Friday, November 3, 2017

PDRK going down the drain. The Escape of Miss Bitey. Mimes at Gorges place.

Wire Note to Curly Wolf:  040030RNOV17: Just found your October 18th comment on aluminum cased ammo, in the spam folder. Sorry about that, don't know why it went in there but I should check it more often. I went ahead and posted it. Better late than never.

One American News had this interesting segment on The People's Democratic Republic of Kalifornia.  I thought it was worth sharing, it's about 2 minutes long.

My brothers, my sister, and my mom all left California after living there for decades.  If you have been following Dr. Jim's blog, you know he just went through the trials and travails of moving out of the PDRK and going to Colorado.  Anybody that stays in that state is going to wind up holding the bag , without a doubt.

We have been through a great brouhaha here.  We have lots of cats, and they are essentially my wife's , as she is the cat person in the family.  The barn cats work for a living, the indoor cats are her pets, although the distinction blurs, as the "indoor cats" go out when they want to, and the "outdoor" cats get in when the door is open sometimes.

But one cat is mine. Her name is "Miss Bitey."  She was born when my wife was off on a long visit to Cincinnati at the kids.  Miss Bitey was obviously not normal. She was very small, and she has a completely round head. She is a downs syndrome cat as far as I can tell.

She's very sweet natured, but she can't really take care of herself. The mother cat abandoned her at birth, and I raised her on a bottle.

Last night, about dark, she ran out of the door as I came in from outside, and ran into the woods. The woods abound in predators that like to eat cats.  From owls, to bobcats, through coyotes, red wolves, and the occasional mountain lion. 

I went after her but she wouldn't come back, and vanished into the trees. We searched for her with the flood light, no joy.

This morning I went out with the dogs, and even they didn't turn her up.  I was pretty sure something got her, but about noon, when my wife and I went out and called again, she came walking out of the tree line, well pleased with herself.

That's the last time she gets out. I'm too old for this kind of thing....


Today is Friday.  It's a good day for fashion shows on QVC, so my wife is all comfortable watching those. I built a fire in the fireplace, it's not really cold but it feels dank, so a fire is cheerful today.

Tonight at 7, there's a special on ANTIFA , on One American News. But alas, there's a new episode of Father Brown on PBS.  Since M and I both enjoy that, and she's not at all interested in politics, we'll watch Father Brown.  The OAN special will be on again several times this week. I'll post it if I can find it on Youtube.

I got my new Kindle Fire 10 HD device. Only got it working this morning.  On the one hand, the ten inch screen is so much easier to read than the 7 inch screen I've been using on my old Kindle. On the other hand, there's no carousel on this new one, and I don't like that.  But the new device really is good for reading magazines, newspapers, and watching videos. So I suppose in the long run it's money well spent. I still have the 7" device for backup, too.  Since I had to install a new router, reception out at the apartment is really strong, instead of hit and miss, so now I can use these things out there whenever I want to. That's a nice benefit.

I paid for 64 gigabytes of storage space, ( my other Kindle only had 16) so the total cost was just over $200.00.  Since Georgia sued Amazon, Amazon collects tax so I had to pay state tax on it , almost $14.00.  That chaffs me but there's nothing I can do about it.

Better ban trucks now that the terrorists are doing so well using them as weapons. I emailed Chucky Schumer and Diane Feinstein and told them they need to get with the program, and ban trucks immediately. Also they need to ban spoons, to combat the obesity epidemic in the U.S.

Still, this "run 'em down" thing is getting to be a little unnerving.  Any Jihadi wannabe who can get a drivers license can rent a truck.....

Memes at Gorges Place.

I know some people don't like memes, but I find a lot of them to be funny, and some of them pack a wallop as well as humor. One place I see a lot of good one's is at Gorges Place, and his post today has some spectacularly appropriate memes given the things on the news.  I put a link to his blog just below.

Gorges Place

Thought for the Day:


  1. "If you have been following Dr. Jim's blog"

    I must have missed there a link?

    1. Yeah, here it is:

      It's been an epic adventure. Sell the house, pick what you can take with you and what beloved possessions have to be got rid of, make the journey, find a house, .......

      I get tired just thinking about it. But he did what so many talk about and never do, he fled to God's country.

    2. I have a lot of respect for your accomplishment. It's pretty epic to uproot like that.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Harry; You're a gentleman and a scholar!

    1. You've got good things on your blog, Gorges. The more folks that see it, the better.

  3. Hey Harry,


    The guy holding the AK and umbrella takes the cake. I am concerned that if he was going to burn off that banana mag that the bayonet would 'poke his eye out' or better yet, slit one of his jugular veins in his throat. Muzzle rise can be a bitch:)

    1. He's an African. What can I say? Have you seen"the gun fairy" meme? It's a picture of some African dressed up like a fairy, with gossamer wings, the whole nine yards, carrying an AK. The caption says "the gun fairy! He does exist!"

