stairs and came up on the bed with me to cuddle. I'm growing very fond of these dogs!

    1. Rain, I don't know what the thing with the old guy was. It wouldn't be hard, if anyone knew my actual location, to figure out that he would have to know me, because he's really the only one living out here. There are some houses down by the creek on the paved road, but nobody lives in them these days, they went under water in the 2008 financial debacle here.

      I don't have a job, so it isn't "security" checking up on me.

      I don't owe anybody any money, so it isn't bill collectors.

      I haven't been associated with any violent, extremist anti-government militias since the 1990's so that's probably not it. ;-)

      I don't know, but I find at my age it's a lot easier to just gaff stuff like that off.

      We get kind of ancey if we don't get off the mountain ever so often, just for a trip to town if nothing else. My wife gets anxious, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. She likes to get out and go places and she is usually happier when we get back and out of the anxious "mood.'

      Maybe when you go to town, it won't be so bad. Do you treat yourself to some little pleasures? A nice cup of coffee and a bagel in some quite cafe? Looking at the magazines to see if there's one you are interested in? Things like that make the business side of a trip to town more palatable.

      I am astounded this guy has the brass to keep communicating with you, when he lied about his "brief trip" to Morocco, and then left you with his dogs totally dependent on you. Maybe you should block his email. I wouldn't worry about being rude, the creep doesn't deserve anything else. And now that you have gotten to know the dogs, and they are part of the family, it would be hard if he came back and demanded you return them when you know what kind of a slug he is. It would be like someone who abused and neglected their ferrets, coming to me and saying they wanted them back. That would make me lose my temper.

      Sorry you have nightmares. Everybody does so don't feel badly about it. It's perfectly nornmal, especially if you have had some bad times in the past and I know you have.

      You're doing really good. You have a good place in a beautiful spot, you have a good partner and good pets, and your blog has been wildly successful. I have never known anyone to just start writing and suddenly acquire so many good readers and comment writers. Honestly, I'm impressed.

      Stay positive. ;-)

    2. Posted by Deb Harvey: There was some kind of glitch when it originally posted, so I have redone it here.

      deborah harveyNovember 9, 2017 at 8:53 AM
      rain, lived in winnipeg for a short time about 40+ years ago.
      told someone there that the difference between canada and the usa was, if you asked a canadian his nationality he never said canadian, he always named his ethnicity.
      whereas here you ask that question and the answer is always 'i am an american' even if the speaker has a foreign accent, unless he isn't american--then he names his home country.

      i donn't know who 'he' is but if you take the dogs to the vet and list them as yours and pay for their care you can show the court they were abandoned and adopted by you. you pay the bill, you own the dog.

    3. Oh thanks to Deb for the advice! So far "he" (he's a now former friend we knew for 7 years) has paid all the expenses. I just sent the November "invoice"...if he misses one month, he's not getting them back, that's certain. It's funny you (Deb) mentioned that about nationality. I live in Quebec, so my first answer is "Canadian" because I'm English. I like to make that distinction because I find it embarrassing to say I'm a Quebecer!

    4. Hi Harry :) Thanks for your supportive words! :) We do have quite a nice life here, it's kind of hectic, and money is always tight, but we also always find a way to get by. By the way, this morning (Friday) I woke up to.....are you ready?.....MINUS 22 Celcius!!!! (about -8F)...may we trade weather for a few days??? :)

      Yesterday's shopping trip is done. I was driving a long way, halfway to "multicultural Montreal"...about 2 hours. I found a really good sale for a Christmas gift for Alex and the gas expense came out to much cheaper than having it shipped! As soon as I walked into that mall, I saw African men in dresses wearing sandals...I just don't get it. Firstly it's winter here so that's kind of crazy...but also, if you are living here, why not at least try to assimilate? People were staring these two men up and down and they were giving everyone dirty looks, but could you blame us? Anyway, that's what I don't want to experience anymore. I have become very set in my ways. I like English (being from English-hating Quebec), I like Canadian, I like quiet....I was in and out of that mall like a flash. I thought about what you wrote, that I should treat myself to something, and can you guess what it was? A big wheel of Oka cheese and a baguette for when I got home lol...That made me hurry a little more on the way back!

    5. I only said what's true, Rain. As for money being tight, it's that way for most people, it's just par for the course. But you still have everything you really need and want, I can tell, so you are doing just fine!

      Africans are a whole different species. My wife was raised in Africa, in both Nigeria and Niger. She was a mission kid. I could tell you things that you just wouldn't believe about how they think (when they think, anyway.) Most of them are so awful I will not shock yo with them, but here's a true story. The mission board (Southern Baptist) allocated money for the missionaries to give each village in their area a male goat and five female goats. The idea was to breed the goats, build up a flock, use some for milk for the babies, and some for meat. This my father in law very carefully explained to the headman of the first village to received the goats. The villagers were very happy, so happy they had a big blow out party that night, at which they killed and barbecued the male goat. That's a true story. As the British say "Stupid buggers."

      And of course, there's the favorite pass time in Nigeria of poking holes with a chisel in gas pipelines so you can catch the gasoline in your bucket. Of course, ever so often the chisel sets off a spark and the waiting multitude, buckets and all, are consumed by the resulting explosions. But they keep doing it.

      There's nothing at all wrong with you liking your culture, and not feeling like you have to change to accommodate strangers who come to where you live and won't assimilate. To the devil with them....

      I'm glad you got yourself a treat, and that cheese and a baguette sounds perfect.We can't get many kinds of cheeses here, unless we go to the deli section of the grocery store and then they cost so much, you can only set the cheese on a dish and look at it when you get home because it's too expensive to eat!

      Minus 8. We get down to about minus 10 once in awhile, but thank God it's not often. You can hear the pine tree limbs exploding in the yellow pines when it's that cold, the sap freezes and the limbs crack.

      Glad you are home all safe and sound.

  3. The poet was englishman John Donne. The line is from the piece that includes the line "Ask not for whom the bell tools; it tolls for thee." from which Hemingway took the name of one of his books. Now you've had your history lesson for the day. - LOL

    As for the guy asking questions, he was probably the pilot of that black helicopter that keeps flying over your place.

    1. Gorges, I knew I'd heard that somewhere, but hadn't a clue where. I appreciate the info.

      The "pot chopper" actually does buzz my place once in awhile. They have a hard time believing someone cut a meadow out of the middle of a vast forest unless they did so to raise the nefarious weed.

      I don't know what that was about. As I mentioned to Rain, I don't owe anybody money so it isn't a bill collector, I don't have a job so it isn't "security" doing a background check. I haven't had any links to extremist right wing militias since the 1990's, seems a little late for that to be rearing it's head. So I am flummoxed. Fortunately, at my age I don't worry about things like that anymore.

  4. That's kind of creepy about the phone call your neighbor got. Good thing he's not a gossipy, busybody type.

    My husband and I are glad we are no longer living in Virginia. The Old Dominion has really taken a turn for the worse, sounds like. It will be a horrible travesty for the liberals to start erasing history. Learning about and visiting historical sites was one of the things I really enjoyed growing up there. It really threw me hearing about Christ Church in Alexandria removing some historical plaques about George Washington and Robert E. Lee. We used to attend that church, and felt connected to our country's past when we worshiped there. So much for tradition.

    1. Chipmunk, he's a good old man. His wife has dementia and he takes good care of her. I trust him and that's saying a lot. People here are normally very tight lipped about other residents if they don't know who is asking the questions.