  4. I am trying to get my daughter and her family to move back east. They are located in the San Fran area. Everything is crazy and crazy expensive. My son-in-law, a newly minted US citizen, is working 12 - 14 hours day, seven days a week in their restaurant. They are making good money, but they sure are earning it. Chasing that American dream.

    I stopped flying when the TSA was formed, so it's hard to see them. My lovely wife, however, won't be parted from the grandkids. She makes the trip out there now and then. I wait until they visit back east.

    There are no cats left around here. The coyotes clean them out in no time. When my dog was a pup, the original owner keep her in an outdoor pen. Coyotes came down the mountain and thinned out the farm animals. She knows when they are around and won't leave the house. I've got to throw a gun in my pocket and walk with her so she can do her business.

    I've taken a liking to reading books on tablet. I can increase the font size and pretend I don't need reading glasses.

    1. Looks like the Kurds are going to get screwed by the Turks and Iraqis. Just as well your son in law bailed when he did. I was hoping Kurdistan would finally become a reality.

      San Francisco is a bad place for a young family. But if that's where his business is, I guess he has to stick it out. I hope they can get out of that town soon though.

      My wife and I don't fly anymore either.I didn't worry about it when I was flying the aircraft, but I am not impressed with a lot of the people flying commercial aircraft today. Too little emphasis on air time, too much on race, sexual orientation, and gender.

      This is a tough place on domestic animals too. One of the drawbacks to living in the sticks.

    2. The Kurds always get screwed. They were given some US support when they were needed to fight ISIS. Now the US has hung them out to dry. Of course, it's down right dangerous to be a Kurd in Turkey right now. Things are going downhill in Iraq. Divisions between different Kurdish groups hasn't helped either. Iran is fighting its Kurdish population again.

      My son-in-law is frustrated with his Mexican employees who won't learn English and expect him to learn Spanish. He fired his cook for not trying to learn.

      Buddy of mine had to shoot a bear who got into the chickens. They do a small side business in eggs. The state wasn't happy with him, but he was within his rights and they couldn't do anything abut it.

    3. The Kurds and the Jordanians are the only Moslems I ever worked with who are worth a damn. The Turks used to be ok, before Erdogan did away with the reforms that made Turkey a secular state. Not it's another raghead theocracy with him at the helm and everybody who prefers a secular state in jail or in hiding.

      Our Senators from Georgia raised hell about the State Department mandating that military aid to the Kurds go through Iraq instead of being delivered directly, but Obama's morons in State didn't see the light. So naturally, what didn't get sold on the black market in Baghdad didn't make it's way up to the Kurds.

      If there's ever going to be a Kurdistan, this is the time. If they don't do it now, they won't have many chances in the future.

      Mexicans are not big into working, period, and they sure aren't much interested in learning English. If he's having to rely on Hispanics for his workforce, good luck to him because he'll need it.

      I've always managed to avoid shooting animals that cause problems here, but I've been lucky. I hope my luck holds.

  5. going from cali to colorado is like going from frying pan to kettle. still gonna cook, just a little slower.....yeah, gotta ban those high capacity assault trucks. nobody needs 300 horsepower to hunt deer, and they should have to go thru an fbi background check and at least 30 day cooling off period as well.....funny thing, while eric holder was tying to deny guns to u.s. citizens they lowered the time limit for green card aliens to by guns from 6 months to three months. kinda makes you go hmmmm.

    1. @riverrider -

      I hear you. Boulder and Denver are fast approaching "San Fran" status, with all that entails. And since LOTS of people live in the Denver Metro area, they have a pretty big say in politics.

      It's not as nutty as Kalifornia politics, and I'm hoping escapees like me can preach The Wisdom of the "Old Ways" of running a government conservatively.

    2. At least you can live in a decent setting, with people you are comfortable with. There used to be a younger guy who had a cabin in the Colorado mountains, who wrote a blog. He had it good, nice place, nice neighbors, and spectacular views. I lost track of him when he stopped posting, I ought to see if I can find his blog again and if he's still writing.

    3. I think that was "Max in Colorado". He posts something every few months, but not as prolific as he was....

    4. Dr.J, that's exactly right. I really enjoyed his blog and his pictures, but when somebody quits posting for a long time it's hard to keep up with them. He is a good writer. I think he just had too much going on between work and the place in the mountains.

  6. I think Colorado is like Georgia,if you stay away from the cities, the people are good folk. Go into an urban area, all bets are off.

    Nothing that the "qualified only by ethnicity" appointees of the "Goblin in Chief" does did surprised me. I don't know why Barrack Hussein picked so many dim wits, but he must have figured that their total lack of qualifications for the positions was compensated for by their skin pigmentation. Holder was one of the worst of a bad bunch.

    The only way we will all be safe from those "truck nuts" is pick 'em all up, Mr. And Mrs. America, just like old Diane Feinstein said about guns. Damn that National Truck Association, don't they understand people are dying! Nobody needs a truck today anyway!

  7. I remember days when i was afraid to drive near buses in Jerusalem because sometimes they exploded... or days when i saw a tractor in the city and went far from it, now it is all over the world.

    1. It is, and we are not as adept at dealing with it as your country is. But as that kind of thing becomes more common, and people start to take the threat seriously, there will be less liberal hand wringing and more practical steps taken to address the issue. It's easy to for our liberals to feel sorry for the "downtrodden moslems" when it's someone else getting blown up on the far side of the world. When New York and LA and Aspen start getting terrorists , then there will be a reality check.

  8. What a relief about Miss Bitey! Our Riley will disappear overnight sometimes, which is always worrisome. He always comes back from the same direction so I always wonder where he's been.

    1. Probably Riley has a girl friend he is visiting. Tom Cats are notorious for traveling around at night looking for romance.

      Miss Bitey has to stay inside, she just isn't capable of taking care of herself. We lose cats to who knows what out in the woods living here, but we do what we can to minimize it. The dogs are good about keeping an eye on things, but sometimes the bad actors slip through the net.

  9. Harry - one of the things i love about you is your concern for all of your animals. and taking in strays and strays that your daughter keeps finding. our 4 cats are strays and we had to neuter all of them because the first stray we got was neutered and they are all males. they love having all of this land to run around on but our most recent stray (we think he was dropped off in the woods about 5 years ago) loves sitting out on our deck and porch. he'll stroll a little around the yard but not much. he likes the safety of the deck, porch and house. i guess he's seen enough of the woods.

    i'm sooo glad that Miss Bitey came home. i would drive you near crazy - poor jambaloney has to down all tools if i don't see a cat for an hour. and then we go looking for said cat and it's sprawled in the woods yawning and wanting snackedy-moes brought to him. and then i can't find another cat, rinse and repeat.

    and yes - i concur that trucks should be banned! and paper clips - you can kill people with those things and who knows which terrorist will come up with the grand idea of killing large numbers of people with paper clips??? OPSEC aware of anyone who might be potentially carrying paper clips.

    the world has gone mad. but i love living here. we had our halloween dance last saturday and a hoot was had by all!

    we've been having awesome weather all of october and right up to today - it's a little windy out but still beautiful temps. i still have tomatoes coming in if you can believe that and most of our herbs - we love fresh herbs.

    i haven't been on the internet much - too much stuff to harvest, can and preserve. i will have a post up later about all of the stuff we have been up to.

    i'm glad your wife has her shows (i love cooking shows) and her comfortable couch and blanket. and i am glad that you have her. and your cozy apartment and ferrets.

    sending love to you and yours, as always! your friend,

    1. Hey, Kymber. I saw from J's post that all is going well up there. I knew you and he were very busy getting everything done before the onset of winter. Sometimes it gets really hard to cover all the bases.

      I better send an email to all my favorite Democratic idiots in D.C. and remind them to add paperclips to the list of banned items, I don't see how I could have forgotten those. I also want those "kid proof" medicine bottles banned because it hurts my wrists trying to open them, so nobody should be able to have those either!

      I get very attached to my animals. Especially my ferrets, but I enjoy the company of my dogs, and even the cats are not too bad. Miss Bitey is a sweet heart, but she's an innocent abroad if she goes into the woods.

      I like hanging out in the apartment when M is watching tv, I can listen to the radio out there or just read. It's full of my junk, I use it as a study. Not that I need three studies, but then, with just her and me here we have plenty of room.

      Take care of yourselves and keep me posted when you can.I always enjoy hearing from you very much.

  10. Oh gosh Harry, little Miss Bitey would have given me a big scare like that!! Our cats are all indoor cats, Alex had 2 of them before we met and decided it was too dangerous in Montreal to let them loose. One of them got out one day last summer and we panicked. It was so windy and I could barely hear him meowing. We found him shivering under the neighbour's hedge, he was terrified to be outside. I don't know that he learned his lesson though but we're careful when we open doors now!

    1. Rain, our cats are kind of strange. Some are supposed to be "outside" cats and live in the barn. It varies , not counting Miss Bitey, but usually we have one or two others who are supposed to be entirely "indoor" cats. But what really happens, is when the door opens it looks like the freeway at quitting time. We have cats flowing in and out.

      I had a ferret get outside once, so I can sympathize entirely with how you felt when you cat got out. Fortunately , my ferret was found, as was your cat. But I doubt the ferrets learned any kind of lesson, they live entirely in the "right now." :-)