      The weasels from the FBI had a terrible time up in Murphy, N.C. when they were looking for Eric Rudolph. Mountain people are no fans of the federal government. They suffered too much at the hands of the feds during the 30's when TVA was flooding people out. Nor have they been enthralled with the Anti-Christs in D.C. for a long, long time. ;-)

      The Democrats want to totally erase everything that normal Americans respect. They hate the church and religion. They detest the military and belittle their sacrifices at every opportunity. They hate the South because it is traditional, and that's anathema to them. I read about Christ Church pulling that stunt. The Museum of the Confederacy is in Richmond, and I worry about it, and about the statues there. They will probably insist on destroying all that, and leave the statue of the gay black tennis player intact.

      The left has to wipe out tradition if they want to remold the country and it's people into the polyglot amorphous mass of faceless drones they so ardently desire. They've done a pretty good job of it , too. But things may come to a point where it isn't the politicians deciding our future anymore. I hope I live long enough to see that.

    2. 'the left has to wipe out tradition'.
      in some of the devil ruled countries the monuments are actually fake.
      the true history was wiped out and monuments installed that are historically wrong but that is the 'history ' that is taught.
      happening here now.

    3. Well, it's interesting to me that nobody has a problem with Martin Luther Kings statue, although he was a sexual pervert, a philanderer, and not above using the funds he raised for personal items and issues. But people like George Washington and Robert E. Lee, they're beyond tolerating.

      Nothing happening in the country today really surprises me, though a lot of it further alienates me and makes me angry.

  5. Interesting how the MSM is saying it's over for Trump now. So a dimocrat won in Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington. What's new there? I just checked, and the house and senate are still red.

    Two days in a row now I have been called by the "IRS" telling me a warrant is out for my arrest! --Troy

    1. Troy, it was nauseating to watch Wolf Blitzer on CNN that night. He and one of his cronies were just beside themselves, predicting all sorts of wonders and miracles for the Democrats over the elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

      It's obvious BS, and the kind of propaganda the rank and file Dimwits lap up with great joy, but it has no basis in reality.

      I've heard of that scam, but you are the first person I've known it's actually happened to. Just send them the money you "owe" and they will have the warrant pulled. Strange that there are still folks out there who pay up, but I guess everybody is afraid of the IRS.

  6. Hey Harry.


    Sounds like someone tried to pull a 'Social Enginnering' hack on your neighbor.

    that one is an 'oldie but a goodie' that works on anyone that's 'uneducated about hack's and trolling.

    Now I gotta tell you the best 'brain trust' of troll's and hacker's hangs out over on 4Chan/POL/ (politically incorrect) on the internet. They call it 'Weaponized Autism' Imagine hundreds of hackers and trolls set on a task to find information on anything or anybody.

    Year's ago if the feds offered large cash rewards to find 'Osama Bin Louden' on /POL/ I'm sure they would have probably knocked months if not years off the search for Osama.

    One thing that gives me hope about human nature is the ability of some people to adapt and 'think' their way through problems and come up with fixes and adaptations. Now get hundreds of computer geeks that never leave their basements a mission that they are 'highly motivated' to achieve and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.
    I'm sure the sleuths at NSA, CIA and FBI may hang out on /POL/ to 'glean' information gathering techniques.

    Now the good news is that /POL/ is usually the good guys and are against any 'oppressive regimes' censorship or internet controls and rebel any chance they get.
    Some of the greatest MEME makers hang out on /POL/ also. I guess for the most part. /POL/ are the 'white hat' hackers and trolls.
    Its safe to say that /POL/ Hates Hillary Clinton:)

    I can guess that /POL/ likes Trump because of his audacity and blunt attitude. There is an amount of respect for Trump because Trump also adapted well to twitter and other technologies. Trump also resonates with the ideals of individualism and freedom.

    What cracks me up though are the Nigerian scammers and the lengths they go through to try and get money. The amount of shilling and other scams that goes on is epic. The IRS could learn a thing or two from the Nigerian scammers on vacuuming money out of peoples accounts:)

    The Nigerians glean information from Facebook and other social media to create 'shill' friendships through social engineering to scam money. They go to great lengths to even pay women to pose as being single on 'singles' websites to entice men into scamming them for money and the Nigerians handle the accounts and money transfers and pay the female shills for their time.

    The internet is still a cyber 'wild, wild west' and I hope it stays that way. It is so entertaining to crawl through the bowels of cyberspace just to see what people come up with next.

    1. CC, the thing I can't figure out is what the purpose of the call was? As far as I know, the guy down at the foot of the mountain doesn't even have a computer in his house, or internet, or a smart phone, or any of that stuff.

      And even if he did, he wouldn't know anything about me that anyone could use to make any money, like my social, or birthday, or that type of thing.

      You are light years ahead of me on all this stuff, I get emails from "Nigerians" about the "bank account" all the time, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. Maybe that's why my credit card gets compromised with amazing regularity these days.

    2. not trying to scare you harry, but sounds to me somebody is doing background on you like ruby ridge. i know you're vigilant, but maybe step it up a notch. i'd ask around town if you have any trusted folks there n see if they have been approached.

    3. Well, if that's what it is, they can roll on. Back in the 1990's I did a newsletter for a conservative C band satellite show , and through them I met some sketchy characters in the militia movement of the day. But they can read all about that in previous posts on the blog anyway.

      I really don't know anybody here in town very well. I've been here 30 plus years, but I don't visit, or socialize. I did belong to the gun club for a long time, but even then I went out by myself and I went when nobody else was there. I could go ask the Sheriff's Department, but I'm not sure I want to open that can of worms. With all the BS going on today, and "if you see something, say something" it's not at all beyond the bounds of possibility that some moonbat has read something on the blog that got their knickers in a twist and they dropped a dime on me.

      Of course, Randy Weaver didn't do anything to speak of either, and that didn't end well.

      If it is something like that, they can just come on out and I'll tell them whatever they want to know. But they need to let me know who they are when they are coming to avoid any "misunderstandings."

      I should be ok, Lon Horiuchi is retired, right?

  7. and then with Virginia...there is the new Transgender state legislator. What the heck is going on up there in that state? I try not to be judgmental...but this country is getting nauseating on how its voting.

    What a creepy phone call, but at least your neighbor smelled a rat. Cold and wet here as well, but I will take it any day over hot, humid and dry.

    1. I was just going to pass over the transgender thing, the Virginia election was bad enough as it was. ;-)

      I know two folks up there, one in the countryside and one in Norfolk. They are both good people, and rural Virginia is still on the right side of sanity. But in places where there are lots of DC commuters , BLM, and "resettled refugees of the Islamic persuasion, it's a different story. There was a segment on One America News that said the outfit "judicial watch" just published a report on the last Presidential election, and they said over 1.4 million illegal aliens voted in the election. You can bet none of them voted for Trump.

      Yes, I could have done without that. But who knows, at some point in time I'll probably find out what it was about, and if I don't, then it didn't mean anything anyway. I don't worry as much as I did when Janet Reno was disappearing people and orchestrating Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  8. Sounds like you have a stalker, that would really set off my alarm bells. Be safe Harry, I know you will anyway.

    1. Well, if they want my autograph they can have it, but they will have to pay for it. ;-)

      I don't have a clue what that was about. It sounds like somebody running a background check. But I had lots of those run on me when I was in the service for clearance updates, and I got them run on me while I worked for the Gas and Oil company, to make sure I was still "copacetic" and not ripping them off or selling trade information.

      I don't remember anyone ever pulling some stunt like this. They just checked with people I worked with, and relatives.

      Oh,well. I'm always armed, and if it should be some nut case who didn't like something I said, good luck to them. The days are long gone when I carried a single action automatic with no round in the chamber. Now I carry double action weapons, or I carry locked and cocked.

  9. Just don't announce your comings and goings on the blog like you often do. Make it harder on them.... just in case.


    1. Yeah, I probably need to ratchet back some on that. I have been a little slack about security lately, but I really just quit worrying much about it. In retrospect, maybe that was unwise.
      You been doing ok? It's been a long time since I heard from you last. Drop me a line via email and let me know what you have been up to.